i even tried to make his nose bigger

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for the writing prompts: "i adore you" for malec 🕊

“i adore you.”

the expression on alec’s face changed from a happy, playful grin to a look of utter shock, as if he wasn’t aware of the fact that magnus was madly in love with him. they were sitting on the couch, the tv flickering almost lazily in front of them. magnus’ reading glasses were sliding off of alec’s nose slowly, almost comically, alec having been in a rather cheeky mood and plucking them off of magnus’ nose and trying them on for himself. The sight of seeing alec blinking rapidly as he tried to adjust his eyes to the prescription, the round frames making alec look even more precious than he was and magnus had let out a giggle, shaking his head in astonishment and disbelief as alec scrunched up his nose adorably, a smile on his face.

“me too,” alec replied quietly, almost a whisper, but his eyes widened, the glasses making them look even bigger, and he added on rapidly, “i mean, not that i adore me as well, but that i adore you. so, so much.”

magnus chuckled and slowly, almost intimately, reached out and removed the glasses on alec’s faces, his fingers brushing against alec’s skin and causes the younger man to shiver. magnus set them down on the table and snuggled into alec’s side, who put his arms around him.

“i’m so glad i met you,” magnus sighs, tracing a rune on alec’s arm absentmindedly and alec inhales sharply through his nose. it takes him a moment to respond with, “yeah.” a simple, short reply but it holds so much meaning and there’s so much sincerity in his voice that magnus’ heart melts.

“i’m really glad i met you, too.”

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“i don’t need you, really.” or “i don’t need this now.”

(this is going to be the shortest ‘ficlet’ ever I’m sorry)

“I don’t need you, really,” Steve grumbled, wiping at the blood that was running from his nostrils and hoping like hell that it hadn’t gotten a chance to stain his shirt - his ma would skin him alive if he ruined another one, especially this early in the school year.

The new boy - Bucky, he’d asked to be called in his weird midwestern accent - just smiled his disturbingly friendly smile as he handed over a dingy-looking handkerchief.  He, of course, had come out of the scuffle without any major signs of it, but then he’d also come in late, once the MacInnis boys were already beating the hell out of Steve.  And just like he had earlier in the week, the new boy in town had done what no one else in any of the surrounding neighborhoods had bothered to do in all of Steve’s nine years of life: he’d stepped in and hollered at the bullies Steve was fighting, and ultimately ended up driving the little bastards away.

If it’d been anyone else Steve would have figured he was trying to get one over on him, and probably would have challenged the country boy to a fight himself (one that, admittedly, he’d probably get his ass kicked during).  But this new guy, he never seemed to look down on Steve, not even when he was picking him up out of a puddle behind the automat on Bushwick.  He just… told whatever bullies were beating on Steve that day to buzz off, then gave him a hand and tried to make small talk as Steve tried to make his way back home.

Today didn’t seem to be any different.

“I know ya don’t,” Bucky responded with a pleasant smile, not even rolling his eyes at the implication that Steve could have stood a chance against the pair of considerably bigger boys.  “But like I told you before, that don’t mean I ain’t gonna help out when I see an unfair fight.”

Steve sighed, finally accepting the fabric square from Bucky’s outstretched hand and using it to daub at his nose.  There didn’t seem to be any point in trying to get rid of the guy; Bucky seemed damned near as stubborn as Steve could be, and it wasn’t as if he’d given Steve a good reason to be mean with him.

“What was it about this time?”  Bucky asked after a few moments silence.

“They wouldn’t leave Emil Whittaker alone - keep callin’ him Tiny Tim since he started walkin’ with that crutch,” Steve muttered testily, already feeling his blood boil when he thought about it.  It was bad enough when bullies teased him for his own health problems, but taunting a kid who survived polio was cheap, even for them.

“Well,” Bucky responded with a frown, “at least they had it comin’, then.”  Steve chuckled humorlessly, glad that he wasn’t getting any more flack for the fight, at least.  “Anyway,” Bucky added, “My ma promised me cinnamon toast when I got home today, what’d’ya say you come back to my place, we can split it?”  Before Steve could answer Bucky barreled right along, “And she should be so busy with the baby that we can get you cleaned up, too.  Before your ma knows you got in another fight.”

Steve was so surprised that Bucky had noticed his ma’s silent disappointment in the short time he’d met her that he didn’t come up with a response before Buck had thrown an arm over his shoulder and started steering him out of the alleyway, as if he’d already happily agreed.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, ducking out from under the larger boys arm and scowling.  “I said I can get by on my own, okay?  I don’t need anyone babyin’ me.”

“I ain’t tryin’ to baby you, Steve,” Bucky responded with a frown, shoving his hands awkwardly in his pockets as he regrouped from the shove.  “And I ain’t sayin’ ya’ need me, either.  I’m just sayin’…” he sighed, chewing on his lower lip for a second and scuffing a warn-out toe against the cobblestone.  “I wanna be yer friend, that’s all.  So even if you don’t need me, you got me anyways.”

He ended his little speech with a shrug and stared at his shoes some more, while Steve stood across from him gaping like an idiot.  No one had ever asked to be his friend, not really, and certainly not someone like Bucky Barnes - who was new and big for his age and seemed to come from money, and so probably could’ve had his pick of any of the other kids in the neighborhood for a friend.  The idea that he was awkwardly asking Steve, of all people, threw him completely for a loop.

“Sorry, I’ll leave ya alone,” Bucky continued a few moments later, turning with his head down and moping the rest of the way out of the alley.

“Hey, Buck - wait up!” Steve finally called out, barely recovering his wits before Bucky had walked away for good.  He jogged as well as he could the few steps to catch up with him, feeling just as uncomfortable with the whole ordeal as Bucky looked.  “I uh, I’m sorry for actin’ like a jerk,” he started, swallowing his pride along with the wheeze he felt building in his chest.  “I’m not very good at havin’ friends, but uh… if the offer still stands?”  He straightened his chin and looked up at Bucky, doing his best not to look like he was begging.

The grin he got in return was blinding.

“Course it does,” Bucky laughed, bumping their shoulders together before starting off towards Park Slope, with a notable swagger in his step.

Steve smiled as well, checking quickly in a passing storefront to make sure he’d wiped the worst of the gore off of his face.  He wanted to strut a little as well, being able to walk alongside a friend and all, and didn’t want to wreck the whole image by looking like a nut.