i expected it to be fun like dinosaurs

I’m pissed about Jurassic World

I’ve seen a lot of reviews about Jurassic World, and I’ve almost started reading them compulsively just to see if anyone’s annoyance has started to match mine. When they said that they were going to make a new sequel, I never expected it to be a Good Movie. I expected it to be silly and fun, with some great Chris Pratt quips and a cheesy family-lessons-learned-through-encounters-with-dinos plot like all of the Jurassic Park films. I expected dramatic shots of dinosaurs and the same message of all the movies, the message that I personally came back for: that we should stop fucking with nature, especially when we run head first into it. 

But this movie was something else entirely. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but if you were expecting to go see a great story with deep meaning, you know Jurassic World wasn't that. People were going into that movie expecting a Hitchcock film. Supposed to be an exciting hollywood action movie, not a masterpiece.

this kind of reaction is so counterproductive, because it supports the idea that blockbusters don’t need to be “good.” apparently they just have to meet a basic standard of entertainment value, and are otherwise given a free pass to be crappy and/or offensive.

like everyone else, i went into Jurassic World expecting a silly blockbuster movie about dinosaurs. the dinosaurs were fun! it was reasonably entertaining! but judging it on its own terms as a summer action movie, i still found it to be lazy, kind of sexist, and nowhere near as good as Jurassic Park. i’m not saying it was the worst movie ever, just that it was flawed in an unnecessary and easily avoidable way. 

i’m kinda surprised by how defensive people are of this movie, tbh. maybe it’s just the Jurassic Park nostalgia factor, but seriously. if you enjoyed it, that’s fine. my criticisms are not going to take that away from you.