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Analysis: Astro as Boyfriends...

To the anon that requested this: I sincerely apologize about how ridiculously long this is;;; it’s like rly long i’m so sry but once you get me started on Astro as BFs, I could go on for hours, okay? like they’d be the best boyfriends EVER don’t fight me on this <3 T~T


  • literally the softest boyfriend in the world
  • always wants to make sure you’re happy and comfortable
  • if you’re not though
  • he becomes like this unstoppable pillar of emotional and physical reassurance and support <3
  • he’ll always snuggle you until you feel better
  • or until you’re ready to talk about whatever’s bothering you
  • loves to bear-hug you from behind
  • and just totally wrap you up in his arms
  • SUCH a good listener
  • incredibly patient!!
  • loves showing off for you but gets embarrassed about it easily
  • buys you little presents all the time
  • just lil things
  • like “i saw this and thought of you” type of gifts
  • bc you’re always lowkey on his mind
  • lowkey what am i saying?? ur highkey on his mind


  • let’s talk about skinship =u=

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NCT U’s Reaction To Finding You In Their Shirt

Taeyong: At first Taeyong would look in his wardrobe and be like “Hey, where’d that shirt go-?” but as soon as he saw you standing in the doorway with it on and a blanket wrapped around you, his heart would melt. He’d stand and admire you for a moment before letting out a dreamy sigh “Keep it, it looks good on you.” and he’d wrap you in a hug and press a soft kiss on your forehead. 

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Doyoung: I feel like he’d tease you a lot but in a loving way of course. He’d poke your cheek and say things like “Did someone miss me?” or “You must like my manly musk-” which leads to you playfully hitting him. Lowkey though, he’d be throwing glances at you to coo over how cute his girlfriend looked in his shirt that was too big for her. You wouldn’t live it down to say the least. 

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(Thats him looking at you, boo berry-) 

Ten: Literally screaming, someone help this boy. If you fell asleep in his shirt then he’d snap a few photos to send to the group chat with the caption “Isn’t she the cutest?” and he’d find it super adorable how you thought to wear his shirt as a nightdress. In future he’d even suggest you wore them, he’d hand you one and tell you to put it on and get comfy like you had done before. 

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Jaehyun: At first I think he’d be shy and giggly, seeing you look so adorable in his shirt. He’d just watch you with heart eyes throughout the day because he’d have no clue how to put his feelings into words. Eventually, like Taeyong, he’d tell you that you could keep it and wear it whenever he wasn’t there or was on tour - just so you had something to remind you of him. 

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Mark: A wee, flustered baby. Would take one look at you being all cute and freeze up instantly. It would make his heart soar to see you wear anything of his, not just his shirts in particular. He’d wrap his arms around you waist and whisper about how beautiful you looked in his shirt. It would feel uncharacteristically cheesy to you but needless you’d be a blushing mess as you saw your boyfriend stare at you lovingly. 

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My apologies for my inactivity! I got my GCSE results the other day and I’ve been celebrating! As for the Johnny scenario, I’ve began writing that so expect it very soon~ 

Love and cuddles! x

I’m happy.

I get paid to travel the world. My job is perfect. I meet people from all walks of life and every day is a new learning perspective.

I’m happy.

I can buy the things that I want. I shop without looking at the tagged price.

I’m happy.

I have the sweetest dog. He has just learned a lot of new tricks. He gets excited whenever I come home and gets sad when I leave.

I’m happy.

I have great friends. They’re always there for me. We go out all the time. We love each other genuinely.

I’m happy.

I have a loving and supportive family. We sometimes fight, but at the end of the day I know they have my back and I got theirs.

I’m happy.

I watch movies alone. I don’t have someone to explain how the movies go. I don’t have someone to share popcorn with. I don’t have someone to argue with when choosing the movies.

I’m happy.

I eat at restaurants alone. I see the stolen glances as I tell the waiter I’ll be only needing a table for one. I shrug it off.

I’m happy.

I walk alone and see a crowd of mediocre people as I would like to condescendingly call them- the couples wearing couple shirts, the families who are just window shopping, teenagers still wearing their school uniform. They seem to enjoy themselves but I know they are not happy. They don’t have what I have.

I’m happy.

I see photos of families eating at a local fast food store and I wonder why do they even post it on social media. There’s nothing special in that place. They smile at each other and put a caption about how much they love each other. I don’t hit the like button.

I’m happy.

I paint. I read. I write. I try to cook. I have lots of hobbies to keep me busy. People tell me that I must be so happy doing these things. I never tell them I could only paint when I’m sad.

I’m happy.

I know that the girlfriend of the first boy I loved controls what he posts on social media. My bestfriend tells me she’s controlling and crazy. I tell her maybe he’s not really happy. Maybe, he’s just settling.

I’m happy.

I stalk the girlfriend of the guy I had an affair with and tell myself that I am way better than her- that he should have chosen me. My bestfriend and I look at her photos and insult her. We laugh our asses off. I smile.

I’m happy.

I remove all my make up. I lay down in my bed. I stare at the ceiling for a few minutes before I pray. I thank God for all my blessings and still ask Him for more.

I’m happy.

But why do every night before I finally go to sleep, this statement turns into a question? Am I happy? I tell myself that I have all the reasons to be. But it doesn’t answer my question.

I wonder who I am convincing, the world or myself.

I’m happy.

Alec & Jace Lightwood: a touching friendship

City of Ashes:

“I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a walk,” Jace said. “When I got back, I bumped into this sad bastard mooning around the porch.” He pointed at Alec.

City of Glass:

“Did you ever think that in a past life Alec was an old woman with ninety cats who was always yelling at the neighborhood kids to get of her lawn? Because I do,” Jace said.

City of Fallen Angels:

“Alec keeps sending me annoying photos. Lots of captions like Wish you were here, except not really.

City of Heavenly Fire:

“It’s Magnus birthday,” Alec said, flipping the phone shut. “I didn’t want him to think that I didn’t—to think that I forgot.”
“You’re pining,” said Jace.
Alec shrugged. “Look who’s talking. ‘Oh, I love her. Oh, she’s my sister. Oh why, why, why—’ ”

“Are you still mad because I broke your phone?” Jace said. “Because you broke my wrist, so I’d say we’re even.”
“It was sprained,” Alec said. “Not broken. Sprained.”

“Jace could get himself killed putting his pants on in the morning. Being his parabatai is a full-time job.” 

“The first time you saw me,” Jace said, looking down at his hands, looped around his knees, “I bet you didn’t think, He’s going to get me killed.”
“The first time I saw you, I wished you’d go back to Idris.” Jace looked over at Alec incredulously; Alec shrugged. “You know I don’t like change.”
“I grew on you, though,” Jace stated confidently.
“Eventually,” Alec agreed. “Like moss, or a skin disease.”

“I did not make a pie,” Alec repeated, gesturing expressively with one hand, “for three reasons. One, because I do not have any pie ingredients. Two, because I don’t actually know how to make a pie.”
He paused, clearly waiting.
Removing his sword and leaning it against the cave wall, Jace said warily, “And three?”
“Because I am not your bitch,” Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.

Twisted Ending {Tom Holland}

Summary: Y/n is one of the popular girls in school who fucks around with people’s feelings. Tom and Y/n went on their first date and things starts from there, Y/n thought that he’s the one but on the other hand, Tom have a better idea.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Swear Words

Words: 2.k+

A/n: UNEDITED, I hate the ending, sorry i’m not a good writer even though I love writing. WHY HIM Pt.2 is coming tomorrowwwww. I just think the GIF is cute. Also I really want to make new friends on Tumblr so if you’re bored you can hmu, I hope I don’t sound desperate.

“Y/n what’s going on with you?” My best friend asks shaking her head as if she’s disappointed.

“What do you mean?” I ask her back leaning against my locker, moving my eyes from her to Tom who is standing with his best friend, Harrison. They are laughing and talking like there’s nobody else in the world, oblivious to the fact that I’m staring at them.

“You’ve been all dreamy about Tom. Last time I checked you were the one who doesn’t give a shit about anybody and all you do was break every boys’ hearts.” She explain, resting her hand on her hips, tilting her head to one side.

“Have you ever talked to him?” I ask and continue to stare at them quite creepily.

“Yeah so?”

“He’s just so nice and sweet and polite and.. pretty.” I say, looking back at my best friend now as she stares at me weirdly when I said ‘pretty’.

Pretty?” She says with her British accent. I nod my head and tried to explain it to her but I decided to stop because she won’t get it.

The bell rings loudly throughout the school as the students begin to push each other around, trying not to be late to their classes. Tom and his best friend separate. Tom walks in the same direction as me, a grin finds its way onto my face as I walk in front of him.

I sit on my seat behind Tom’s as the class begin. The teacher starts blabbing as I look at Tom’s hair, imagining what it would be like if I could touch it.

After 20 minutes of explaining the things we don’t need or will never ever use in our lives she left the classroom to get some more papers for us to work on.

Suddenly, Tom turns around and looks at me as I look back at him with a confused face. The tension is building up slowly, it starts to make me uncomfortable sitting under his stare.

“Do you need any help?” I ask, trying to break the tension.

“Do you wanna hang out sometimes?” He asks not stuttering what so ever and he doesn’t seem nervous. People said that if a boy doesn’t stutter when they ask you means that they don’t actually like you. That’s probably true but he’s Tom, he probably have a lot of girlfriends before he decided to ask me, maybe he’s just used to asking girls to hangout right? Right?

Right, I try to convince myself.

“M-me?” How is this happening, one of the school biggest slut just stuttered? My friends look at me weirdly, some students also turn to look at us, hearing me stutter.

“Mhm, so yes or no?” He smirks a bit, seeing my nervousness. I nod my head, desperately as I smile.

“Okay so tomorrow after school?” He asks, leaning back on his chair, resting his hand on my table, fiddling with the pencil on the table. I nod my head once again, he nods his head back, the smirk still on his face before he turns back when the teacher walks in.

When the teacher isn’t looking I take my phone out and texted my boyfriend who I was emotionally cheating on.

“What am I going to wear!?” I shout at myself in the mirror before I pace around my room. There’s only 10 minutes left and I have no idea what to wear. I decided to just wear a pair of jeans with a purple hoodie. I jump into the shower and came out about 5 minutes later.

I decided not to wear make up, even though I like Tom a lot I don’t need to impress him that much, I can’t give him all my effort without knowing how much he’s going to give me his.

I grab my phone and rush out of my house and meet up with Tom. He’s wearing his usual buttoned up shirt and a pair of jeans, showing me that he didn’t put that much effort. He smiles at me before he grabbed my hands, dragging my into the cinema after he bought us our tickets.

“This movie is boring, Tom.” I say turning my face to him as he stares at the screen, nodding his head. My eyes shift around the big room seeing that there are less then ten people in here.

“Yeah, I’m trying to concentrate but I just don’t get this movie.” He says, eating more popcorns.

“Do you wanna do something else?” He asks nicely, turning to me raising both of his brows.

“I mean we can go somewhere else,” I shrug my shoulders. He chuckles quietly to himself. “What?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He says, reaching his hands out to grab mine. I look down at our hands confused for a second before I get what he meant.

“Oh, I didn’t think that you were the type to you know..” I say, getting quieter as the sentence begin to end. He just smiles and begins to lean closer to my face. The closer he is the faster my heart beats. My heart is hammering against my chest. Tom reaches his other hand out and lightly cups my left cheek.

“I thought you don’t like girls like me.” I pull back from his face, grabbing his hand off my cheek. He looks surprise for a split second but it disappear just as fast as I notice it.

“What do you mean girls like you?” He asks.

“You know, break peoples hearts, ruins other lives and fuck around with people a lot.” I say as the movie in front of us continues to play.

“Well so far you haven’t done anything to me.” Tom shrugs. “Also, I heard that you broke up with your two days boyfriend yesterday.” Tom states.

“Yeah well.. he wasn’t exactly nice.” I excuse not wanting him to know the real reason. Without saying anything he begins to lean closer to my face once again.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask, when his face is a few inches away from mine. He nods before he closes the gap between us. One of his hands finds its way to my waist, pulling me against the arm rest. I was tense for a few seconds before I relax as he begins to move his lips on mine. We both close our eyes, deepening the kiss. I reach my hand and wrap my fingers his neck. My fingers tangle with his soft curly hair. He uses his thumb to draw small circles on my stomach.

We both pull away from each other and stares into each other’s dark eyes in the shadow of the cinema. We are both breathing heavily, a small blush grows on my face as I look away from him for a second. He pulls on my hands, telling me to get out of my seat.

I stand up from my seat and take a step towards him, he shifts a bit in his seat before he pulls onto my waist. So this is what my life have taken me, now I’m straddling Tom in the cinema. My knees are bending on the soft cinema seat as Tom pulls me closer to him, holding onto my neck and kiss me once again. I start to grind my hips on him, creating some frictions. I pull away from his kisses and go down to jaw and collarbone, kissing them lightly trying to find his sweet spot.

Fuck.” He whispered to himself as he let out a small quiet whimper when I kiss just under his left jaw, his grip on my waist tightens as I suck on his soft skin. His hands travel down further my waist before one of them goes back and holds onto my neck once again. He uses one of his finger to guide my face onto his, I place my lips on his, moving quickly and desperately. After some times, he pulls away and starts to kiss my collarbone, causing me to grind harder onto him. He pulls his hand down to my waist again, this time dipping his fingers down the front of my jean resting just above the hem of my underwear, rubbing small circles once again.

Every week after that day we would go on dates and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. Every time we went to watch a movie he would make an effort to walk me home which is very sweet. He would be holding my hand the whole time, sometimes he would play with my fingers which was kind of weird but still cute.

At school he would always give me light kisses on my lips and neck. At lunch he would sit with me not caring about the stares we receive everyday at school. And holding hands in the hallway, god I feel like he’s the one (I cringed). He does things normal boyfriends do but he’s better than the others.

Everyday my heart grow more for him, we haven’t done anything other then making out and occasionally dry sex which I was glad for, I really want our relationship to be special but something else is happening.

These past few days he have been distant, he rarely texts or talks to me at school. People were starting to notice and some of them asked me if we’re still together which I answer with a simple ‘I’m not sure’.

“Have you heard!?” My best friend yells into her phone, causing me to flinch away from my own phone.

“Heard what?” I ask, getting worried because she would never yell into her phone even if she’s excited about something.

“Your Tom,”

“What about him?” I sit on my bed, playing with the duvet in my hand.

“He have a new girl friend?” She answers with a questioning tone in her voice.

“New girlfriend? But he’s with me.” After I said that, everything makes sense. He have been distant for a while and we haven’t been on as much dates as before. My heart begins to race faster in my chest as realization hits me like a brick.

“The girl even posted a picture on her Instagram account. Look at it.” I put her on speaker and go on Instagram, she told me her name and I searched it up. The girl even tagged Tom on her photo. They were smiling at the camera, his hand on her waist.  A single tear rolled down my cheek and I wipe I off, I can’t cry because of a boy, that would make me weak.

Then I read the caption; With my lovely boyfriend

I ended the call with my best friend after a while of talking. I buried my face into my pillow and started to cry, my heart aching. I’ve never cried over anybody, I didn’t expect myself to fall this hard for a boy who was obviously acting. I guess that’s what happened when you give people everything you have. They end up hurting you and that’s why it’s always better for me to just hurt people.

I look up from my pillow when my phone begin to ring. It’s Tom calling. I answer the phone and pretend that I don’t know about his new girlfriend and just try to hide the lump climbing up my throat. He told me to meet him in the park near my house and I agreed.

“So what does it feels like?” He asks as soon as he sees me.

“What do you mean?” I ask, pretending to be confused and pretending that my heart isn’t breaking inside.

“What does it feels like to suffer from a relationship. It hurts doesn’t it?” At that moment I figure out that he knew that I’m hurting, probably from my red eyes.

“What are you talking about?” I let out a small nervous laugh at the end, grabbing onto the hem of my hoodie, playing with it as a habit when I’m nervous or scared.

“You’re one of the most popular girls in school, I’m sure you’ve heard that I have a new girlfriend, who’s better than you because I know that she would never play with my feelings or.. any boys feelings as a matter of fact.” He says, taking a step closer to me.

“But I’m not playing with your feelings. My feelings for you are real and you know that. I’m sure you’re smart enough to see that.” My voice shakes slightly as I try to blink the tears away.

“Everybody knows that you’ve fallen for me, they notice your behavior around me. And you know what they say? They said 'Oh my god she actually have feelings’ which is quite sad, considering all you’ve been doing is breaking people’s heart, especially the ones that gave you their all. And now I’m doing the same thing to you,  reading your heart.” Tom says staring into my teary eyes.

“So this was your plan all along? Just to lead me on, thinking we have something real when all you’ve been trying to do is hurt me like I did with others.” I ask, stepping away from him as he takes a step.

“Yeah basically.”

“Well then congrats, you did it. You made me cry and broke my heart. I deserve it.”

“Yes you do,” Tom agrees, I press my lips into a thin line trying to hold back my tears that are slowly flooding my eyes. It feels like a small needle was pierced into my heart, trying to stitch up the broken pieces but there was no thread so all it was doing was giving me more pain.

I nod my head once again and turn around, ready to leave and continue my own life, hopefully making it better.

“I started to actually like you, you know the first time we hung out was actually nice,I had fun and I’m sure you did too but every time I think about you and I together my mind flashes back to the things you did to others. I know that you’re actually nice, but you kept hurting people and I can’t be with someone who hurts my friends.” Tom says loudly as I listen but I don’t stop.

“I was surprise when you said that I actually don’t like girls like you but why can’t you just stop hurting other people?” He asks, some people are staring at us waiting to see what happens next.

“I was trying but you haven’t really given me the chance to stop.” I say as my mind flashes back to the times I thought about stopping, I was going to. Tom is everything I’ve ever wanted but now that he’s gone and that he has a new girlfriend, I decided to go back to normal and stop loving people just like before. Isn’t that how people these days deal with their problems? Hurting other people just to protect themselves?


Hello, Love bugs.

Dan X Reader

Warnings- swears

Could I send in a cheeky request if you’re not too busy for a fluffy fic of being hungover with Dan?? Also, You’re absolutely beautiful. X -Anon

How is it birds can be too loud? Because they seemed to manage it pretty easily this morning outside Dan’s big window. You gave a loud moan of disapproval as Dan Pulled the blankets around him tighter. He was always terrible at sharing the blankets on a good day. Let alone a day where the two of you had drunk your faces off the night before. Dan had hit another million subscribers on YouTube and you insisted that he needed to celebrate. He said it was weird to celebrate hitting another million and that he would rather stay home and watch a movie. After a lot of persuading and promise of a celebration blowjob after going out Dan agreed to go and have a drink with you. Well once at the bar one drink turned into a few shots and a few shots turned into the two of you going to a club. The club wouldn’t have been that big of a deal if it wasn’t for the lads who were making people open up as they poured shots straight from the bottle into your mouth. In all honestly, you were just glad the two of you made it home because you weren’t sure how the two of you got here.

You decided you should assess the damage that was done over the course of the evening. Reaching over you found your sticky phone on the charger beside the bed. You had to make a mental note to thank drunk you for that later. Unlocking it you decided Instagram would be a good jumping off point the damage. You were stupid but you weren’t that stupid so you decided to type in Dan’s insta first. Nothing. It was still aesthetic as fuck as always. No photographic evidence that you were both shit faced last night. Your turn. You were already regretting looking and you hadn’t even seen it yet. You were sure you were having a flashback of you uploading something on Instagram last night. You closed your eyes quickly before clicking on your profile. There sat only three photos from the evening. Number one was a selfie the two of you took last night as you were going to the bar. The two of you looked good and it even had a cute caption about how proud you were of your man. That one was safe. Next was a photo of the two of you making out. Not classy. Not even all that cute as Dan totally had his tongue in your mouth as obviously, a random person took the photo for you. That was a club photo so you were just lucky you actually got your phone back from the person who took that. The only caption you put was an emoji with heart eyes so you were clearly in the I am fucking in love with you stage of drunkenness. You didn’t know why but you decided to scroll down to read some of the comments. There was a lot that said #Goals but the comment that said ‘nice hands Howell’ made you look back up to the photo to see Dan’s hands cupping your ass as yours were wrapped around his neck. You couldn’t help the audible eww that left your lips making Dan mumble something in his sleep to you.

“Yes, you are in trouble.” Dan didn’t seem to hear that as he was letting out little breaths that were tickling your hand. The two of you were never much for pda so seeing this photo of you making out in public was bad enough let alone you decided to post it on Instagram. Even if you deleted it the internet would have the photo forever already. It was time to see the last one. God only knows what could have been posted last night in your drunken state. Scrolling up you find something surprising. It was an old photo. One Phil took of the two of you cuddling on the couch with Dan resting on the top of your chest as you played with his hair. It was always one of your favourite photos of the two of you. You had never shared it before because it was always just your photo for you. Until now. You couldn’t care less about what people were saying in the comments but you really did want to know what you captioned it as. Under the photo, you had to hit the read more button to see what you had put.

‘This is the guy of my dreams. I never figured I deserved anyone as amazing as him but here he is. He’s mine and I have never been happier. I know I’m being sappy but I can’t imagine my life without him. Love you, Daniel. Hope you’re not going to be too angry that I made you go out and get wasted with me. But I had loads of fun so that all that really matters. Thanks for letting me share him with you guys. He really does make me feel complete.’

You really were always a big sap at the end of an evening of drinking. You tossed your phone back on the table before scooting closer to Dan so his face would be closer to yours. Dan gave you a little smile as you brushed the big curl out of his face. You kissed his little smile before reaching your arm around his back under the blankets so you can rub little circles under his shirt.

“Morning, how are you feeling this morning? Because I feel like a piece of crap that was run over by a truck.” You giggled placing long kisses to his jaw before kissing his lips once more.

“I feel about the same. I can’t decide if I want to shower or brush my teeth first. Maybe I will do them at the same time.” Dan cracked one eye open at you before opening the other one so he could roll both of his eyes at you.

“A little birdy told me that shampoo doesn’t taste all that good.” Dan reached up from under the blankets to give a little stretch before yawning in your face.

“I think anything would help our breath right now.” You said pushing against his cheek to make him turn his head. “Speaking of that little birdy. Can we petition to have the ambience birds turned down this morning? They are so loud.” Dan wasn’t listening much as he had re-snuggled his way into the crook of your neck.

“I think we should petition for you to stop talking and to try and convince Phil to get us some tea and maybe even something to eat.” Dan’s face was still smushed into your skin as he mumbled to you but you knew what he wanted.

“I don’t think it’s fair to make Phil be our saviours. How about we both go have a nice long bath, then I will go and get us something to eat.” Dan agreed to let you crawl out of bed first. As you left the warmth you looked down at your outfit to see not only your pyjama pants but also one of Dan’s old shirts on the top. “Like my look? I’m calling it found on the floor boho” Dan looked at you with a smirk as he attempted to get out of bed.

“I think this will be a three-day hangover. I don’t remember much other than shots and pinching your butt all night.” You thought for a second before remembering how horny he really was last night.

“Did you every get your celebration blowy?” You said shedding your clothing down to your underwear.

“To be honest you very well could have and I don’t remember. So, let’s say no so you can still be in debt with me.” You tossed your borrowed shirt at Dan before walking into the bathroom that was connected to his room. After starting the water, you found one of Dan’s black like his soul bath bombs to toss into the water. Dan had joined you in the room reaching around you to give you a big hug before stripping his boxer briefs and slipping into the hot water. Once in he held his hand out to you so you could get in and sit in his lap. You took his hand letting the hot water run over your somewhat stiff body as the bath finished filling. Once full the two of you let the silence fall over the two of you letting the water help with not only the stickiness from having liquor spilt all over you but also help relieve your headaches and muscles calm.

ok but harrison and harry probably spent so long convincing sam to post that picture like i can totally see them being like “sam, c'mon mate, just post it!” and sam would shake his head and shrug, “i don’t know i just… i just posted recently and this photo doesn’t even have a reason or anything like i’m not doing anything in it, and what even would be my caption? i can’t be a loser and put no caption again, i did that last time! it’s probably best not to even post it.” and sam’s face would get all red bc he’s shy, and harry would groan and roll his eyes at his brother being dumb. “mate, just post the picture, don’t think about it, people will love it.” harrison would say and sam would tilt his head and reluctantly agree bc he knew he wouldn’t win the argument.


Supergirlgay + Instagram

Kara loves sharing pictures of her and her girlfriend on Instagram, while Lena uses her account only for work purposes, until Kara steals her phone to make an announcement about them dating. Alex totally loves sharing pictures of her friends and people she loves, while captioning them ‘I hate [insert name] so much’, and she also loves sharing pictures Maggie is telling her to post, not even questioning it, including the latest one. Maggie is totally spamming her Instagram with photos that Alex sends her, including the inappropriate ones. She also loves adding heart emojis to those. Mon-El has no idea what Instagram is until someone tells him to share pictures of things that he enjoys. So he does. Originally he followed only Winn, until Maggie told him how to put heart emojis on pictures, so he followed her too. Winn totally posts pictures of things that he enjoys, he also loves bragging about Mon-El’s ass on Instagram.

anyway, not only did Neil become an award winning actor who fans waited at the stage door for, but after he put up a photo of Todd and him on instagram with the caption “10 years with this cutie and still going strong #itgetsbetter #trustme” he also becomes the gay icon that he deserves to be (and there are now even more people at the stage door thanking him)

Listen to me closely, sweetheart, because this is the best advice I can give you:

That boy. You know the one. With his beautiful eyes and his smooth words that make your heart melt. The one you can’t quite let go of. Test him. See if he needs you. Go days without talking to him. Hell, go a week if you dare. See if it affects him. Scared? Then there’s your answer. If he doesn’t love you, I’m telling you to walk away. I know, babygirl, I know. I know he makes you feel things you’ve never felt before. I know he has a way with words that makes your stomach touch your throat. I know his touch causes a fire to burn within you that you can’t bear the thought of putting out. I have felt that too. Darling, if he doesn’t love you, you need to let him go. There is no changing his mind, and it’s going to hurt like hell when the only time he loves you is under his bedsheets. You’re going to feel the tears burn your cheeks when you see him choose her, even after everything you’ve sacrificed for him. You’re going to feel used and broken when he posts photos with her, while leaving a cute caption that makes his words feel like daggers. If he can’t commit to you, it has nothing to do with you. I know, you’ve risked your throat for him. I know you’ve done everything you could possibly think of to please him. You can’t make him love you. He doesn’t appreciate you. I am telling you, you will find someone one day that will treat you like a goddamn queen, and that’s something he isn’t capable of. So love, if you’re still clinging to a boy that only shows his affections when nobody is around, it’s time to move on. It’s time to find peace within yourself, to stop relying on a ghost. It’s time to teach him to appreciate the good that he’s got, because months from now when he’s all alone and no one really gives a damn about him, he’ll mourn the grief he caused you. And by that time, you’ll finally be happy and at peace with yourself, having learned from his mistake.

—  you are worth more than he’s made you feel

So….unfollow if you wish. I don’t know any of you personally anyway but lately I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from other women (mostly in regards to my body positive posts).

I’m so happy and honestly surprised that people even read my captions to my photos. The thing is, I struggle daily to put on a confident face and pretend I’m okay with how I look. I see so many flaws. I readjust my shirt when I walk. I don’t wear jeans because of muffin top. I don’t like when the boyfriend sees me naked(but let him anyway). I hate shopping for clothes because nothing ever fits or I’m between sizes. Etc.
I go through my phases where I’m like, “I’m a badass bitch.” to most days when, “I don’t want to look like this anymore. Let’s rob a bank and get lipo and fat transfer for a bigger booty.” I work out 4 times a week. I’ve tried several different diets which work for a little and then I hit a plateau. This is my body. I’m the skinniest woman in my family and yet, the biggest out of my friends. I’ve lost 30 lbs since I started my health journey (yet again) and instead of posting pictures of my flat belly while laying on my back or covering it up to take a full mirror photo, I decided to show you the magic of clothes and what gravity does to EVERYONE’S stomach when they lay on their side. We’re all human. I’m just super proud of myself for wanting to share these photos with you all and how much I’m actually loving my belly right now.

Life is already so difficult. We should all stick together and help eachother get through it.

hey pals.. i’m seeing a lot of my photos getting reblogged around and i just want to clarify some things about their reblogging and use:

totally ok: using my photos as your header or icon (although i’d love for you to message me so i can see), writing a comment under my photo with the caption left intact, pinning my photos to pinterest with credit

not ok: reposting my photos on your instagram, self promoting under my pictures (even if its just an x or a +), deleting the caption, reposting my pictures on tumblr, editing my pictures in any way, putting my pictures on a mood board w/o credit, any creative use of my pics w/o my consent or credit. anything else along these lines please ask first, my chat box is always open

i don’t wanna block people (or report them in the case of reposting) and i work super hard on these pictures (shooting film isn’t easy or free!) so having them stolen or having the credit hijacked to promote your blog is really lame of you to do. a million thanks to the 99% of you who are respectful and sweet and kind to me because you make doing this so fulfilling.

Batfam + Instagram

  • Dick - pictures from editorials he did, gym selfies, stuff like that
  • Babs - funny pictures of everyone else, cute selfies of herself, and the occasional quote
  • Harper - posts once or twice a month, usually of a new piercing she got or a picture of her and Cullen, or a silly photos of her, steph, and cass
  • Stephanie - selfie explosion (cute ones, ugly ones, no makeup, mirror, etc)
  • Cass - posts to her story more then her account, gym selfies, ballet moves she got down, a selfie maybe once every month
  • Tim - only posts good pictures of himself and bad photos of everyone else. Runs a second account of people taking photos of him like the one Sprouse twin
  • Jason - punk angst aesthetic photos but blocks anyone who even remotely “offends” him like “roy’s cuter then you” “BLOCKED”
  • Damian - doesn’t have one but has one for Alfred that has like 50,000 followers
  • Duke - OOTD posts, quotes, and pictures with fans. posts like once or twice a week
  • Kate - editorials, gym selfies, photos of her girlfriends with captions like “i’m the luckiest girl alive” or “i dont deserve them”
  • Luke - inspirational quotes, silly selfies, late night posts with random half put together inventions with the caption “*frustrated inventor noises*”
  • Tiffany - pictures from charities/fundraisers, doesn’t bother to post photos really unless they were professionally taken
  • Bruce - uses it to keep up with his kids, and most posts that he makes are of group gatherings at fundraisers or stuff happening at WE

hey guys if this post gets 50 notes i’ll develop all my favorite screenshots of the season into 4 x 6 photos and put them in an album in my room


Mild Boys Palooza! (continued!)

Quick note: Sorry about reposting this, a couple of my posts keep getting reblogged by bots and marked as porn and I’m trying to save this one before it gets worse since it only had a few notes. But anyway…

STILL GOING STRONG! Seriously, thank you to everyone that keeps sending me requests to draw at work, they really make me smile and all the nice messages and tags I get make me tear up. I know I already posted some of these on their own, but I figured I’d throw them into the batch to keep the trend of ten images per “Palooza” post. Like before, I put little captions for some of their descriptions.

As said a couple times, I’M STILL TAKING FREE MILD BOY REQUESTS! They brighten my day and keep me busy when I have downtime at work so please don’t be shy! Even the ones I haven’t gotten to, I absolutely love receiving.

Part 1 Part 2

spidey-mantom  asked:

Harry putting together a cute photo album for you as your Christmas present. It would be filled with photos that he had taken on your dates together with cute captions underneath each one. The final page of the album would be blank except for the words "Wedding Day" at the top. He's afraid you won't like it or that the last page might be too straight forward and you wouldn't even want to marry him. Maybe you can continue this?

hOLY SHIT ok so i really picture this being the way he proposes…let’s be honest. he’d be a blushing and stuttery mess and the ring would feel like a million pounds in his pocket and you’d just look over at him with a smile and mention how you can’t wait to put that picture there and he’d kind of forget he was about to propose and jump up say “oh, wait- um,” while stumbling as he got on one knee and flash forward almost a year later after your wedding pics had been developed and you pull this photo album out of your nightstand and you two are picking your favorite photo to fill the page 

cozy monday ✨🌻💛

1. I don’t use any app to put captions in my photos? maybe I misunderstood your question?

2. Hi and you’re more than welcome. No, not at the moment.

3. Hi @snowflakerain let’s see… @sanoysims @viikiitastuff @blackmojitos @daer0n @leo-sims @13pumpkin31 @inabadromance@bluehoppersimming@yumiaplace @onyxsims @s-imagination@aroundthesims@slox@mio-sims@baufive​ some of these have objects that can be used for both styles maxis match and/or realistic and even if at first it doesn’t seem much like my style you should definitely check them out since they post different styles and I’m sure you will find something you would like to use ;)

so like…if you think it’s okay to steal people’s photos (even celebrities tbh) to put your gross captions on and sexualize in a way that those people most definitely did not consent to, then you can’t be saved and i will happily drag you to within an inch of your life lmao

anonymous asked:

Oh I messed up! I thought it was bokuto instead of oikawa! Oikawa is fine instead of bokuto! How about snapchat?

sure thing love!  I can even do ‘em all bb ;)

also so sorry this took so long, i kinda had some writer’s block on this one–that’s also why it’s so short.  aaaaaa.


Akaashi’s snapchat is there mostly because the team made him get one.  His story is mostly pictures of Bokuto/Kuroo captioned with “Hacked!!1!” or pretty skies, maybe the occasional bonfire.  He also takes a pic of his volleyball shoes and puts in on there before games.

he doesn’t ever take selfies, so anyone who snapchats him will probably be receiving a lot of captioned photos of the ceiling.  He also has the often misinterpreted bad habit of leaving people on read.

Bokuto’s snapchat story is the one everybody skips because it’s all shaky videos and blurry selfies.  Boy can’t keep his hands still.

The blurriness is not confined just to his story.  He thinks the blurry facial transitions in selies that make his features all distorted are absolutely hilarious.  (he also uses the dog filter often and is completely unashamed).

Kuroo’s snapchat is legendary for his stories that are all just close-ups of Kenma’s face.  Also, his story absolutely blows up whenever there’s a cat filter available.

Kuroo takes killer selfies.  Every lighting is good lighting for him.  He’s got the perfect facial expressions and hair that’s messy as hell but falls just right around his eyes.  And yet.  all his pictures he sends look like this.

Oikawa has a snapchat comparable to a celebrity.  His snapchat stories always have a ton of views and his selfies are always getting screenshotted.  Goddamn trashy prince.

His selfies when he’s snapchatting your average joe are immaculate.  Perfection.  When he’s snapchatting Iwa-chan all the text usually is is kaomoji, “are you my mom?” or “#iwachansmells2k16.”

Tsukishima’s snapchat is a wasteland.  Straight up.  All this little bitch puts on his story is pictures of Karasuno captioned with dumb shit like “they’re so pathetic, it’s laughable 😂,” pictures of whatever museum he’s at, or yamaguchi surprising him by taking his phone and posting a mega blurry selfie.  He’d take them off but the dumb noodle doesn’t even know how to delete them (personal headcannon that tsukki is smart as hell but the only technology he can work is his music).

He doesn’t snapchat anyone.  At all.  He just adds people and leaves them to die.

Hey just a heads up, if you delete my caption on any of my videos and I see it, you’re getting blocked. If it doesn’t fit your aesthetic: tough shit, don’t reblog my stuff then if you’re gonna erase an integral part of it.