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Go Back To Sleep

Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1.894

Warnings: Sexual Content aka grinding and SUCKING DICK

A/N:Imma go now @god01jr​ I warned you dude

Anywhoo, please enjoy:D (And tell me how I did)

This gif does not belong to me. Credit to the owner:)

“Y/N…” he mumbled.

You were woken up by Jungkook mumbling a multitude of unintelligible things but heard your name among those things. You felt a warm body right behind you and a strong arm around your waist. This was definitely not how you went to bed. You tried to pull his arm off of you but he grunted softly and pulled you closer.

After he had you even closer, his breathing evened out and he peacefully and unconsciously started rubbing your exposed stomach. He started on your stomach at least. After he rubbed one section of skin, he would move higher up. Slowly, he eventually reached your breast and stilled his hand there.

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How NCT 127 & TenSol would crush on you


Anon: Hey~ could you do a “How NCT127+Ten+Hansol would crush on you” ☺️ Like how would they behave if they had a crush on you. THANK YOU ! I love your blog~ ❤

Anon: Can i request a NCT hyung line + Mark reaction when they have a crush (how would they be like) thanks xx

Thank you for requesting! This was actually quite hard to do, especially to think of 11 ways of crushing on someone which is hard to write if you’ve never actually crushed on someone lmfao I just hope you will enjoy it!


He’d show very subtle signs that he likes you, so subtle that you nor the other members would notice. Not the type to tell anyone about his crush, some of the other members would end up pushing his buttons without realising. Members, like Johnny or Yuta, are just naturally a bit flirty and touchy, so if they ever tried this on with you, Taeil would clearly and blatantly get very jealous. Rolling his eyes, sighing heavily and slapping their hands away from you, would all be tale-tell signs. But generally, his signs would be subtle and low-key. He’d be incredibly gentlemanly and chivalrous around you, always making eye contact with you and showing that he was listening to you and genuinely cared. Another thing that would always happen, but be hard to spot, would be how his tone of voice would change every time he spoke to you. Usually, his voice would be quite rough and ragged, but would turn sweet and soft with you. As much as he’d be fond of you, actually asking you out or explaining his feelings to you, would be hard so you’d have to take the initiative first. 


The best way to describe how Hansol would crush on you is probably like a school girl i know that sounds crazy and stupid but hear me out lmfao. He’d be so flustered and blushy around you, his heart racing like crazy and his palms sweaty. Usually, he wouldn’t be so awkward around you - I’m pretty sure he’d be able to control that part of his personality around you. But if you ever complimented him or said something he found adorable, he’d look down and smile shyly, maybe uttering a few words under his breathe to control himself. There’d be a lot of embarrassed laughs with him and very little eye contact. To other members, like Taeyong or Yuta, he’d talk about you, a lot. They’d be very poetic and sweet things, as if he was in a movie or something. They might want to tease him bout it, but since his words would be so sincere and kind, they’d sympathise for him. Both of you would be too shy to do anything to confess, so would need a push form something or someone else. 


Out of all the members, I think Johnny would probably be the most entertaining and embarrassing when having a crush. He’d try so hard to be subtle and chill, but would only end up making a fool of himself a bit. Honestly, you wouldn’t say anything about because it’d also be quite cute and you’d enjoy having him to random and weird shit around you. He’d crack cringey jokes and pickup lines, try to act “sexy” or “seductive” around you, maybe sometimes give you a bit of the cold shoulder to look badass. Even though he’d make a fool of himself around you, he’d basically already be your boyfriend too - just without the kissing part. He’d like to play with your hair and hands, link arms with you and give you a lot of attention. Again, he wouldn’t actually realise that his “subtlety” was actually quite obvious. Because of this, if you ever did end up dating one another, deciding when you had actually started, would be hard to determine.


I think knowing Taeyong had a crush on you would be very hard to tell because he’d be so secretive and act in a way that would actually make you think he didn’t really like you that much. He’d try to distance himself from you and wouldn’t really speak to you much after he realised that he was basically like, in love with you. His signs and actions would only upset you and make you feel as if you had done something wrong. You would never notice this, but he’d always be staring at you you know, the same way he looks at mark or sicheng or the way jae looked at tae at in that one radio interview. I think he’d genuinely just be scared of being in a relationship, the reasoning behind is odd behaviour. He’d yearn for the comfort and attention that he’d receive in one, but would worry about doing something wrong. However, his “cold” behavior would sometimes fall through and he’d end up embarrassing or saying something cute to you. Like, if you were feeling self-conscious and were ranting to someone else, Taeyong would suddenly compliment you and ramble about how amazing you are from the other side of the room. 


Definitely the member to flirt the most with you and not care if it was obvious or a little embarrassing on his behalf. But, it wouldn’t be the type of flirting that makes him sound like a player or like he only wanted you short-term or for a fling. He’d still be very sweet and polite around you, but would just enjoy being the one making you flustered and blushy. He’d always be ready with a comment or line to say that would always make you weak at the knees or shocked at his quick reactions. Totally the type to openly talk about you openly in front of other people and basically just how you off all the time. He’d actually feel quite nervous around you but would be worried that you’d be turned off of him if you saw that side to him. He’d cover it up by being very confident and flirty, in hope that it would help him in his quest t win you over. The point that things wold change and would encourage the start of your proper romantic relationship, would be the time that he opened up to you. Seeing him open up and share his insecurities, would only make you like him even more for trusting in you, and he’d just like you more because of how caring you were.


Doyoung would be like Taeil in the fact that his signs would be very subtle. He’d have crush on you from the first time you met and ever since then, would be very sweet and considerate around you. He’d absolutely love buying you things, even if they were small gifts like snacks or small pieces of jewelry, and would gallant around you, opening doors for you and making sure he watched his language around you. This side of him what drew you to him but obviously, this isn’t his only side to him and the other members would notice it immediately. Although they wouldn’t want to jeopardise any potential relationship with you, they wouldn’t want you to fall too heavily for that side of Doyoung, when there was one that was much more like himself. In hopes that it’d help your situation more than hinder it, they’d invite you over to the dorms one day without telling Doyoung. You’d find him in the kitchen saying some crazy random shit, yelling at the top of his lungs, roasting the younger members and probably still in his sleepwear. Of course you’d be utterly shocked, but amused too, and he’d be embarrassed and a little betrayed by his friends - but he’d just get over it, and you’d then be able to see both sides of him.


I think noticing that Ten has a crush on you would be quite hard. His behaviour wouldn’t change much from normal, maybe just a few things or actions just being more prominent around you. Only people who know him really well, like the members, might notice his subtle change in his behaviour, but to everyone else, you and even maybe him too initially, it’d be hard to spot. They’d just be small changes; he’d smile and laugh more around you, be a little more enthusiastic and excitable, always be talking and making jokes. No obvious flirting or skinship though - I don’t think he’d really need that one-on-one touch to like you or anything. I think he genuinely would be drawn to your personality, the physical and sexual side only being a plus to him, so it wouldn’t be obvious that he liked you romantically. You’d kinda think he just really wanted to be your best friend or something, so if he ever wanted to go further you, he probably would be forced to change that a bit. Nearing the time he asked you out, he’d definitely be more clingy but also more quiet, like he was in deep thought or worried about something. I think after that, everything would move quite quickly; it’d go from what you thought was best friends to into a romantic relationship within a couple of days.


Unlike Ten, it’d be very obvious that Jaehyun likes you, and vice versa, but actually dating one another would take a long time. You’d both enjoy the merciless teasing and flirting that your crush on one another would bring, too much to actually break out of it and date one another. There’d be a lot of pickup lines and flirty one-liners between you, neither of you shy at your slightly frisky language. There would, however, be times where Jaehyun would really catch you off guard. He’d compliment something quite small about you, something like your voice or hair, but his voice would be low and soft, making his words sound very sincere and genuine, as if he wasn’t saying it just to make you blush or to flirt with you - but because he actually really meant it. Taken aback, you’d blush and stutter out a quiet thank you, him suddenly realising what he had done cursing himself a bit for letting his guard down a bit (although the wouldn’t regret it anyway) You both would just be sitting there awkwardly blushing and not daring to look each other in the eye. It’d be the same case if you ever did the same to him, but generally, you’d both be quite playful and flirty with one another. So much so, that sometimes you’d wonder if Jaehyun was only doing it because he was bored or because he wanted to make you fall for him.


I’m not gonna pretend here, I genuinely think WinWin would probably act like some kind of dickhead or something in order to get your attention; not like the love-sick puppy that other people write him like. Personally, I think Sicheng is probably a little insecure and would want to change some things about himself; he’d try acting in a way that made him seem more confident and extroverted. No doubt, the other members would have some influence over him. He’d imitate their behaviour and comments, covering up his embarrassment with a slightly forced smirk or awkward wink. Depending on the kind of person you are, you might be able to see through this act of his and just find his attempts to lull you in like that adorable and amusing; or you might, or might not, see through it but would find his slightly rude remarks and shrugs of the shoulders to your questions, annoying and rude. Either way, you’d have to be the one to tell him your feelings first, just so that he’d be able to just stop his act. You might not start dating there and then immediately, and if so, he’d return to his normal self, the one that you’d actually like even more and prefer (for obvious reasons) He’d obviously be very flustered and shy around you, maybe begging another one of the members to come with him to see you because he’s “too awkward to be around you alone”.  


Mark would be quite similar to Taeyong if he had a crush on you. He’d be quite distant and shy around you. To be honest, you wouldn’t really know him that well in the first place. Sure, you’d have heard things about him through other people, but very rarely, would you ever have the opportunity to speak to one another. He’d be a secret admirer to say the least. Watching you with fondness from afar, smiling when you’re laughing with your friends but, then dodging eye contact with you when you turn your head towards him. He’d ask the other members to ask you questions on his behalf, source out some information on you to see if you were truly compatible with one another. I think he’d be cautious about the whole thing; he wouldn’t be the type to invest in a relationship he wasn’t 100% sure would work out well. He would eventually reach the conclusion, and admit, that he likes you - a lot - immediately changing his behaviour in a pursuit to get you. He’d be very open and friendly around you, teasing you cheekily but defending you from any of the jokes of his older members. His change in behaviour would shock you a bit but you wouldn’t really doubt him.


Expect a very fluffy and awkward Haechan if he has a crush on you! Although he might try to hide his nervousness and blushy state, he’d fail miserably and literally would just be so flustered and awkward around you. He’d just giggle and laugh at everything you say, absentmindedly touch your shoulder or hand but then suddenly pulling away embarrassed. The whole thing would be very cute though - you’d easily spot his cute little gestures and the pink tint on his cheeks. How sometimes he’d open his mouth to say something to you but then quickly stop and shut it again, because he didn’t want to embarrass himself with his cheesy pick up line or compliment. Or how even just offering him a snack or drink could leave him red-faces for the rest of the day, his heart racing. The other members would, at first, embarrass him a lot in front of you - they’d be the reason why you spotted Haechan’s crush on you. But they’d stop when they realised how they’re teasing would make him hesitant to be around you or try to avoid you, they’d stop and actually encourage and help him to be more confident around you (which would eventually work lmao)

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It's really crazy how active you are on your art blog.... I LOVE IT!!!!

HAHAHAHA well my art is my life!! I’m glad you enjoy it as much as I do! :D

Langblr Music Project

I guess I should make my introduction now now that I have a few songs posted!

My name is Brooke and my langblr is @languagemoon
This blog is designed to share music from different cultures and languages all over the world for language immersion, cultural appreciation, and enjoyment! I will often provide the original lyrics, a translation, and a transliteration (if applicable).

I have a wide variety of music in other languages that I collect and enjoy for myself personally, so I thought I’d share that with the rest of langblr, as there are so many gems around the world that many people have yet to discover.

I really hope that you guys enjoy this blog, and recommendations are always welcome!
Also if you could help share this post and spread the word around, I would be eternally grateful!~

-Brooke ♡


Summary: Negan and a fellow survivor get into a fight that takes unexpected twists and turns.

Word Count: 948

A/N: This was just a little idea I got about an hour ago. I was listening to music and basically let the emotions of the songs speak. I didn’t insert any names on purpose, so you could imagine any characters in these roles. I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on it!

Warnings: swearing, I think that’s it.

Tagging: @warriorqueen1991, @jml509, @negansoutpost, @negans-network, @jdms-network

Let me know if you want to be tagged!

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

(gif originally posted by @grungedaddykinks)

She knocked on his door for what felt like the hundredth time. And again, he didn’t answer her nor did she hear any sign of life from the other side.

“C’mon you baby, are you going to stay mad at me and avoid me like the plague forever or are you going to open the damn door already?“

Then, she heard some shuffling from the other side and his bare feet drag themselves closer to the door. She straightened up and expected him to open the door any second now, but nothing happened.

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anonymous asked:

A lot of you Gillovnies have acted like children over Gillian her new relationship and how she has adjusted her life. I've been a fan of David's for years, I never hated on Tèa, did not pull him apart for getting married, if he had ever had a relationship with Gillian I'd be happy for him. If and when he enters into another relationship (I'm sure will enjoy female company anyway) I'd say good on him. Why? Because I maybe a fan but who he chooses to date is his business, same goes for Gillian.

The problem with GA is that she has created a picture of herself, put herself in the media and publicly with some very strong attitudes and not least made herself a spokesperson for a lot of things. By doing the things she has chosen to make herself a role model. But, she is now doing the opposite of everything she has said and done. It does not matter who she is with (though I prefer her with DD Because he does not oppose what she has said and done) but as she changes the image she herself has created, goes against what she has said and done. And important now she even public does things (the pussy disaster) she has been very clear rhetorical around,  it becomes a problem to all those who have previously looked up to her and used her as the good example. 

It’s not PM that’s the problem, but what PM does, says and stands for and then the thing that she chooses one like him who opposes what she does and most importantly she has very clearly changed herself in recent months. And that’s a problem as she chooses not to address it or openly to talk about it. There is a responsibility when you are a public person and when you choose to have such strong opinions and talk publicly about them, that’s the responsibility she does not acknowledge because she does what the fuck she wants.

ID #24314

Name: Phoebe
Age: 16
Country: Australia

Hey, I’m Phoebe and I’m from Australia.

I love doing M.M.A (Mixed Marshal Arts), Listening to music, Scouts (It’s for girls too in Aus!), camping, watching musicals, performing, reading books and watching TV shows. (Teen Wolf, Arrow, The flash, Riverdale, Shadowhunters, Doctor Who, Sherlock)

I never really realised how hard it is to describe myself…

These are some of the things I enjoy, I’d love to travel when I’m older and I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal. I speak fluent English and am high school. I don’t really know what else to say!
It costs a bit too much for snail mail, but I could send a couple, if you really wanted.

Preferences: Well, I’d like if you were around my age 15-18. I am LGBTQ+ friendly and would love it if I could talk to someone outside Australia please!

amelia-rayshen  asked:

Hi! I've been following you from the beginning, and I just wanted to say how proud I am of your dedication!! You are incredibly talented and I enjoy seeing your art every day :D Keep up the good work!! pymo~

I’m really happy to hear that you’re enjoying the blog amelia and I really appreciate your continued support. I hope you have a great day and thank you for messaging!

(baby sea turtle sketch unrelated)

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Jackson is my bias but I can't help but feel that haters are going to compare him to yixing for opening his own studio and releasing a solo album. I think youngjae should have had an opportunity to release a solo album because his singing is constantly slept on and instead Jackson should do some acting because I feel he'd be really good at it and enjoy it?

I think it’d be a little silly for them to hate on Jackson for that. But I think no matter what Jackson tries to do, haters will always hate :(

The reality of the situation is that Kpop is still banned in China :( so the only way for Jackson to continue to expand his activities in China, is if he does this solo stuff. I think Jackson would be awesome at acting too (and he might try it in the future ^^), but I think because Jackson is known as a singer / rapper, they’re going this route with music :) And Jackson really loves music. Even though he mostly does entertainment now, I think he wants to be taken seriously as a musician, since that’s what he technically is. So I think he will be pretty happy with this opportunity :)

I totally agree Youngjae deserves a solo album and he’s so often underrated :( I think it’s a totally separate issue though, because Jackson’s solo album will only be in China and Youngjae can’t release a Chinese album. As for solo activities for Youngjae in Korea, I do hope he gets the chance ;; he really deserves it! I hope they let him do a collaboration with someone or maybe go on more shows, so that people get exposed to his voice more ^^

andrered15  asked:

3. Shadow for Pantimos ^^

She acts tough but she’s just a little brat girl.
Yes, you may send asks to her! I’d enjoy drawing her more! ( I know I said I’ll be closing them, but if you are to send an ask, may it be to her only for now? Thank you!)

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Kaz! My day was full of minor inconveniences, but thanks to you it ended on a happy, fluffy, blanket-stealing note. And that line about Mila wanting to beat her favourite Italian skater! Instant-happiness. Thank you. ♥

You’re welcome! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it :D

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Hello, I'm sorry if this have already been asked, but can I request how Kidd Pirates act towards a chubby chick on their ship? 😏😏

You’re the first one actually :D I hope you enjoy these.

  • Heat is care at first; he doesn’t want to offend you in anyway.
  • It takes while for him to warm up to him, but he quickly becomes friends with you when he does, not minding if you’re different since he’s different too.
  • Wire, like Heat, doesn’t want to offend you. So he tests to see what’s okay to say and what’s not.
  • It might get the the point where you have to be direct with him and tell him he doesn’t have to worry and where the line is. This’ll clear things up for him and helps him relax around you.
  • Killer doesn’t care. If you can fight (or can help him out in the kitchen), he doesn’t care.
  • And he’s seen you in action. He knows better than to say the wrong thing around you.
  • Of all the Kidd Pirates, their captain will be the hardest to deal with.
  • Unless you confront him (in a way that doesn’t lead him to think you’re challenging him or committing a mutiny), Kidd will tease you and he doesn’t always realize when he takes things too far. Being straightforward with him is the only way to get him to stop.
  • If you’re confident about yourself and your body, the crew will tease you every so often.
  • However, if you’re insecure, they won’t do so and will attack anyone outside of the crew who dares to make fun of you.
  • (They’d do this anyway; no one laughs at the Kidd Pirates and gets away with it).

(If there’s any way I can improve on this one, please let me know).

blamedorange  asked:

Helloo I'd just like to say that I really enjoy seeing all the content you make for Toshinori and your BNHA drawings! Thank you for sharing them with us :D

OH NOOOOOOO THIS IS SO NICE YOU ARE SO NICE thank you so much, i really appreciate it!! ;u;

anonymous asked:

Yo yo I think u should join a website called art fight, I think you'd enjoy the challenge very much

i’ll check it out thank you!