i even argue with him about things we agree on

When Universes Collide (part 2)

Paring: Avengers, X-Men X Reader

Prompt: In this story, Avengers Universe and X-Men Universe finally collide together during the Avengers’ Civil War.

Warnings: Some swearing

Length: 2,466 words

Introduction / Part 1

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“ … and the ban on Mutants will take effect.” Echoed in your head as you leaned up against the rails that is wrapped around the fencing of the upper level of the facility.

The Avengers were sitting in the living room with Tony laying down on one end of one  couch and Natasha siting on the other end. Across from them was Vision and Wanda on the other couch with Steve siting in a single chair between them. Sam and James (also known as Rhodey) were arguing about the Accord while the others were siting in silence while Steve was looking through the pages.

‘I don’t know why he is even bothering.’ You glanced at him over your shoulder before turning back to looking out the window.

“Secretary Ross has a Congressional Medal of Honor which is one more than you have.” Rhodey points at Sam and you rolled your eyes.

‘And yet I can name ten men who don’t have anything like that and they’re ten times better than Ross.’ You thought to yourself and sighed.

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Sleep and cuddles

Tina was the first to see the shadows under Newt’s eyes. She knew he had so many ‘babies’ to worry about and she was aware of how demanding and complicated had been the cases lately, but it seemed like had been avoiding sleep on purpose.

It wasn’t a surprise that days later he just fell asleep on the sofa that was on her office, she was even relieved to watch him close his eyes for more than a few minutes to be honest.

What really surprised her was when her friend leaned into her and rested his head on her shoulder. She tried to detach herself, but Newt’s response was only to put his arms around her like a very tall koala bear with his three.

That day she learned Newt Scamander turned into a very needy and cuddly creature when he was sleepy. And she didn’t mind. Not at all. After all he was her friend and no one could deny he was really adorable.

So she let him.

Then it happened again. But that time was in the cafeteria; all of them were there, all of them except Director Graves, because he almost never left his own office.

Tina saw it coming. Newt’s eyes were closing, his body leaning towards Grimsditch. She rose from her chair and put a hand on the magizoologist shoulder, shaking it gently, but it seemed Newt was completely gone.

Then he just wrapped himself around Grimsditch. The auror arched an eyebrow, but smiled at the thin wizard and caressed his soft curls, making Newt sigh.

“I should wake him up,” she offered then.

“That’s not necessary, Tina. He’s not bothering me,” he waved a hand dismissively. “Besides he looks so tired, the poor thing. We should let him rest.”

Everybody seemed to agree, but that didn’t surprise Tina either, Newt had become MACUSA’s ray of sunshine and they all adored him.

No, she wasn’t surprised. She was worried. Because after that it became some sort of routine and suddenly every single auror working at MACUSA wanted to cuddle Newt.

It was insane. They even took turns. She even saw Jauncey and Fontaine arguing about who was next in line.

Newt of course was oblivious to all of that. They were very careful of detaching themselves from him before he woke up, but one of them made a mistake and the poor magizoologist was very embarrassed when he discovered himself wrapped around another person. Wilkinson assured him it was okay and managed to calm him.

After a few times Newt got used to it and accepted the company gladly. Tina knew her friend was not a people’s person, but also knew how much Newt starved for human contact.

But no, that wasn’t the little detail that worried her the most. She was worried about Director Graves.

The man always tried his best to stay professional and even cold with everyone. It seemed like he wanted to keep his distance on purpose. But he was a good boss and his aurors liked him. They all cared about him and felt a bit of guilt after what happened with Grindelwald.

And Graves… He changed, not after his return, but when Newt came back to New York. He looked more alive and happy when the magizoologist was around. He tried his best to make conversation with the redhead and learned a few things about magical creatures just to catch Newt’s interest.

They also noticed how Graves seemed to be aware of Newt’s permits expiration dates and gently reminded him to renew them.

But he was also very reserved and not so good with feelings so he had never made a move and sometimes didn’t seem like he was going to.

Tina wasn’t the only one worried about it, because it was a silent agreement that cuddle session with Newt should remain a secret.

Well it wasn’t exactly a secret since every auror knew, everyone except Graves. Because no one was sure how their boss would react to that.

Maybe it could be a good thing and it’d be the final push Graves needed to confess his feelings, but it could also get them all killed.

No one wanted to take the risk.

They also weren’t lucky, it seemed because the very next day Graves decided to get out of his office and found Newt asleep form being held by Richards.

He didn’t look pleased.

“What’s going on here?”

The girl paled and stared back at his boss, the terror in her eyes was clear. Everybody in the room was petrified.

Then Tina took a step ahead and started to explain as best as she could. Graves’ frown began to disappear and when his eyes finally landed on Newt’s face his lips quirked up in a fond smile.

He approached him and Richards let him go, making Newt’s eyes open. He was still very tired from last night (he attended a wounded occamy) and smiled shyly at Graves before his eyes started to close again.

“Newt,” Director Graves muttered because suddenly he wasn’t Mr Scamander anymore he was Newt. Lovely, beautiful and precious Newt.

Graves leaned towards him and touched his arm and it seemed was everything Newt needed to turn around and put his arms around the director’s neck.

“Sir, if you want I can take him to…” Tina offered, but Graves shook his head.

“It’s okay, Goldstein,” he said before carrying Newt and lifted him from the chair as he weighed nothing. “I’ll take care of him.”

There was something in Graves’ voice that Newt found calming because he smiled in his sleep and nuzzled in the other wizard’s neck.

And to everyone’s shock their boss smiled back and pressed Newt even closer to his body.

They all saw his boss walk in his with the magizoologist in his arms and close the door behind them.


Newt woke up and the first thing he felt was fingers brushing the hairs that had fallen over his forehead. Then he realized he was on someone’s lap and definitely noticed the hand on his waist firmly keeping him in place.

He also felt the blush spreading over his face when he became to the realization it was Percival Graves who was holding him.

Graves looked back at him, amused.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Well… I-I think… I mean yes,” he mumbled. He tried to detach himself, but the grip around his waist just tightened.

They were on his couch, he noticed. In his office. How did he get there?

“Mr Graves…”

“I think it’s time for you to call me by my first name, don’t you agree?”

Newt nodded too flustered to speak.

Percival chuckled before pressing a soft kiss on his curls. The magizoologist almost squeaked.

“Please do try to get some sleep next time, on your own bed,” he said, but he didn’t seem angry.

“Yes… I-I didn’t want to be-”

“And if you feel tired during the day again please don’t go to cuddle those idiots. Please come to me instead.”

Newt blushed even more and watched him in confusion. There was a smirk forming on Percival’s lips.

“Because you see… I’m far from perfect, but you must know that by now,” he continued, rubbing the back of his neck, nervous. “And even though I try to be better there are a few things I cannot change about myself. And one of them is that I don’t like to share. I’m jealous and a little bit possessive sometimes and I definitely don’t want to share you.”

“What? You mean… You like me?” Newt blinked, shocked and flustered.

“I think I’m in love with you to be quite honest,” Percival breathed, his lips moving over Newt’s forehead.


Graves rolled his eyes.

“And I thought it was obvious,” he chuckled. “Yes, Newt, I love you and I would like to start a relationship with you, if you have me.”

Newt recovered from the shock after a few seconds and offered Percival his brightest smile.

“I’d like that very much,” he said and kissed the auror on the lips.


So Graves and Newt started dating and their boss decided to keep the sleepy, cuddly magizoologist all to himself.

Yes they all were happy for both of them, but they still thought it wasn’t fair.

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Seventeen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES: Some swearing in this chapter and according to my research, Valaskialf is the name of the Aesir palace. 

“That was, without question, the most horrific thing I have ever experienced.” Wilson groaned as he righted himself after the Bifrost.

“That is a tad dramatic.” Loki sighed boredly as he assisted in steadying Alexia. “Not bad.” He commended her.

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anonymous asked:

I would say that Dean's abandonment of Cas is on a whole level of worse than leaving his teenage girlfriend, even if the parallells implies the underlying same cause. Castiel's circumstances that were very dire, for one, with homelessness, lack of funds and angels gunning for him. God, that pisses me off even now. Wonder if that influences Cas now, with him never settling in in the bunker properly? Sorry, we all have that one moment in the show we dislike, and this is (one of) mine.

Oh, no, I agree with you 100%. This was an objectively horrible thing. I’ve written about it many times in the past, but the specific parallel in 9.07, one episode after Dean had to leave Cas again… where Dean believed that Cas was adjusting to humanity, settling in to his life there– by Cas’s own words to him, he felt he was doing something worthwhile with his life. He even argued with Dean over this point.

They were ALL messed up, and s9 can arguably be called The Season Of Terrible Decisions.

And I screamed at the tv when 9.03 aired. SCREAMED. NO NO NO. But Dean did have very good reasons for what he did too. Cas is a billions-of-years-old being who had every chance to survive on his own. At least, more of a chance than Sam had of surviving if Gadreel had left him right then.

Not to mention the fact that Cas WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD if not for Gadreel. He’d resurrected Cas, in addition to working on healing Sam. Dean already felt like he owed Gadreel (or Zeke, at that point) for Cas even being ALIVE at that point.


So, yeah… If THEY can let it go, so can I.

But I wasn’t comparing Dean’s abandonment of Cas in 9.03 to the events of 9.07… I was comparing it to him leaving Cas at the Gas N Sip, with a job and a “normal life” outside of hunting, with no explanation because of his sense of responsibility to Sam (the events of 9,06). But I agree, the events of 9.03 are FAR worse.


Gif source:  Carisi

Imagine you and Carisi never agree and it frustrates you to work with him, but then he surprises you by asking you out, because he actually really likes how you’re outspoken and stand up for your beliefs.

——— Request for anon ———

“Yeah, well, vanilla is better and you’re wrong,” Carisi smirks from the driver’s side, a simple conversation about preferred flavors of ice cream turning quickly into a disagreement.

“God, Carisi!” you huff, leaning back in the squad car’s passenger seat as you roll your eyes. You couldn’t believe that you had been assigned a stake-out with the one person in the entire precinct that managed to get under your skin the way he did, “I swear, we don’t have a single thing in common!”

He stretches, looking out the window towards the building that was pretty dead at the moment, “Well, you know, maybe after our shift, I could take you to a little pizza place around the corner and we can thoroughly argue about all the things we don’t have in common.”

Your head snaps towards him, brow raised in surprise that he’d basically just asked you out, but even more surprised that you were inclined to accept, “Fine.”

“See, we agree on at least one thing.”

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10) things you said that made me feel like shit

I started writing and then this happened. There are a few author’s notes at the end. 

Dana Scully hurried down the stairs into the living room, slipping on her jacket as she called out behind her. “I’m going now Mulder, I’ll see you tonight.” She paused by the door, waiting for a response, but nothing. Sighing to herself, she turned, looking back towards Mulder’s study. The door was open, and she could vaguely detect the sound of the tapping of a keyboard coming from behind it, but there was no sign that the man inside had heard her. She contemplated just heading out of the door without saying anything, but the last thing she wanted to do was make it seem as though she hadn’t wanted to speak to him. Things between the two of them had been awkward lately to say the least. Mulder was slowly slipping into a deep, dark depression, and despite her best efforts, there didn’t seem to be anything Scully could do to save him. She’d finally talked him into seeing a doctor and he’d received a prescription for anti-depressants for his efforts, but still the medication didn’t seem to be helping. He was bitter at the world and bitter at Scully too, but whenever she’d tried to talk to him, he wouldn’t tell her what was wrong. He was “fine”, he’d told her on more than on occasion, and she was beginning to realize just why he used to get so annoyed when she’d insisted the same thing. He was anything but fine. He was in trouble. They were in trouble.

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Losing Your Memory One Shot → Sequel

Pairing: (Calum) / Michael x Reader

Request: Yes

A.N.: Alright so if you wanna read this you should read the ‘original’ Losing your Memory Calum One Shot first, (x) it will be easier to understand whats happening in this one, I hope it turned out as good as the first part, since it was one of my best works i like to think that okay I really liked the story. It turned out pretty long I’m sorry.

Four month has past since Calum’s death. I tried so hard to not lose myself in my grief again but that didnt work out very well. The first couple of month I hung out with my friends, going to the mall or having a movie night or whatever but I never really wanted to leave the house. I was never up to do something I just wanted to be left alone. I only spent time with them to make them happy and so they’d think I’m okay. But I’m not.

I’m still far away from being okay and I honestly don’t think I will ever be okay again. I smile and try to convince myself that I’m fine, I laugh and try to make it sound real, I don’t cry in front of anyone to show them that I’m strong. But all of that is a lie. I’m trying so damn hard to keep myself together but as soon as I’m home and alone I break down. I have lost everything. Everything I ever cared about, my Mom my Dad, Calum. And everything in me wanted to die as well. 

Lately I started to barely leave the house. I still live in the same apartement as Calum and I did before his death. I couldn’t make myself move out. There were too many memories of him in here I didn’t want to lose. Eventually one of the boys would drop by and keep me company, they tried to cheer me up, get me out of the house but I always rejected them. Why couldn’t they understand that I wanted to be alone?

Today was the anniversary where Calum and I got together. Dating for almost 5 years now. I remember as it was yesterday, one of the best days of my life.

“Wow Calum this is incredible! Did you do that all by yourself?” I asked surprised at the sight infront of me. He took me up to the roofgarden of one of his friends, it was decorated with all of my favorite flowers, candles, beautiful lanterns and in the middle of it was a table and two chairs. “I certainly did.” He smiled and walked me over to one of the chairs. He pulled it back for me to sit down. “Thanks.” I smiled and looked up to him. “Wow you’re so beautiful.” he wispered, more to himself than me. I shyly smiled and I felt my cheeks redden. “God, you’re so cute when you blush.” Calum smiled and sat down on the chair in front of me. The evening went by so quick, there was nothing we didn’t talk about. That was one thing I love so much about Calum, I could talk to him about absolutely everything and he’d listen. Whether it was about my day, my family, the music I like or the movies I watch, he would listen to me, argue with me, laugh with me but never judge me, doesnt matter if he agreed with me or not. It was the perfect evening and I didn’t want for it to end. Its past midnigt when he said we should get back. “Wait. Before we go I wanna show you something.” Calum said exitedly. “Come on!” he took my hand and walked with me to the edge of the rooftop, never letting go of my hand. My heart started beating faster and faster and I was sure my heart would burst out of my chest any minute. “Look at this!” he moved slightly behind me, one hand on my back and the other pointing out the beautiful city lights in front of us. “Wow. Calum this is so beautiful!” I smiled. “You know what else is really beautiful?” he said and turned me around so I’d face him. I looked up to him, locking my eyes with his. “W-what?” I stuttered, not being able to talk properly. He just made me so nervous everytime he looked at me. “You.” he whispered and leaned closer to me. My heartbeat increased immediatly and the next thing I know, Calum’s lips met mine. I felt fireworks exploding inside of me, I couldn’t believe this actually happened. After we broke the kiss, the tingly feeling in my belly didn’t want to leave again. Calum bit his lip and took a deep breath before taking both of my hands in his. “(Y/N) I- I need to ask you something.” he said nervously. I just nodded waiting impatiently for his question. “You know, I- I really uhm- I really like you (Y/N) and uhm…wow…do you wanna be my girlfriend?” he asked quickly and bit his lip. I held my breath and just looked at Calum, my heart doing backflips. “I - yes of course!” I almost yelled and slung my arms around Calum’s neck. 

I got torn out of my thought as I heard the doorbell ringing. I sighed and stood up, making my way towards the front door when I realized my cheeks were wet. I didnt even notice that I was crying. I quickly wiped my tears away before I opened the door.

“What do you want?” I asked Michael who was stading in my doorframe with two huge pizza boxes in his hands. “I’m here to keep you company, whether you want it or not.” he said and softly pushed me aside to let himself in. “You’ve been really distant lately and I don’t like that.”

 "I don’t like that you’re here Michael, I wanna be alone so please leave.“ I said annyoed and tried to push him back towards the door.

"No. I’m not letting you out of my sight again. I’m worried about you (Y/N)!”

“I’m fine.”

“No. You’re acting like you’re fine but I know you’re not. Let me help you." 

"I don’t need your help Michael.”

“You do (Y/N)! You need help! You can’t hide forever! You can’t lose yourself in your grief. You need to get out of the house again! This is not healthy for you." 

"But I don’t want to! I don’t wanna go out. I don’t wanna talk. I just want you to leave me the hell alone!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face. “I’m not gonna leave you. Just talk to me. Please! Don’t shut yourself out from the world!” Michael reasoned trying to get hold of my shoulders but I pushed him away.

“I don’t want to talk to you! I don’t want to talk to anyone!” Michael sighed, his hand ruffling through his hair. “Damn it (Y/N) you’re not the only one who lost someone you love! I loved Calum too! He was my best friend so don’t act like that!” he said rather angry.

“Don’t act like that? Seriously? I know he was your best friend and you loved him but thats fairly different! Calum and I, we were in love! We wanted to get married, he freaking proposed to me the day of the accident! We wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and now he’s gone! He is just gone and he’s never coming back. Ever! I want him back Michael. I need him! I can’t do this! I can’t live in this god damn world without him! I miss him. I miss him so damn much!” I cried, slapping my hands on my face, trying to hide my tears. 

Suddenly I felt the comfort of Michael’s arms aroud my body. “Shhh.” he whispered, holding me tight. “I wanna die. I just wanna die. Please just let me die.” I sobbed desperatly. “Don’t say that! Don’t ever say that! I know its hard! But don’t you dare do something stupid! There are still people who love you and need you! One day you will get over it! You need to move on! I’m not saying you have to forget Calum but you really need to move on! He wouldn’t want that life for you." 

"I know, but it’s so hard. I - I just miss him so much. I can’t do this.” I cried. “You can! You’re strong and if you ever need someone to talk, I’m always there for you I hope you know that!” I sighed, looking up to him. “T-thanks.” I stuttered. “You’re going to get through this.” Michael put his hands on my cheeks, wiping away my tears. I just nodded, hugging him again. “Thank you.”


It’s been six month since Calum’s death. I’m feeling a little better now, I don’t have this strong urge to be with him anymore, to take my own life. I still miss him like hell and I still think of him everyday, but I’m trying to move on. 

Mostly I thank Michael for that, he was with me almost every day. Cheering me up, making me laugh. He was the only one who could do that lately. And he was the only one I could talk about Calum and to be honest, it felt really good, and I’m feeling relieved after everytime I talked to Michael. I’m so greatful that he is always there for me. 

“Hey, go get dressed. I’m gonna take you somewhere.” Michael said, his car keys dangling in his hand. “Where?” “You’ll see.” He smiled and walked towards the front door. “You coming or what?” I rolled my eyes and playfully hit his shoulder. “Just shut up.” I giggled and got into the car. 

We drove for about 15 minutes when we finally arrived our destination. I didnt know where we were going until we drove past the church. Please no. “Michael, you’re not taking me to the cemetery are you?” I gasped. I never visited Calum’s grave, I couldn’t do it and I didn’t understand why Michael took me there now. I told him that I wasn’t ready for that. Michael parked the car and got out of it, opening my door. I didn’t move one bit, “I’m not getting out of the car.” I mumbled crossing my arms over my chest. “Yes you will.” “No, you can’t force me and I can’t believe you actually brought me here! I told you I don’t want to visit his grave!" 

"I know you did, but I think it’s time for you to say goodbye. You didn’t talk at the funeral so I think now is a good time for it. I can go with you if you want, or you can go alone. But please go and say your goodbyes. You’ll feel relieved after that, believe me.”  

I think he was actually right, I wasn’t able to talk at the funeral, his mother asked me if I wanted to say a few words but I couldn’t bring myself to it. I couldn’t even sit throughout the whole ceremony.

I looked around the church. Everyone was dressed fancy and in black. Sad looks on everyones faces. A lot of flowers were placed next to Calum’s coffin, along with one of my favorite pictures of him. I was seated next to his mother who was crying uncontrollably. Of course I can’t blame her. I tried really hard to pull myself together and not cry. Each time I looked at one of the crying people in this church my tears kept stuck in my eyes. I couldn’t cry, I didn’t know why but I felt nothing. I just sat there emotionless and cold. I didn’t smile, I didn’t talk, I just sat there. I didn’t even want to be here. If it wasn’t for Ashton, Luke and Michael I woulnd’t even be here. I hated them for bringing me to this damn funeral. As Mali started talking about her brother, sharing some of her favorite memories I started to loose it. My body started shaking and every fiber I got just wanted to leave this church, to run away from all of this, to run away and scream. And thats what I did. I quickly stood up and ran out of the church. I didn’t care what people thought of me I just had to get out of there. I ran down the streets as long as I could before I broke down on the middle of the street just screaming my loungs out.

 "I-I dont know if I can Michael thi-“ "I know you can (Y/N)!” Michael cut me off, “I know its hard but it’ll help!” I nodded slightly “Can you- can you come with me?” I asked, tears in my eyes. “Of course.”

Silently Michael and I walked over to Calum’s grave. I stopped a few meters before, I couldnt make myself go farther. “Michael I cant- I c-cant I cant go, I cant -” I panicked, I started breathing heavily, my whole body was shaking. I turned around to run away but Michael got hold of my hand. “(Y/N) stop. Stop.” he whispered, “Calm down. Breathe.” I closed my eyes trying to even my breathing. I bit my lip to keep my chin from trembling. For moments we just stood there, not saying anything. “Okay uhm let’s - let’s go.” I mumbled and walked towards the grave. 

As I stood in front of the grave, reading Calum’s name, silent tears were falling down my face. I shook my head and took a deep breath before speaking;

“Hey there. I- I’m sorry I didn’t visit you before.” I sadly smiled. “I- I don’t really know what to say. I- I miss you. God, how I miss you. I miss your hugs and your smile and your beautiful laugh. I miss how you tell me that you love me and…and that I’m the most radiant girl you have ever met. I miss how you wake me u-up in the morning, with fresh coffee and pancakes ready. I-I miss our little arguments and everytime you pouted when you knew that I was right. I miss out dates and I miss our cuddles. I just - I just miss everything so much. I still can’t believe its been six month already.”

“You know…if you’d be still ali-…if you’d be here with me we’d talk about our wedding. We’d plan everything, writing invitations and stuff.” I said, my voice cracking. “Oh Cal…I will always love you, you know that right?” I asked looking up the sky. “You were my first love and I will never forget you! You showed me what love even means. I would have been nothing without you. You are the only person I know I could turn to when I needed help, you are the person I looked at when I needed to smile and feel happy again. You are my whole world and just because you’re not around anymore doesn’t mean that I won’t love you anymore. You will always be in my heart. Always.” I cried. “I’m so sorry this happened to you." 

Michael walked up next to me placing his hand on my back. "Feeling better?” he asked. I just nodded, biting my lip. “Let’s go.” I said turning away from the grave. 

I stopped one more time, looking up to the sky once again. “I should have gone with you.” I whispered.


One year has gone by since the death of Calum. I was actually going outside the house again. Meeting with my friends, going to the movies or shopping or just having a nice evening at home, without feeling bad or guilty. I’m starting to enjoy myself again. 

I visited Calum’s grave more often now, mostly twice a week, just dropping off some flowers and telling him how my day was and how I was doing. It is still hard and I still imagine the future we could have had together. The boys always tried to make me go out and meet some new guys, have a new relationship but I wasn’t ready for that. I know it’s been a year but I couldnt imagine a new man on my side. 

“Do you want anything to drink?” I asked Michael who was sitting on the couch. We had planned a horror movie night tonight. “Uh no thanks.” he said rather nervous. I furrowed my brows. “Is something wrong?” I asked and sat down next to him. “No I just uh- I wanna ask you something." 

"What is it?" 

"Uh I was uh wondering if…if you’d like to go out with me. Like on a date?” he looked at me questioningly, biting his lip. I just looked at him with my mouth open. I didn’t know what to say. I liked Michael I really did, but was I ready to date again? I shook my head slightly, “Michael I- I dont know if- I don’t think I’m ready to date.” I said and sadly smiled at him. “I mean I like you, I really like you but -” I cut myself off, feeling tears in my eyes. “No hey, its fine. Whenever you’re ready okay?” he said and cupped my face, his thumb stroking over my cheeks. “Thank you for understanding,” I smiled. “and thank you for always being there for me. Just..thank you for everything.”

I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is always nice. :) x


So I would really appreciate you guys’ commentary on this. Blue wires my allowance every month from a bank he uses that specializes in discretion so he uses paper forms and it’s slow af. Needless to say he sent it at the end of April and I still hadn’t received it. So I hit him up asking about the hold up and he contacted the bank and apparently he hadn’t signed the paper form and so the payment was never processed. Needless to say, he fixed the problem and I’ll have it sometime next week.

Because of the mix up he goes “tell me if you need some extra cash because I could western union it you, to hold you over til you get the money” so of course I’m like “yeah! I need $600” ( I don’t really but he OFFERED so why not?) he’s like great and WU’s me the money. After I go and pick it up, I thanked him and he was like sure, I’ll just take it out of your allowance next month and I was like *skrrrrtttt* “what?!” Why would my allowance be affected by an issue that wasn’t even my fault and was something you offered me!? So we kind of went tit for tat as I tried to say the two things are independent of one another. He wasn’t having it because he said this transfer just counts as him spotting me until my allowance processes and doesn’t count as a gift like what he usually gives me.

I think it is a gift but I’m not about to argue anymore but please tell me y'all agree. I’m so annoyed right now. Or am I just being greedy (I mean obviously I’m always greedy but am I greedy and WRONG? That’s the real question).

therealgonzoldyck-deactivated20  asked:

So I was just curious, if the Zoldycks weren't assassins, do you think they'd still be "abusive"?

Good question. Well, no, I don’t think so. It wouldn’t make sense because everything the Zoldycks did was for the family’s trade. They pushed Killua more than the rest because they had high hopes for him to carry the family business because assassination is everything they care about. That and each other. I think the Zoldycks really care about each other, and like any other family, they have their own way of showing their love even if we don’t agree with their methods. 

For example, Illumi implanting the needle in Killua’s head is a form of emotional and mental abuse, two can’t argue about that. But according to Illumi, the needle protected Killua from a rash moment of indiscretion, i.e fighting stronger opponents that could kill him. Another example is the poison. That’s another form of abuse. But if Killua hadn’t been immune to poison, he probably would have been dead by now. Same thing with electricity. 

Point is, the rules of our world can’t be applied to the Hunter World. If I were to apply our rules to every character in hxh, then almost every character would be called problematic and abusive. Togashi’s main objective was to de-familiarize the familiar and the term for the technique that he loves to use is deconstruction―deconstruction of tropes, cliches and rules of shonen manga in general. I’m not saying it’s not abuse. I’m saying that if you want to judge those characters, do it in Togashi’s world because the rules there are different. 

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OMG HAHAHAHAHA I feel like once everything went back to normal--Bucky and Tony back in their respective bodies and sober again-- Bucky would like to pretend that little drunken bonding moment never happened like "Oh come on Bucko lighten up I thought you and I were pals!" "Don't. call me. "Bucko". And we were never PALS, Stark." "Ohhh come oonnn we definitely had a bonding moment there" "I don't know what you're talking about" "Jarvis play the--" "JARVIS DON'T YOU DARE"

i wanted to write something funny but then i gave myself feeeeelings D: 

When Tony looks up, it’s to see Barnes hovering in the doorway. He’s clearly on his way somewhere else, just passing by Tony’s lab, and he looks like hell – all beat up, blood on his lip. 

“Good look,” Tony says.


“All that,” Tony gestures. “Leather. I get to fly around in a suit that looks like my convertibles, but you’re really nailing the tall dark and handsome thing. Minimalism. I like it.” 

“Don’t get too friendly, now,” Barnes drawls. He turns and leans in the doorway. “You know I got a jealous lady at home.” 

They look at each other for a minute, exhausted and a little wary and both bleeding from various places, no chance of sleeping after a mission that bad. To Tony’s surprise, it’s actually Barnes who cracks. He has a bottle in one hand and holds it up. “This won’t get me drunk but it’ll get you drunk.” 

“Why do you have it, then?” 

Barnes shrugs. “Miss the taste. Don’t like getting hammered unless I have to.” 

"Alright,” Tony agrees. “Magnanimously, I will allow you inside my lab. Don’t touch anything.” 

Barnes strolls inside and sits down next to Tony on his workbench with a groan. He kicks his legs out in front of him and unscrews the bottle and takes a swig, and then he passes it over. “Miss Potts okay?” he asks. So fucking polite and old fashioned, Jesus. Always asking after the lady.

“Sleeping it off,” Tony says. He drinks and gives the bottle back. Then he takes another swig so he can say what he has to next. Ugh, small talk. “Cap?” 

“Thor,” Barnes grunts. He waves a hand. “And Romanoff. They wanted Chinese. Or Thai. Or…something.” 

Tony looks at him for a second. Then he reaches for the bottle back. Barnes says, “They’re out there saving the world, and here’s us, two dumb schmucks drinking the night away,” Barnes adds. “You ever feel like….aw, shit.” 

“Like what?” 

“Like you don’t…” he sighs. “Relate anymore. All the way. Kind of – lookin’ in from the outside.” 

Tony takes another drink. Wow, he needs to be drunker for this conversation. “Shit,” Barnes sighs, scrubbing his hand over his face. “Jesus. My bones fuckin’ hurt. You ever been that tired?” 

“Who do you think you’re talking to? I haven’t actually slept since I was, like, twelve.” Tony asks. There’s silence for a second. Then he says, “Tell you something.” Barnes looks to him. Tony makes his eyes wide. “Top secret. Super classified. Inside the president’s suitcase of nuclear codes.” 

Barnes raises his eyebrows.

“I can’t keep up with them either,” Tony says. “Am I getting old? Is that it?” 

“Man, I got no idea,” Barnes says. He takes another drink and teases, dryly, “I ain’t even, what, half your age?” 

“I am thirty eight –” 

“You’re forty two,” Barnes says. “Listen, one thing we ain’t gonna argue about?” 


"We ain’t good enough for ‘em,” Barnes says. “We sure ain’t.” 

Tony looks at him. “No,” he finally agrees. “No.” He frowns. “Give me the bottle, oh my God. You are so depressing.”

“Fuck you,” Barnes says affably, and passes it over.  

The Apology Reconstruction

A/N: So many of you didn’t really like the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory. So I thought I would help some of you out and write a little bit more to Sheldon’s apology. I decided to have them talk about the three step process after the minor disagreement in Viewing Party then using it in Line Substitution.

I do hope you all enjoy it.

I don’t own the characters in this story…

The Viewing Party Combustion:

“Wait! You were pretending?” Sheldon asked Amy when she said she understood Leonard’s point of view.

“Sorry.” Amy said, shrugging.

“No! I don’t believe you. I could tell.” Sheldon said to her. He may not have been able to read other people but Amy was the exception. He knew when she was being deceitful to him.

Amy looked over at Penny who knew from the numerous complaints that Amy hated those meetings but went because it made Sheldon happy. She even told Penny that towards the end, she would use them to her advantage to get things she wanted. The one that stuck out the most was when Sheldon had to agree to make up any dates he decided to skip out on for any reason. Amy got two dates a week for six weeks when Sheldon got back from his train trip. Penny gave Amy a look that told her to show him how much she liked the meetings.

“Oh Sheldon.” Amy started. Sheldon looked over at her. “I never thought re-filing a matter in a standing subcommittee could be so fascinating.” She finished, twirling her hair with her fingers. Penny couldn’t believe that Amy was doing this. She could tell instantly that Amy was being sarcastic. So when Sheldon looked over at her to ask his next question she almost laughed.

“Hmm,” He said to Penny. “What do you think?” He asked.

Penny stared at him in disbelief. “You don’t know?” She practically laughed out her answer. Amy just smiled at him, acting as though she really hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Amy! You really hated our meetings?” Sheldon questioned yet again.

“I didn’t enjoy them.” Amy admitted.

“And neither do I.” Leonard added to the conversation.

“Well I think you guys should just do these meetings. I for one don’t have a problem with them.” Penny said.

“Of course you don’t.” Amy said sarcastically. She knew that Penny was going to use this particular meeting for her own good. She wasn’t sure what she had been planning since Penny was afraid that she would tell Sheldon but she said she used the Roommate Agreement all the time so she could get her way and not fight with Leonard.

“You know what Sheldon let’s go to my place to watch the show. I don’t think I want to be in the same room with these two.” Penny said.

“Fine.” Sheldon said.

Penny took half the party sandwich and went to her apartment with Sheldon. When they were coming out they met up with Raj and Howard who were also having a fight. Howard joined Leonard and Amy while Raj went to watch with Sheldon and Penny.

Amy told Leonard that Penny used the Roommate Agreement to get her way all the time without fighting and that led to yet another fight in the hallway between the apartments. That was until Howard came out having had an allergic reaction to something in the sandwich.

“Oh my God, we need to get you to the hospital.” Penny exclaimed. She ran into the apartment to grab her keys. Leonard ran to get his. “Okay you take Howard, Raj and Stuart and I will drive Sheldon and Amy.” She said.

“I’m not going to the hospital. Do you know how many germs there are?” Sheldon said.

“Are we going to go through this again?” Penny said.

“Listen Penny, why don’t you go with the rest and I will stay with Sheldon.” Amy suggested. She could try and talk him into going. She usually was able to talk him into social conventions.

“Fine. But you better get your ass to the hospital for your friend.” Penny said to Sheldon.

said to her.

As soon as everyone left, Sheldon rounded on Amy.

“You know I don’t want to go to the hospital so you might as well go without me.” Sheldon told her.

“No you will go but I wanted to clear the air between us before we left.” She shot back.

He whined.

“Because Howard is your friend. This is what we do for our friends. We are there for them.” Amy said.

“But Amy…” Sheldon started whining again. “All the germs.”

“You will be fine just sitting in the waiting room. I promise I won’t let you get a deadly disease and have to be quarantined for two weeks.” Amy said. She remembered visiting him in the hospital after Howard’s mother was rushed to the Emergency room with food poisoning.

“You promise?” Sheldon asked her.

“I promise.” She said.

“Why should I listen to you? I am still mad about you siding with Leonard.” Sheldon said to her.

“I didn’t side with Leonard.” Amy pointed out.

“Well what do you call it? He didn’t like the meeting, you didn’t like the meetings. I would say you sided with him.” Sheldon said.

“No, I just pointed out that the meetings were tedious and unnecessary. I wasn’t siding with Leonard. In fact, I told him the same thing. I am a bit tired of how Penny always takes your side. It’s like she doesn’t even listen to Leonard. Now I know she was all for the meeting but it really is so she can change things and not argue with Leonard about it. She uses you. Look I know we will fight but I also know we will make up. I don’t want our lines of communication to ever go south again. So let’s make a pact.”

asked excitedly.

“I know you love your contracts but we agreed no more between us when we got back together. I think you and I can remember what we say.”

“Okay, agreed. Now what do you have in mind?” Sheldon asked.

“Well when one of us screws up and we both know we will, we have to use a three step approach to apologizing.”

“What are the steps?” Sheldon asked.

“Step one is an admission of wrong doing. For example: Sheldon I apologize for not telling you that I didn’t enjoy the meetings and for sympathizing with Leonard instead of taking your feelings into account.”

“That seems easy.” Sheldon said.

“Step two is a promise to never repeat the action again. So Sheldon I promise I will talk to you when I don’t like something.” Amy said.

“Alright. Don’t do it again.” Sheldon said, taking in the steps.

“And finally step three is to actually ask the person for forgiveness. Sheldon please forgive me for never saying that I don’t like the meetings and faking my interest.” Amy said to him.

“You are forgiven. Please don’t let it happen again. Our communication is key to our relationship. Now I like these three steps but can I propose two more steps?” He asked.

asked curiously.

“I say we kiss and make up and make sure we tell each other that we love one another. Another key to a healthy relationship, making sure we know how much we care.” He answered.

“I accept.” She said.

Sheldon pulled her close and kissed her.

“I am really sorry.” Amy said.

He said.

“I love you.” She said.

“I love you too.” He replied.

“Now let’s get to the hospital.” She said. Sheldon rolled his eyes but reluctantly followed her down the stairs.

The Line Substitution Solution:

Amy was talking Beverly’s ear off about the fact that Sheldon had paid Stuart to go shopping with her.

“You know just when I think we’re making progress in our relationship, we revert to our old pattern where thoughts and feelings go unexpressed. I mean if he didn’t want to go shopping with me, why didn’t he just say so.” Amy told her.

“Maybe he couldn’t get a word in edgewise.” Beverly said to her.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been going on and on.” Amy said to her.

“Oh it’s alright dear. Sheldon has a brilliant and complicated mind. It’s understandable that being in a relationship with him could be trying.” Beverly sympathized.

“I called him ‘babe’ once and he asked me to get a drug test.” Amy told her.

“Well I do admire your resolve. You’re an extraordinary woman.” Beverly said to her.

“Thank you.” Amy said.

Penny and Bernadette joined the two in the living room and Penny commented that being in a relationship with Leonard could be trying as well to which Beverly replied she didn’t know what to do about it. There was a knock at the door.

“Maybe it’s Sheldon coming to apologize.” Bernadette said, answering the door.

Amy knew it wouldn’t be Sheldon as the person just knocked once. She was right. It was Stuart holding flowers. He looked over at Amy.

“Sheldon says he’s sorry.” Stuart said to her.

“Bernadette, I will give you five dollars to slam the door.” Amy told her. Bernadette slammed the door.

“I would have done it for three.” Stuart said as the door closed on him.

“Ugh!” Amy said. “Now he is paying him to apologize. Just two weeks ago we talked about our communication. I hope Stuart tells him exactly what happened when he tried to apologize. He better show his ass up here soon or there will be hell to pay.”

“Damn.” Penny said. “I’ve never seen you so angry. Well not since he bought you that tiara.”

“Sheldon bought you a tiara?” Beverly asked.

“Yes. It was the first gift he bought me.” Amy answered

“What did he do?” Beverly was really curious as to what horrible thing resulted in a tiara.

“He blew off an article I wrote in Neuron Magazine. I was the lead author and he thought having 101 Twitter followers was more important.”

“That’s it?” Beverly asked.

“I know, right?” Penny asked. “I was with him when he bought it. I tried to talk him out of it.”

“Yeah well it was probably pretty expensive.” Amy said. “I would have probably tried to talk him out of it as well. Okay enough about my relationship.”

Bernadette tried to change the topic of conversation back to Penny and her career but Beverly once again changed the topic back to the other two when Bernadette told her that she was as microbiologist working on an anti-anxiety medicine. Amy commented that she had seen the TED talk by the same doctor Beverly had seen in person. Bernadette once again tried to steer the conversation back to Penny but they were once again interrupted by a distinct knock on the door. They knew immediately it was Sheldon.

Knock knock knock “Amy.”

Knock knock knock “Amy.”

Knock knock knock “Amy.”

“Come in” Amy said to him.

“Hello everyone. Oh Beverly good to see you! I’d love to chat but there is line that could start moving any minute so let’s do this. Amy. A proper apology requires three steps. Step one: An admission of wrongdoing. Amy I was wrong.

Step two: A promise to never repeat said action. Amy, that action will never be repeated and that’s a promise. Step three: An earnest request for forgiveness. Amy, I hope you can forgive me. And I hope you do it right now because there’s an Uber waiting downstairs and I don’t want to repeat this apology nonsense with my driver Ganesh.” Sheldon said quickly. He looked at Amy hoping she would forgive him.

“Fine.” She said to him. She wondered if he would kiss her and say he loved her in front of their friends.

“Oh thanks. You’re a peach.” He said. “Beverly, we’ll catch up soon. Bernadette, a pleasure as always. Penny, you have spinach in your teeth.” He headed out the door.

“Hey wait a minute.” Amy said. Sheldon had forgotten his own steps in his apology process.

“Amy I have to get back.” Sheldon said.

“I think you forgot something.” Amy said.

Sheldon stopped to think. “Oh of course.” He said. He stepped back into the apartment and walked over to her. He leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “I love you.” He said. The other three watched in awe.

“I love you too. Now go have fun. Next time just tell me you don’t want to go shopping.”

“I promise I will. Hey what are you doing later tonight?” He said quietly, hoping the others wouldn’t hear.

“Nothing just going home. Why?” Amy said to him.

“Well I just thought of a sixth step we could use in our apology process.”

“Oh yeah what is that?” Amy asked.

“Stay tonight and I will show you.” Sheldon said. He kissed her again and ran out the door.

“Hoo.” Amy said and turned back to the conversation with the other three ladies.

In Portland, where the guy you thought was cute at the show last night will be at the party tonight, even though it’s a completely different group of friends.  There he’ll be on the porch in the orange dim light and flashing blue and red lights after one guy tried to cut his own throat in the backyard, sitting down across from you on the railing while you stare into the dark and can’t bring yourself to be charming.

Here in Portland, where I take the rattling night bus through a part of town that isn’t really very nice.  Or didn’t used to be very nice, might be now, where I can’t keep track of the new invisible city map, become a grumpy old man, won’t see the city for what it is, only for what it isn’t anymore.

I listen to that Jeff Buckley live cover of Hallelujah over and over again.  Ariel asks me again if I’ve ever been suicidal and I still say no.  He’ll walk me all the way home the four miles across the East side when I refuse to ride on the back of his bike.  At the party he’ll offer me a shot of vodka and act weird about sharing the glass and, exasperated, I’ll say, “Dude, we’ve had sex,” and that’s the first time either of us have mentioned it.  On the walk home, wobbling in slow circles ahead of me on the street, he’ll say, “I mean, was having sex with me a totally negative experience?” and I’ll say, “No, we just, like, never talked about it,” and he’ll say, “Do you want to talk about it?” and I’ll take a deep breath and think about it and then realize, “No.  I mean, it was a long time ago.”

I told him one afternoon that I was having panic attacks, had been having panic attacks this week, and he said, “What makes them go away?” and I said, “nothing, I just live with them.”  He offered to come over and make soup and I told him I’d be home at 6 and when I walked up the front walk at 5:59, Jess was outside gardening in the cool vernal sunshine and Ariel was helping her.  We danced around the kitchen chopping things and arguing about expiration dates and Jess and I helped him with his OKCupid profile.

Emma and I lament one night, driving up Fremont, how we don’t feel things as strongly anymore.  How we sort of miss losing ourselves in our messy emotions.  "It’s just I’m so tired all the time now,“ I say, and she agrees.  "Everything is exhausting,” is our new refrain.  She’s moving to Mexico City in the fall, and I think about going with her.  Even coffee I try to trade for tea!  I am so bored sometimes.  I remember sitting on the sidewalk on the corner of Houston and Wooster sobbing so hard at 2 in the morning that strangers asked if I was ok, remember feeling angry and sad and out of control elated and know that wasn’t better, know I scared myself, but miss feelings so strong.

I clean out the fridge one sunny Saturday morning and gag pouring ten different kinds of expired mustard down the garbage disposal.

When I was a kid, I heard that saying, “Only boring people are bored,” and thought it meant that you should think of crazy things to do or say to keep things interesting, or else you would be bored and thus boring.  Now I interpret it differently.  Now I think you take the world as it is and find something immense in that.  I think you live for smaller atomical moments.  Marie gave me a ride home on the back of her scooter one of the last cold nights of the year.  We puttered through the side streets of North Portland at 20 miles per hour, me laughing the whole way except pausing to warn, “Speed bump!” and shriek as we went over it, four cheap whiskeys working their way out of my blood and arms around my best friend’s waist at 2 am.

I keep cancelling dates.  I fry eggs alone in the dark kitchen on weekdays, sunrise just barely breaking blue and yellow behind the treeline out the back window, and in that moment love myself so much that I can’t decide if maybe I’d rather be alone forever, me and the eggs perfectly crispy around the edges and Jess’ New Yorker to read at the linoleum kitchen table, me alone forever and constantly running a little late to work.

In the quiet, I start to tell myself stories, again.  I start, in stray moments, sometimes, shyly, to write them down.  Running by the river, and the cherry trees cottony and wanton with enough pollen to choke in the back of my throat almost like a strong emotion.

Axis: the fix-it

Tony stared at his screen.

The scans he took – they all said Red Onslaught hadn’t been lying. That Tony had indeed built for a fucking nazi. And because of what, a little telepathic nudge? He wanted to believe he’d never do it, but … The proof was staring him in the face.

It couldn’t be true.

There was a sudden sound, someone’s tired breath and the sound of a cane hitting the floor. Just what Tony needed now. How would Steve even look at him?

“Go away,” Tony said without turning back.

“No,” Steve said. The voice was different, more hoarse, but the stubborn note in it was the same.

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so, random thought

It occurred to me recently that CS was pretty much the only well-written major ship in s4. And I don’t say this from hate; obviously I love OQ and Snowing (and my opinion on RB is similarly known). But think about it. OQ got stuck with the “is it adultery? psyche it’s not because green green/worst soap opera baby twist ever” foolery, poor Snowing was saddled with the “we stole Maleficent’s kid” retcon business (while obviously that was to set up/foreshadow Emma as the Dark One, it was still pretty strained) and let’s not even talk about the massive dumpster fire that was the other canon ship that shall not be named. We can argue about whether it was because season 4 was uneven as a whole (which, despite enjoying it a lot, I will agree it was) but in the middle of this, we still had, almost every episode, meaningful and character/relationship building moments for CS. The only thing that deserved much more followup was the business with Killian’s heart, but even then in 4B we had Emma bringing it up multiple times and verbally and emotionally reassuring him that it was Gold’s fault and that he was a hero. We had Killian helping her with her parents, we had his insecurity about his past and Emma putting him to ease, and so on. And of course the end of the season and the big setup for next.

So my point is, you can really tell what the writers care about and what they want to flesh out as a relationship that actually works and not just when the plot needs it to (OQ, Snowing, and RB were all subject to “make this happen, whether or not it makes sense, because plot.”) CS gets moments and emotional setup even when it doesn’t come directly into play, and their relationship, while it has suffered from “draw out the angst” in the past (notably 3B) had none of that this year. You can tell how much they care about it, and how much Jen and Colin enjoy playing it. So maybe, instead of fussing about tiny little things, we could possibly agree that we’re pretty damn lucky that it has escaped the shoddy ship-writing for the show as a whole. Obviously, we don’t know for sure what’s coming next year, but it’s really, really apparent that this is the main relationship for the show now, and that will hold true in more ways than one.