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This episode has not only addressed that time the tenth doctor underplayed historic racism but also kept the exact directions to the tardis’ wardrobe


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i know you all hate clara and most of moffat era who, but doctor who has been good again for quite sometime. I’m gonna emphasize again on the fact that series 9 was freaking great bc it really genuinely was, and it’s disappointing seeing how many people ignore it because of how not so great the previous seasons were. doctor who is properly back on track now and bill is freaking amazing but can you all stop acting like everything after ten & rtd left was terrible.

There lived a certain man, in Russia long ago
He was hot and sexy, his eyes were burning cold,

Most people in BSD fandom would look at him with terror and fear,
But to some FanChicks he was such a lovely dear.
He could kill you like serial killer, full of ecstasy and power
But he also was the kind of character, women would desire.

Horror of BSD
There was a rat that really was gone

BSD fandom ’s greatest killer machine
It was shame that how hot he looked.

—  Chuuya Sexual being high on Ra Ra Rasputin and spreading hate on Fyodor.
Modern! Helga Hufflepuff is online!

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Me: I think I’ll paint something different.
Me: How about an older Bowie. Yeah!

Also Me: *chooses another photo from the 70’s*

Whoops. I just have a love-affair with his nose. I can’t be the only one…