i even memorized it

[ After 10 years ]
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Friend:</b> So who is your bias in NCT?<p/><b>Me:</b> *pulls out 25 binders, opens powerpoint, portfolio, and biography, adjusts eyeglasses*<p/><b>Me:</b> what unit are we talking about?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Hello and welcome to Griffin's amiibo Corner, I'm Griffin and this is the VR Zone, a beautiful virtual world that has proven to be an inescapable tormentor for this amiibo reviewer. It has been 3 weeks since my body and mind were surrendered to the harsh whims of the VR Zone, and I am beginning to worry that I may never see the light of the flesh world sun ever again. My connection to the outside world has been severed, leaving me stranded, adrift in a virtual sea that was designed for in-depth amiibo reviews but not for human survival. As such I have had to salvage the natural resources of this world to satisfy my life requirements, such as this lean-to shelter, which is surprisingly spacious and maybe even a little bit comfortable. This humble hut is home to me, and my only companion in this world; the Toad amiibo, whose paint lines were compromised in an attack on our hut by a swarm of Harvesters, a virtual menace that covets and seeks out foreign matter originating from the flesh world. Though my form is completely virtual I still desire sustenance. Obtaining food has led me to commit unforgivable acts of violence against the wildlife in the VR Zone, but such is the order of things, following a belief system that natives to the VR Zone call "The Great Wheel." My only other company in the VR Zone is the Dark Orb, which silently watches my endeavor to stay alive in this cruel environment. To touch the Dark Orb is to become one with the VR Zone and find peace in its endless quiet expanse, but to do so would betray my oneness and my human agency. Every day I greet the Orb like an old friend and consider its eternal offer. Every day I have refused, but I do not know how long my willpower can hold out, may The Great Wheel sustain me. This morning the Toad amiibo further gave of his body to aid in my survival. He forfeited his near-field communication chip embedded deep inside of his base, to help me attempt to establish a connection with my home terminal using this virtual machine, which is mostly comprised of wood, flesh, and teeth. In defiance of the Dark Orb's will, I will now attempt my escape, using this, my first and final lifeline. It seems to have worked! I can feel my home terminal's emergency protocols activating- wait, oh my god. Oh my god Toad, no. No please wait! Please god! Stop! Toad please! Come to me Toad! Please Toad no...


i dont know if anyone has said this before, but i prefer the final battle on origins instead of inquisition. i really felt how important my cause was, and actually being a commander of an army. fighting corypheus felt like i’m just fighting another boss battle, and it wasn’t even that memorable. i hope DA4 can give us a better final battle than inquisition.


do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 

Advice for Learning the Meanings of the Tarot Cards

I’ve been a tarot enthusiast for many years. I even did readings for myself, sporadically, for a little while, but I always had to use a reference book for the meanings of the cards. This means that my readings weren’t ever very helpful, because I never memorized the cards and therefore I never developed a relationship with the cards. It’s kind of like only being able to dance when you have pre-painted footsteps on the floor onto which you must be careful to place your own feet. You never learn to feel the music if that’s how you’re dancing.

Several factors interfered with my learning the card meanings, one of which is the sheer number of meanings to memorize: 78 cards! 156 if you’re using reversals! Wow - a daunting prospect to be sure! And even when I would periodically decide to memorize those meanings, I ran into the fact that every book I checked seemed to give different meanings for some of the cards. Whose meanings should I memorize? So, for years, I just gave up. Despite my love for these cards, I gave up. So much wasted time!

A little while ago, during a reading from someone I trust, I got word that I was supposed to be working with the cards. This confirmed what I’d always felt but failed to act upon. Well, I’ve recently decided to pursue a working knowledge of the tarot. I’m still a work in progress, but it’s been going well, so I thought I’d share with you what’s been working for me.

1. Find the meanings you’ll be using
The first thing I had to do was make peace with the fact that different folks give the cards different meanings. If I wanted to begin learning the meanings, I would have to decide upon one author who seemed to know what they were talking about and stick with that author’s meanings. I realized that once I began to form a relationship with the cards, I’d develop my own nuances and associations with the cards. But I wouldn’t be able to reach that place until I was able to work with them, and I wouldn’t be able to work with them until I had some meanings memorized as a starting point. Kind of like how Pablo Picasso painted like other painters until he became confident enough to develop his own unique style.

2. Divide the deck
In order to learn this much information, I decided I’d best break the deck up into bite-sized chunks. I did this by breaking the deck up into six sections: one section for each of the suits of the Minor Arcana, and then I divided the Major Arcana in half. I decided to begin with what I thought would be the hardest part first: learning the Minor Arcana.

3. Turn the deck itself into your flash cards
This part felt a bit like sacrilege to me, but I took the cheapest Rider-Waite deck I could find and started taping mini index cards to the back of each tarot card. Instead of just looking at a list in order to learn the cards’ meanings, I wanted to learn to associate each card’s meaning with the actual image on the card. So I took mini index cards and wrote a bunch of key words and key ideas on each one and used packing tape to tape each mini index card to the back of the appropriate tarot card. I tend to be a visual learner, and this step has really turbo charged my learning.

4. Review the deck, a chunk at a time
I knew that I wanted to learn the deck well, so I got over the idea that I had to learn quickly. I spent the first week just learning the suit of Cups. I didn’t require of myself that I learn the meaning of each card perfectly; I just had to know it very well. After all, I will keep reviewing them over time and working with them in readings, so there will be plenty of time to refine my knowledge of the meanings. I used a sort of spaced repetition as I reviewed the cards: if I knew the meaning of the card very well, I would put that card at the back of the pile. If I didn’t know it very well, I’d put the card back in the middle of the deck so that I’d review it again before I finished. And if I totally blanked on the meaning of a card, I put it back close to the front of the deck so that I’d get a chance to review it again much sooner.

5. Integrate the next chunk
When it came time to learn the next suit, I’d spend a day with just that suit. Then, I would mix the two suits together and review them that way. When I began to study the suit of Swords, I didn’t want to forget the meanings of the suit of Cups. I did the same the next week with Wands, and then with Pentacles. Spend some time with just the new suit, then mix together all the suits you’ve studied thus far.

6. After the third week, make any necessary modifications
After you’ve been studying for a while, you’ll notice that the first suit you chose to study is getting the most study time. So, once you’ve been at it for three weeks or more, feel free to spend more time with the suit/cards which you’re finding require more review time. For example, during my fourth week of study, I found that I had been reviewing the suit of Cups for over three weeks and knew it pretty well, so Cups didn’t need as much review time as Wands did, and I took the Cups out of my review pile for the week.
At five weeks, as I moved on to the first half of the Major Arcana, I found that I was memorizing the Major Arcana pretty easily. I had thought that I would; that’s why I left them for last. But I found that the court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King) of all the suits were giving me an unexpected amount of trouble. So, I decided that my fifth week review deck would consist of the first 11 cards of the Major Arcana along with the court cards of the suits of Cups and Swords (the first two suits I studied), and that my sixth week review deck would consist of the last 11 cards of the Major Arcana along with the court cards of the suits of Wands and Pentacles.

7. Start doing readings, if you haven’t already
Once you’ve got basic meanings of all 78 cards mostly memorized (remember, we’re not aiming for 100% perfection!), start doing readings. Doing readings is the real way that you will internalize the meanings of the cards and also how you’ll flesh out the meanings. The meanings will become more layered and complex as you see them in multiple contexts. You’ll likely still need to check your references for the meanings of some of the cards as you do your first readings, but you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by how often you remember the meanings of the cards. Begin with simpler readings: 1-card readings and 3-card readings. You’re now moving on to taking the basic meanings of the cards and turning them into stories. If the individual cards are like words, a 3-card reading is like a sentence and you’re learning to construct sentences in a new language.

8. Learn (or don’t learn) the Reversed Meanings
Up until this point, I haven’t addressed the usage of Reversals: what the cards mean when they show up in a reading upside-down. This is intentional, for several reasons: 1) if learning the meanings of 78 cards was daunting, learning 156 meanings probably would have seemed impossible; 2) some of you may decide not to use reversals; and 3) once you’ve learned the meanings of all 78 cards, you will pretty much already know the reversed meanings.

When you’re studying Japanese and realize that the kanji for swim (泳) has the kanji for eternity (永) and that is probably why season 2 of Free! is called Eternal Summer……

03.20.2017 : 🌳

Finished the Differential Equations exam 2 about fifteen minutes ago. I worked through each problem twice and i feel good about it.

I’m just realizing that i didn’t use the formula sheet bc i memorized it all.

Better yet, the weather is perfect!

Even better, my outfit is perfect!

One more test tomorrow (Dynamics) , which i need to stay up and study for.

By the way, i scored a B+ on the Mechanics of Materials exam last week.
[ honestly, i thought i had failed that exam ]
but i didn’t so…

Life is good right now. So good, i’m suspicious.

You’re in my Booth

Request: 19 and wonwoo please~ thank you so much

19) You and your bias eat at the same cafe every morning and your orders are always confused

Member: Seventeen’s Wonwoo x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I adjusted my sunglasses to sit on my head as I stepped into the cafe and gave a cursory glance at my surroundings. Dot, the same old waitress, bustled around various tables which seemed to be a bit emptier than usual. I gave her a small nod as I caught her eye, instantly smiling as she smiled back. 

“Normal seat?” she chimed, placing a menu in my hands. 

“You know me,” I nodded, taking the few steps to the booth in the corner I normally sat in. 

I looked down at the menu, eying the Tuesday special, even though I had all of the specials memorized by now. I slid into the booth, my heart almost stopping as a groan came from the bench. 

“Yah!” I gasped, launching up and away from the table. Below me sat a man around my age, his eyebrows furrowed as he searched my face. I blinked a few times, looking at him blankly as I tried to access the situation. 

“You’re…you’re in my booth,” I squeaked. 

Good one, Y/N. 

The man shook his head, a small smirk appearing on his lips. “Good morning to you too. Do you want to sit down?”

I blinked again, a flash of annoyance shooting through me. This was my booth. Why was I being invited to sit in my own booth? 

I slowly eased down, still completely lost as to why this stranger sat in the very spot I inhabited every morning. Maybe he was new around here, maybe he didn’t know how this worked?

I stared at the man, not afraid to make eye contact. He stared back, a small, but amused smile painting his handsome lips. 

“You’re in my booth,” I repeated dumbly. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t had my coffee yet, but it seemed as if this was a mental roadblock I wouldn’t be able to pass until he provided some sort of explanation as to why he was there. 

“I’m Wonwoo,” he said quietly, reaching over and playing idly with the pages of a book he had brought with him. 

“Hi Wonwoo, I’m confused,” I whined. Wonwoo let out a soft chuckle as Dot waddled up to our table, a fresh pot of coffee in her hands. 

“I’m surprised you’re even speaking before this is in your system,” she laughed, placing a cup in front of me and filling it with the strongly scented liquid. “What can I get for you two?”

“The Tuesday special,” I nodded, handing her the menu. I followed her gaze as she looked to Wonwoo, completely unfazed by the sudden appearance of my breakfast guest. 

“Salmon and cream cheese bagel with a poached egg,” he nodded confidently. He looked up from his menu, waiting for any sort of response from me. 

“You got it,” Dot smiled as she stumbled off. I looked curiously at Wonwoo who was still staring at me. 

“Salmon…salmon bagel,” he repeated, saying the words slowly and carefully. 

“You’re really passionate about your breakfast, aren’t you?” I muttered, shaking my head. 

“Nothing strikes a chord with you?” he gasped, a bit exasperated with me. 

“Should it?” I spat back, eyes wide. I was becoming more perturbed by the moment with this pushy guy, first invading my space, then forcing his breakfast enthusiasm before my first sip of coffee. 

“Have you ever gotten a salmon bagel here?” he asked, still not giving up. 

“Not on purpose,” I said with a breathy chuckle. I reached over, grabbing the sugar and creme to begin working on my coffee. “I usually end up with it though because Dot always gets my order wrong.”

Wonwoo remained silent as he watched me, his lips pursed in a straight line. “And?”

“And what? Dot’s a wonderful woman, but her memory is shot,” I sighed, stirring slowly. 

“Dot has been giving you my salmon bagel every morning for the past two weeks,” Wonwoo said quietly, rolling his eyes. 

I stopped stirring and looked up at him. I furrowed my brows, rapidly searching my memory. He was right. Now that he had mentioned it, I recognized him. His handsome face wasn’t as strange as I originally thought. He sat in a booth diagonal to me nearly every morning. And every morning as I had let Dot know that she hadn’t delivered my daily special, again, she would take the plate from before me and immediately make a b-line to a different table. I had never realized that the table had always belonged to Wonwoo. 

“You’re in my booth,” I said quietly, a smile now tugging at my own lips. 

“I figured I’d save Dot a few steps and just make myself comfortable here this morning,” he hummed, taking a sip from his coffee. He seemed to be at ease now that I had caught onto why he was intruding. 

I smiled down at my coffee, stirring a few more times before finally taking a sip. I sighed as the warm liquid slid down my throat and warmed my body and stomach. I could almost feel my mind become less foggy. I looked back up to Wonwoo and tilted my head. He had already picked up the book he had placed on the table and flipped slowly through the pages. His free hand stirred slowly at his coffee, even though whatever he had added had long since dissolved.

“I’m Y/N,” I said, breaking the comfortable silence between us. Wonwoo looked up from his book, a kind smile on his face. 

“I thought you were confused,” he chuckled, looking back down at the novel and dog-earring the page he was on. 

“Oh, I was,” I nodded. “But just add coffee to confused, and you get Y/N.”

“Is that a proverb?” he said with a wink. I’m pretty sure he did it subconsciously, but it still made my heart flutter. 

“Of course, you’ve never heard it before?” I chuckled without missing a beat. 

“Look at you two social butterflies,” Dot cooed as she approached our table, two full plates in hand. “I always wanted to suggest you two should sit together. Young people should leave their options open, you know. Always should be ready to meet new people.”

I rolled my eyes at the kind-hearted waitress. She was old enough to be my grandmother, so I wasn’t surprised at her attempt at advice. 

“Now here is the Tuesday special,” she said, setting down the plate in front of Wonwoo. “And the salmon bagel.”

I looked down at the bagel she had set on the table and smiled. “Thanks Dot.”

“Can I get you two anything else?” she sang, looking back and forth between us with bright eyes. 

“I think we’re fine,” I nodded. She nodded in return as she moved on to the next table. 

Wonwoo didn’t bother to hide his smile as he began to slide the plate of food over to me. 

“See,” he whispered. “And she won’t know any better.”

“You were willing to put up with a stranger so early in the day just to save poor, old Dot?” I chuckled, picking up my fork. 

He chewed thoughtfully, slowly nodding his head as he poked around at his bagel. “I figured I’d take my chances.”

“I could be a serial killer,” I hummed between bites. 

Wonwoo’s smile grew as he twirled his fork. “You’re too cute to kill anyone.”

“You don’t even know me!” I gasped. “I am tough, so tough! Watch your back Wonwoo.” 

“I’m willing too,” he chuckled, angling a half-lidded gaze my way. “I’ll have no issue watching my back if it’s you behind me.”

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  • selfie: -doesn't get notes-
  • me: "When I was a girl, I served at the court of Margaret of Austria... oh, it was a wonderful time. Pageants, dances... so many dances. I once appeared as the Queen of the Amazons; with a naked sword in hand, and a crimson headdress with a great plume. But Margaret was wise too. She said to us: "Trust in those who offer you service, and in the end, my maidens, you will find yourselves in the ranks of those who have been deceived..."

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hey! I've been reading your epictale comic and I freakin love it! I love what you did with Frisk's character! I memorized their lines even! It kinda reminds me of one of the character in my undertale story(which is still a work in progress. I can send you what I have so far if you want). I did have a question about Epic!Frisk though. What gave you the idea to make them blonde instead of the usual brown? (also,unrelated to the question but I love DBZ too!)

Because i havent seen anyone has done

A Blonde Frisk before ; )

Wait what do you mean no one wanted to see a TLK and PZPTH crossover?! 

I mean you have the potential of Boone-Boar, Zazu-Sash, Rippen-Scar and if you don’t think Penn’s hair was made to be a mane then we have nothing to talk about. Shoo I say!

(credit to the character designers on pzpth for having designed such memorable characteristics that I could draw these guys even without references)

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Grape do you have any wedding inukag fics that you like?

Wedding fics that I like? 

Grown Up Nonsense by toesalignedarch AU has a really cute wedding!! Warning it is a sequel to their other fic! 


Life Goes On by L.M. Avalon (which is a sequel BTW) 

Basically when I read fics with weddings when things are too perfect and go just as planned I get bored. I love the crazy and memorable and maybe even some drama. With best friends helping out and everyone getting to participate.

Oh my god I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this!! I’m just lame and I forgot.  

I honestly feel so lucky and blessed and am just. So… Wow!!!! By all of the people who so regularly tag and @ me in stuff or just send me asks or reply to me i love my mutuals so much but i!? Cant even believe it like im memorable enough that people retain knowledge about me and are interested in me enough that they??!?!? Go out of their way to send me stuff?!?! Me?!?

Do you guys have a time in your life where the people involved were automatically really special? I’m not sure how to explain it, but I have a couple of places in my life like that. I could go 20 years without contact and pop up out of nowhere and certain people would remember me because I was in a certain place at a certain time, and I would remember them. I’m not even memorable.