i f**cking love his outfit

I just came back from the cinema and guys, Civil War kicks asses. (SPOILER ALERT)

Here are mine personal thoughts:

- Bucky Barnes is a precious cupcake that needs to be protected. Really, I mean it.

- Tony is not a villain. Nor he is a cold-hearted bitch. He deserves a warm hug. 

- Wanda Maximoff is my queen from now on. 

- Hawkeye’s outfit is awesome. 

- Spiderman doesn’t “suck” as many people said he would, he’s awesome

- ANTMAN !!!!! (Yes, there is a pun here)

- I ignore Steve’s canonical love interest. I mean, yeah she’s basically an angel, but no. Chemistry level: zero

- Lots of Stucky. Lots of Stony. I love it. 

- Regarding Pepper: I F*CKING KNEW IT

- Rhodey, everything’s gonna be okay. *sends a hug*

- Sam Wilson is still a sunshine who cares about his friends and deserves a medal. 

- Domestic Avengers af, I felt like Russos were reading fanfictions.

- Rest in peace Margaret “Peggy” Carter. 

anonymous asked:

Wait. I knew something was wrong. Zoo pic taken on the 30th (apparently): no snow. Perrie video (23rd) and NYE pic (31st): tons of snow. But people say it didn't snow in London during Christmas. So apparetly something with the weather is nor matching at all

Oh, oops! I have no idea what happens with English weather but thanks for this! :P

Anon 2: twitter(.)com/LMFansAreBest/status/418696274611675136/photo/1 I’m like how many f*cking pictures did they take that day?


Lmfaoooo I think this is for us. We pissed them off by saying the other one’s shopped and this is their very mature ‘revenge’. Ohohohho. Look at Zayn’s hand in that tho! It’s so big and his shirt is obviously very long etc. I believe the other one’s shopped even more now. Did they get so pissed off that they dressed them in those outfits and get them to the zoo again?! [Just kidding, but anything’s possible with this lovely company].

Anon 3:onedhqcentral(.)tumblr(.)com/post/71863166903/ i don’t understand?? like if they’re not real why are they hugging like that? :/


Pictures can be staged. Why do you think they go out in malls all the time? To be seen. And ofc Modest can find fans there, pay them to post certain pics, and there’s that. Plus they could have stayed in the mall for like half an hour just for pics to be taken. I also saw some collected tweets by ONE girl saying how cute they were and how he was all over her and kissing her all the time etc. Yeah. That’s why he kissed her on the cheek on NYE. Modest CAN pay fans to post pics and say things, like I remember once someone was paid to say ”Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are on my plane” and he repeated their full names in every damn tweet, lmfao :P - Plus he has her on a headlock here, he’s hardly being the romantic one of the two. Look at some of these more casual pics [x - no hand holding here- x x].

And oh look! Here’s Jordan again! I am seriously wondering - is he simply Liam’s friend or is he employed?! He’s practically everywhere, I even remember him in Australia and America. This girl appears to be his gf, but je suis skeptical about everything. He used to be in every single Sophiam appearance, and he surely is Liam’s friend too, but he was carrying luggage from France and he was the fake!Liam from those pics of Sophia leaving the bday party, sooooooo just sayin’.

Anon 4: media(.)tumblr(.)com/356803e78c784761be2d8f3a5a125131/tumblr_myqu0ehnNK1r4fmmxo1_500(.)jpg lol and he spent the day with sophia. it figures.


Lmfao I like to think he was just with her for the gig, but yeah it does figure :P

Anon 5: OMG YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS somesortofbabyliam*tumblr*com/post/69263305624/interviewer-i-read-this-interview-with-your#notes yup I think they just confirmed that they won’t be handled by modest for so long now… and I ‘think’ that that time is after the TMH tour… and I think MM is their last album for modest…(sorry if my english is bad)


Oh lord this is definitely interesting! What is going on with this band, halp!!!!