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I feel bad for him that so many of jensen's twitter feed after posting anything (latest jj video) is like 'destiel is real'. And when I search up Jensen ackles tag on tumblr/twitter its sometimes filled with cockles/destiel. Like dudes he's a phenomenal actor, talk about that - he's more than a ship. I am a Jared girl myself so I was not aware of this (I knew he was constantly getting harrased by these shippers) but this is unfair to him

I’ve been saying for at least 6 years that Misha/Cas has been the worst thing to happen to Jensen and his career.  But now I think it’s more accurate to say that Misha/Cas is the worst thing to happen to us, the Dean girls and Jensen fans, because we’re the ones experiencing the destihellers’ vile behaviors. Actors are mostly insulated from the fandom drama and Jensen’s acting talent, his high Q score, and stellar professionalism will ensure his career longevity.  The destihellers’ slandering Jensen as a homophobe was only a hiccup, soon forgottened by the fandom and never known by the general audience.

Honestly I evny SamJared girls like you because you don’t have to experience the shitdom created by the destiehellers.  I know several Dean/Jensen girls that have not been to the Dean or Jensen tags in YEARS because of the rude and inconsiderate destiel/cockle shippers.  

So thank you destiel and cockles shippers for making yourself the most hated shippers not only in the SPN fandom but also in the Star Trek, Avenger, Sherlock, Thor, Loki, and Captain America fandom.

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I evny you and your pals Jory. Such fun and funny people who all laugh and have a great time together. Its really something special

Yeah what the hell! I love em a whole lot!