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Pro No Evens 5 - YOLMT 2

Pro No Evens - You Only Live Multiple Times 2

After the first one, I couldn’t get the concept out of my head, so here we go again. 

Against All Odds is from @royalflushstories and Royal Expectations is from @trulymightypotato

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fuck this bullshit & read fics


A thing you probably don’t know about me is that sometimes I get in this mood where I don’t want to do anything but spend every spare moment binge-watching House, M.D. for several days at a time. I was on ep 2.15, “Clueless,” AKA that one where Wilson crashes at House’s place for a while, when inspiration struck and this Sterek drabble happened. Or… It’s almost 2k words, so maybe it’s a bit more than a drabble, BUT it’s still a drabble in spirit. (Rated T.)

It’s almost midnight when Derek finally shoulders on his coat, locks his office door, and steps out, only to spot Stiles crouched in front of the vending machine at the end of the hall, whacking the glass with the heel of his palm and muttering darkly.

Derek can’t just ignore him; he never can. (It’s a bit of a problem, and everyone in the hospital seems to know it, except for Stiles.) Before he knows it, he’s changed tracks and walked right over. “What are you still doing here?”

Stiles sits back on his heels to look up at him. “Bob ate my dollar and I’m feeling petty so I’m trying to get it back.”

“Bob?” Derek asks, a split second before he remembers that Stiles named the vending machine. It’s just this kind of thing that makes Derek feel guilty for sometimes looking at Stiles’ mouth a little too long, or pausing to let his eyes follow Stiles’ progress down the hall. Stiles isn’t a kid or anything, but he’s still only 26 to Derek’s 32, and he’s still got a year of residency to go. A lot of times, like when he’s jamming out to his iPod while he looks over lab work or doing stupid stuff like naming the vending machines, he seems to Derek more like a college kid than a grown man with a medical license and a house and a girlfriend.

Stiles goes back to hitting the vending machine, and Derek remembers why he originally came over here. “Didn’t your shift end at 7?”

Stiles smirks up at him, and Derek tries very, very hard not to imagine him making that same face in certain… other contexts. “What, you got my schedule memorized now, Dr. Hale? I’m flattered.”

It would make Derek’s life a lot easier if so much of what Stiles said didn’t come out sounding so flirtatious. Derek crosses his arms over his chest. “You’re deflecting.”

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reasons to read Siren’s Lament:





and mORE ABS

Bonus: Some butt cleavage

From Here On Out // Chapter Two

TWO // The One With The Phone Call

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s first chapter! I’m being kind and probably overestimating myself here but I wanted to post the first two in close succession for…well, I had no reason.

Here is where the story actually begins. You’ll notice that I skipped a lot of the aftermath of the previous chapter begins I felt like it didn’t need to be explained. Chapter One was a business-as-usual kind of chapter, where everything was normal for Harry and Meredith, and this is where things start to change. Like I vaguely explained before, I’m trying a new way of writing where it’s less about creating a world and more about focusing on these two characters and their relationship between each other.

Thank you to @harrysmeadow and @islareeveswriting for putting up with me - this chapter was a long old slog. It’s actually half a reworking of one of my one shots so if some of the language and action seem familiar at the beginning, that’ll be why! Enjoy x

Word Count // 4k

Listen To // Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Jasmine Thompson

Story Page

It was with a dull ache below her belly button that she woke up, tied up like a tangled mess of limbs with Harry. His arm was draped over her back, blocked from any skin to skin contact by the soft silk fabric of the sheets, and she exhaled a sigh of annoyance as she tried to untangle herself from his subconsciously protective hold to leave the bed.

It had been three weeks since her trip to Dunkirk, and Harry had been back in town for a few days on a small break from filming before he was going to be going to the Netherlands to continue, and he’d appeared at her door late yesterday afternoon after going to the gym, still sweaty and definitely needing a shower. Meredith had been feeling off for days, feeling sick and tired, being unable to even consider leaving the flat at some points because of how exhausted she felt, and while she knew Harry had probably come around with other ideas in his head, he’d ended up holding her hair back as she threw up down the toilet trying to expel whatever was lingering in her stomach. 

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The Boy Next Door

Type: Mini Shot
Genre: Fluff
Member: Joshua
Word count: 908

A pen twirls between your fingers as you look out the window. To be specific, gazing over to the bedroom window next door that perfectly aligned with yours. Your homework was sprawled all over your desk as you had long forgotten about it, finding something more interesting to focus on.

In that room, there’s a boy around your age sitting on the edge of his bed. With his guitar in his arms, he gently strums the strings with his fingertips. He must have been playing the instrument to clear his mind by the way his eyes stared off into the distance.

Sighing, your chin rests on your palm.

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Coquette | 3

bts x fuckgirl!reader high school!au | series warnings: smut, sexual themes, polygamy, angst, foul language, cheating

genre: angst, romance, smut

chapter warning: mentions of violence, underage drinking, detailed description of drug usage, somewhat smut

Originally posted by hunnysyub

continuation status: yes | possibly | no

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

word count: 4,772

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Okay, so I haven’t been able to get this post by @voltron-messenger out of my head for the past few days, so to get out of my writing slump, I wrote my own adaptation of it…

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pairing; yoongi x reader

genre; angst

word count; 5.1k

a/n; made for this request 

summary; you didn’t let him in easily, but when you did, that became your first mistake. 

halcyon (adjective)

1. denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

Meeting him was nothing.

You met a lot of people in your life, but when you came across him, you didn’t think much of it.

The first time you encountered him, you knew of him, but he had not known of you. He was known to be this mysterious walking oxymoron that strolled through the halls of your high school campus with chin high and eyes that followed every girl that neared him. Of course, you were never one of those girls in his eyes and never did you want to be one of his victims; you always wanted to be invisible in his eyes, and you always were.

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a/n: so, I’ve been slow with catching up with the 100 lately (exams do that to you), but today I finally got the chance to watch the latest episode. and let me tell you, I wanted to throw something at my screen. clarke’s conflicting emotions over her decision and how it affects bellamy (and her mother) vs. bellamy’s drive to save his sister and the need to prove clarke’s skepticism wrong, all brought to a sudden end when the scene cuts off with clarke bringing her hand down and letting bellamy go. i’m sorry, where’s my resolve? emotional backlash? hurt feelings? where’s my bellamy and clarke get to talk like in season 3 where he confronts her about her leaving him? where’s my bellamy telling her off her high horse? where’s my clarke says she’s sorry scene? where’s my- well, you get it. 

and since i got nothing of that, i decided to spin my take on it. so have a 4x11 missing scene that will hopefully let you breathe a little easier (worked for me)

together or not at all (ao3)

He looked at her one last time, at the gun hanging from her hand, at her face - and God, Clarke felt that look spreading like poison through her lungs, making every breath a struggle - and then kept on climbing the stairs, heavy steps fading into nothing as he neared the hatch.

Her fingers were numb from clutching the gun, her wrist hurting from the pressure of having it pointed at him and not wanting to shoot him at the same time. Her eyes stung from her tears and the air rattled inside her ribcage. Then, like a puppet having had its strings cut, she stumbled back few steps, feeling dizzy, weak, and leaned on the wall behind her, sliding down on the floor, the gun slipping from her hand.

The tears keep on sliding down her cheeks and she doesn’t try to fight them. She figured that was how the monuments of the Old World felt when the nuclear bombs hit them - empty, cold, crumbling to dust, big hunks of stone and metal reduced to shadows of themselves, having lost all that made them stand proud and represent an idea.

Her left hand, the one that had pulled the trigger on him, was shaking. Clarke brought it to her face and laughed, let out a sob, was this what she had become?

One sob turned into a second one, into a third one, until she was heaving with the force of her crying, arms around her legs and pulled tight against her body, rocking back and forth in a desperate attempt to keep the panic away.

She had let Bellamy open the bunker. She had doomed her people to a possible death. She had risked the fate of the human race. She had lied and gone behind the backs of people she had claimed to care about only for it to be just another hollow promise, another hollow explanation,  another deceit born out of desperation and having the world rest on her shoulders.

She took a shot but couldn’t pull the trigger, not on him. And there laid the problem.

Her ears still rang with the sound of Bellamy’s voice, with the noise from the bullet. When did she become this girl, this woman? When did she lose herself in the desperate attempt to always have all the answers, to always be right?

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So the final Agni Kai...

Obviously this has been said time and time again, but, like… the music. This is my absolute favorite bit from the soundtrack. What I like best about it is that they were smart enough to let the score evolve. It didn’t stick to a single tempo or melody. It’s incredibly clever because it allows the music to express all the emotion and themes that are involved in this scene. They could have used an overt, grandiose, high-energy score but what they chose to do ended up being so much more expressive. A constant high-energy score would have drawn more attention to the physical action and fight sequence (which is amazing and brilliantly animated, don’t get me wrong), but the music they chose drew more attention to the actual emotion and tragedy of it all. A brother and sister fighting to the death, one fighting to do the right thing and the other rapidly losing her sanity. And that’s just the first part of the track! The song evolves. The music starts as a sweeping, slow, epic, tragic melody that builds and falls and builds and falls, stops, then returns with a high-paced and frenetic tempo as Azula prepares the lightning. It increases the intensity of the moment within seconds, indicates the presence of danger and unpredictability while signaling the arrival of the climax of the scene. Then, in the second Azula releases the lightning at Katara, the music returns with the same somber, sorrowful melody and once again, pulls the attention away from the action, away from the presence of a dangerous, imminent threat, and redirects it back to the actual emotion of the scene, to the realization and fear that Zuko is about to lose someone about whom he truly cares, the shift from the defense of oneself to the protection of another, to the display of loyalty and love shown through heart-breaking self-sacrifice. Conclusion: everything about the music in the scene was stunningly well-done. The melody rises and falls, the tempo shifts multiple times, and overall, the music exists and evolves to place focus on each and every moment of significance and emotion and pain during this scene. I want filmmakers and musicians and artists and writers to just take as many lessons as they possibly can from this, because it truly falls under the category of “most powerful scores of all time”. This music was perfectly constructed to express the significance of this scene, has left an unbelievably deep impact on me, and continues to have the same heartwrenching effect every… single… time I listen to it and every… single… time I watch the scene.

anonymous asked:

i know you write kick ass fics, i probably read all of them (and i love them so much!) but i was wondering if you could share some of your favourite fics? either the ones written by you or someone else?

Thanks so much cutie, I’m really happy to hear that! The fic I personally enjoyed writing the most was All He Ever Wanted, but I have so many fanfics by other authors that I adore. Below are some of my favourite APH Nordics fanfics, along with the synopsis and any pairings the fic has.

My Heart, In Segments by chalupakabra: Berwald is a man left alone, and Peter was a kid left behind. Berwald’s not really the perfect dad, Peter’s not really innocent anymore, and Tino’s not really sure he’s ready for something so real. But, maybe… maybe it’s time. (SuFin)

Gutters by glassamilk: ‘The Calamity’ has left the world stripped and dying. Alone in a civilian bunker in Munich, Sealand will be reunited with the last known living member of his surrogate family and together, they will set out across Europe to find those they have lost. 

Time and Time Again by champagnesly: In the here and now, wanting to feel a part of his new family, Sealand is infatuated with Sweden’s history and begs for stories from the Nordics, all while trying to match-make his Papa and Finland because that’s what sons do best.A story about past and present, love and forgiveness, and family. (SuFin, DenNor)

Coronation by champagnesly: Trondheim, 1906: After years of separation following the Treaty of Kiel, Denmark attends the coronation of Norway’s new king and discover what time had changed between them. (DenNor)

Tub Wars by caladino: This tub ain’t big enough for the both of us. (DenNor)

Bear Wolf by carriecmoney: A one-night stand turns a little tricky, but it’s nothing a few animals can’t handle. (SuFin) 

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by glassamilk: Denmark is captured by the Black Mercy, an alien plant that slowly kills it’s victims by showing them a dream of their deepest desires. (DenNor, SuFin)

I Will Not Lose!

Words: 6290

Genre: Fluff (maybe a bit too much haha), Magic!Au

Summary: A single bet - use every means to make Jeon Jungkook fall in love with you.  

Originally posted by bangts

Jeon Jungkook…

Sitting in the center of an intricate alchemy circle drawn with chalk - on the floor of Jungkook’s living room, you can only begin to question - how did this even happen?  

The mess had started with some sort of argument you had with him weeks ago. It was vague in your memory, only certain fragments were still intact.

“Y/N…She’s really beautiful isn’t she?” You overhear Jimin’s voice.

“Meh.” Jungkook answers with a shrug.

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I don’t think one can really articulate their thoughts on life through writing, but I’ve been asked to try, so here it goes. I think we’re all connected. Maybe not in a way that makes much sense, but I don’t think anyone is ever truly alone. You, reading this, are not alone. We may never meet, I may never be more than a character in a story to you, but that doesn’t matter. I think that when we pour a little bit of ourselves into paper and ink, those stories pour a bit of themselves back into us, too, and that makes us closer than you can imagine. Life is strange and difficult. You’ll sometimes feel completely lost. You’ll fall in love with the voices in your head. You’ll look in all the right places at all the wrong times for something that you think will make you happy. You’ll be forced to go through so much pain. But just know that, through it all, you are not alone. I’m with you, the character in the story that you poured a bit of yourself into when you took the time to read. I’m with you.

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved.


Hauntingly, Ch. 49

This is so beautiful.

(Maybe we can never completely separate fictional characters from our own perspective and understanding—can we ever separate anything from that, really?—and they may not really reciprocate what we feel about them (be it love or hate), but that feeling itself is enough to change us. The more we pour our life, our time, our perception, our love and hate into the characters, the more we feel about them, then the more we are different from our past selves who had not poured and had not felt. And who knows, maybe that will lead to other changes. Maybe we’ll one day feel differently towards another incident, or make a different decision, because of what we’ve read and felt before? The characters are with us and we are not alone. I feel very blessed, or loved, to have met the characters I love.)


SASUSAKU month ( 2017 ) … “first love

He was determined to burn the world down even if it meant burning with it.  He had no qualms with setting life ablaze but there was one thing, and only one thing, that he refused to burn.  He refused to let her burn down with his sins. 

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ibonekoen  asked:

Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but, with a blaster against his head......

Apparently this sentence spawned an entire AU in which Jyn is still with the Partisans and Cassian’s job at the beginning of Rogue One is finding her, rather than Bodhi…

Cassian forced his racing thoughts downward, deep inside his mind, and reminded himself why he was here: Galen Erso’s daughter was with the Partisans; he needed a meeting with Saw Gerrera if he had any prayer of finding the girl and he needed the girl in order to find her father. No matter what he thought of the rough (and frankly barbaric) techniques of the Partisans – especially the short human girl pressing his own blaster into the back of his skull – he would keep his opinions to himself, follow his orders and get the meeting the Alliance so desperately needed. 

“I’m on your side,” Cassian hissed through his teeth, “I’m with the Rebel Alliance and I need to speak to your boss.”

“And what makes you think Saw Gerrera wants to meet with a member of the Rebel Alliance?” the girl asked with a sardonic laugh, her voice low and close to Cassian’s ear. 

“Because we have intelligence that he’ll want,” Cassian told her (he’d be looking straight into her eyes if she had the courage to stand in front of him, rather than keeping her face out of his line of sight), “We know that he has Jyn Erso among his ranks and we know that she’s in danger.”

Send me the first sentence and I’ll write five more!