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Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1
Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1

Contains: every mistake I’ve made worthy of humour between my first audio to now, plus some behind the scenes type info on some audios

Okay so between my parents yelling and a thunderstorm, I couldn’t record a new audio, so I decided to put this up instead!

A/N: I had been saving my favourite bloopers from my first audio until now and I wanted to make a compilation, and since we’re close 1,500 followers I thought I would give this as an early milestone gift! I thought some parts were pretty funny, so I hope you guys enjoy!! Thank you so so much for listening!!!



leaders with magikarp hat

probably actual canon

Fight to the Death (Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 1300+

Warnings: A LOT of cussing, james being extra salty

Request: Pasta battle between Jefferson and the reader (This stupid thing is still in my mind XD ) @sorry-but-no-sorry

A/N: dude i think i did this eh but here you go~~~

You and Thomas Jefferson were always competing with one other, whether it be grades, sports, who eats faster, and so on. He was your best friend and your roommate. All of your other friends disagreed with the arrangement, but both of you thought it was fine. Besides the fact that he constantly occupied the bathroom.

“How long does it take to shower and get dressed?” You yelled, pounding your fist on the wooden door. You heard a laugh, and a blow dryer start. “Come on! I have to use the bathroom!”

“You should have woken up earlier.” He said. You looked down at your watch.

It was five in the morning.

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Even if Manga-chan’s storyline is (somehow) entirely consistent across the universe, the AUTHORS AREN’T. 

Like. Consider that for a moment. Completely different people in completely different worlds all writing the same exact canonically matching plotline but in slightly different art styles. 

Guys some of these worlds don’t even have ninjas, BUT THEY KNOW THE PLOT OK. IT OCCURS TO EACH OF THEM NATURALLY AND COMPLETELY. 


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Have you read care ethics? Gretchen's "Mon El Is Mako, and That’s Not a Great Thing for Kara" made me discover your metas on Mako. It's very late, but I just couldn't resist because you are really a virtuoso at it! They are great, a but nexus of Freudian analysis can be very toxic and reductive. +I don't think you're really using the Freudian concept of castration anxiety because in his case his "male" relations would be most revealing (and not to Korra&). Additionally his childhood is. Anon2

would be relevant as it supports your argument. If we are to use Freud: A childhood where he is vulnerable and/or is made to feel vulnerable would make Mako predisposed to castration anxiety and for it to fester. My point is, that it’s a bit unfair to the idea (that I don’t like) of CA and to Mako’s backstory to just use metaphorical CA (which evokes the presence of real psychological problems no matter how metaphorical) and to reduce it to just a pride nexus. It becomes a bit superficial  and a bit callous. Like it’s very catchy, but CA is still terminology used in psychoanalytic method, therapy and even empirical research. IDK, it just seems a bit unfortunate in this context. Care ethics and care perspectives aren’t perfect, but they don’t have the same baggage and would give an alternate reading that encompasses everything you have pointed out without the same negative associations. Sara Ruddick Maternal is a good starting point and then read criticism of her Kittay.

I’m not saying he isn’t all those things you have pointed out (he adopts a caregiver role but is suffocating, smothering, impatient, awkward and a bit domineering in the role and has little intuitive empathy to the people he tries to care for. It does not necessarily come from a bad place, but just contrast it with Asami’s intuitive empathy for everyone. It just isn’t natural and he fumbles a lot at it. I’m just saying there is another way of saying it that is in some ways better.

Yeah, so I’m actually glad  you sent this, and for those who don’t know, this is in response to my essay “Mako’s castration anxiety.”

Okay, thing one: I have no psychology background whatsoever. I actually don’t even have an English lit background, but my ex was an English PhD student, and I picked up using literary “castration anxiety” (which is different) from a few of her papers, since I used to read and edit everything she wrote.

This was a very very old piece that I wrote, back when I was still being weirdly formal and academic. I wasn’t using it in a literal sense, but more as a term to quickly convey that Mako does evince an anxiety that relates entirely to his feeling of usefulness, and there is a gendered pattern in how it plays out, leading to the implication that his fear of emasculation drives much of this.

Since writing this, I’ve always hated that I used this terminology, even though I can promise you it’s very much a thing in english lit academia, but for some reason I never changed it. I guess I thought it’d be a longer task, but no. There were three mentions of it within what I wrote, and they’re gone now. We’re living now in the era of “Mako’s Fear of Emasculation.”

The scripting is such that there are gendered takeaways, but regarding Mako, I’ll also point you to this submission about how his actions can also be viewed as largely colored by Maslow’s Hierarchy, which makes sense given his background and upbringing: http://lokgifsandmusings.tumblr.com/post/127508436893/makos-motivations-as-explained-by-maslows

I stand by what I wrote; I don’t think it’s superficial or callous to examine the gendered implications of the way Bryke scripted Mako’s love story. If I ever have time for a full revision, however, I’ll be sure to tweak this to evoke more Doylism. From what I remember, this was a thoroughly Watsonian analysis, because I had no clue what I was doing then, lol.

It’s amazing how much GoT actually helped me with this shit.

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Please write more with Damian and Jason?

I will be, anon. One of my upcoming fics is titled Toy Wars and is exactly what you’d expect between Jason and Damian.