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Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/03 (p11) (Q&A part)

Here’s the Q&A part that was published with the episode commentary and I didn’t have time to translate the other day.

Regarding the question about Chris’ acquaintance, you may want to read the report of the other day’s talk show to get a more complete idea.

(Side note: I still haven’t had time to answer some of the questions I received, please wait a little… I will also work on the very long interview with Kubo on the magazine Febri from tonight. Interview rush this month, really.)

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Mitsurou Kubo presents Q&A exhibition!!!
We asked Kubo-san about curiosities that didn’t fit the commentary, in a Q&A format.

Q. Why is Victor cold to JJ?
A. He genuinely doesn’t care (LOL). He doesn’t even remember JJ’s name correctly, but that’s because he is the type of person that doesn’t try to remember things he isn’t interested about. It’s not like he’s looking down or him or doesn’t get along, he really just doesn’t care. Until this point we hadn’t clearly shown Victor not being interested in someone, so I was thinking about a character who wouldn’t feel hurt even if Victor didn’t care about him… and realized that it could only be JJ. In fact, he wasn’t really bothered.

Q. What is Victor to JJ?
A. I think he is someone he has to challenge. The type of person he wants to confront and beat when they’re both in their very best condition. He would never want to win because Victor is in a bad condition or just out of a slump. More than admiring him, I think he wants to be his equal rival. And he believes that if he does his best he will get the gold medal. Therefore, to avoid looking at Victor like someone who is no match for him, he takes the liberty of speaking with him in that overfamiliar way. But I think that JJ is currently the one who is fighting against the fear of losing more than anyone else. It also looks like he didn’t really have a good relationship with his previous coaches and people didn’t understand him.

Q. Is Victor worried about the “whorl” of hair on his head?
A. More than Victor, this is something many Russian people care about. Though in Victor’s case I think it’s more like his hairline than the whorl (LOL). But I think that having such a weakness makes him a fascinating person. Before the FS in episode 7 Yuuri even presses the top of his head while a large audience is watching. In this scene I wanted to do something that people wouldn’t actually do in the real figure skating world, I had fun drawing it.

Q. We want to know more about Otabek!
A. In his private life he is also a DJ, and he’s kind of a street style guy. He actually has many mischievous friends. That’s why he finds Yurio really cool, because he has so many things that Otabek doesn’t have and admires. And he’s also the type who doesn’t give importance to hierarchies, so Yurio was happy that he wanted them to be equals. So you figure what happens when he asks him “will you come or not?”… (LOL)

Q. Who is the handsome guy always together with Chris?
A. He’s a man from the Swiss Skating Federation. I created him because I didn’t want Chris to feel lonely (LOL). I’m not going to say anything about what his relationship with Chris is, but we believe that he’s a former ice dancer that belongs to the Federation.

Q. We want to know some secret anecdotes about the last episode!
A. When I wrote the storyboard, I added “They say Katsuki is retiring.” as a subtitle. For Victor’s line I also considered “the ‘katsu’ in ‘Katsuki’ is the ‘katsu’ from ‘selfish’!*”, but I thought “nah, Victor is not that good at Japanese” and I didn’t use it (LOL). Also, in the storyboard there was a scene where Yuuri, before skating, is trying to tell Yurio that he’s going to retire but in the end isn’t able to tell him. But there was no time, so it was cut in the anime…
[*translator’s note: “Selfish” in Japanese can be said “jibunkatte” 自分勝手, where the kanji for the “kat(su)” part is the same kanji as the “Katsu” in “Katsuki” 勝生. I’m glad she didn’t use that because it would have been impossible to translate properly… though Victor does still use the word “jibunkatte” in the episode. Also, in the end they are supposed to be speaking in English together, so yeah. By the way, the subtitle she originally thought, which in Japanese is “Katsuki, intai suru’tte yo” is probably a reference to the title of the novel “The Kirishima Thing”  that in Japanese is “Kirishima, bukatsu yameru’tte yo” and was adapted into a movie. The ’~tte yo’ wording has kind of become popular after that.]

Q. How did you decide the way Victor cries?
A. I drew it so that Victor’s tears wouldn’t stream down his cheeks but “drop from the tip of his eyelashes”. Sometimes people who aren’t used to crying do not move their facial muscles and don’t wipe their tears, so they just trickle down. The way Victor cries is something I had already roughly sketched in a meeting with the director.

Q. Why didn’t Phichit talk to Yuuri about his dream?
A. I think the reason Phichit-kun still hasn’t talked to Yuuri about his dream of holding an ice show in Thailand is that he too wants to surprise him. They have this kind of relationship. I think that all skaters, even if this time they couldn’t achieve their best results, are thinking about what they can do to create a skating world that they can enjoy even more than now, and about what they can do for their home countries.

Q. Why does Michele speak in the Hiroshima dialect?
A. In the setting he is from Naples and speaks English with an Italian accent, so to express that I decided that he would speak in Hiroshima dialect.

Q. Tell us how you feel now that the series is over and about the future!
A. I am very well aware that you are all hoping for a continuation of the show, and with director Yamamoto we always talk about what we would like to do if we ever have the chance to work again with the staff that has gathered to make this series. We still do not know if a “St. Petersburg arc” would be the best. However, it’s definitely not something that I can do alone, and to draw this series again we would need to collect a lot of information and find many new things. It wasn’t a series that was possible to create just inside my head. But we must create something convincing, otherwise people are not going to follow us, and it wouldn’t come true. More than anything, the thought that we might not see Yuuri, Victor, Yurio and the other characters again makes us sadder than anyone else. Actually, I’m going to go on a trip abroad with the director soon (LOL), and we are planning to talk about the future too. I hope we have time to discuss carefully about what lies ahead for “Yuri on Ice”, and I’ll be happy if you keep on supporting us in the meantime.

The Little Things

Summary: I’ve had a bunch of anons for some fluffy “How Dean and Cas got together”. So here you go. If Destiel isn’t your ship, skip this one :)

Word Count: 1200ish

Warning: Too much fluff, like two sentences of smut

When Cas became human, he had trouble adjusting.

Dean found him one day, frustrated and throwing anything within arm’s reach, breaking down because he could no longer fly instantly from one place to another.

“I feel so trapped,” he had gasped, wide-eyed and panicking, staring at Dean desperately.

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Reasons why I love SNS

- Orochimaru specifically said it is Naruto who can help Sasuke with his loneliness

- Itachi said Naruto was the only one who is able to change Sasuke

- He had a fucking panic attack at the thought that Sasuke could be killed

- Naruto realeased Kurama’s power for the First time, because he thought Sasuke was dead

- Naruto grabbed his chest and whispered his name when he saw a shooting star

- Sasuke called him his one and only

- Naruto brushed off their team photo and said, “Sasuke, I’m home” after he left the village for three years to become stronger, so that he can rescue Sasuke

- Naruto spend five hours straight thinking of Sasuke, after a girl confessed her feelings for him and risked her life for him - on the same day

- Sakura, who was in love with Sasuke, tried to kill him, while Naruto did not. No, he said he would shoulder Sasuke’s hatred and die with him so he’d never be alone again, he let himself get beaten up to protect Sasuke, he begged the Raikage to spare Sasuke’s life etc.

- Naruto never gave up on Sasuke, no matter what he did

- he cried over Sasuke several times

- they werd each other goals

- they are soulmates, sun and moon, yin and yang

- to quote Sasuke: “Naruto had his own world. I desired its existence”

- Sasuke needed to kill Naruto to be in darkness

- Sasuke never stopped thinking about Naruto since before the story began

- Sasuke fed him even though Kakashi told him it was prohibited

- Sasuke jumped in front of Naruto. He was ready to die, just to save Naruto and his dreams, despite promosing himself he wouldn’t die till he killed Itachi

- Sasuke admitted it was Naruto who saved him. That it was Naruto’s heart who connect him to Konoha

- not to mention, Kishi wanted them to hold hands in Chapter 698

- after Naruto found out the truth about Itachi, he didn’t say he would bring Sasuke back to the village. Naruto knew that Sasuke would never be happy there. So he put Sasuke over his desires, he thought of what Sasuke wanted, what would make him happy

- to quote Naruto: “He’s the person that, more than anyone else, accepted me and my existence. Sasuke is my friend and he represents bonds that I waited so long to receive.”

- Naruto was the only person that Sasuke gave a nickname to. No one else in Team 7 and also no one in team Taka got a special nickname

[Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native language]

aylathebunny  asked:

1. Melatonin actually reacts badly with some medications so talking with your doctor is a spot on idea. I can take it but my dad can't because of meds. Boo. 2. OH MY GOD THIS REGENCY AU I AM GOING TO DIE. What happens when Rhodey and Pepper finally get there???

1. Yes, I probably should have thought about that in the beginning. Whoops.

2. I assume it’s a good going to die so thank you!!!

Pepper arrives a few months before the wedding ready to FIGHT. But politely. Sarah actually looks at this young woman and thinks “Yes, someone to put the fear of the Lord into my sons after I am gone.” And so she asks if Pepper has ever considered being the adviser for Tony and his husbands before the war. And Pepper looks at her, stone-faced, and says, “That was the plan, with the added bonus of Stane having me murdered before I could take on the job.” Sarah is horrified but impressed because Pepper is very much alive and Sarah has heard tell of an alpha with a voice as sharp as her spear and if she’s anything like the stories told– “Pepper is the best,” Tony tells Sarah seriously. Sarah smiles. “Better than your fiances?” It’s supposed to be a joke but Tony answers guilelessly, “Of course.”

(Bucky and Steve would be offended except then Pepper cuts in, “I’m not half as good without Tony,” and Tony squeaks and blushes and says “No you’re not be quiet!” and Pepper laughs and draws him into a hug more reminiscent of Bruce’s than a lover’s. It helps that Pepper gives them a look full of fire that says, without words, ‘if you ever hurt Tony I will destroy you with my pinkie finger.’ They get the unsettling feeling that Pepper and Natasha will get along just fine.)

Rhodey arrives for the rehearsal dinner because Sam was invited and he basically bullied his way into coming. Tony lets out the most mournful scream when he sees Rhodey, and the others are terrified for a moment because the sound had been so full of pain and anguish and the guards actually ready themselves to clear the room, but Tony falls to his knees in front of Rhodey’s wheelchair and throws his arms around his waist, sobs into his lap, and Rhodey is determined, okay, he drags Tony up into his lap and clutches at him, and Tony sobs, “They told me you were dead!” And Rhodey doesn’t say anything, even the tears rolling down his cheeks are silent, but his fingers leave bruises on Tony’s skin.

(Tony cries at odd intervals through the entire dinner but Steve and Bucky can’t even be mad. “All he could talk about was getting back to Anthony,” Sam tells them privately. “When he defected, he was determined to get back to him, smuggle him out. After he was wounded I literally had to threaten to take his chair away to get him to wait. I’m pretty sure he’s still pissed at me.” Tony nearly has an anxiety attack when it’s time to retire, clutching at Rhodey’s hands because he’s so afraid it will be a dream and Rhodey will be gone again when he wakes up. Rhodey tells him to stop being a dumbass.

They find Tony curled up on Rhodey’s lap in the dining room the next morning, snoring. Pepper’s drinking a cup of coffee. “I made sure nothing untoward happened,” she explains, as if she hasn’t been up the entire night crying herself. “Although nothing would have because it would have been like fucking your brother.” Steve and Bucky blanch but Sarah just laughs. She asks Rhodey if he’d like to stay when he wakes up. Groggy, Rhodey snaps, “Lady, you’re not gettin’ rid of me. I’m here. I’ll kick your ass. I’ll kick your sons’ asses. I’ll kick Tony’s ass.” Tony giggles wetly. “I like him,” Bucky decides. “Reminds me of someone.” “I’d never kick Tony’s ass,” Steve mutters, scowling. “I was actually thinking of Bruce but it’s nice to hear that, honey.”)

RFA+SV soulmate AUs

In a universe where everyone has a soul mate, but there are multiple ways of finding them.  There are simpler, more common ways, like a red thread, or a tattoo of their name, and then there are more difficult ones.

If anyone cares, I stole most of these from THIS PERSON.  …I love soulmate AUs.  I might write some of these out properly…maybe.

If anyone piggybacks off of these, let me know?  I wanna read it!

Rated M because of Zen.  Thanks, Zen.  You’re too sexy, Zen.  Stop it, Zen.  You ruin everything, Zen.

Also, spoilers if you haven’t played their routes.

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time has yet to change the way I felt about you, yet to alter the way I always stop at two when counting to ten, yet to authorize the stars to form constellations in daylight. I’ve been dreaming realities into grasps missing can’t connect, but I’m always drawing blanks where eyes should be. I know tomorrow is the wings on your shoulder doubt has hinged closed, tomorrow is the pillow keeping your feet from staying warm– the story you’ve been promising to caress life around, but there isn’t a thing that doesn’t change by time– even us. would I prefer to forget about you? sleep with painted nails and wake up without the sheets keeping the ghost of you warm, answer every i love you without turning down the cries of clouds passing by? I’ll keep relearning how to stand if it means knowing your name just to hear it break me again. time has yet to matter, in this moment of forever, you live in such grace. in this polaroid, how could you be replaced? disposable cameras and your favorite way to say i love you with a wrinkle near your nose and a slant near your lips– if i could hold you like this, why would i ever run away? and they say to love is to accept, so if i run my fingers against your skin enough times, so if i apologize for the millionth time, maybe it’s my way of accepting our failures and what we could have done to stop the agony of not knowing if we were ever going to be good enough, just us two. lost inside of a time capsule, a second sprinkled into a single piece of rain that never got attached to paintings, a minute stretched into the next life is a little bit more than unforgiving, i never got to call you mine enough, so when i attach my heart to the hours and i dial your number, i leave decades upon decades of voicemail that you’ll never hear because out there where my worries float, out there where the echoes sound less and less like who i used to know, baby, when you give the universe the responsibility of letting go– a blackhole doesn’t just take, it gives. i am empty, an empty home. i am forgiving, a corpse less tomb. i am emotionally bent to the bones, and if i placed you high enough, do you think the angels could guide us back into those lonesome summers when we could recall about us and how these days, it’s okay to be afraid about uncertainty because awhile back, we made peace with our hellos and shook hands with our goodbyes, some days my highs feel like my lowest points, but when my lows feel like a euphoric nostalgia– i clutch your polaroid and write you one last poem, unedited, uncut and always a bit unfortunate.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

Not astro related but to anybody saying mean things about any of the contestants on produce 101 please stop.

Some of the things I’ve read about people like lee daehwi include:

“Idols definitely deserve hate for being ugly considering their looks are considered a part of their skill set”


“I used to like lee daehwi but now I honestly just hate him” (a summary of a majority of comments about him because of The Avengers team)

First and foremost please understand that I am not screaming or yelling or ranting but I just want to say something I consider a fact: nobody deserves to be told they are ugly, or untalented or hated for reasons like that. Not me, not you, NO ONE.

Along with him a lot of people on produce 101 are just boys, they are kids and that makes those comments even worse. Even if you are the same age as him or anybody else that doesn’t make stating something like that about them right. Please stop. 

It’s okay for someone to not be your favourite, or be your favourite but then you change your mind. But please go about expressing your opinions in a friendlier manner. 

Sure he chose strong members in his team but that makes sense considering the basis of the competition. These people’s dreams and hopes are on the line here, you just have to see the effort their families, along with themselves, are putting in. You just have to see the amount of times people have cried on camera, I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of times they have cried off!!!

It breaks my heart.

Can you imagine your dreams and hopes put into the hands of strangers? Some people, such as myself, may have no clue who is talented or not. Let me explain, votes may just be based off personal opinions or like me based off what I have heard or learnt over the years as ‘good singing’ or ‘good dancing’. But in reality I have no clue in a professional sense who deserves it more.

In truth I think that every single trainee who has put in hard work and effort, left their families to train overseas (going to Korea or outside to learn) and all of that sacrifice and effort deserves to debut.

I guess overall what I am trying to say is every single produce 101 member is trying hard. Every single one is already going through really hard times just being on the show. I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like. Over confident or not, it is not easy for any of them. They don’t deserve to be judged or hated on for being ugly or trying to achieve their dreams!

So please, please be careful and think over what you say about any contestant before you do. If it would hurt you don’t say it, or even if it wouldn’t hurt you, if what you are about to say could hurt anyone - please think twice before stating it.


I guess what I am trying to say overall is: They all have it hard, every single boy on produce 101. Let’s not make it worse.

Revolutionary Hope: A Conversation Between James Baldwin and Audre Lorde

External image

JB: One of the dangers of being a Black American is being schizophrenic, and I mean ‘schizophrenic’ in the most literal sense. To be a Black American is in some ways to be born with the desire to be white. It’s a part of the price you pay for being born here, and it affects every Black person. We can go back to Vietnam, we can go back to Korea. We can go back for that matter to the First World War. We can go back to W.E.B. Du Bois – an honorable and beautiful man – who campaigned to persuade Black people to fight in the First World War, saying that if we fight in this war to save this country, our right to citizenship can never, never again be questioned – and who can blame him? He really meant it, and if I’d been there at that moment I would have said so too perhaps. Du Bois believed in the American dream. So did Martin. So did Malcolm. So do I. So do you. That’s why we’re sitting here.

AL: I don’t, honey. I’m sorry, I just can’t let that go past. Deep, deep, deep down I know that dream was never mine. And I wept and I cried and I fought and I stormed, but I just knew it. I was Black. I was female. And I was out – out – by any construct wherever the power lay. So if I had to claw myself insane, if I lived I was going to have to do it alone. Nobody was dreaming about me. Nobody was even studying me except as something to wipe out.

JB: You are saying you do not exist in the American dream except as a nightmare.

AL: That’s right. And I knew it every time I opened Jet, too. I knew that every time I opened a Kotex box. I knew that every time I went to school. I knew that every time I opened a prayer book. I knew it, I just knew it.

JB: It is difficult to be born in a place where you are despised and also promised that with endeavor – with this, with that, you know – you can accomplish the impossible. You’re trying to deal with the man, the woman, the child – the child of whichever sex – and he or she and your man or your woman has got to deal with the 24-hour-a-day facts of life in this country. We’re not going to fly off someplace else, you know, we’d better get through whatever that day is and still have each other and still raise children – somehow manage all of that. And this is 24 hours of every day, and you’re surrounded by all of the paraphernalia of safety: If you can strike this bargain here. If you can make sure your armpits are odorless. Curl your hair. Be impeccable. Be all the things that the American public says you should do, right? And you do all those things – and nothing happens really. And what is much worse than that, nothing happens to your child either.

AL: Even worse than the nightmare is the blank. And Black women are the blank. I don’t want to break all this down, then have to stop at the wall of male/female division. When we admit and deal with difference; when we deal with the deep bitterness; when we deal with the horror of even our different nightmares; when we turn them and look at them, it’s like looking at death: hard but possible. If you look at it directly without embracing it, then there is much less that you can ever be made to fear.

JB: I agree.

AL: Well, in the same way when we look at our differences and not allow ourselves to be divided, when we own them and are not divided by them, that is when we will be able to move on. But we haven’t reached square one yet.

JB: I’m not sure of that. I think the Black sense of male and female is much more sophisticated than the western idea. I think that Black men and women are much less easily thrown by the question of gender or sexual preference – all that jazz. At least that is true of my experience.

AL: Yea, but let’s remove ourselves from merely a reactive position – i.e., Black men and women reacting to what’s out there. While we are reacting to what’s out there, we’re also dealing between ourselves – and between ourselves there are power differences that come down…

JB: Oh, yes…

AL: Truly dealing with how we live, recognizing each other’s differences, is something that hasn’t happened…

JB: Differences and samenesses.

AL: Differences and samenesses. But in a crunch, when all our asses are in the sling, it looks like it is easier to deal with the samenesses. When we deal with sameness only, we develop weapons that we use against each other when the differences become apparent. And we wipe each other out – Black men and women can wipe each other out – far more effectively than outsiders do.

JB: That’s true enough.

AL: And our blood is high, our furies are up. I mean, it’s what Black women do to each other, Black men do to each other, and Black people do to each other. We are in the business of wiping each other out in one way or the other – and essentially doing our enemy’s work.

JB: That’s quite true.

AL: We need to acknowledge those power differences between us and see where they lead us. An enormous amount of energy is being taken up with either denying the power differences between Black men and women or fighting over power differences between Black men and women or killing each other off behind them. I’m talking about Black women’s blood flowing in the streets – and how do we get a 14-year-old boy to know I am not the legitimate target of his fury? The boot is on both of our necks. Let’s talk about getting it off. My blood will not wash out your horror. That’s what I’m interested in getting across to adolescent Black boys.

There are little Black girl children having babies. But this is not an immaculate conception, so we’ve got little Black boys who are making babies, too. We have little Black children making little Black children. I want to deal with that so our kids will not have to repeat that waste of themselves.

JB: I hear you – but let me backtrack, for better or worse. You know, for whatever reason and whether it’s wrong or right, for generations men have come into the world, either instinctively knowing or believing or being taught that since they were men they in one way or another had to be responsible for the women and children, which means the universe.

AL: Mm-hm.

JB: I don’t think there’s any way around that.

AL: Any way around that now?

JB: I don’t think there’s any way around that fact.

AL: If we can put people on the moon and we can blow this whole planet up, if we can consider digging 18 inches of radioactive dirt off of the Bikini atolls and somehow finding something to do with it – if we can do that, we as Black cultural workers can somehow begin to turn that stuff around – because there’s nobody anymore buying ‘cave politics’ – ‘Kill the mammoth or else the species is extinct.’ We have moved beyond that. Those little scrubby-ass kids in the sixth grade – I want those Black kids to know that brute force is not a legitimate way of dealing across sex difference. I want to set up some different paradigms.

JB: Yea, but there’s a real difference between the way a man looks at the world…

AL: Yes, yes…

JB: And the way a woman looks at the world. A woman does know much more than a man.

AL: And why? For the same reason Black people know what white people are thinking: because we had to do it for our survival…

JB: All right, all right…

AL: We’re finished being bridges. Don’t you see? It’s not Black women who are shedding Black men’s blood on the street – yet. We’re not cleaving your head open with axes. We’re not shooting you down. We’re saying, “Listen, what’s going on between us is related to what’s going on between us and other people,” but we have to solve our own shit at the same time as we’re protecting our Black asses, because if we don’t, we are wasting energy that we need for joint survival.

JB: I’m not even disagreeing – but if you put the argument in that way, you see, a man has a certain story to tell, too, just because he is a man…

AL: Yes, yes, and it’s vital that I be alive and able to listen to it.

JB: Yes. Because we are the only hope we have. A family quarrel is one thing; a public quarrel is another. And you and I, you know – in the kitchen, with the kids, with each other or in bed – we have a lot to deal with, with each other, but we’ve got to know what we’re dealing with. And there is no way around it. There is no way around it. I’m a man. I am not a woman.

AL: That’s right, that’s right.

JB: No one will turn me into a woman. You’re a woman and you’re not a man. No one will turn you into a man. And we are indispensable for each other, and the children depend on us both.

AL: It’s vital for me to be able to listen to you, to hear what is it that defines you and for you to listen to me, to hear what is it that defines me – because so long as we are operating in that old pattern, it doesn’t serve anybody, and it certainly hasn’t served us.

JB: I know that. What I really think is that neither of us has anything to prove, at least not in the same way, if we weren’t in the North American wilderness. And the inevitable dissension between brother and sister, between man and woman – let’s face it, all those relations which are rooted in love also are involved in this quarrel. Because our real responsibility is to endlessly redefine each other. I cannot live without you, and you cannot live without me – and the children can’t live without us.

AL: But we have to define ourselves for each other. We have to redefine ourselves for each other because no matter what the underpinnings of the distortion are, the fact remains that we have absorbed it. We have all absorbed this sickness and ideas in the same way we absorbed racism. It’s vital that we deal constantly with racism, and with white racism among Black people – that we recognize this as a legitimate area of inquiry. We must also examine the ways that we have absorbed sexism and heterosexism. These are the norms in this dragon we have been born into – and we need to examine these distortions with the same kind of openness and dedication that we examine racism…

JB: You use the word ‘racism’…

AL: The hatred of Black, or color…

JB: - but beneath the word ‘racism’ sleeps the word ‘safety.’ Why is it important to be white or Black?

AL: Why is it important to be a man rather than a woman?

JB: In both cases, it is assumed that it is safer to be white than to be Black. And it’s assumed that it is safer to be a man than to be a woman. These are both masculine assumptions. But those are the assumptions that we’re trying to overcome or to confront…

AL: To confront, yeah. The vulnerability that lies behind those masculine assumptions is different for me and you, and we must begin to look at that…

JB: Yes, yes…

AL: And the fury that is engendered in the denial of that vulnerability – we have to break through it because there are children growing up believe that it is legitimate to shed female blood, right? I have to break through it because those boys really think that the sign of their masculinity is impregnating a sixth grader. I have to break through it because of that little sixth-grade girl who believes that the only thing in life she has is what lies between her legs…

JB: Yeah, but we’re not talking now about men and women. We’re talking about a particular society. We’re talking about a particular time and place. You were talking about the shedding of Black blood in the streets, but I don’t understand –

AL: Okay, the cops are killing the men and the men are killing the women. I’m talking about rape. I’m talking about murder.

JB: I’m not disagreeing with you, but I do think you’re barking up the wrong tree. I’m not trying to get the Black man off the hook – or Black women, for that matter – but I am talking about the kingdom in which we live.

AL: Yes, I absolutely agree; the kingdom in which these distortions occur has to be changed.

JB: Something happens to the man who beats up a lady. Something happens to the man who beats up his grandmother. Something happens to the junkie. I know that very well. I walked the streets of Harlem; I grew up there, right? Now you know it is not the Black cat’s fault who sees me and tries to mug me. I got to know that. It’s his responsibility but it’s not his fault. That’s a nuance. UI got to know that it’s not him who is my enemy even when he beats up his grandmother. His grandmother has got to know. I’m trying to say one’s got to see what drove both of us into those streets. We be both from the same track. Do you see what I mean? I’ve come home myself, you know, wanting to beat up anything in sight- but Audre, Audre…

AL: I’m here, I’m here…

JB: I agree with you. I see exactly what you mean and it hurts me at least as much as it hurts you. But how to maneuver oneself past this point – how not to lose him or her who may be in what is in effect occupied territory. That is really what the Black situation is in this country. For the ghetto, all that is lacking is barbed wire, and when you pen people up like animals, the intention is to debase them and you have debased them.

AL: Jimmy, we don’t have an argument

JB: I know we don’t.

AL: But what we do have is a real disagreement about your responsibility not just to me but to my son and to our boys. Your responsibility to him is to get across to him in a way that I never will be able to because he did not come out of my body and has another relationship to me. Your relationship to him as his farther is to tell him I’m not a fit target for his fury.

JB: Okay, okay…

AL: It’s so entrenched in him that it’s part of him as much as his Blackness is.

JB: All right, all right…

AL: I can’t do it. You have to.

JB: All right, I accept – the challenge is there in any case. It never occurred to me that it would be otherwise. That’s absolutely true. I simply want to locate where the danger is…

AL: Yeah, we’re at war…

JB: We are behind the gates of a kingdom which is determined to destroy us.

AL: Yes, exactly so. And I’m interested in seeing that we do not accept terms that will help us destroy each other. And I think one of the ways in which we destroy each other is by being programmed to knee-jerk on our differences. Knee-jerk on sex. Knee-jerk on sexuality…

JB: I don’t quite know what to do about it, but I agree with you. And I understand exactly what you mean. You’re quite right. We get confused with genders – you know, what the western notion of woman is, which is not necessarily what a woman is at all. It’s certainly not the African notion of what a woman is. Or even the European notion of what a woman is. And there’s certainly not standard of masculinity in this country which anybody can respect. Part of the horror of being a Black American is being trapped into being an imitation of an imitation.

AL: I can’t tell you what I wished you would be doing. I can’t redefine masculinity. I can’t redefine Black masculinity certainly. I am in the business of redefining Black womanness. You are in the business of redefining Black masculinity. And I’m saying, ‘Hey, please go on doing it,’ because I don’t know how much longer I can hold this fort, and I really feel that Black women are holding it and we’re beginning to hold it in ways that are making this dialogue less possible.

JB: Really? Why do you say that? I don’t feel that at all. It seems to me you’re blaming the Black man for the trap he’s in.

AL: I’m not blaming the Black man; I’m saying don’t shed my blood. I’m not blaming the Black man. I’m saying if my blood is being shed, at some point I’m gonna have a legitimate reason to take up a knife and cut your damn head off, and I’m not trying to do it.

JB: If you drive a man mad, you’ll turn him into a beast – it has nothing to do with his color.

AL: If you drive a woman insane, she will react like a beast too. There is a larger structure, a society with which we are in total and absolute war. We live in the mouth of a dragon, and we must be able to use each other’s forces to fight it together, because we need each other. I am saying that in our joint battle we have also developed some very real weapons, and when we turn them against each other they are even more bloody, because we know each other in a particular way. When we turn those weapons against each other, the bloodshed is terrible. Even worse, we are doing this in a structure where we are already embattled. I am not denying that. It is a family discussion I’m having now. I’m not laying blame. I do not blame Black men for what they are. I’m asking them to move beyond. I do not blame Black men; what I’m saying is, we have to take a new look at the ways in which we fight our joint oppression because if we don’t, we’re gonna be blowing each other up. We have to begin to redefine the terms of what woman is, what man is, how we relate to each other.

JB: But that demands redefining the terms of the western world…

AL: And both of us have to do it; both of us have to do it…

JB: But you don’t realize that in this republic the only real crime is to be a Black man?

AL: No, I don’t realize that. I realize the only crime is to be Black. I realize the only crime is to be Black, and that includes me too.

JB: A Black man has a prick, they hack it off. A Black man is a ****** when he tries to be a model for his children and he tries to protect his women. That is a principal crime in this republic. And every Black man knows it. And every Black woman pays for it. And every Black child. How can you be so sentimental as to blame the Black man for a situation which has nothing to do with him?

AL: You still haven’t come past blame. I’m not interested in blame, I’m interested in changing…

JB: May I tell you something? May I tell you something? I might be wrong or right.

AL: I don’t know – tell me.

JB: Do you know what happens to a man-?

AL: How can I know what happens to a man?

JB: Do you know what happens to a man when he’s ashamed of himself when he can’t find a job? When his socks stink? When he can’t protect anybody? When he can’t do anything? Do you know what happens to a man when he can’t face his children because he’s ashamed of himself? It’s not like being a woman…

AL: No, that’s right. Do you know what happens to a woman who gives birth, who puts that child out there and has to go out and hook to feed it? Do you know what happens to a woman who goes crazy and beats her kids across the room because she’s so full of frustration and anger? Do you know what that is? Do you know what happens to a lesbian who sees her woman and her child beaten on the street while six other guys are holding her? Do you know what that feels like?

JB: Mm-hm.

AL: Well then, in the same way you know how a woman feels, I know how a man feels, because it comes down to human beings being frustrated and distorted because we can’t protect the people we love. So now let’s start –

JB: All right, okay…

AL: - let’s start with that and deal.

Essence Magazine, 1984

the-heart-alchemist  asked:

#25 white rose please and thank you! :)

Here you go, friend! You are most welcome :)

Ruby lay with her head resting on Weiss’ chest, her partner and girlfriend working her fingers through the tangled knots of Ruby’s hair. These moments were what Ruby lived for nowadays, the quiet stillness of the pre-dawn hours when she and Weiss were the only ones awake. Getting to share this time alone together almost made the nightmares that jarred both of them awake every night worth it. Sometimes they whispered quietly, reminiscing about Beacon or chatting about small, unimportant things; sometimes they just sat in silence and enjoyed each others’ company.

Tonight fell into the latter category. Ruby had woken up a few minutes earlier, shaking and afraid from her dreams to find Weiss already awake and waiting as she always was. She hadn’t said a word, had simply gestured for Ruby to come closer, leading her to her current position. The silence between them was comfortable and Ruby let the world outside of Weiss’ arms melt away.

“You talk in your sleep, you know,” Weiss said suddenly.

Ruby looked up at her, confused. “I do?”

“It took me forever to get used to at Beacon. Some nights I wanted nothing more than to smother you with a pillow.”

“I’m sorry,” Ruby mumbled, feeling heat creep into her face. “That must’ve sucked.”

Weiss chuckled. “You know, sometimes I enjoyed knowing what you were dreaming about.”

Ruby grinned. Hearing Weiss talk about their relationship at Beacon never failed to be absolutely adorable “Hoping to hear your name?”

Weiss nudged her playfully. “Shut up, dolt.” Then, after a pause, “You used to talk to Summer a lot in your dreams.”

Ruby nodded silently. Her thoughts had a habit of turning to Summer at night, thinking about what she would say about whatever particular problem Ruby was struggling with at the moment.

“Tonight you were crying. You didn’t say anything, you just…cried.” Weiss continued. Ruby stiffened as she thought about the darker places sleep had taken her lately. “Do you…do you wish to talk about it?”

Ruby realized suddenly that she did, even though it would shatter the fragile sense of peace they had created. She wanted nothing more than to spill her heart out to the girl who held her. “I dreamed I was home, in Patch,” she began, hesitantly.  :”Except our house wasn’t there, there were just ashes and somehow I just knew everyone was dead. Dad, Yang, Blake, you. And I just sat there as it sunk in that I was going to be alone for the rest of my life.” Describing it, Ruby felt numb. She didn’t cry, she didn’t waver, she just felt cold and empty. Was that worse? Maybe. She was too tired to care.

Weiss’ grip tightened around her “Ruby, that sounds just awful. I’m so, terribly sorry.”

Ruby sat up, twisting so that she was facing Weiss before kissing her softly. Warmth and love flooded in to drive off the hollowness inside her chest. “It’s okay. They’re just dreams, Weiss, and I don’t want to think about them. I want to think about you.” She planted another quick peck on Weiss’s nose before settling back down against her shoulder.

Silence fell again, but it wasn’t the same as before. The real world had crept back in. “What are your nightmares about?” Ruby finally asked.

Weiss was quiet for so long that Ruby thought she had fallen asleep, but finally she spoke. “They used to be about my father’s mansion. I’d find myself back there and realize this had all been a dream, or he’d found me and dragged me back there. But now…” she trailed off.

“But now?”

Weiss’ reply was barely audible. “My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

Ruby snuggled closer to Weiss, hoping it would comfort her. “You aren’t gonna lose me. I’m right here.”

“I have watched you die every night in a hundred different ways. Waking up and getting to hold you like this feels like a miracle,” Weiss murmured, burying her face in Ruby’s hair.

“Oum, imagine your past self looking at us now.” Ruby tried to lighten the mood, desperately wanting to move on from all the talk of dying and gloom.

Weiss giggled in a very un-Schee-like way. “I would have thought we’d both gone mad. I think you would have been even more disgusted.”

Ruby snorted. “Are you kidding? I had a massive crush on you ever since the moment you saved me from that nevermore.”

“And what about now?” Weiss’ voice was low and full of amusement. “Am I still your crush?”

“Nope.” Ruby turned to face Weiss, grinning. “Weiss Schnee, you are the love of my life.”

Needs | John Shelby [part 2]

[part 1]

Request: [part 2] john shelby imagine where he falls for someone w/ a young son & shes hesitant to b involved w/john bc shes worried abt his safety. They go out& eventually they get married. She gets close to his kids. One day they hav a fight and john says let me handle it they r my kids. She gets offended and says fine she will only take care of her son then and leaves him alone to deal with his kids and work for a few days. He realizes how much he needs her. Thx

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Wake Up And Love Me

Pairing: Steve x Reader
Words:   1033
Requested by Anonymous:  Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Captain America x reader where they aren’t together and he gets really badly injured during a fight or just in general and the reader freaks out thinking she’s going to lose him, and so she confesses her love to him and idk fluff, but then he ends up being okay and he admits that he feels the same? I’m sorry if that’s confusing

         You were doing everything possible to fight off the creatures. You were strong, your powers were strong. But they were strong too. And you and the rest of the Avengers were struggling. You just needed the upper hand somehow.

           “Y/N!” Steve yelled to you.

           You turned to see him pointing to the building where some of the creatures could be seen through the upper windows, “I’m coming with you!” you yelled, knowing he was going in to try and save anyone who might be in there.

           He looked like he was about to protest, but you were already running toward the building and he was right behind you.

           Fighting in an enclosed space was a little more difficult, but almost easier to get the upper hand over the creatures you were fighting. You were holding your own.

           And then something happened that made everything in you freeze up.

           The window crashed and Steve went spiraling to the ground.

           You were so sick you could have thrown up. And because of that, you almost got killed yourself. Only surviving because you were so full of pent up terror that you couldn’t think about anything else except getting to Steve. 

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anonymous asked:

So I was reading the headcanon tags and saw that one about overprotective Marco, and I had this idea where tom and Marco are at his (tom's) house and his dad starts being a dick to tom to the point that he forgets Marco is here and start beating tom. Then Marco beats the shit out of him for ever daring to treat his demon like this, while yelling at him that he should treat his son with respect or something... think you could do a fanfic like this?

Of course I can! This was so much fun to write! I worked really hard on it and had a really nice time making it. I’m not sure if it sucks or not, but I hope it doesn’t. I think it’s good but I feel like you guys might hate it. IDK, trigger warning. abuse/violence

Marco sat near his boyfriend and the two smiled at each other, they were laughing happily with each other about just seeing one another again. “I’m so happy you decided to come see me today!” Tom grinned. “It’s gotten lonely here for a while.” He frowned. Marco tilted his head and gave the demon a kiss.

“Why have you been here alone? You could have just teleported over to see me.” Marco suggested. Tom frowned and shook his head.

“No, my dad was upset with me, so he doesn’t want me leaving.” Tom responded. “So he’s been keeping me here for a few weeks.” He explained. This confused Marco. How could somebody keep a person in their home?

“How exactly?” Marco asked.

“Oh it’s called a restricting hex.” Tom explained. “It puts limits on not just my supernatural abilities, but my physical ones as well. I can’t fly, teleport, make a flame, and I’ll start to get really weak if I leave my house. I don’t really have the energy to get about. And i I leave the atmosphere of the underworld, the fire and warmth and such, I’d probably start getting sick.” Tom made a face. He’s tried it before.

Marco tucked his hair behind his ear and tried to think of a situation where that sort of thing was acceptable. “I don’t… I don’t think you should have to go through that.” Marco mumbled. Tom looked up curiously, and then smiled warmly.

“Oh no, it sounds worse than it is, I promise.” Tom assured. This made Marco feel a little better about his boyfriend’s situation. “As long as I stay in my room and don’t act out of line, I’ll be fine!” Tom chirped. Marco went back to worrying after he said that.

“What do you mean by that?” Marco asked. “Does your dad have control over it? The hex I mean.” Marco added. Tom nodded.

“Yeah… he can make it cat up if I start to act out of line.” He said this part a little warily but then snapped back. “But it’s a good thing! I deserve punishment if I act how he doesn’t approve. He’s my father, I should do what he says.” Tom explained. Marco didn’t like this at all. He didn’t like this odd side of his demon tat seemed so… brainwashed! Marco could tell the things Tom was saying scared him, but he wasn’t accepting or seeing it.

“Tom, that’s not-” Marco wanted to explained this to Tom, but he cut off when the demon gasped and his ears pointed up sharply.

“Marco!” He gasped in a hushed tone. “Oh no, you have to hide!” Tom pushed Marco to the closet and shut the door.

“Tom? What’s happening?” Marco asked. Tom shushed him.

“Shhh! He’s coming! He’ll be angry if he sees you!” Tom didn’t give much information, but Marco put a hand over his mouth to keep himself quiet. He looked through the cracks in the door and saw a large man enter Tom’s room. Tom cowered in front of him like a tiny bug as he came closer. “D-dad, what y-you doing h-here?” Tom forced out.

“Speak clearly, you sound fearful and weak.” The king demanded. “Show weakness, and rebels may try and take you out. And I may just let them.” He threatened. Tom gulped and stood up straighter.

“Yes sir.” He forced himself to speak connectedly. “Why are you here?” Tom repeated.

“You’ve disobeyed me.” The king snarled. Tom’s eyes widened and he shook his head frantically. Marco, who was still watching, began to feel nauseous at the sight of how scared his demon was becoming. He wanted to go out and offer him some sort of support, but stayed put, remembering Tom’s urgency.

“No!” Tom cried. “I-I-I swear! I’ve been here the whole time!” Tom promised. His father grabbed Tom by the ear and lifted him off of the ground.

“You have gone to earth again! I know you have!” He screamed at the much smaller demon, he then threw his son onto the ground. Tom choked up and Marco had to cover his mouth again in order not to let out a cry.

“No! I swear! I didn’t!” Tom was almost near tears and shaking like a leaf as the king came closer. He grabbed his son again and lifted him up. Marco gasped when he saw the gigantic demon slug the smaller one across the face and throw him down to the floor.

Tom looked at the king fearfully and closed his eyes tight. He was waiting for him to hit him again, but something worse happened. “STOP!” Marco screamed. Tom opened his eyes and gasped when he saw Marco grab the king’s arm and pull him away from Tom.

“Marco, no!” Tom cried, not wanting the violence to turn onto his human. Marco ignored Tom’s cry and stared up at the king with a look of rage.

“I do not care who you are, the king of the underworld, the king of hell, or the fucking king of burgers, YOU DO NOT HURT YOUR KID!” Marco yelled, shoving the man back. Tom gasped at this minor motion. Marco was way too small in comparison to actually hurt the man, but even raising a hand to him was something Tom would never even dream of seeing.

“Tink for a moment about who you are instigating.” The king narrowed his eyes. Marco growled.

“Oh, I know, and I do not care.” Marco assured. “Tom is a dear, he’s wonderful, and he deserves your respect. A child should never, EVER fear their parent, you don’t DESERVE to be a parent.” Marco raged. The king grabbed Marco by the collar and lifted him up, but Marco showed no fear. “You hurt him to make yourself feel stronger, but you aren’t, you’re weak and you’re pathetic!” Marco yelled, kicking his feet.

The demon king’s eyes went totally black and he bared his sharp teeth. He began to speak in a disoriented voice. “You speak of fear like you know.” He hissed, Marco saw black flames coming from his feet. “ArE YOu ReADy tO FaCE TRuE fEAr?” He dared.

Tom clapped a hand over his mouth, he was done being afraid, he wanted to help his Marco.

Before the king could do something, the unexpected happened, the king freeze with confusion.

Marco started laughing.

He then looked up at the devil king and narrowed his eyes, giving a smug look. “Are you?” He asked. The devil king then dropped Marco once he heard a noise behind him. He whipped around and saw Hekapoo standing in the door followed by Lekmet and Rhombulus. Marco grinned at Tom who was holding the dimensional scissors. He had cut a portal open to Heckapoo’s dimension so she and the high commission who were gathered at the time, had seen everything.

“Lucifer!” Heckapoo yelled. “You know very well the harm of an outworld citizen is prohibited. And what’s worse, you used an outlawed restricting hex on your own son.” She read the charges. Lucifer was about to fight but Rhombulus crystallized him before he could say anything, then transported him to his home.

Hekapoo turned to look at the kids and smiled. “Thank you for calling me, Tom.” She smiled. “Now we have proof of everything we suspected about him.” She explained, and walked closer to Tom. “Now we have the authority to help you.”

Tom looked at Marco in shock. “Why-why would you do all that?” He whispered. “He could have killed you!” Tears began to well up in Tom’s eyes and Marco held him close. “Why would you do that!?” Tom blubbered.

“I had to protect you.” Marco hushed him.

“Don’t do that next time!” Tom cried. Marco shook his head and hushed the demon.

“Oh Tom, I could never let you suffer. I love you too much to let you get hurt, and watch somebody hurt you.” Marco explained. More tears began to fill Tom’s eyes and he sobbed, being held by the human boy.

“It’s all my fault, I almost LET you get hurt.” His voice was shaky. Marco shook his head and gave Tom a kiss, trying to calm him.

“No, sweetie, no of course not.” Marco soothed. “You saved me, you called them here and saved me, and yourself.” he reminded. “You are so strong.” He whispered to the demon. Tom felt more tears well up in his eyes, and he clutched Marco close.

“I made it.”

Hey guys! This is sorta cheesy and fluffy, and I didn’t really edit it but like here it is??? It’s just a story about Tom being cute with his girlfriend! Hope you like it, and if you ever have any specific requests, don’t be scared to DM me! I’d love to write for you!:-)


    Tom leaned back in the restaurant’s homey, worn-in chair. He stretched his legs out so far that the tips of his boots lightly brushed up against the legs of her seat. She barely noticed the slight motion of her being, if she did at all.

    One of Tom’s arms was absentmindedly draped over the back of his own chair while the other was curled around the handle of his cup of tea. His dulcet brown eyes, however, were completely trained on his companion as she sat curled, with her legs up, inside of the brand new novel she had dragged him to the bookstore for. He had spent about half an hour trailing behind her as walked through every aisle of the local Barnes and Noble, stopping every few seconds or so to examine a new book.

    When the pair had finally left, she was grumbling about how she could very well afford to pay for her own books, thank you very much, and how he didn’t need to swoop in and pay like he always did. Tom smirked as she kissed the back of his hand that she was holding within her own and mumbled a true thank you. He kissed her temple and proposed that now that she had her books, they try the restaurant in the park for lunch. She agreed, but only if they could stop at the market before their meal to buy some seeds and oats to feed the ducks. Tom had approved and now they sat together, by the pond, her reading and he watching her read.

    Tom didn’t mind sitting in a hush. It was kind of nice for him to just absorb the sunshine and scroll through his phone. As they ate, they had discussed the books she was currently reading, Tom’s favorite books and how excited he was for July to come. She smiled, laughed at his jokes, and offered him some of her french toast, which he gratefully ate straight off of her fork.

    The sun warmed the back of his chair, and his face, and was coaxing him into a light slumber. He’d had his eyes closed for about five minutes when out of nowhere, he heard a shriek.

    As his eyes flew open, he saw that his girlfriend had catapulted herself up and out of her chair, and was currently running away from a rather large, buzzing bee. Now to anyone who didn’t know her, this would be a very ostentatious and annoying manifestation of fear, but Tom knew that she was deathly allergic to bees. Even knowing this, it didn’t do much to keep him from laughing.

    Tom’s soft chucked morphed into a giggle as she tried to swap the bee away from her with her brand new book. “Fuck off, Tom!” She yelped, “I’m going to assassinate you, I honestly promise you that! It’s not funny and I swear that if I die, I will fucking haunt your dreams for the rest of your life!” This, of course, only made Tom laugh more. His girl was about the size of a small fifth grader, and beyond that, cried during the title sequence of every Potter film, was hysterical to him.

    He jogged over across the grass, with a napkin in hand, and simply grabbed the bee and released it about six paces away from her. After throwing the napkin in the trashcan, he walked back over to her, still having trouble containing his giggles.

    She, however, looked very much embarrassed and a little ashamed that she had allowed an insect to frighten her so much. Tom pulled her back over to their table, dropped down in his chair and pulled her onto his lap.

“Darling, it’s fine, it’s fine. It was just a tiny, little bee, don’t worry. You know that I wouldn’t have let it sting you.” Tom pried her hands off of her eyes and kissed both of her flushed cheeks. “Honestly, it’s fine. I’ve literally never seen you move so quick before,” He stated, still chuckling.

“Sod off, Tom! It was scary!” She argued back.

“Yes, yes, of course it was. An insect no bigger than a quarter flying near you must have been terrifying.” He teased. He rubbed her back softly and smiled as her cheeks blushed even more scarlet than they had before. “Come now, read me some of that book, I promise not to let any more bees near you.”

She rolled her eyes, but nevertheless, reached across the table and opened her book and read from the beginning. Tom smiled against her shoulder and curled her fingers through her hair and pulled her down to kiss him.


You shot up in bed at the sound of breaking glass and a scream. You felt for your husband beside you but he was not there and you knew what was happening. “Jeff!” you called. “Jefferson!” 

No answer. 

You walked down twisting halls and into the living room where Jefferson sat in the floor in front of the couch with his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees, sniffling, tears dripping from his tired eyes. “Jeff…” you put your hand on his shoulder crouching in front of him. 

“It’s real, Y/N.” he told you, looking up at you with watery eyes. “It’s real, I know it is. I see all of us every time I close my eyes. It’s like it’s taunting me, dangling it in front of my face.” he cried. 

“I know, babe.” you sighed, sitting in the floor beside him, resting your head on his shoulder. He’d been having dreams for months about this alternate universe in which he was the Mad Hatter and you were Alice, you had a daughter together. It tore him apart. You found it hard to believe in what he told you but something told you he was telling the truth. Not even a mad man could make up the stories Jefferson told you. You knew him, he wasn’t making it up. 

“I’m crazy, Y/N.” he said pitifully. “I’m crazy.” 

“Jefferson,” you held his face in your hands. “You aren’t crazy.” you told him sincerely. “I believe you.” you whispered to him. “I believe you.” 

“You believe me?” he asked and started to sob harder as you nodded your head. You hugged him close and kissed his head, closing your eyes as you let you husband cry on your shoulder. 

Lee Daehwi, a 16 years old boy who recived hate since the very first nayana perfomance for being “ugly”, who recived  hate for being “femnine” and “gay” since first episode, who went through incredible amount of hate for being ambitious about his dream to debut, who never cried in front of camera, who’s closest people in Korea were his friends, who, at his young age, can sing, dance, rap, compose and write lyrics, who never complained about a thing, who just went through all the hardships to his dream by working hard and not giving up.

I have so much respect for this kid, he deserves all the love and appreciation in this world. I’m proud of you, my son. 

Getting Busy, Part 3

Pairings: Steve x Reader x Bucky

Request: Could you please write a NSFW fic where Steve and the reader are ‘getting busy’ in the avengers tower and Bucky catches them and joins in? -Anonymous

Words: 2.6K

Warnings: SMUT; threesome, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex. Kiss between Bucky & Steve, dirty talk, curse words. Oh my.

A/N: Final part! My oh my. Just – oh my. This one was hell of a ride to write, I truly hope you like it x

Part 1 
Part 2

Soft moan escaping your lips you looked at the man in front of you with eyes dark of lust. You had never seen – never even dreamed about being in a situation like that with the best friend of yours. But the way he talked, his voice deep and hoarse from lust; the way his fingers moved teasingly closer and closer to your dripping wet core; the dark glint in his green eyes, caused strong shivers of pure bliss to run along your skin, causing you to let out a moan against his lips.

“Just – touch me,” you whispered, your voice soft like a prayer. “I need you to touch me, Bucky.”

Chuckling, the man nipped your bottom lip between his teeth, before crashing his lips against yours. Your fingers flying to grip the long wisps of his hair, you pulled him closer to you, your bodies pressed against each other’s and your tongues starting the battle of dominance, causing eager moans to run from both of your throats, just to be muffled by the other’s lips.

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Draco Malfoy x Reader

Draco woke you up while spasming out during one of his nightmares. They had gotten more frequent in the past month, and you wondered whether or not it was because of your second child soon to be born.

“Hey, Draco, wake up,” you said. He muttered something under his breath, a tear running down his cheek.

“Wake up, Draco!” you said louder this time.

“Please, don’t hurt them,” he whispered.

“Draco!” His eyes snapped open, and he sat up quickly.

“It’s you..” he whispered. ’“It’s just you.” His eyes widened in realization. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No, no, no, I’m fine,” you assured him, sitting up so you could face him. At that moment, Scorpius started crying from the next room over. You groaned.

“I’ll check on him,” Draco said. You smiled gratefully.

“Thank you.” He got out of bed and went to check on your son. You had been worried about him recently. He had been more and more distant once you had told him the two of you were going to have another child, and at first you didn’t think much of it. He had done the same with Scorpius, after all. But this time, it was worse. He assured you he was happy, said he was proud of starting a family with you, and, even though you believed that much, you didn’t have a clue what to do about him.

“He wants you,” he said from the doorway.

“Mummy!” Scorpius cried from Draco’s arms. He had tears running down his cheeks. “I want Mummy to hold me!”

Draco came over and sat Scorpius down beside you in bed.

“Hey, baby, what’s wrong?” you ask.

“I had a bad dream. The monsters got me.”

“I don’t know what you’re taking about. Those monsters under your that protects you from the bad guys?” you ask. “They’re your friends!”

“But they hurt me!” he exclaimed. “I’m scared, Mummy.”

“It’s okay,” you said, kissing him on the forehead.

“Can I sleep with Daddy and you?’ he asked.

"Scorp, bud,” Draco said. You cut him off.

“Of course you can.”

“But, you and I both know he still kicks. What if he-”

“I’ll be fine,” you said. Draco sighed, but got in bed with Scorpius between the two of you.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he whispered.

“I won’t.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Kagami x chubby reader (old girlfriend..new father)

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(You guys get to pick the kid’s name= k/n)••••• You were getting ready to drop off k/n to school since it is his first day. You had an uneasy feeling about today but you pushed that aside to hear small footsteps running to your room and there was a small knock. “Mommy can I come in?” Your son asked with excitement which made you smile. “Yes baby come in” you sat up and swung your legs out, k/n ran inside already in his uniform, you gasped at how cute he looked. “How do I look mommy?” He asked showing his bright teeth. “Oh my k/n you look so handsome!” You said making your son’s face as red as his hair. You smiled and thought about how much he looked like Kagami, your heart clenched at the thought that you made the decision to not tell him about k/n. You held back tears as k/n put his small hand on your face. “Mommy are you alright?” He asked sounded concerned. You nodded and smiled, “I was just thinking about taking you to uncle Kuroko’s today!” K/n gasped, he absolutely loved Kuroko but is scared of #2 something he got from his dad. “Baby let me go get dressed so I can take you to school” he nodded and grabbed the basketball you kept In your room and ran out. You took a quick shower and got dressed in some black jeans and a grey top with some (favorite shoes). You saw k/n already putting his lunch in his bag and you grabbed you keys. “K/n cmon babe I’m ready” he immediately ran out the door. You locked the door and decided to follow him. You always played with your son, no matter the sport or game. You didn’t get to start college cause of having k/n in high school so your job choices were limited but you got a job that payed the bills and was able to provide for you and k/n. You lived in a comfy apartment but it wasn’t the biggest either. You unlocked the door for k/n and helped him in, “mommy I know how to do it on my own” he pouted and you put your hands up “alright big man” you giggled and got into the drivers seat and you pulled off driving to k/n school. As you were driving you started to get that uneasy feeling again but you couldn’t understand why. The school wasn’t that far only about 10 blocks away so as you got there k/n immediately got out the car. “Hey! You behave today alright? Or I’m not gonna take you to Kuroko’s” He nodded and gave you a kiss “I will mommy, see you later! ” he smiled big and ran away. He looks so much as Kagami, you saw him already running with another boy inside. You drove home since you had today off, on your drive back you saw a board with Kagami’s face on it. You gripped the steering wheel tight and got pissed off by the way he smiled while holding the basketball. He went pro and he has been playing, that’s part of why you didn’t tell him about k/n you wanted his dreams to go big so you thought you not being in your life would have been better. You sighed and parked infront of the building. You decided you were gonna sleep till it was time to pick up your son, you went inside and unlocked the door but when you unlocked it your heart dropped to the floor. Kagami was sitting on the couch and looked up at you with a crying face. “Why?” He asked with a tear falling. “Kagami please I can explain” you said about to cry. “We had a son all this time and today was my first time hearing about him!?” He yelled in frustration which made you jump. “I didn’t tell you about him because you were so serious about basketball and I didn’t want your dreams about going pro to sink” you cried out. You really didn’t think today was gonna be the day. “I would have thrown those dreams away if I knew about this” he stood up and your tears fell. “What’s his name?” He took a deep breath and looked, “k/n” you said while wiping your tears. Kagami’s heart dropped even more, he absolutely love that name. “How have you been doing all of this on your own?” He looked around, “I got a job but it was hard to get it because I couldn’t go to college and Kuroko has been taking care of k/n while I work” you looked down. Kagami was in pure shock, he couldn’t believe that he missed 5 years of his own kid’s life, he bursted into tears and hugged you tight. You started to cry silently. For the next couple of hours you guys were talking about each other’s lives and how much you miss each other till it was time to go pick up k/n. “Do you want to come with me to go pick up k/n?” You asked while playing with your fingers. “YES!” He yelled in excitement, you smiled and grabbed the keys and locked the door and got into the car and unlocked it for kagami. “What if he doesn’t like me?! What if he doesn’t want to see me? What if he thinks I abando-” you cut him off by holding his hand. “He asks about you, he knows how you look like. He watches you play everyday, he records the games all the time even the ones he’s already seen.” You smiled and that made Kagami’s heart flutter. His son watches him play all the time, “wow” was all he can say with a smile. You guys drove to the school to see the parents already picking up there kids or them walking home nearby. You took a deep breath and got out the car hearing your son running to you, “Mommy look! We made a thank you card for the special people in our lives and I even included dad!” You smiled big, “baby I have surprise for you” you kissed his cheek and smiled. “What is it mommy?” K/n asked confused with a pout. On que Kagami got out the car and stood there nervous looking at his son. K/n looked at him and he dropped all of his things. They were both staring at each other and you pulled out your phone recording it. K/n started to tear up and run to Kagami and he jumped into his arms. Kagami held onto him like he was the most precious thing ever. “Daddy where were you?!” K/n cried out clutching Kagami’s shirt. You smiled small. “I’ve been pretty busy but now I’m here forever” Kagami said while trying to hold back tears. You smiled and ran to go to hug them. The missing piece of the puzzle was finally found and now you guys are complete family. Kagami still loves you and you still love him and you guys don’t plan to separate. ///// I hope this was good♥️this made me tear up because I was in similar situation-norah 👑
All I want for Christmas is you



(y/n) is pregnant and all she wants for Christmas is Harry


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