i even wrote a fanfiction 4 it


So I’ve never really written fanfiction before but I’ve been thinking a lot about RTTE season 4 and how much I want(need)Hiccup and Astrid to get together now and this is sort of how it goes down in my head. Also, I rarely ever use Tumblr these days so I wasn’t even going to post this but hey I wrote it down anyway and looking at the HTTYD tumblr tag there’s some really cool stuff so why not.
So in my mind this scene takes place at the end of the first episode of Season 4. (because seriously come on already) The Riders are on their way back from another incredible, deadly, exciting, life-threatening mission where they helped Mala save the Eruptodon, formed an alliance with the Defenders of the Wing, recovered all of Berk’s gold, and narrowly escaped being killed by Vigo and the Dragon Hunters. I haven’t actually written out this adventure, but the important part is Hiccup put himself in an extremely dangerous position in order to save his friends.

“Ohhh Toothless I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see Dragon’s Edge,” Hiccup confessed as they flew toward the island they had come to call home. Toothless, wanting to express his happiness that he, Hiccup, and the rest of the gang had once again made it out alive, dipped down to the lagoon so that he could glide the tip of his left wing in the water while Hiccup did the same with the tips of his fingers.

As the pair soared low through the air, cutting through the moonlit water, Hiccup closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and smiled; he had gained a newfound appreciation for life after this particular adventure and wanted to savor every moment of happiness he could. Nothing felt quite like flying; nothing felt so exhilarating yet relaxing, so intricate and demanding yet effortless and freeing, so comfortable and familiar yet new and exciting with every flight.

The rest of the riders and dragons, who were flanked behind Hiccup and Toothless, decided to follow suit, running their wings and fingers through the cold water, feeling almost as relieved and thankful as their leaders.

Nearing the Edge, Hiccup and Toothless pulled up and landed by the dome. Once the Night Fury’s feet touched the ground Hiccup leaped out of his saddle to come face to face with his magnificent dragon.

“You were amazing today bud,” he said softly, crouching down to meet Toothless’s eyes.

“Thank you so much.” He reached his arms around Toothless’s neck, giving him the most genuine, loving hug he could muster. Toothless, in return, nuzzled his nose into Hiccup’s shoulder as a way of saying “you’re welcome” and “thank you for being safe” simultaneously.

As the two best friends embraced, the other members of the group landed one by one around them. As soon as Meatlug landed on the Edge, the last dragon of the group to do so, everyone looked around at each other, astonished that they had all made it back alive this time, and so incredibly grateful.

Of course it was Tuffnut who broke the silence. He had been narrating the entire adventure, but even the trickster had to take a quiet moment to appreciate the amazing feat they had all accomplished.

“And our heroes return home, to the safety of their awesome base, to stuff their faces with delicious food and sleep for hours and hours…” “And hours!” added Ruffnut in agreeance with her brother.

“For once I completely and wholeheartedly agree with the twins,” proclaimed Fishlegs, lying face down on Meatlug’s back, giving her a giant bear hug with one arm and raising the other arm with his index finger pointed towards the sky.

“Well let’s stop talking about it and start chowing down!” Snotlout yelled, yanking on Hookfang’s horns. “Hookfang, up! Hookfang, to the clubhouse!” Despite his rider’s commands, Hookfang didn’t budge. Not that Hookfang disobeying Snotlout was anything new, but suddenly Hiccup looked around at all the dragons worriedly, realizing how worn out they all were.

“Hey guys I think today’s activities really did a number on the dragons,” Hiccup said, gesturing to all the exhausted faces, “I mean Hookfang can barely lift his wings.”

At that very moment Hookfang’s body collapsed on the ground, bringing Snotlout down with him. The Monstrous Nightmare let out a great sigh through his nostrils as Snotlout recovered the helmet that had fallen off his head.

“Hiccup’s right guys,” Astrid announced, stroking Stormfly’s face, “Why don’t we walk them over to the stable and let them rest their wings? I think they’ve flown more these past few days than ever before.”

With that being said Ruff, Tuff, Fishlegs, and Heather all hopped down onto the ground, each taking a quick moment just to inspect that their dragons were okay. Much to everyone’s relief, every dragon was without a scratch, just extremely fatigued.

“To the stables!” bellowed Tuffnut, punching his fist forward in the air, leading the charge as Ruffnut, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Heather followed behind.

Hiccup turned to Toothless, seeing the weariness in his eyes. He smiled softly.

“C’mon bud, you deserve some nice, fresh fish and a good night’s r- OW! WHAT?”

He turned swiftly towards his attacker, grasping at his right arm where he had just been punched. To no one’s surprise, that “attacker” was Astrid.

“THAT was for almost getting yourself killed,” she snapped, with a pissed yet smirky expression on her face. Hiccup’s look of pain and confusion melted into a loving smile.

In true Astrid fashion, her next act was to grab the collar of Hiccup’s shirt, pulling him in for a quick peck on the lips. She hadn’t pulled this since they were kids.

Wait. She hasn’t pulled this since we were kids. Why now? Oh my Thor, If I hadn’t made it out today I never would have been able to kiss Astrid again. I never would have been able to even see Astrid again, or talk to her, or laugh with her, or… I can’t let 2 more years pass until our next kiss. I can’t even let 2 more seconds pass until our next kiss. I… I have to go for it. If I don’t and my next near death experience isn’t just near death… In the nearly two seconds that their lips met, all of these thoughts had come racing through Hiccup’s mind.

As Astrid pulled away Hiccup made a decision. He was going to do it. He couldn’t waste any more time.  

“And THAT was for-” Astrid cut herself off when she felt Hiccup grab hold of the hand she was using to clutch his tunic. She looked into his eyes and saw a look that was familiar yet… different. Hiccup had never really looked at her this way before. Her gaze fell to his chest where Hiccup tightened his grip, gently but with intent, on her hand.

Suddenly it became clear what was happening. Is this really it, is this really the moment? She asked herself, returning her gaze to Hiccup’s eyes. They both knew that this would happen someday, but for some reason they kept putting it off. She wondered why they had for so long; was it because they felt that they had too many other responsibilities? They didn’t want to make things awkward with the rest of the group? They didn’t want to risk ruining their friendship? They were just too nervous? All of it seemed so silly in that moment. They were warriors after all. If they could ride dragons, defeat armadas, and face off against the most dangerous foes in all of the archipelago, they could do this. They could share a real kiss, have a real relationship. As Astrid was going through all of this in her mind she suddenly realized that she was slowly leaning in towards the viking she knew, for some time now, she loved.  

Their lips met and this time, instead of parting after mere seconds, they lingered and eventually pressed against each other like they had never before. With her free hand, Astrid cupped the back of Hiccup’s neck, spreading her fingers into his hair, while Hiccup’s free hand moved to Astrid’s cheek. The hands that they had begun with stayed in place, between their chests, so that each viking could feel the other’s heartbeat.

Realizing Hiccup and Astrid were not following behind them, the others turned around, stunned as they saw what was happening. Astrid and Hiccup kissing, for real this time.

“Oh. My. Thor!” exclaimed Fishlegs, bring his hands up to his mouth in surprise.

“Well FINALLY,” muttered Ruffnut, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, really. Took them long enough,” agreed Tuffnut.

Heather placed her hands on her hips, grinning satisfactorily. She had been pretty positive this was going to happen, sooner than the other riders had guessed.

Snotlout reacted less positively than the others. “What??? Seriously? She goes for Dragon Boy and not me???” he asked.

Fishlegs elbowed him in the side, annoyed once again at Snotlout’s vanity, yet knowing that it was really a joke. Well, mostly.

Not wanting to invade their friends’ private moment but (mostly) happy that this was finally happening, they smiled and looked upon Astrid and Hiccup sharing their first real kiss. Even the dragons seemed to smile as if they too had just been waiting for this to happen.

When the kiss ended and the two pulled away, just enough to look each other in the eyes, Astrid decided this would be the perfect time to ask, “What took you so long?” To which Hiccup smiled and replied, “I could get used to this.”

For Hiccup, nothing felt quite like kissing Astrid; nothing felt so exhilarating yet relaxing, so intricate and demanding yet effortless and freeing, so comfortable and familiar yet new and exciting. For Hiccup, kissing Astrid was another form of flying.

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fandom-in-abyss  asked:

I'm just going to tell you about my day even though you probably don't care (also you can just delete this ask). But I decided I wanted to write fanfiction, and 3 hours later I have a basic plan and 4 paragraphs. And like it's not worth it?? I don't know how you managed to write fanfiction. Because I wrote 4 paragraphs and decided that I want to quit.

ahhhh i know the feeling! and i know how to get past it too

  • don’t just think of a plan in a day and then go, okay, writing time!! no. think of a complex, wild plan and write random scenes out and doodle. think of concepts and ideas to add. imagine the tone and feel, what you want people to see when they look at your fic. really feel something. tell your ideas to everybody who’ll listen and most people who won’t
  • when you write, you know that ‘i just can’t think of words’ feeling?? that feeling where you just think ‘well why bother’? yes i know it well. we all do. PUSH THROUGH IT. TYPE ALL THE WORDS. JUST TYPE THEM. THEY DONT HAVE TO BE GOOD, YOU CAN FIX THAT SHIT LATER, JUST WRITE THEM 
  • in conclusion just make sure the plot is one that YOU love not just one that everybody else does. i’ve written murder mysteries in happy-go-cliche anime fandoms before and loved it, even though nobody else did. just write you, not anybody else, kay? and if it really doesn’t work for you, then you tried and i’m proud of you for that
Silly fluffy Johnlock ficlet that I’m calling “of pistol whipping and purple shirts” lmao

Okay so I haven’t written fanfiction in years although I used to write it all the time and right now I’m investing my soul into a long Johnlock fanfiction and wanted to take a little break from that today by writing this ficlet THAT SHOWCASES MY IMPATIENCE FOR SOME SERIES 4 GARRIDEBS SHIT (and also brighten everyone’s evenings while we deal with the election apocalypse)… and I also wrote this as a tiny early birthday gift for my lovely beta and partner in Johnlock crime, @chrysanthemumsies. ALSO MADALYN YOUR GIFTS IN THE MAIL WILL ARRIVE TO YOU SOON OMFG.

Please anyone who reads this lemme know if it’s good and also wink wink nudge nudge if you’d wanna be tagged when I post my big fanfic because I’m really gonna want feedback on that. 

I also am posting this on my AO3 so check that out and also if you’ve the time, check out Madalyn’s amazing multi-chapter scifi Johnlock AU that I’m beta-ing!


John’s head is pounding. 

“Sherlock, he’ll be alright,” a voice - Lestrade’s - says. “He’s… ah hell, Sherlock… look, he’s coming round now, let him up, you hen-”

John struggles to push himself up on his elbows, awareness coming back to him rapidly, though he suspects he has a concussion. He’s lying on pavement - he recalls falling to meet it after finding himself pistol whipped clean to the temple by the target of their investigation that evening. Police lights flash too bright across his vision, though from only one vehicle, John deduces, so Lestrade must have arrived before the rest of the Yard (not surprising). And Sherlock-

There’s a twist in John’s chest as he turns his head to find Sherlock close, very close, the strangest expression on his face and hands gripping John by the purple silk shirt he’s wearing, and… what?

“And for christ’s sake, what are you two even wearing?” Lestrade’s voice cuts back in. “Don’t tell me you- hell, you’re the bloody weirdest pair I’ve ever met, you know that?”

John shifts back, still on elbows, to better take in the scene Sherlock is presenting him, though his head is still hazy.

“John,” Sherlock says to him, voice tremulous with emotion, and that concerns John, though not so much at that second as does the image of Sherlock wearing his jumper.

He opens his mouth, shaking his head just so in confusion, before the memory comes to him.

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Birthday Cake: Chapter 5

[K guys, last chapter, I’m finally done, hope i had enough fluff for you all in this sequel :)]

Description: Sequel to Chocolate Cake where Adrien makes Marinette a cake for her surprise birthday party. :3

Word Count: 4109

Rating: K

~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~

Marinette gasped and held her hands up to her mouth at the scene before her. She had just gotten back from seeing a wonderful movie with Alya, and now, she came home to…this. To all her friends and family jumping out to greet her on the best day of the year. She couldn’t believe it. 

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