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Stardust Crusaders trio dancing, wanted to recreate this :D

i also made different variations under cut

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Wow I haven’t written here in literally forever…anywho this is a Miraculous Ladybug au that I thought of today with my friend where after the Evillustrator episode Adrien and Nathanael became friends. (I just want my tiny artist child to be happy and have friends okay.) Also this will mostly be through texts.

Adrien: ok but fr I think Ladybug would be the best girlfriend ever

Nathanael: dude no Marinette all the way are you even kidding me rn

Ad: yeah but Ladybug could literally save your life I doubt Marinette would even be able to lift you for two seconds, no offense to her

Na: but Marinette is so nice and kind and sweet and pretty and I just love her a lot okay you can’t change my mind

Ad: hold up let’s ask Nino I’m gonna add him real quick *adds Nino* hey Nino who would be a better girlfriend: Marinette or Ladybug?

Nino: I personally think Alya would be the best girlfriend

Na: but that’s just because you’re dating her you gotta pick

Ni: doesn’t matter you asked me what I thought so that’s what I did (also she might kill me if she found out I picked one of them)

Ad: fine let’s ask Alya who she thinks *adds Alya* hey Alya who would make a better girlfriend: Marinette of Ladybug?

Alya: *can’t pick because she wants to talk Marinette up to Adrien but she also doesn’t want to hurt Nathanael’s feelings by saying Ladybug and so takes several minutes to respond* I think Nino would be the best girlfriend *is also unaware that Nino is in the group chat*

Ni: Alya come on why do you have to do this to me in front of the guys


Al:  Marinette oh my god you will not believe what just happened, girl *adds screenshots of the group chat above*

Marinette: *shakes head at their stupidity and think to herself: if only they knew…if only they knew*

I wish I could just get my hot little hands on the character creator for MEA. I’m itching to work on my Ryder. 

I suppose I could boot up Saints Row (3 or IV) or even try to recreate Io in ME3 (I haven’t finished my most recent play through of ME2 so I can’t import her yet) to get my character creator fix, but it’s not the same. 

Only a little bit of time left to go!  I’m gonna try my hardest not to have another red/auburn haired OC, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to fight the temptation. 

I don’t think I’m going to heavily RP my first play through, so my first Ryder might not be THE Ryder, but it doesn’t mean I’m not excited to see all of the options available in the CC.  It’s been hard for me to play anything else right now to pass the time… honestly I just want Andromeda!


“If this was a movie, you would die first.”

  • Patrick: [standing in a crowded room] holy smokes! I lost Pete!
  • Patrick: [cannot find Pete for several minutes] here goes nothing
  • Patrick: [shouts] FOLIE À DEUX IS OUR WORST ALBUM
  • Andy: [from across the room] WHAT THE FRICK DID YOU JUST SAY?
  • Patrick: what
  • Pete: [from right next to him] what

yo im gunna get soppy for 0.2 seconds troye has legit done so much for me i mean there’s 0 things more inspiring than seeing someone you admire and believe in fucking conquer their dreams and he has honestly given me so much self confidence seeing him wear what he wants and style his hair the way he wants and making stuff he wants to make not to mention my taste in music has improved dramatically like idk just thank you so much troyeboy you might not have saved my life or pulled me out of depression (like i know he has for some) but even little things i’ve noticed about myself i’m so grateful i genuinely would not be the person i am today without him ok im out