i exist only on thursday

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I only exist for Thursdays now

❤️💕 Well, to help get you through until tomorrow tomorrow’s ch18 YCPfE update, here’s a teaser:

Yuuri rolls onto his back, staring at the ceiling. He would love nothing more than to bring the toy package up to Victor’s room and open it together, here on the bed. But he has a feeling that if he opens the package now the two of them won’t make it to practice. 

genre: angst, smut // word count: 6.3k // oneshot

summary: “You belong to me every Thursday. I wait for you. I’ll be beautiful for you. Every Thursday. I exist only on Thursday.” You have it all, and you’re Jimin’s lonely star

a/n: sugardaddy!jimin and the third part to the series of oneshots, onsra. this isn’t too angsty & is based off the song lonely star by the weeknd. also, I can’t write short fics rip. -tia

» onsra: 1. wicked games // 2. shameless // 3. lonely star

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Lonely Star

“Baby you can have it all.” He whispered, his husky voice making her shiver in the process. “Baby you could have the car, the jewels, the sex, the house. You could be a star." 

But I wouldn’t have you, she thought. If anyone knew Abel and his ways, it’s Bethany. All the money, the power, the fame that could come along with being with him is nothing if she didn’t have him. She knew all all about Abel’s needs, and temper, his constant deceiving and cheating, but she wants needs him. He’s the drug in her veins that she had become addicted to. She can’t live without him.

"Abel, I need you to promise me something.” She begged, literally getting on her knees. “Please.”

“No, baby. Not now, I don’t wanna talk anymore.” He silenced her, ending their discussion. Abel felt his pants tighten just at the sight of her on her knees, in front of him. Though he would love to have her pretty pink lips around him, he didn’t want tonight to be like every other night. No, he wants tonight to be special, different. He wants to make love to her tonight, not just fuck her. 

He looked down at her lust-filled eyes and knew she’s ready. She began to nonchalantly undress, stripping for him. She’s better than any stripper I’d have ever seen, he thought. And she is. She’s sexy, so sexy. Her golden bangs were in rounded curls and the rest of her long, her is neatly tied up in a bun. Her eyes, sort a blue-grey color, seem to sparkle as she smiles or speaks. She had pink, pouting lips but smiles to reveal a perfect set of white teeth. She is not tall, in fact only about five feet four inches tall, but despite the lack of height and her petite frame, she had curves other woman would kill for. She’s simply beautiful. 

With each sweat running down her face, she was thirsting and hungering for Abel, for the pleasure, the tantalizing feelings of their bodies touching and the spontaneous eruptions of the endless orgasms only Abel could make her have, she’s becoming wet with the thought of it. 

Abel could easily see how she’s yearning for his touch, to feel him inside of her, so deep inside of her. Leading her to his bed, they began kissing, placing his hand on her lower back while running the other through her long hair that he untied. Flowing gently and skilfully freeing her breasts from her bra, not breaking the connection they were engaging in, gliding his slowly down her neck form her cheek. Wanting to leave love bites all over her, he began sucking her soft skin in, while gently stroking the back of her neck to the base of her spine.

Bethany didn’t want to do foreplay, not today. She just wanted him inside of her, so she can feel him. All of him. 

“Fuck me Abel.” She moaned. Normally, Abel hates when he’s being told what to do, he likes being in charge, but today, he wants to please her, he wants to have her screaming his name in delight, show her that no one else will ever be able to please her like he does. 

He quickly took his clothes off, wanting to feel her tighten around him. With a hastily pace, he grabbed a condom and slid it on. Soon, he joined her in bed, but she’d begun to please herself. 

“You started without me?” He whined, feigning hurt.

“You were taking too long, now fuck me.” She grabbed him with all her strength and brought him on top of her. Beth wasn’t going to waste anytime, so she rubbed his member up and down before sliding him into her.

Abel wanted to make sweet love to Bethany, something any other girl would dream of, but she wouldn’t have it. She wants it fast and hard. Abel, being a gentlemen, wanted to do whatever she wanted. He started out nice and slow, picking up his pace as thrusted in and out of her in one motion. Bethany wrapped both arms around his waist, gripping his shoulders and digging her manicured nails into them as his tempo increased and a warm feeling began in her stomach, spreading throughout her body. He gave one last thrust, hitting her spot and continued to do so as he felt her insides tighten around him. A burst of pleasure had her crying out, her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he continued to thrust quick and hard at the one spot that her screaming his name. He allowed her to ride out the please, soon emptying himself into the condom.

“I love it when you say my name.” He said, placing a kiss on her forehead and falling next to her. 

Promise me you won’t regret me like the tattoos on my skin.” She demanded. Bethany knew that Abel will never be able to commit to her, she also knew she would always give in to him. She wanted something, she wanted to be assured that he wouldn’t forget her, regret her. “When you fuck them, you’ll see my face.”


"You belong to me, every Thursday.” She decided. “My body is yours.” She took his hands and placed them on her body. “Promise me?” 

"Yes, okay.” He sighed, “I promise.” Abel has never been one to break his promises, and he somewhat understood her logic. He knew that Beth knew he would never be able to stay on just one woman, by promising her, he’s assuring her that she’s his as he is hers, but only Thursday. 

Not on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
But on Thursday, only on Thursday. 

Soon, Abel fell asleep with his arms wrapped around her body and his legs tangled with Beth’s, but she hadn’t fallen asleep. She quietly slipped away from him, gathering her clothes. She doesn’t want to be the one to wake up alone.

“I wait for you, I’ll be beautiful for you, every Thursday. I exist, only on Thursday.” She whispered, pecking his cheeks before disappearing into the depths of the darkness. 

She’s his star, his Lonely Star.