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hey guys did i ever tell u about that time that i wrote some smut featuring wario and waluigi because golly i remember doing that i still have it somewhere 

  • Lex around anyone else: I don’t disclose my secrets to anyone, i’ve had too many bad experiences with paparazzi, gotta keep those emotional walls up, i’m a secret wrapped in an enigma
  • Clark: hey Lex what’s u-
  • Lex: Clark, did I ever tell you about how my mother died? I was 13 years old and I think that's when my father stopped being capable of feeling love for me, and afterward I used to have these nightmares that-


did i ever tell u guys the story about how my great great grandfather was forced to flee into the wild west in the late 1800′s

some days i think that my hatred for kubo and his half assed ending is slowly dissapearing,,,,, but then i remember that kubo fucking killed off my sweet, pure, wonderful, kind and beautiful husband ukitake jushiro WHEN INSTEAD HE COULD’VE KILLED OFF MAYURI WHO WAS FUCKING THERE DOING JACK SHIT AND WALKING AROUND LIKE AN A GRADE ASSHOLE and then… and then my hatred comes back w a vengeance  

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honestly, just saw that you're on the inclusionist side of the ace discourse and kinda relieved? i love your blog and would really hate to unfollow you. just popping in your inbox to say that, and that the fact you're willing to defend the ace/aro community is great

of course i am!!! honestly i don’t blame you for being worried about it at all like i’ve had to unfollow people i never expected to over this. i really hate the idea of an exclusionary community so anybody who tries to do that is gonna have to deal with me lmao

did i ever tell u guys about my legacy of kain ocs

violet the wraith smith and cyrus the reluctant vampire

violet was a smith both as a human and as a vampire, so when she got slain by the sarafan and her soul adapted to the spectral realm, she really didn’t see any reason why she should let her lack of a physical body keep her from her passions

and then there’s cyrus who’s a vampire but really doesn’t want to be. but not as much as he doesn’t want to die. so rather than offing himself he just kinda… tries to live as un-vampiricly as he can, getting most of his blood from butcher shops or trapped animals. he’s been around long enough to have evolved the cloven hands and feet common to elder vampires, as well as his unique “evolution”. when i originally made him it was just a run-of-the-mill bellymouth, but now it’s more along the lines of “gaping dragon” ribcage maw, because that’s cooler/more metal and feels more in the style with the canon vampire evolutions. he hates it 8^y

i’ve never actually drawn either of them

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What's your twitter??? I gots to know

Aaaaah sorry, but I actually don’t use Twitter! I just have an account to be able to freely check re:zero art, but that’s about it 8w8" I can’t stand the whole character limit thing, im so sorry!! 88 I tried using it once, but it was a mess orz

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Okay, hello! So I first saw your autistic!Jeremy posts and then got really happy and inspired because I don't see a lot of anything positive or really even anything of autistic characters/people/headcanons and thought it was really nice that I got inspired to make a new character who is a positive example of someone with autism. I as well have three close family members (my brother, sister, and dad) who have are on the autism spectrum and just love seeing this representation they're getting!! 💛

!!! this is awesome!! im glad you’re giving some good representation :D since you’re not autistic yourself, do tread lightly and make sure you’re doing it accurately!!! other than that, you go :) i’d be happy to hear about them if u ever wanna tell

did i ever tell u guys about that time i found out you could freeze rice, so i bought a 20 lb bag of rice and cooked it over the weekend & when mom came back from her conference the basement freezer was filled with rice & i got grounded

okay so i’m THINKING of doing some one-off pieces (like this tiny 5″x5.5″ one) and selling them a bit cheaper than society6 stuff ????? i’ve also started making stickers (aliens, dogs, cute words etc etc) so i could also do some cute handmade sticker packs as well ?!! anyway so i’m just WONDERING if any of you would be into this or not ???? pls let me know either way bc i don’t want to waste my sweet sweet time if no one wants to buy my art !

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Could you please write something about the progress of andrew and neil's relationship after the king's men? like in the small things, touching, time spent together etc.

people have been telling me things when i wrote out ‘guidelines for loving andrew minyard’ (tumblr, ao3), so this is sort of something like that. poetic prose, all that jazz. i’m pathetic, let me be!!!! p.s. there’s a tfc reference down there so this is not just post-tkm, but rather, the relationship’s progression in general— yeah, i need to stop explaining myself

(neil’s pov, second person, + title’s taken from this song by passenger!)

things that stop you dreaming (ao3)

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