i even fell for a stupid love song


Well, the time has come to play,
This town is weird but you stayed;
In the house so big and wicked,
It was easy to hide the secret.
The man downstairs was very clever,
Although he couldn’t hide his plans forever.

No puppet strings can hold me down;
So patiently I watched this town.
Abnormal, it is now the norm;
You enjoyed your calm before the storm.

Thirty years has passed since then
And now the man is back again.
I didn’t give him a chance to win;
Instead, I made him bow to me.

The prophecy seemed far away,
But finally we’ve reached the day.
Give up the past, embrace the strange.
Everything you care about will change.

Game is over, and I won
Now it’s time to start the fun!
I always love corrupting lives;
Now, let’s see… which Pines survives?

So I basically just connected a few ciphers from the show, but the outcome is soooooo freakin’ good. I’m proud of myself. And that doesn’t happen often.

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Boyfriend Mark pt.2

for my one and only @zxtlx akksksbsjs

  • we’re such trash for mark i cant even
  • and who isnt tbh , mark lee is just wonderful
  • im about to kill myself and y'all with this post ,
  • lots of fluff coming up , dont cry im warning you
  • okay let’s start

  • like taeyong , he’d probably all you his princess/baby

  • and he treats you like one too
  • your contact name on his phone is saved as “ my jagi 💜💜💕❤ /inserts 828292 more emojis/ ”
  • and likewise , he asked you to save his as “ babe 💜💜💕❤ /emojis everywhere / ”
  • one time haechan caught him texting you ,
  • he almost puked when he saw the convo because it was too sweet and corny
  • “ princess i miss you :-( ”
  • “ babe i miss you too , how’s practice going ? ”
  • “ pretty good , but it’d be better if you were here though ”
  • /haechan starts puking at this point of time/
  • he loves you so much he set the password on his phone lockscreen to your birthday
  • and probably every other password he has too
  • he writes/sings/raps songs for you
  • and asks you for your opinions on them
  • he’s so clueless and confused all the time he often asks you stupid questions
  • “ wait why are you giving me a gift suddenly ”
  • “ it’s your birthday today … ? ”
  • “ oh really , i didn’t know ”
  • “ babe i wished you last night at 12am sharp ?? ”
  • “ you did ? im sorry i think i fell asleep during the movie ”
  • “ oh my god , mark you even replied me ”
  • “ you serious ? but thanks anyway , i love you so much ”
  • and you cant help but pinch his cheek because he’s too adorable
  • sleeptalking mark acting up
  • talking about sleeptalking he often hugs you in the middle of the night
  • and mumbles something like
  • “ i … sarang you ”
  • “ you are my jagi ”
  • “ Y/N’s so cute ”
  • and you’re just there beside him blushing and hugging him tighter because his sleeptalk is always a form as entertainment for you
  • he makes weird noises and background noises when y'all have conversations
  • be it together with the other members ,
  • or just the two of you alone
  • “ okay guys let’s meet up next week ”
  • “ alrights , im looking forward- ”
  • “ yes !!! ”
  • “ woo !!! ”
  • “ yeah … ”
  • “ mark … stop what are you doing ”
  • he’s so sweet and nice he actually got you a guitar ,
  • so he could teach you how to play it
  • and also another reason was because he wanted you to sing songs with him next time
  • he stares at you from afar when you have events/performances
  • and everytime he has that proud motherly smile on his face
  • and he’d always give you two thumbs up to cheer you on
  • one time you accidentally fell down on stage ,
  • he got right of his seat and ran forward to the stage to help you up
  • all within like 0.292993 seconds
  • he even piggybacked you down
  • and obviously the whole school saw so there were lots of cheering over mark’s actions
  • that’s how y'all became the popular couple in school
  • even the teachers are supportive of the relationship and lowkey ships the both of you
  • like how they always make the both of you to pair up to do work/projects/presentations
  • one thing he really hates though ,
  • is when you get really sad and emotional ,
  • because he feels like he isn’t doing enough to comfort you and he starts blaming himself
  • but when you tell him all you need is a hug from him ,
  • he gives you the tightest and warmest hug you ever received
  • and he also gave you a small peck on the lips after
  • he smiles a little because he’s glad he’s able to help you
  • he brings you out on food dates almost everyday
  • and instead of you , he’s always the one getting fascinated by the variety of different foods
  • he also loves sharing/complimenting you on social media
  • there would always be a long paragraph of words for his captions for every picture of you
  • and on every single one the members wuould comment and tease him
  • “ ‘jagi i love you’ why do you never say that to your hyung here ” - taeyong
  • “ lee donghyuck error 404 not found ” - haechan
  • “ mork hyung and y/n so cute !! ” - chenle
  • “ why is mark never like that to us /tags the other members/ ” - yuta “
  • on the bright side, the other members really support your relationship and are always there for the both of you
  • my mind’s blocked now so i’ll stop here im sorry
  • in conclusion , date mark lee , he’s boyfriend material af
  • also a clueless little bean
  • i hope you liked it !!
Something Stupid

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1281

Warnings: blood, injury

Listen to Something Stupid by Frank and Nancy Sinatra here

This is my entry for @butiaintgonnaloveem ‘s Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge! I chose the song Something Stupid by Frank and Nancy Sinatra, which was released in 1976! :) Enjoy!

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Name: Merry Christmas, Malfoy.
Pairing: Draco x reader
Summary: the reader is a friend with Hermione, so she knows that the reader has a crush on the Malfoy (she does not understand it, but has to deal with it). She also knows that Malfoy has a crush on the reader. And that the three of you are stuck in Hogwarts. The imagine happens after the War, Hermione and Draco are back to Hogwarts. (a complicated idea, but I felt like doing it).

“Oh, I wish I could go home,” you murmur, as your classmates leave the Hogwarts for the Christmas break. Unfortunately, your family left England for the break to see your relatives in another country, so you had to stay in Hogwarts. Well, you never really wanted to go there, as you don’t like those relatives.

“Well, you are not alone here, are you?” Hermione smiles at you, and you smile back. “And… if it makes you feel any better, Malfoy is staying for the holidays too.”

“M… Ok,” you try not to smile, and Hermione giggles. After the war ended, you became very close friends, as you shared a room. And classes. When she learned that you have a huge crush on Draco Malfoy, she first tried to ‘heal’ you, but later gave up because you seemed to be ‘hopelessly lost’. Before you manage finish thinking about why Hermione would be approving or somehow supporting your crush, she grabs your hand and pulls you to the Great Hall, mumbling something about the dinner.

“Muggleborns stuck in Hogwarts, aren’t you?” asks Draco, sitting down next to you.

“The question is why are you here, Malfoy?” asks Hermione quite calmly. “Don’t you have a family mansion to go to?”

“You’ll be disconcerted, Granger, but I chose to stay here. And I have the right to. My family will be fine without me, and I have other, more important matters to attend to.”

“Please, what matters?” asked a boy from Gryffindor that was sitting next to you because you were the only people left from the whole House. His friends died in the Battle, so he was painfully hostile towards all the Slytherin. “Thinking of the new ways of murdering innocent people?”

“Shut up, John,” Hermione rolled her eyes, and the boy closed his mouth - as the friend of the Great Harry Potter, Hermione was respected by all of the Houses, except for the Slytherin, of course, but no one really dared go against her. Malfoy stayed quiet as well, aggrieved at the way he is seen even after the war ended, and Potter spent half a summer to vindicate Draco and his family.

“Hey… Draco… You ok?” you ask, quickly touching his hand. Malfoy blinks and smiles.

“Yes, yes. I am great.”

“I am sorry about John. He is stupid, that’s all,” he nods, and you return to the food in front of you, listening to the hum of people discussing something. Hermione keeps smiling at you, sometimes humming a weird song about a girl that fell in love with an iceberg. Fortunately, Malfoy wasn’t listening.

“So… what are your plans for the break?” asks Hermione when the silence becomes absolutely repugnant. Draco looks at her, then at you, still quiet, so Hermione has to continue. “I am going to prepare for the exams. Y/N?”

“Oh. I am planning on reading some literature about the use of magical wands by muggles. That’s the assignment. For the Muggle Studies,” Draco grinned. “What?”

“A muggleborn and the Muggle Studies… Why would you?”

“You’ll never know how many differences there are between the way the muggles see themselves and the way the wizards see them… It’s quite funny,” Draco smiles at you, then nods. “What about you?”

“Well, I am working on changing my schedule a little. And looks like I will have to take the Muggle Studies.”

“And why so?” Hermione asks, as you keep looking away, trying to stop smiling.

“Granger, you have no idea how helpful it will be if Lord Malfoy demonstrates his decency and civility by studying the life of the muggles,” Draco answers calmly, yet looking at you from a corner of his eye. “It’s all politics.”

“Only politics?” Granger grins, as if trying to trust him.

“Only,” murmurs Draco, quickly stuffing his mouth with food to avoid Granger’s questions. Hermione keeps looking at you two, then grins and leaves, after saying something about McGonagall and a new assignment. You and Draco stay in silence, slowly chewing on your meals.

“Why did you come back to the school?” you ask finally, trying to break the silence.

“I want to study, Y/N. I was the second top student right after Granger…” you nod and take a glass of juice. “However, you look pretty interested in my position, don’t you?”

“Sorry about that,” you smile. “I am doing my best here.”

“No, no. Not a problem at all!” Draco starts to renounce his words, trying not to smile, but you both end up laughing, as you look at the table, not noticing that Malfoy laughs, looking at you, then suddenly, totally spontaneously tucks a curl behind your ear.

“Uhm…” you both freeze, Draco’s fingers still slightly touching your skin, until he blinks and quickly pulls the hand away. 

“I had to, you know,” he notes quietly, as you start blushing.

“You did?” Draco nods, then rests his hand on the back side of your wrist, slightly stroking the skin.

“Absolutely right… And you are blushing a lot,” he smiles, as you turn away, totally pretending that nothing is happening. “Granger left on purpose, didn’t she?” you nod. “She is not as terrible as I may think she is.”

“Oh, be nice!”

“I am,” Draco raises his eyebrows, surprised that someone could think he is not nice. “Very nice.”

“You really think so? The sarcastic Slytherin prince is nice? When did I miss this moment?”

“Merlin’s beard, Y/N! Stop talking, won’t you?” you frown, about to keep arguing, but Malfoy simply rolls his eyes and pulls you closer with one hand to kiss you slowly, as if not sure if he can. However, the moment you kiss him back, you realize that he won’t really let go of you, way too soft his skin is, and way too gentle the dangerous Malfoy is.

Kelly Clarkson Lyrics Sentence Starters

  • “I’ll take a risk, take a chance, make a change.”
  • “Maybe I don’t know where they’ll take me, but gotta keep movin’ on.”
  • “I’m not down to share you with anyone.”
  • “Tonight I feel a little bit brave.”
  • “Just don’t pretend that you’re into me.”
  • “I need you to see I’m screaming for you to please, hear me.”
  • “I’m not always strong.”
  • “And baby I’ve fought for all that I’ve got.”
  • “Never been so low ‘til you came along.”
  • “No I ain’t a scared little girl no more.”
  • “I was so afraid, I felt so unsure, now I am invincible.”
  • “I was running from an empty threat that didn’t exist.”
  • “I’ll take off yours if you take off mine.”
  • “Don’t be afraid, let me in.”
  • “It’s getting old, your ‘poor me’ thoughts.”
  • “This broken record thing has got to stop.”
  • “Now you’re whining again.”
  • “I guess it’s true that love can grow in different directions.”
  • “I know you’re mad at me now. It’s all my fault somehow.”
  • “Maybe no one told you there was strength in your tears.”
  • “If no one wants to look at you for what you really are, I’ll be here still.”
  • “It was cool but it was all pretend.”
  • “Since you been gone, I can breathe for the first time.”
  • “I even fell for that stupid love song.”
  • “I don’t wanna be left behind.”
  • “Distance was a friend of mine.”
  • “I won’t be told what’s supposed to be right.”
  • “You helped me see the beauty in everything.”
  • “So now I’ll take a chance on this thing we may have started.”
  • “My heartbeat beats me senselessly.”
  • “Why’s everything got to be so intense with me?”
  • “Throw caution to the wind and we’ll see which way it’s blowing.”
  • “We’ll never see it coming until it’s much too close to stop.”
  • “In all probability it’s a long shot, but I say why not?”
  • “It’s what you did that’s hurting you.”
  • “There’s no light at the end of the tunnel tonight, just a bridge that I gotta burn.”
  • “That’s just so you, coming back when I’ve already moved on.”
  • “I made something of myself and now you want to come back.”
  • “Your love isn’t free, it has to be earned.”
  • “Back then I didn’t have anything, so I was worthless.”
  • “Unlike you I’m gonna put her first.”
  • “You had your chance, you blew it.”
  • “She will never have to wonder her worth.”
  • “I will never leave her like you left me.”
  • “We were always meant to say goodbye.”
  • “I love you enough to let you go.”
  • “It’s like you’re a leech sucking the life from me.”
  • “It’s like you’re a demon I can’t face down.”
  • “I’m addicted to you.”
  • “Just one more hit, I promise I can deal with it.”
  • “It’s like I’m not me.”
  • “But I keep feeling we’ve already been here before.”
  • “And it’s so easy to see that the blame is on me.”
  • “It’s such a shame that you don’t notice the way that everybody’s looking at me.”
  • “You say you’re gonna change, but I know you won’t.”
  • “Maybe I was wrong for trying to pick a fight.”
  • “I know that I’ve got issues, but you’re pretty messed up too.”
  • “If anyone asks, I’ll tell them we both just moved on.”
  • “Is it over yet? Can I open my eyes?”
  • “What do I care if they believe me or not?”

25 Weeks OOR Challenge
Week 002: How did you become a fan?

KKD was the background track in a video I one day watched on youTube, and I immediately fell in love with the song (”why is this American band singing Japanese though” smh). But I think only after checking out their live performance of the song, I decided to turn into full-time OOR trash.

Kelly Clarkson {Sentence Starters}
  • "Don't waste your time trying to fix what I want to erase."
  • "You don't have to be brave."
  • "I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt."
  • "If anyone asks, I'll tell them we both just moved on."
  • "I wonder how I ever made it through a day."
  • "I wish I couldn't feel at all. Let me be numb."
  • "My heart can't possibly break when it wasn't even whole to start with."
  • "But I won't forget the place I come from."
  • "Just don't pretend that you're into me."
  • "Does it hurt to know I'll never be there?"
  • "I'll take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and breakaway!"
  • "I heard you cry every night in your sleep."
  • "I even fell for that stupid love song!"
  • "I will not break the way you did."
  • "Don't waste your time on me, my friend."
  • "You had your chance, you blew it!"
  • "I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me."
  • "I can't survive unless I know you're with me."
  • "Because of you, I am afraid."
  • "Is this what it feels like to really cry?"
  • "If you only knew the hell I put myself through!"
  • "You should have known better than to lean on me."
  • "They took you, they broke you, they tore out your heart."
  • "Nice knowing you, but there's the door."
  • "I cannot cry, because I know that's weakness in your eyes."
  • "I guess that you saw what nobody could see."
  • "I would never wish bad things, but I don't wish you well."
  • "What do I care if they believe me or not?"
  • "I know that you want to be mine."
  • "How did you know just where I would be?"
  • "I will not make the same mistakes that you did."
  • "I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly."
  • "I stand before you and my heart is in your hands."
  • "Make me listen to the truth, even if it breaks me!"
  • "You think you got the best of me? Think you've had the last laugh?"
  • "We can pretend nothing's changed. Pretend it's all the same."
  • "Thanks to you, I'm finally thinking about me!"
  • "We were always meant to say goodbye."

Kelly Clarkson  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Shut your mouth, I just can’t take it.”
  • “I never thought it’d hurt this much to be saved.”
  • “How can I put it? You put me on.”
  • “I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt.”
  • “I will not break the way you did.”
  • “You, where the hell did you come from?”
  • “Don’t leave me here on my own.”
  • “I’m sadder, but I’m wiser, too.”
  • “But when I tried to speak out, felt like no one could hear me.”  
  • “But you won’t get to see the tears I cry.”
  • “Thanks to you, I’m finally thinking about me.”
  • “I guess that you saw what nobody could see.”
  • “I think I’m gonna break down, soon.” 
  • “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
  • “I didn’t come here to hurt you.”
  • “I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me.”
  • “I’m waiting for some kind of miracle.”
  • “No more the need to be defensive.”
  • “I wonder how I ever made it through a day.”
  • “I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly.”
  • “Why don’t you pretend we were just a dream?”
  • “I will not make the same mistakes that you did.”
  • “But why’d you have to go and make a mess like that?”
  • “I cannot cry, because I know that’s weakness in your eyes.”  
  • “I even fell for that stupid love song.”
  • “My heart can’t possibly break when it wasn’t even whole to start with.”
I need you, but you don't need me - Joshifer One Shot

Well, now I did it too. Those two are basically killing me so I decided to give in and write a Joshifer one shot. I hope you all enjoy it and leave me feedback! As always, thank you to my beta Laura!

Josh’s pov 

I am just getting comfortable again, when my phone starts ringing for what has to be the 5th time now. For god’s sake, who is trying to get a hold of me so desperately at 2am in the morning?

Sighing heavily, I drag myself out of my bed and over to my drawer where I left my phone so I could finally get more than 5 hours of sleep a night, but it seems like someone is determined to destroy that plan.

I don’t even bother looking at the caller ID, it’s way too late for even caring about things like that. “Yes, hello? I just hope you have a damn good reason for calling me at this time of the day, or should I say night.”

For some seconds there is complete silence on the other side of the line, when suddenly a quiet sob interrupts it. “Sorry.. I-“, her voice breaks, but I immediately recognize it, of course I do. How could I not? “Jen? Shit, I’m sorry, if I had known it was you I wouldn’t have been so rude.”

Again, I am only met with silence. “Jen? Jennifer? What happened? Talk to me please, you are starting to freak me out.” I try to keep my voice steady, but I know that something has to be really wrong.

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anonymous asked:

10? 😊

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write a short fic

10. high school popular kid/nerd au



   Dear Sasuke-kun,

Despite what all the cheesy teenage movies portray, in real life, popular kids do not fall in love with nerds.

That “opposites attract” bullshit does not work here. Popular kids and nerdy kids are far too different for any sort of relationship to work out between them. Their interests, goals, ideologies and lifestyles are far too contrasting. Thus, even if a popular kid miraculously fell in love with a nerd, they would eventually get bored, or overwhelmed by those differences mentioned before.

Moreover, romance itself is not for nerds – for people like me. Sure, I can appreciate it. I mean, sometimes I cry with movies and novels about star-crossed lovers, and I also sing along to catchy love songs (there’s no point on denying it, because we all do it). But that doesn’t count. Having crushes does not count, either. Crushes are actually pretty stupid and useless. I hate having crushes.

Too bad I have one at the moment, and on none other but the most popular guy in high school – also known as, well, you.

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Nichelle’s SPN Angst Challenge

Calling all writers!   I’ve decided to finally put together a challenge.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Here’s the deal, I want all the angst.  


- One writer per prompt

- Sign ups will close July 31st (midnight PST) or once list is filled, whichever comes first.

- Deadline to submit is August 30th (midnight PST)  If you can’t finish in time, let me know, I can definitely work an extension.

-  Fic MUST include angst.  It can also include fluff or smut, as long as there is angst.

- Tag me when you post your fic and also tag “nichelles angst challenge”

- Send me an ask with your prompt request (and a back up choice) with your SPN character.  It can be anyone from the SPN universe.

Prompts are below the cut.

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My Spotify just gave me a bunch of breakup-y songs in a row, and I noticed something - if a guy is singing, the breakup was the other person’s fault. If a woman’s singing, she’s to blame, even in the more ‘fuck you’ songs. She knew you were trouble when you walked in - so despite you being locks trouble and pretty clearly being to blame, it’s her fault for not running away immediately. You put her on and didn’t return any of her obvious displays of affection - but she fell for your stupid love song, so it’s not ALL you. Considering how aggressively heterosexual love songs are, it’s… really telling that it’s always the woman’s fault.