i even got a haircut today

Today was an awesome day. I woke up at 8, went to psych 2 (human growth and development but I like to call it psychology 2 because it feels like I’ve gotten further and know more) and found out that I got a 100 on my first test! There were a lot of bonus questions, but still! Then I went to get a haircut. I’ll take a pic when I’m cute again. Then I went home, cleaned my car out (even took it to the gas station to vacuum it. There was still sand in it from when I worked at Habibi’s Hutch Preschool..) then ate some good ass lunch (Halal Corner!!!). Then I went back in bed to squeeze in some YouTube, headed to work and babysat the most well-behaved kids for 4 hours, came home, made some coffee and a pb and banana sandwich, and now I’m in bed with heated blanky and youtube again. <3333


One year ago today The 1989 Era started… Taylor got her famous short hair don’t care haircut and our girl suddenly seemed free, more confident and so damn happy. She moved to New York, she focused even more on her friendships and she made an album an album that some thought was a risk, but she knew was incredible. AND IT WAS. I’m so proud of you taylorswift and I’m thankful you’ve included us in so much of your life. Here’s to more magic this year 😘❤️

Guys I got a debit card today! I always had a lot of cash, but I couldn’t do much with it, considering my dad would stop me from buying things and wouldn’t let me go to the store alone. But I get home before he does, so oh boy, the online shopping, I’m going to lose so much money. But otherwise, I think it’s finally time to get that binder I’ve been eyeing. I’m so excited

Also, I’m thinking about taking up my friend’s suggestion for trying out for a cosplay blog. Any thoughts on a certain character?

so it’s tdov today and i thought it would be cool to look how my looks have changed

so this is pretty much baby me

then me being the model that i am (age 12)

then i cut my hair and it looked awful (age 12)

so i got a haircut! and this is when i started to “find myself” (age 13)

and i liked my “short hair” so much i decided to cut it even shorter (age 13)

didn’t really like short hair that much so i grew it back… (age 13)

only to cut it short again… idk man i’m ever changing (age 14)

dyed it brown once, and this is also the time when i stopped wearing make up (age 15)

bleached it again… (age 16)

and now i’m here! i’m at least 70% more comfortable than i’ve ever been and i can only thank tumblr for making me realize that genders aren’t that relevant