i enjoyed this movie immensely

So I finally got around to watching the Lego Batman Movie, and I am so very upset no one told me it was a romantic comedy featuring Batman and the Joker, because I would’ve watched it ages ago if I’d realized this.

Like, this wasn’t even subtext. This was straight up TEXT. I’m convinced some exec insisted on shoehorning Bruce’s (surprisingly short-lived?) crush on Babs into the script because otherwise it would’ve been entirely too obvious what they were doing. You can only maintain plausible deniability for so long when your two main characters spend the entire movie obsessing over one another and save the day by HOLDING HANDS

I mean. Come on. COME ON.

Anyway, Robin Gets Three (Four?) Dads is a fabulous movie and I enjoyed it immensely.


When Yuri!!! on Ice was first beginning, it was compared endlessly to Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, but now that both shows are completed, does that comparison hold up?

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Or, This Movie Had A Message, But It Was Lost In Twitter Hashtags, the meta. 

Oh man.  So, uh.  It’s been nearly a calendar year since I’ve sat down with @daisyyjohnson and actually produced coherent, readable meta content for this hellsite, but Marvel Fandom, you are So Much you brought these bitches out of retirement.  

I would like to preface this work of concentrated rage and frustration by first thanking the lovely @jediporthos and OF COURSE to the magical @daisyyjohnson, who produced like most of this content and had many many ranting sessions post-film and provided A+ editing and commentary while watching me try, and fail, to marshal the English language into something coherent.

And just for the record: I am writing this meta wearing a Captain America t-shirt, drinking tea out of a Captain America mug, so like.  Don’t come @ me like i’m not a cap fan, okay, I LOVE CAPTAIN AMERICA most of the time.  Fandom makes it hard, though.  Fandom makes it hard.  Zoe likes Steve, too.  A lot.

ANYWAY now that the intro is out of the way, let’s talk about Captain America: Civil War.  CW for, idk, swearing, discussion of trauma, discussion of various and sundry mental illnesses, discussion of brainwashing, discussion of.  Idk.  Whatever Zemo is, etc etc etc.  We’re gonna go over a lot, kids.  

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Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, story time. Specifically, PICTURE story time.

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Despite my initial protestations of, “movie reboots are fucking stupid”, I enjoyed Ghostbusters immensely. Was it a perfect movie? No. But it was a GOOD movie and a lot of fun. Holtzmann and Patty were the best parts of the movie.

So I drew a maniacally laughing Holtzman on my phone during a meeting at work this morning.

High Speed! - Character Designer Futoshi Nishiya interview

Not too young, not too old, carefully depicting that space in-between.

- Nishiya-san, please tell us what points you find charming about High Speed! –Free! Starting Days–!
This time, we’re depicting the beginning of puberty where both “child” and “adult” are starting to twirl around inside the characters.

- What do you find charming about middle schoolers?
Mentally and physically, they’re not yet fully developed, so it feels a bit dangerous. I want to find that delicate sense of growth in them.

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Mad Max: Fury Road / Valhalla Comparison

Mad Max: Fury Road is among the most popular and original action movies in recent years. Personally I enjoyed it immensely. As Valhalla by Ari Bach is also a modern action work, comparisons are inevitable. So I’d like to present them here, not in the context of competition, but for mere explanation. Neither is necessarily better than the other and they’re different enough in medium and content that they needn’t battle one another for attention. But it’s good to see how they line up, for those interested.

Here’s a basic breakdown of which features what:

Different works, but with some degree of kinship. If you liked either one, be sure to check out the other!

So as I’ve started recording and editing my Nausicaa vs Mononoke video essay, I’m also working on the rough draft for my Yuri!!! on Ice VS Free! Iwatobi Swim Club essay.

So here is the rough draft. Any input or corrections is greatly appreciated. 

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One of my pastimes is going on Youtube and watching fight scenes from movies. I enjoy it immensely and it also lets me subconsciously absorb material as reference and inspiration for fight scenes in my work. A few of my favorites are: the existing footage of Bruce Lee from “Game of Death”, the final fight between Rock and Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV”, and the single-shot staircase fight with Tony Jaa from “The Protector”. 

Seeing some more modern MMA inspired scenes lead me to want to make a brutal, beat-em-up style, Shonen-like story involving MMA fighting, but with all female characters so our protagonist Anna-Lucia here was created. 

I’m still hammering out some things with the story but those lighter sketches on the side were me trying to give her a slightly bulkier frame and more prominent features because I felt as a fighter she was still too “conventionally” attractive.