i expected it to be fun like dinosaurs

J2 TorCon 2017 Gold Panel
  • Jared cut his nose this morning shaving and he was bleeding in the shower.
  • Jared: We premiere this week! Jensen: But we already know what happens…
  • Jensen got a small coffee this morning: “So I’m gonna be a little slow.”
  • Complicated AU question. Jensen: Next question. 
  • The question is about how relationships with AU versions of characters might be different than what Sam and Dean expect, how will they react? 
  • Jared likes seeing how things turn out, how they work out differently than expected (like Mary). “Man plans, God laughs.” 
  • Jensen: I haven’t read a script since season two. 
  • Fan: Congrats on your new additions! Jared, wide-eyes: We have new additions?? 
  • Jensen (about the AU): Is it ripped or rift? Jared: *facepalm*
  • Time period you would go back to? Jared: Late 60′s, the modern renaissance. Thinks it would be fun to like go to the car hop and stuff. Jensen: Dinosaurs. Jared: You’d be eaten by a tyrannosaurus? Jensen: Uh, yeah! Better than dying of polio. 
  • Jensen: I wouldn’t wanna go back in time ‘cause everything we have now is a luxury, a lot of it we wouldn’t have back then even in the 60′s. 
  • Jensen: I wanna see some cool shit. Dinosaurs. 
  • What if John came back, given who they are now? Jensen: Thought it was most obvious for Dean needing Dad rather than Mom with Amara’s gift. 
  • Jared made the “straight legs” joke again like at the last con about what Dean needed. Jensen: Who needs those? Jared: I said that last time and Jeffrey Dean Morgan lost his shit (referring to this x lol) 
  • Jared: Dean realizing Dad isn’t a god, Sam having a bone to pick… both would see him as more human now. Mediating. 
  • Fan asks if they met Doris (the blow up doll at the convention). J2 are confused and alarmed lol. Jared: Nice question you picked, Ackles! 
  • At one point Jared tries to drink his iced coffee, laughs, and spits it out :P
  • What would soulless J2M look like? Jensen: You’re lookin’ at him. 
  • Fan: If you were soulless would you go shopping? Boys laugh. Jared: Yeah! 
  • Jared teasing about begging Sera Gamble for time off. Jensen: I just ask for good stories, but …
  • Soulless!Jared would probably be very mathematical. Jensen: I would be wildly irresponsible. On a day-to-day basis. 
  • Prank question. Jensen about he and Jared: We made a pact early on, we’re better as allies. Better as a team. 
  • Jared hooked up the hair/makeup trailer to Misha’s front bumper when he parked in front of it. A crew member took it off when it got dark lol. Jared came out of his trailer and saw that it had been removed and was like yeah, that’s probably good. During the day it was funny because you could see it was obviously hooked to the trailer, but couldn’t tell so much at night. 
  • Did J2 carve the SW DW on the table? Jared: It was outlined for us, but we did the actual carving. 
  • Jared: The scene felt like Sam and Dean talking about what they had done, but also talking about what we (J2 and the SPNFamily) have done. 
  • Fan: Initials are like claiming the bunker as their home. Jensen: Better than peeing on everything, generally how we do it lol. 
  • Fan: Are the SPN years the best of your life? They hope it isn’t the best, that there’s more to come, but Jared: If this is what defines my career, I couldn’t be happier. I love a great book, but I’m excited to finish it. 
  • Fan tells J2 about how Misha insulted Baby during his panel, calling her 40. J2 say it isn’t that insulting when Misha can’t even add (the car being 50). They remind Misha that the car is the real #3 on the call sheet lol.
  • Jensen wants to know what else Misha said about the car. Fan says he said it was impractical. Jensen: And wearing the same clothes everyday is practical? 
  • Fan: Misha said it was an impractical old gas guzzler. Jared: He’s a gas guzzler! Fan: Misha says Baby breaks down all the time. Jensen: Kind of like him. Jared: He’s just jealous. 
  • J2 about Misha: He’s fourth on the call sheet after Baby, and he’s trying to usurp. Jensen: The car’s not even actually on the call sheet, but we know. 
  • Jensen: Let’s be honest, the car is not practical, but it’s awesome. 
  • J2 do their impression of season 1 Sam and Dean from the Pilot, with Jared giving himself bangs and J2 doing high voices and cracking each other up. 
  • Jensen wants to see modern-day Henry Winchester on the show. Like current Grandpa Winchester. Played by Sam Elliott. 
  • Jared: I was gonna say, I wanna see Danneel on the show. Jensen: Kiss ass! Jared: In all fairness, he killed my wife on the show so I’d like to kill his. He could help, obviously, he could hold her (like how they killed Ruby lol). Jensen: And then we’ll just have a viewing party for all the children. Boys crack up. 

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GOT7 As Roommates

So I was reminded of the one I did for BTS (which you could find here) and I thought this would be a cute thing to do <3

(gif credits to the original owners)


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(hot ass)

  • he strikes me as a dad type
  • like he’ll be kinda protective of you, making sure you don’t stay out too late and come home at the right time.
  • he’ll say that it’s to keep a watch on you but he lowkey misses you.
  • typical dad always ends up falling asleep on the sofa.
  • so you always have to shake him to get him to actually go to bed.
  • you’ll feel really awkward when you accidentally call him dad bc he basically is
  • “is this a new fetish or something?”
    “shut up im jaebum”
  • also just another gross male that you have to deal with.
  • “leader of got7 or president of the US i don’t care, just wash the dishes”
  • people often mistake him for your boyfriend bc you guys are weirdly comfortable around him.
  • he’ll probably just walk around half naked with no shame
  • you’ll just throw his dirty laundry to get him to put clothes on.
  • does get a lil’ awkward if you’re ever upset.
  • will shyly admit he ordered take out to cheer you up and you chill for the rest of the evening.
  • he’ll get quite angry if someone has upset you or work is giving you a hard time but won’t show it.
  • since he’s a dad for thot7 as well, just expect the guys to often be over.
  • reliable dad friend roommate beom ™
  • you always make him cringe or make fun (in a friendly way okay)
  • you’ll be over sitting in a weird position on the sofa you’ll just be like “the a teaser, amirite” and poor boy would die of cringe.
  • with that weird dinosaur laugh he has

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anonymous asked:

MTG's Ixalan just had feathered dinosaurs. the feathers less for accuracy and more for solar motifs. Which is you favorite design?

I don’t really know anything about Magic, so basing this opinion entirely on looking at the card art just now…

This pachy looks like a budgerigar and I love it.

I’m also fond of the fabulous hairstyles on the sauropods, and the fluffy ceratopsids with ridiculous feathery frills. And, while not a dinosaur, the spiny trilobite is neat, too.

Overall the dinosaurs are vibrant and fun and I appreciate the effort being made by including feathers. Some of the artists do a better job than others – a few of the designs are a bit “half-assed naked dino with a few feathers glued on” – but we’re talking about monsters in a fantasy trading card game. I’m not going to expect strict scientific accuracy here.

Hot Chocolate Kisses pt. 4

<– Part 3 | Part 5 –>

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Pairing: Jongdae x Reader
Wordcount: 3308
Warnings: Lots of fluff and Jongdae being a soft flirt
Notes for update: 25
A/N: Ahhhh things are coming your way guys <3 let me know what you think!!!!

Your pov

So next week Thursday you found yourself standing outside a coffee shop that was close to school. It was somewhere off the busy street, and Kris had had trouble getting you there. He wanted to park the car and walk you, but you’d refused. So you used your crutches down three streets. Gladly, nobody recognised you with your facemask on and your hair hidden under the hood of your coat.
It was cold outside, and you stood there by the door, your backpack slung uncomfortably over one shoulder, and your crutches to lean on. Your fingers were going numb as you waited for him to show up. It was time already right? Had he stood you up?
“Oh my god, y/n! Why are you still outside!” Jongdae jogged up to you, breath blowing little clouds into the air. His face was flushed and he was wearing a red beanie and black framed glasses. The first thing he did was hug you, and it took you by surprise, stilled you. His warm skin against yours that was red with cold. “You could’ve waited inside for me. Come.” He pulled lightly at your bag. “This looks uncomfortable.”

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I’m pissed about Jurassic World

I’ve seen a lot of reviews about Jurassic World, and I’ve almost started reading them compulsively just to see if anyone’s annoyance has started to match mine. When they said that they were going to make a new sequel, I never expected it to be a Good Movie. I expected it to be silly and fun, with some great Chris Pratt quips and a cheesy family-lessons-learned-through-encounters-with-dinos plot like all of the Jurassic Park films. I expected dramatic shots of dinosaurs and the same message of all the movies, the message that I personally came back for: that we should stop fucking with nature, especially when we run head first into it. 

But this movie was something else entirely. 

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