i fail at gif making

The laptop I’ve been using died a painful and inglorious death. So, your humble, cash-strapped artist (that’s me!) has spent the last while scrambling to get the funds together for another machine. The disheveled man in a Lethal Weapon t-shirt I bought my new (used) computer from assured me that its massive weight was a sign of quality, and that both its monochrome screen and external modem were what everyone—abso-fucking-lutely everyone—was using these days. Now if someone could just explain this “Bulletin Board System” to me, I can get back to using failing technology to make digital art about the failures of technology.

hello, its me yonna ♡  this is going to be my first follow forever

☀ So firstly, thank you all for making my tumblr experience perfect! i´m enjoying it alot being on here just because you all give me motivation to post something or reblog something and edit stuff :) Also i have met amazing people on here and made many friendships! its been ayear now since i made this blog and i have reached quite some followers so here, this is for you ☀


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thank you thank you thank you  ♬

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! After a hellweek of work, I’m FINALLY BACK with a special surprise! So tadah! I am currently on my week break (yay) which I really needed and that makes me temporarily active here again. So 3 weeks ago I reached the 3k follow count but failed to make a new FF immediately so I decided to do this now since it can wait! I want to thank everyone for keeping up with this blog despite my difficult schedule! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Again, this blog would not be possible without you guys! My blog remains on semi-hiatus but despite that I try to be active as possible! And I missed making edits alot so I might make some to make up for my absence! Thank you for liking & reblogging them around they mean so much to me especially people who leave messages on the tags! Will not make this long so I hope all of you are taking good care! I love every each of you to the moon and back!!  

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SO. I wanted to do the thing where the character is standing with their hands up in front of an animated fire background.

But this got made instead.

I feel like its an apt metaphor for the way I’ve been feeling lately.

ALSO. The site I was using to make this beautiful gif wouldn’t upload it, so I used another “gif making” program to record this, because I didn’t think it would have the same result on another site, but it ended up being saved as a mp4.. so I converted the mp4 back to a gif through a 3rd site.

Have been re-watching the very potter musicals lately, will never grow tired of team starkid

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The world is dyed with the color of blood ~ Vampire Knight (failed edit)