i expressed my feelings

heaven was calling your name for years.

you are dead and i 
do not know what to do with myself.

in the fallout of your death i am listening to songs that break my heart with the thought of you,
my eyes screwed shut,
trying to memorize the smell of your old jumpers

i want to commit to memory

that i felt loved the last time i saw you.

– you never liked poetry, but i always found it in your presence. 
   (i should have thanked you more)

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I usually can tell its your style by the facial expressions and body gestures. Your good at showing the characters mood and feeling. Pretty much the opposite of how I am at speaking.

Really? Oh gosh I’ve been trying to work on that since I feel like my expressions are a little too stale o-o

Well I still hope to improve it but gosh thank you so much for the ask!!!

What is my ‘art trademark’?

Representative of 'Booming''s FB Update, the Korean subcontracting agency between Shinhwa Company and the Japanese organizer company
  • Again please take note that I’m not the best translator

Good morning
I am Kim Sang-hwan, representative of ‘Booming’, who was in charge with the 2017 Shinhwa Japan organizer.
I would like to express my sincere apologies to the fans who would have waited for the Japanese performance of Shinhwa.
I am also sorry to the Shinhwa’s members and the Shinhwa Company.
Despite numerous efforts to date from the signing contract to today, I have been informed of the cancellation of Shinhwa Japanese performance. As an agency representative, I have no way of conveying my responsibilities as a representative, to express my sadness and feelings of responsibility. I wrote this on my facebook, which I do not use very well.
I was very surprised to see the contents of the announcement of the Japanese organizer company, announced at 4 pm today through the site of Shinhwa Japan and I was surprised that the contents of the first announcement by the Japanese organizer were different from the facts. I was worried about how the future of the packed articles will come. Please be aware that I am posting this through my personal SNS.

I will explain to you one part of the announcement of cancellation by the Japanese organizer company KARMS. How it’s not a one-sided cancellation as they claimed.
Despite numerous requests for business (stage, drawings, ticket delivery, member staff tickets, vehicle photos, expedition schedules, debut schedule) for the performance, there has been no advance, but so far until 10 o'clock today, we had a few requests for performance intention, but there was no reply. Even around 12:00 I received a text, “지금까지 준비된 것들을 한국쪽에서 다 알아서 하라는 ”
When we asked again whether the program was feasible, the answer was really a magnificent answer. So the announcement was canceled.

I was able to feel the will of Shinhwa and Shinhwa Company to perform in this Japan performance. Determined to have the stage to sing and dance, an environment to perform.
할 수 있을까 할 정도로 여러 부분을 양보 하였다는 걸 Agency 업무를 하면서 잘 알고 있습니다. So I can not help but regretting this result.

Although this performance is proceeding in an unintended direction, we will act as an Agency until the end.
We will do our utmost to make sure there are no inconveniences you may encounter.
Once again, I am sorry to fans, Shinhwa, Shinhwa Company, and I have to tell the truth.
We will do our best to explain everything without a lie.

Message FB du représentant de 'Booming’, la société sous-traitante entre Shinhwa Company et la société organisatrice Japonaise.

Je suis Kim Sang-hwan, représentant de «Booming», qui était responsable de l'organisateur du Shinhwa Japan en 2017.
Je voudrais exprimer mes sincères excuses aux fans qui auraient attendu la performance japonaise de Shinhwa.
Je suis également désolé pour les membres de Shinhwa et Shinhwa Company.
Malgré de nombreux efforts à ce jour à partir de la signature du contrat à aujourd'hui, j'ai été informé de l'annulation de la performance japonaise de Shinhwa. En tant que représentant de l'agence, je n'ai aucun moyen de transmettre mes responsabilités en tant que représentant, d'exprimer ma tristesse et mes sentiments de responsabilité. J'ai écrit ceci sur mon facebook, que je n'utilise pas très bien.
J'ai été très surpris de voir le contenu de l'annonce de la société organisatrice japonaise, annoncé aujourd'hui à 16 heures sur le site de Shinhwa Japan et j'ai été surpris que le contenu de la première annonce de l'organisateur japonais soit différent des faits. Je m'inquiétais de la façon dont l'avenir des articles emballés allaient venir. Je suis conscient que je publie ceci via mon SNS personnel.

Je vous expliquerai une partie de l'annonce de l'annulation par la société organisatrice japonaise KARMS. Comment il ne s'agit pas d'une annulation unilatérale telle qu'elle prétend.
En dépit de nombreuses demandes d'affaires (scène, frais de contrat, livraison de billets, billets des membre du personnel, photos de véhicules, horaires d'expédition, premier calendrier) pour la performance, il n'y a pas eu d'avance sur ces points, mais jusqu'à 10 heures aujourd'hui, nous avons eu quelques demandes à l'intention de la performance, mais il n'y avait pas de réponse. Même vers 12h00 j'ai reçu un texte, “지금 까지 준비된 것들을 한국 쪽에서 다 알아서 하라는”
Lorsque nous avons demandé à nouveau si le programme était faisable, la réponse était vraiment une réponse magnifique (ce passage est rhétorique). L'annonce a donc été une annulation.

J'ai été capable de sentir la volonté de Shinhwa et Shinhwa Company pour effectuer cette performance au Japon. Déterminé à avoir la scène pour chanter et danser, un environnement pour une performance.
할 수 있을까 할 정도로 여러 부분을 양보 하였다는 걸 Agency 업무를 하면서 잘 알고 있습니다. Donc, je ne peux qu'être regrettable de ce résultat.

Bien que cette performance se déroule dans une direction involontaire, nous agissons en tant qu'agence jusqu'à la fin.
Nous ferons tout notre possible pour vous assurer qu'il n'y ait aucun inconvénient que vous pourriez rencontrer.
Encore une fois, je suis désolé pour les fans, Shinhwa, Shinhwa Company, et je dois dire la vérité.
Nous ferons de notre mieux pour expliquer tout sans aucun mensonge.

grandynetheroshan  asked:

Thanks again for allowing me to post your art! You're so talented and your art is so pretty!! 😊

You are welcome. It looks like it fits very nicely with your blog <3 And since it was a reblog, it will always link back to me, which makes me happy. It’s wonderful when people are courteous about asking to use artists’ images – it allows us to say yes more often.

( Please do not mind that I use this as an opportunity to express my feelings on the subject in general! It is a good opportunity, as I do not usually talk about this kind of thing on my blog. )

—-PSA below—-

A note for others about reblogging my arts to their RP blogs:

Reblogging as an inspiration is perfectly okay with me. 

Saving my image and reposting…I’m not going to be angry, but it loses attention for me. Please do not do that. 

And lastly, please do not tag my characters as your characters. They are mine. Just because I happen to be a character creator that can draw, and those drawings circulate and my ideas are seen by many, that does not mean that my characters can/should be be ripped off. 

If it reminds you of your character, that is okay. 

However, if one tags my character art with “this is my character”…or takes names, abilities, special things I came up with just because “oh that’s cool and it totally fits my OC”…

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♡Buono!♡ 2017-05-23

Once again…
I’ll be writing to express my feelings about Buono!’s concert yesterday at Yokohama Arena. To everyone who came to the venue or watched the live broadcasts or NicoNico, to those who gave support from overseas, and to those I couldn’t see, I want to express my utmost gratitude to all of you who supported us this far. We were able to hold a concert at Yokohama Arena as a trio, this time it was like a dream. 

As always, I was nervous~ Truthfully, out of all the concerts I’ve been a part of so far, this was the number one most nerve-wracking.

Since I had struggled during rehearsals with a sore throat and poor health, I wasn’t really feeling confident with my performance. Even after rehearsals were over and I returned home, I’d continue to review lessons over and over again.
To be frank, I had no self-confidence…
When I had no motivation and depression was sinking in, Maimai, a member of the band Dolce, sent me this on LINE…The message, “Miya, you’re getting the songs rhythm more and more! Even if you’re a little out of key, you’re getting better without a doubt! Of course, you shouldn’t think about these things during the real performance, sing with all your heart and happiness!”

My self-confidence came back thanks to the joy I felt from Maimai’s message.

Eji-san, Maimai, Naomichi-san
Eripii, Kei-chan
The greatest friends!!!
Thank you for always supporting me.

It really helped me to think of the many people giving me their support.

Even with my nervousness during rehearsals, I was able to forget about all those feelings during the actual performance and enjoy this time to the fullest, whether or not I was confident!!! (lol)

To all the fans, dolce, staff,
I am thankful to you all.

With that, Momo and Airi…
During Buono!’s active time, there was a lot of encouragement I received from these two people! I’m glad I have so many memories to take away from the joyous time I spent with these two! Thank you!!!

Thank you kindly for 10 wonderful years.

(I apologize for any errors. This translation may not be 100% accurate.)


— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 

Reasons to watch The Get Down

- Set in the 70’s, we all love vintage aesthetic

- Characters of color that are not only amazing and talented but complex and flawed without being demonized

- Friendships between young characters that are entertaining, supportive and dont rely on putting each other down for the sake of laughs

- Talks about racial and political issues and how they affect poor people (esp poc) really respectfully from many perspectives of many characters

- Music, art, poetry play big parts on this, its all about how these things help the characters (young poc) express themselves and inspire them to become better and reach for bigger things

- Treats abusive relationships (both familiar and romantic) realistically

- LGBT and drag culture represented realistically without being demonized or treated as a joke (also one of the characters may be part of the comunity)

- Young characters are allowed to be young and discover new things and themselves and make mistakes without being portrayed negatively, just as people making mistakes

- Talks about the life poor poc and the struggles they live with as marginalized groups, makes important statements about race and politics, shows the importance of young people and how they express themselves, with beautiful cinematography, aesthetics, soundtrack and an amazing and talented cast and it does it all in only 8 chapters and it could do more if it gets more attention and love