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20 Roman (Prinxiety) -§ฯ

A/N: ayyy this took forever, but it’s done! There is some violence in this chapter, so just be warned! Enjoy!

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20: “I’ll protect you no matter what… even if it kills me”

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Someone made a blog specifically to be a fat shaming troll… just, wow. To have this level of low self confidence that I’d need to put other people down this way, I can’t imagine. And then to reblog fat positive posts and put nasty comments on them.. that’s sick. And while I normally don’t like to engage trolls (hence why I’m not tagging the blog) I wanna tell any of our beautiful, plus sized followers that when you see shit like this directed at people that these posters don’t even know, that’s not your fault. You don’t have to change a thing. They’re the problem, not you. We don’t fat shame here. We shame fat shamers.


yo yo yo, it’s been eons lmao

at first this was just anatomy practice but then somethin came up on my playlist and well,,tada

but yeah, love me some unknown/saeran x mc4 and since there’s not much of them arpund, I’m here to provide (btw the first one has refromed(?)saeran, was gonna color his hair but it would’ve killed the vibe :v)

i am going to apologize for the net neutrality spam even though i’m really not that sorry.

i am just so sick of the american government doing their very best to take away basic human rights and believe that we as citizens desperately need things to change.

i am signal boosting all the information i find on my dash in hopes that someone else will respond to it as i have and help me do something about this.

if the spam is annoying, i will do my best to tag posts as “net neutrality” and my ever-present political tag so block them if you want. but please consider helping out, as this will affect all of us.

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wait what did that mimighost person do? i see a lot of people talking about them but no receipts? sorry if you've already been asked

hhhhh for u anon..

also they have an entire tag dedicated to ships, they get asks calling them “mimi-ah” 🙄 and they spread misinformation and its not even like theyre unaware, they have seen all the things theyve been called out on bc whenever someone talks about all this instead of apologizing, they delete their posts, ignore and block. and im pretty sure they’ve sent anon hate. lol. 

Well… I’m going to be in for a good time when these arrive next week XD I will be scanning some of these so do look out for them after I’ve managed to revive myself from looking at these XD And I can’t wait to see his interview with Chiba Walker even though I’ve already read it online LOL! I find it better to have the physical copy.

@aonodreamland I got JUNON and when I looked at the cover and I saw on the front “ 崎山つばさ - クリスマスにプロポーズ♡“ as well as the photo they used… Do you think my heart wouldn’t stop beating SO DAMN LOUD! >///< 

Take a look for yourself:

You were right about what we were talking about earlier… And I think the photos in this JUNON are going to be DEADLY IF THIS IS ON THE COVER! 

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❤List five things that make you happy then pass this on to the ten most recent people on your activity (or any others that want to do this)❤

1) BTS (They’re my babies, and I love them so much it physically hurts)

2) Dogs (especially my dog Oreo) or animals in general

3) @goldentrash1017 (she’s my…everything, really…she’s so “dececated”) (Inside jokes are great)

4) My friends. I love them so much, and even though I have like five, I love all of them to death and I would do anything for them

5) Supernatural. Although some aspects of the show make me mad, that’s the only show that can make any day of mine better.

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i’m gonna get straight to the point on this post, i need money. i hate asking for handouts, but i cant even start searching for a job for another month, and even then it’ll be close to impossible to find one. im physically+mentally ill and im 500 dollars in debt to my abusive parents. ill need to pay it back before next year when i move out but ontop of it i need to feed myself on a daily basis. if i keep starving ill have to ask them for money again and the amount i owe them is already too much for me to handle. i need to get out of this situation next year, and i cant have any debts to them by then. if you’ve got money to spare, itll help me tons. thank you.

paypal email : largo.bun@gmail.com

paypal.me : paypal.me/dandelionsaya

please message me or send an ask after you’ve donated so i can thank you properly. i can do art pieces as thank yous. thanks for reading to the end.

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I didn't said that drawing Hidekane is wrong, I am just a bit shocked since you're really close to some hidekane shippers who call Touka "bitch" "abusive bitch" "slut" "sex addict" and use everything to be able to humiliate her. Have you ever know this or have you been ignoring them? (Don't get me wrong, it's just... disturbing)

Um tbh I’ve haven’t seen the hidekane shippers I know call touka those things? All of them have been really nice to me, even the ones who don’t like touken and know that I like it. I blocked the tags anti-touken and anti-touka too, so maybe that’s why I havent seen anything. Anyway, all of the hidekane shippers I know either decided the ship war was stupid (and it really is, tbh) and stopped talking about it, or they never really said anything about it in the first place.

200 follower raffle i guess

so y'all thanks for 200 followers u all make me v happy dkdjdkks even if ur a porn bot or a dead account or whatever but anyway i’m doing a raffle thing (even though i have a shitton of art i owe people oh dear) and there will be 1 writing prize and 2 art prizes. wow amazign

anyway all u have to do to enter is:

  • be following me
  • reblog this post and put in the tags one (1) f/o and one (1) reason you love them
  • that’s right ur not just getting a prize by reblogging a single post. i have standards
  • just wait a while. i’ll see your reblog eventually and assign you a number in the dms after seeing if you entered right or not. if i don’t dm you within a few days, it means that you either didn’t enter correctly, you’re not following me, or i just didn’t see it. just ping me a message and i’ll be right on the case.

misc things:

  • the deadline is thursday november 30th one week from now. on that night i’ll put all the numbers into a random generator and the 3 that come out will be the winners
  • likes don’t count
  • only one reblog. i’ll check. please don’t reblog to more than one blog, that’s cheating and being a general asshole not giving other people a fair chance.
  • please don’t just unfollow after the raffle. i hate that people mooch off creators for content and i know the feel, it’s very disheartening.

art prizes:

  • two of these will be awarded to two seperate people
  • fully lined, coloured, shaded etc. upper body shot of maximum three people, references are required.
  • i’ll do basically anything that isn’t pedophilia, incest, gore, mecha etc.
  • nsfw is okay as long as it’s not too extreme.
  • if you want to see some of my art, my draw tag is moon draws
  • i’ll dm you a sketch of the piece if you want because my style changes so much even i can’t keep up with it most of the time.

writing prize:

  • one (1) prize will be awarded to one (1) person
  • a drabble of max 1000 words.
  • same rules as the art: no pedophilia, incest, gore, mecha, slight/implied nsfw is okay, etc.
  • you can honestly be as specific or vague as you want and include as many characters as you want but you’ve been warned now, leaving me up to my own devices is a terrible idea

okay i think that’s all thanks for listening to my ted talk and also for 200 followers all of whom i love

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Tag game!

I was tagged by @soo-now-what as always thank you cutie KP 💕

Only rule if you do it, tag a few people/blogs you adore

What’s your favourite song(s) to sing/hum?

I mean I have a whole lot of them but for now i’ll say the two i had stuck in my head all day: Power and Call me baby (EXO)

What are your favourite flower/tee/plant (all 3 or whatever you have an answer to)

I think basilic because it’s cute and smells great and you can even eat it so

Favourite colour(s)?

Dark forest green, burgundy, baby pink

What do you always doodle (if you ever do)?

I doodle suns wich is lame i know and flowers and eyes, i used to doodle full faces but that was when i actually knew how to draw

How do you take your coffee/tea? If you don’t like those what’s your fav warm drink?

My fav warm drink is hot choco hands down all year round with whip-whip-whipping cream

Favourite candle scent?

I like fruity scent like mango, or full blown christmas scents like cranberries

Sunrise or sunset?

Man that’s hard but i think sunset

What perfume do you wear if any?

Repetto’s eau or eau florale depending on my mood, and Elizabeth Arden’s 5th Avenue when i want to feel fancy

What’s your go to dance move when you’re alone?

Something similar to a dying octopus with spagetti legs

Favourite quote?

“If tomorrow isn’t the due date today isn’t the do date”

Favourite self care thing(s) or routine(s)?

I do try to clean my face everynight with miscellar water but really it’s just a wonder how it didn’t fall yet

Fuzzy socks or house slippers?

Fuzzy socks - fun fact, i have a socks obsession and have a drawer dedicated to my collection

What colour are your eyes?

Brownish greenish

What’s your favourite eye colour on others?

I mean maybe green? Blue is dope too?? grey??? baekhyun’s??1?

Favourite season? Why?

Spring, because it gets warmer but not overwhelming so and also flowers blooming everywhere

Cheek, neck or nose kisses?

Neck kisses 😏

What does your happy place look like?

My happy place is laid on the sand of Cabourg’s beach (in normandy) at midnight looking up at the stars with the sound of the sea

Favourite breed of dog?


Do you ever want to be married? If so what colours would you pick for your wedding theme?

I do want to be married one day? I guess? But no idea about the wedding theme tbh

Silk or lace?

Lace 😏😏

Favourite weather?

When it’s sunny and warm enough that you just need a light sweater, or very cold but with a clear blue sky

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Music tag ♩

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List the top 10 songs you’ve been listening to lately and then tag 10 mutuals.

  1. Clap by SEVENTEEN. I’ve been so obsessed with their new album. Lilili Yabbay should really be counted in here as well.
  2. Christmas Lights by Coldplay. 🎄I know it’s not even December but I’m feeling the Christmas spirit already and it’s just really a good song anyway. I may or may not have been baking gingerbread cookies while I listened to it….
  3. The whole new album Life of Audiomachine. If I had to pick someone to make my life soundtrack, it’d be them.
  4. Fidelity by Regina Spektor. Still love this song. Hasn’t changed that much tbh
  5. I gotta agree with Maria. Anything from Ludovico Einaudi. He’s a pure genius
  6. Nights With You by MQ. Girl you’re gorgeous, even though you might not always feel like it but you are!!!! 😙
  7. Maze by Kim Nayoung WATCH ‘WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING’ guys!!! It’s such a good drama
  8. Saturn by Sleeping at Last
  9. Wona by Mumford & Sons, Baaba Maal, The Very Best and Beatenberg. I LIVE FOR THIS ENTIRE ALBUM. PLAY IT AT MY FUNERAL
  10. Go Go by BTS. Couldn’t do this without taking at least one song from their masterpiece. And this sing always makes me happy to hear. 💗

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I’m such a sucker for uncle Lance;;

[part 1] [part 2] [part 4]

you know what’s sort of fascinating. the word “feelings”. i think about this a lot. about how it comes as sort of a mocking idea, a shadow of reality. oh, did i hurt your feelings? 

men, of course, don’t have these things. these dirty moths that bang around inside of heads, these girly feelings, these gay feelings, these not-cool-bro feelings. men are drinking a beer and watching tv and not traumatized by anything, not even her and her hair like a noose. when they want to crack open and tell their best friend that they are a million mirrors, all reflecting empty: instead they say nothing. they turn angry. angry is not a feeling. angry is a better place to be, the top of the roller coaster. nobody says you’re a fuck up if you’re angry. it’s sort of brave. at the bottom, because you come down, eventually, we all do, you wake up and people ask. what happened to you. is all this because of your feelings?

women, of course, are only these terrible creatures. ruled by it like werewolves. howling and sad and animalistic, chewed up by them. sobbing as a way to escape, because nobody knows how to handle feelings. this make us weak, flimsy, a bed to lie down on but not sleep, you’ll catch feelings. when it is a bad day, when it is a bad life, when we are complaining, it is because of our feelings. this is how we turn mouse-quiet too, learn to mask anger lest it be mistaken for that-time-of-the-month feelings. we cry over our best friend but we don’t cry in a funeral, unsure how to look strong and sensitive, hating ourselves at seven for crying in front of the neighbor, baby feelings, loving ourselves at twenty for holding it in when he sneers oh, does misogyny trigger your feelings? hating ourselves again when we feel a little colored out of the lines, holding our passion in like a breath, quietly sifting crazy feelings that maybe aren’t so crazy to begin with.

feelings. feminine connotations. impolite in proper society. when they ask how you’re feeling, you say “fine.” don’t cry, it will spoil the cake. don’t be so whiny, it won’t happen anyway. don’t feel, it’s not your place.

how to win an argument is easy. “oh, i’m sorry, did i hurt your feelings?” a spat word. a word that drips with venom, a word you shove the plate away with, no thanks i’m not hungry. empty of them. feeling is being in contact with the world, being stroked by it, having things get into skin and lips and behind eyes. strength is the opposite; the unsoft, the untouchable, the ethereal above-ness, no wound can utter the name of you. 

i’m in my feelings. yeah, i have feelings for you. open word. gaping. an already-forming bruise.


since I started working as a teacher, I couldn’t stop thinking about this post by @batcii

so here’s professor Longbottom and professor Potter

don’t worry, the (bi)gang is here!!