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Could I have some VxMC hcs?

  • He’s playful as fuck and it comes as a bit of a surprise tbh. Considering everything he’s been through (what they’ve all been through), they probably aren’t expecting him to have a mischievous side, but in all honesty, where the hell do you think Seven got his from?
  • To expand on this a little, we know that Seven’s mischievous side is largely an act to cover up his incredibly serious nature…but to imitate that sort of personality so perfectly you need to have encountered it in real life at minimum. Consider how much reference work Zen undertakes during the game and that’s for a short role; Seven will be referencing something for the rest of his life. Seven considers V as a father figure, something he never had growing up. Who better to imitate?
  • His eyes never fully heal after surgery and he’s always losing his glasses.
  • Sometimes he just “forgets” where they are. He wore shades for such a long time and it’s nice not to have to…even if he kind of has to.
  • He’s going to fall asleep with his head on your lap at least once.
  • It will be at LEAST a year into the relationship but it will happen
  • Before this, he might have dozed off, only to jerk awake somewhat randomly
  • It will seem like an amazing idea to begin with, since he sleeps so soundly and he is so cute to look at. You can get a good look at his freckles, examine every lock of his hair and he won’t wake up.
  • But you’ll get dead leg after a while
  • And to add insult to injury, he’ll wake up with the most perplexed expression you’ve ever seen, because his eyes are still a bit on the duff side and he probably fell into the deepest sleep ever
  • The one time you draw a kitty face on him in eyeliner and he pretends he’s going to kick you out of the RFA.
  • “I’m so disappointed, MC…”
  • “I can see you laughing.”
  • He takes his dreams somewhat seriously, because sometimes he dreams up concepts for future photos
  • Jumin’s dreams are incredibly boring by comparison and a constant point of humour
  • Tbh if you’re dating V, a significant portion of your life will be laughing at Jumin
  • V spent years in a weird place, where he was both starved of affection from Rika all while he was expected to overcompensate.
  • He will overcompensate instinctively when he gets a new lover. He’ll tell them they’re wonderful every day and leave poems or letters at the breakfast table that explain the ins and outs of how amazing they are
  • And, to go back to the dream thing, he might tie the poem or whatever into whatever he dreamed about, like
  • Each time I dream of starlight shores I wish I had my hand in yours, and my love I have but one fear, that I might wake without you here.
  • At the same time, if his new love takes his hand or kisses his cheek or remembers his BIRTHDAY, he’ll be shook
  • If you fall asleep on him, that’s it, he’s trapped forever.
  • That moment you finally wake up with whiskers and a kitty nose and sigh into the bathroom mirror all while V laughs in the doorway
  • “I wish you got paid so I could fire you.”
  • “You could always try mutiny.”
  • Said as he comes over to dab your face with a soft cloth

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Greetings new Mysme Imagines blog! I have one for you! RFA + V and Saeran coming home early one day to find MC dancing and singing along to Flesh by Simon Curtis? Bonus points if MC is a really good singer and wasn't expecting them to come home as early as they did. It can be NSFW, unless that makes you uncomfortable!

A/N: Thank you so much for your request! It was super fun to write this, though I hope you don’t mind I made the song a bit more vague, and more of a genre instead of that specific one?  ~ mod rosa

NSFW i suppose?


- He’s come home from classes early because a lecture was canceled, and walks in the door of the apartment to hear this low beat

- And this really amazing voice?

- Like, WOW

- He sorta walks into the kitchen where he sees you, dancing around, twirling the broom like a microphone stand, and singing your heart out to this dark dubstep?

- He’s low key impressed

- Sorta just goes ‘MC?’

- You whip around, and just stare at him like ‘you weren’t supposed to see that’

- He thinks it’s cute

- But the songs still playing and he catches some of the lyrics


- someone save this boy 


- Comes home early to surprise you


- He’s super into your voice, it’s really clear and soft


- He probably joins in with you


- that should be a tv show 

- You end up playing more like it at home?

- the bed gets used a lot more often ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


- Let off work early because Jumin’s in a meeting

- Walks in to be ASSAULTED by this low beat

- And over it she can hear you singing the words

- She’s heard your voice before in the past, but never to this sort of electronic music?

- She’s surprised that it fits really well

- 'MC?’

- you try to get her to join in, but she sort of just likes to sit there and listen to you singing this sort of music, since it makes you happy? let’s face it she just flat out ignores the lyrics 


- Walk in the door like where’s Elizabeth 3rd

- He only then notices the music coming from the kitchen, and your voice over it

- He’s pleasantly surprised

- 'MC i didn’t know you could sing like that’

- Freezes when he sees you dancing around the cat as you belt out these lyrics

- 'MC why do you like these songs?’

- 'they’re catchy!!’

- 'but the lyrics are so vulgar’

- 'that’s the point’

- Sorta accepts it as part of the things you like



let’s accept it, he would do that 


- Sorta knows what kind of music you like? for christs sake he has your entire internet history probably saved somewhere

- Is not expecting this when he comes back to the apartment though

- You’re singing over the music, and it’s really smooth and fits in with the music? and you’ve got your hairbrush as a microphone as you dance around the apartment to this super bass heavy song

- You aren’t expecting to see him  standing in the doorway when the song finishes

- Like 'how much did you see’

- enough to know you won’t be getting any sleep tonight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

- low key will try to serenade you with the backing track of some really dark dubpop


- Comes home from a shoot, earlier than expected cause the weather crapped out

- Can hear this low pop rock song and over the voice of the singer he can hear you! he’s always loved your voice and this is a nice surprise

- Can hear you padding around, dancing and stepping in time with the song

- 'MC?’

oh no I’ve been caught

He honestly doesn’t mind the style and lyrics? you have a combined mix which you play around the house

- It’s this eclectic mix of your dubstep and dark pop and his indie and house pop? who cares, it sound like home to the both of you


- Does he even ever leave the house

- Heard you playing this dark dubstep music while you’re cleaning one day and singing along to it

- Has probably heard the songs anyway? doesn’t really care about the lyrics or singing, even though you have a super cute voice (he actually really likes it, he’s just too much of a tsundere to admit it) but your dancing turns him on

- haha no leaving the bedroom till tomorrow

- You have a really similar music taste; you both enjoy dark pop and dubstep, and music with heavy beats and stuff, so you kinda just blare you music around the apartment and the other’ll probably know it

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have you seen that fans are gonna trend #malecdeservesbetter? I really hope they acknowledge race in the way malec was handled lately. Magnus's feelings weren't allowed any recognition by the narrative. And also yes it robbed lgb people of a scene but it could've also done a lot for asian representation since asian guys are often desexualized in media. There's other things i'm forgetting but people need to stop forgetting that magnus is an asian man and I hope they bring it up in this trend

there’ve been ppl who have brought it up but it tends to get drowned out because you know how people are….no one remembers/cares about the racial aspects or how it affects magnus as an asian man.

but regardless at least there are people trending about malec and talking about how his lack of explicit consent was an issue even if they aren’t quite connecting it between that and the racial undertones so…i can only expect so much from a predominantly white fandom. but frankly from the way matt hastings has been responding i don’t have much faith; he’s been a bit of a piece of shit about it and telling people expressing concern about the way their first time was portrayed by just going “it’s developing over 20 episodes” like…way to miss the point, I didn’t know malec’s first time was going to take 20 episodes hahaha fuck me right  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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As a Leo, when someone gets hyped about ANYTHING, my natural response is to get hyped with them because yay, someone is happy about something they care about. Though, I quickly find that I start feeling inadequate if the enthusiasm isn't returned, feelings going from yay to do my interests not matter to anyone like they matter to me? It is a troublesome time when you're a Leo and water dom

I know the feeling .. Like we feel so much for others and situations surrounding And we just expect others to feel the same. I think we Leo’s need to work on not needing or caring to much about things needing to be important to anyone but ourselves. Its like we always look outward for confirmation .. on Anything

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Do the boys have any funny puberty stories? (Who had the voice cracks? Who got the growth spurt?) thanks and love you guys!!

Yong: From the bottom of my shallow as fuck heart… I thank you for the support that you give to this blog. Sex ed in Japan is shit and puberty is shit so get ready for some stuff. A bit NSFW for some but y’know.

Current song


He sweats a lot. But before he just was not expecting that much. Ushijima hit puberty a little earlier than everyone else so he was paranoid and felt pretty alone despite Reon telling him to chill the heck out but Ushijima brought another shirt along with him to school because he was scared he’d sweat a whole ocean sometimes.


He went through the whole “fuck off, you don’t know me” phase. Semi had a terribly filthy mouth and his swearing was atrocious. Nobody wanted to be around the guy who would insult you ever half a minute. He looks back on this phase in absolute fear of ever being like that again.


He pretty much shot up and gained muscle pretty quickly. However, it left him with stretch marks over his back and arms and he was self conscious about it. He couldn’t see it that much obviously, but getting changed after gym class made him feel like people were staring, though he eventually stopped feeling paranoid about it when someone said that he looked strong enough to beat up those that made him feel bad (obviously Reon would never beat anyone up but that really helped)


He had really bad acne. He had all these face washes and everything that never seemed to do anything and it was frustrating. Tendou absolutely hated looking at himself in the mirror because of it as well. Though, during the times it cleared up he’d put his hair up and feel confident as fuck.


He shot up quite a lot in comparison to other boys his age. He felt long and spindly, frustrated by how “nothing grows at the same rate”; nobody really noticed that his shins grew faster than his thighs or whatever, but he sure as hell did with growing pains and the constant staring at the mirror. Clumsiness was unavoidable but he did his best to continue with sports despite how quickly everything changed.


His teeth really weren’t that bad but he ended up getting braces. How he remembers it well; the feeling of your braces hook against the inside of your cheek is something that Shirabu wishes that he’d forget. Not to mention that he was also bullied and called brace face as well.


He made the realisation that rubbing his boner up against the bed felt good. Then the first time he came - be aware that he slept through sex ed class - he legitimately thought that he was dying and freaked out. That entire night he couldn’t go back to sleep because he had to keep checking that his dick was okay.


Honestly, he was such a good singer as a kid. He ended up joining the school choir and all but when he hit puberty, the voice cracks literally got him kicked out. Yamagata was honestly so sad about his voice getting really low but girls love his voice now. (Just not when he’s singing)


So I recently bought my first ever Silkstone Barbie, and I really love her. I never had much interest in Silkstones before, but last year they came out with this new articulated body and I’ve wanted one ever since. The earlier Classic Black Dress Barbie with blonde hair (the one I really wanted) has been sold out for awhile and I didn’t want to pay eBay prices, so I settled on the newer brunette version not expecting to like her as much, but her hair and faceup have really grown on me and I love her now.

Her articulation is pretty good but not great–she can’t move her wrists as much as I’d like, which prevents her from doing a real hand-on-the-hip pose (what you see in the 4th photo was about as close as I could get), and her elbow joints are rather awkward-looking. For $40 though, I think her quality is good and I like that she feels very heavy and sturdy. Her dress is nicely made, plus that hairstyle is just impeccable.

I wasn’t a big fan of her boots because I felt like they were too winter-y for her sleeveless dress, so I bought an old Barbie Basics accessory pack for her on eBay, which included 5 pairs of shoes, the wrap, and some other little accessories. The last pair with the laces are definitely my favorite, and she’s going to be staying in them now because they were a bitch to tie on 😛

I'm twenty away from my first 100

I’m so thankful for this. I never even expected 3 followers, let alone 80. I’m so excited! I’m gonna update something when I get to a hundred. Please inbox me what you want to see updated, and I’ll update the one requested the most.

Thank you guys so much for your support. It really means a lot ❤❤❤❤❤❤


Just now, sugaspiano hit 1,000 followers!!!!


I just want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart because really when I started this blog I was like..”meh. my writing is so average and plain and I probably will give up.” Seeing that number is so encouraging and makes me want to work so hard for you guys. 

I love you guys so much!! Thank you for all the kind words you’ve sent to me and all the requests. I appreciate it to the moon and back.

Expect a lil scenario tonight or tomorrow to celebrate!!

      ‘ I love you… ‘ The words had came from the male’s mouth so much quicker than he had expected for them to. Danny didn’t even have time to stop them from rolling off his tongue and it was kind of too late to take them back because he was well aware that saying something like that was a big deal and for him to be like oops I didn’t mean to say that would only make him come off as a completely dick. 

can we destroy the idea that people must apologise for poor english because whenever someone says that to me i break apart because no no you’re perfect you’re learning another language different from your native one and thats so much more than so many others, who expect everyone to just know english fluently

  • Me: *knows aos will break my heart and that they're only bringing Brett back for ratings*

So I was thinking about Viktor sitting at his bachelor party and saying to Yurio or someone “where is my fiance can I see him now”, which got me thinking about the fact that despite everyone trying to keep an eye on Viktor to make sure he stays at the party, he sneaks off at some point to show up at Yuuri’s door, a little bit drunk, throws himself at Yuuri and informs him “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!”. Poor Yuuri was expecting this and just sighs, says “I know, I love you too”, tucks him into his own bed and snuggles him for the rest of the night. Probably checks to find his phone with a text from Yurio: “he snuck off to go see you didn’t he. tell him he’s an asshole and not to fuck up his wedding tmrw”. 

And they just spend the whole night clinging to each other, Viktor wrapped around him like an octopus and whispering to Yuuri all about how happy he is that he’s going to marry the man of his life, and how silly it was to celebrate their wedding by being apart, “like what is that about Yuuri? Yuuri, it’s so silly, I missed you so much”. Yuuri just pats his hair and agrees, he missed Viktor too, because they’re both gross and in love and I can’t stand it.

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The First Day of NaNoWriMo

We’re just a few hours away from NaNoWriMo, so I wanted to share some encouragement before you get started.

First of all, stay calm. It’s the first day, so try to be enthusiastic about it! This should be fun!

Here’s what to expect/how to approach your first day of NaNoWriMo:

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

You might want to hit all your word counts right away, but give yourself time to figure it all out. Getting the first chapter down is difficult and it might take time to find your groove. I usually struggle with the first words, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Write What You Can

November 1st is a Tuesday, so a lot of us have stuff to do. We might be busy with class or work, so it’s important to figure out what time works for you. If you can’t write a lot November 1st, that’s fine. If you’re loaded up with homework, that’s fine too. NaNoWriMo is all about time management, so if most of your writing time will get done on the weekends don’t stress about days with low word counts.

Adjust Your Target Goals

The 1st week will help you figure out if your goals are unrealistic. If you tried your best, but didn’t even hit half of your target word count, readjust your goals! Figure out something that makes more sense for your schedule/your writing pace. If you work better at night, try to make room before bed. This is the best time to figure out your most productive writing style!

Reward Yourself

Take care of yourself and treat yourself well during NaNoWriMo! Reward yourself. Get a good meal, watch one of your favorite movies, etc. Treating yourself well will only improve your writing and make this month fun! Punishing yourself or cutting yourself off from the outside world until you hit impossible goals will only make your miserable.

-Kris Noel

My snapchat to him read ‘I hope you see at least 5 cute dogs this week. Happy new year, thank you for making a crappy year slightly better.’ and I didn’t even expect him to read it but he replied and it’s cute and I nearly died help.
It’s 4am here and I just got back from work and I was feeling super emotional but this has honestly made my day so much better.


I have so many people in my inbox asking for how the bakushima asked Denki out it’s amazing - the answer is it was a disaster from start to end but what were you all even expecting we’re talking about Bakugou and Kirishima

Denki said yes anyway cause he’s a disaster too

Nails Painting Scene


Kaede Akamatsu: (It’s time for my appointment with Shirogane-san! I gotta go fast.)

Kaede Akamatsu: Shirogane-san! I’m here!

Tsumugi Shirogane: Wow, oh? Why are you so excited?

Kaede Akamatsu: Ahaha, sorry! I’ve never got my nails done before, so I’m looking forward to it!

Tsumugi Shirogane: I-I’ll simply feel under pressure if you’re that excited…

Tsumugi Shirogane: It’s not like I’m good at doing nails, so don’t expect too much, okay?

Kaede Akamatsu: Right!

Tsumugi Shirogane: You’re still expecting too much, aren’t you!?

Kaede Akamatsu: (Anyway, from one hand… Shirogane-san started to paint my nails repeatedly…)

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