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so i haven’t been able to really listen to All Night, like REALLY listen to it intently until this very moment so i’m going to be very camren-y delusional right now, forgive me. especially to lauren, i love you and you’ll hate me if in some magic world you’ll be able to see this, so forgive me.

at first i thought the song was all about tyren because it’s easier to like succumb into the thinking that everything lauren’s involved with right now (romantically) is about or with ty. so i’m ready to feel that pang in my chest hearing how, supposedly, drawn she is to ty even though i love her and support her and such.

ps. i think i’d finally enjoy In Your Phone in the future days wherein tyren doesn’t exist anymore. like, i’m all for lauren’s happiness and all, and if she ends up with ty, then so be it. i’ll still love her. i’m just saying, i’ll enjoy the music more if she find love with someone else, preferably a cuban-mexican with that signature butt. or already found it but whatever. 😁

back to the music, since i like listened really carefully to it, the lyrics is giving this vibe like the person that lauren’s (or steve’s) referring to is someone that they’re not really “dating” but someone that they have a strong pull towards. so tyren is not it, because as i’ve said, lauren’s romantic life is currently revolving around ty or atleast what she’s letting us on. and also, it shouldn’t be about laucy because she wasn’t really that private about it either. i mean, they even did a photoshoot. and the lyrics of the song implies that this love is kind of under the covers, secretive and sensitive. 😁

let’s strip the lyrics now shall we?


My heart beats a little faster, when our eyes meet in the middle of a crowded room. I’ve got a feeling, and I don’t know what to do with you

1. we’re seriously not strangers with camren’s secret looks and secretive stares. i mean, it’s one of the very reasons why this camren ship started, right?

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2. all of us also knows that “camren” and their very relationship has been really rocky.


You got me paralyzed, and I think I like it. Caught me by surprise, I’m not usually like this, no. Got me paralyzed, don’t think I can help it. Why’s it feel so right?

1. we’re all not strangers to lauren getting distracted by camila. i don’t keep tabs but i don’t forget. lauren have her moments. we can all agree to that.

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The crowd fades, tunnel vision. In a maze, and the only thing I feel is you. In perfect syncopation. Face to face, tell me do you feel it too?

1. i just recently saw this tumblr and lol i just want to include it

2. “in perfect syncopation.” — genius lyrics got it all covered. ; so again, we can rule out tyren because i don’t know, i think they started dating way past the day they met. not that they should fall in love easily. i’m just saying that we might know two people who instantly connected when they first met. 😉

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< ALSO, don’t forget when they harmonize together >


But maybe I should wait, let it fall into place, ‘cause I keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way. And I don’t wanna (I don’t wanna play), these emotional games (emotional games). Only you bring me closer, and I cannot deny that I want you to stay.

1. “but maybe i should wait, let it fall into place, ‘cause i keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way.” — if this is about ty, why would she wait, lol? let alone let it fall into place when they’re both so happy and all? with that being said, if camren, let’s say, was real or is real. it was suspected that they are keeping things on the low for years now because of the push and pull of their relationship. some even concluded that they were so problematic before because one wants to be on the out (lauren) and the other is not ready yet (camila). basing on their tumblr reblogs. SO IF I’M GOING TO LET MY DELUSIONAL THOUGHTS TAKE OVER; lauren outed herself on her trump later.

– next, is camila’s insinuation in her Havana Music Video, which is…

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2. “'cause i keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way.” — lauren had a hard time accepting her sexuality #fact , and IF camren was or is ever real… do the math. she was finally proud of who she is, and she can’t fully show it to the world IF the supposed love of her life is not ready yet. (OR I’M BEING DELUSIONAL AGAIN) OR it simply implies that her attraction to the person is really THAT strong that it overwhelms her.


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You request fluffy gif imagines? You shall receive. Le human friend has many favorite colors but says that le giant friend is their absolute favorite. Mtmte rodimus, utlar mgsuna/I mean ultra magnum nO WaIT/ultra Magnus that is it, swerve, tailgate. Plez

Yes I did thank you so much hun! :D Here you go I hope you enjoy. And btw I couldn’t stop giggling about Ultra Magnus. ;P

Ultra Magnum/Utlar Mgsuna/Ultra Magnus:





I decided to toy with scriptwriting just for kicks. Of course, as I’m still flailing over last night’s episode, I chose to write Destiel going canon. 

The writing could be better and I probably butchered the format for screenwriting, but oh well. I thought I’d share on the off chance someone actually enjoys it.

The hypothetical situation here is that some sort of Apocalypse Scenario™  is about to go down. I always thought that Destiel would become canon when everyone thought they might die and the world might end…of course, then it wouldn’t, and these two idiots would have to face the future now that their feelings are revealed.

Anyway. Enjoy. Hopefully.

I may or may not have been slightly inspired by the Game of Thrones finale. 

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Hey Bee, I'm also stuck awake editing. I found you recently thanks to Chase/PaperMarioWiki. So I was curious to what your favorite series/video you've made was? You've got like 150 videos and I'm looking for places to start watching, past your best of clips :) I've only watched a couple of your videos so far, and I've gleamed that you like hot/lean pockets, you're cute, and you've got pretty good taste in games.

Ahh gosh thank you for asking! I’m so glad you enjoy the channel so far! Absolutely I’d love to recommend some stuff!

The SnapCube Crash Course 

(For the quickest idea of some of the more prominent running jokes and memes in the SCU (SnapCube Cinematic Universe), you only have to watch the Best Of compilations, however for a deeper dive, here are some links!)

So, to start off, my friend Charley and I have a classic ongoing saga where we play through old Humongous Entertainment games, for better or for worse! We plan to continue this very soon but right now we’ve played through quite a few already! Here’s the playlist of all of them! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-QgmqAlQTgzMXrPFZ_W2wwKgA_TysI_W

For something more recent, as well as relatively popular, I just finished off my Sonic Forces series! And it was just… the most conflictedly fun time. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-QgmqAlQTgxzdwB7yXp0Af-IO0s-XHbB

If you’re looking for a more chill and massive adventure, I also have my super beefy Breath of the Wild series! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-QgmqAlQTgwKyWfix5htgz3NciuLsl04

For a more comedically toned adventure of similar scope, here’s my (incessantly modded) Skyrim series! This series was the first on the channel, and currently stands incomplete, so it’s the longest running! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-QgmqAlQTgzjJzZt57-o0-2ms4YOyQMR

There’s also the classic “___ for the ____” saga that my friend Ryan and I have  going where we play through old licensed tie-in games to animated films (mostly Dreamworks). Shark Tale is such a good series, I highly recommend checking that one out if you haven’t, seriously https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-QgmqAlQTgzgKStBk4nQUCycUbdc9neX

The Portal series is REALLY good imo and includes the origins of “Bye Bye Spaghetti” which has become a staple phrase of the more dedicated fanbase so you gotttta know about it https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-QgmqAlQTgz_0HNALO32D62Rzjx3c9om

And here are some individual one-offs and other videos I’d recommend!

The Scribblenauts episodes

The Skyrim Valentine’s Day Special

Thrillville: Off the Rails (Spider-Man Apocalypse)

The Adventures of Cheekless (Jondi)

There are PLENTY others that I’m sure you’ll discover along the way if you decide to go even deeper into the ol’ archives, but right now these are my personal favorites and the ones I look back on with the most fond feelings. Hope this helps!

A J-Drama About Language Learners?

Hey! It’s Shanice :) I was browsing through youtube (lol what’s new) and out of nowhere I stumbled upon SOMETHING PRETTY INTERESTING.

It’s a complete j-drama focused on a Japanese foreign language teacher and her students. Now I normally do not watch j-dramas. Besides Mischievous Kiss, I haven’t even seen any (and I mean that quite literally). But this one appealed to me for obvious reasons.

I’m a language learner. They’re language learners. Haha, we’re basically identical twins right? (No Shanice stop)

But seriously, I didn’t binge the whole entire thing or anything like that, but I watched an episode or two and enjoyed it so I thought I’d mention it on here. Who knows, one of you might really like it!

BUT, warning, like I said, the Japanese is very advanced so I doubt that it would be very helpful for beginners, other than just listening to spoken Japanese. 

Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo (The Japanese the Japanese Don’t Know)

Description: When Haruko shows up at a three-month teaching gig to prepare her for her upcoming job as a Japanese language teacher, she’s surprised to discover that the easy position she thought she’d have is actually a hard job teaching foreign students who know way more than meets the eye. As they begin asking her advanced questions she comes to term with the fact that she doesn’t know Japanese as well as she thought.

What Mina is like in bed/kinks

  • Okay so I guess a lot of people didn’t know but Mina’s was actually the first in the bed/kink series
  • But I’m kinda glad because it was kinda lame compared to the rest
  • So I decided to redo it
  • Anyways I’ve said this before but
  • Mina’s a switch
  • She could be the hardest dom.
  • Who can be a little intimidating
  • Or the softest sub
  • Who requires every ounce of your attention
  • It just depends
  • She really likes the versatility
  • And the power exchange aspect
  • Definitely not one for foreplay
  • She usually takes things fast and rough
  • Honestly I think Mina might be a little into exhibitionism
  • Like she really doesn’t want to be caught
  • But she really wants to try places outside the bedroom
  • Also Mina has a very limited patience
  • So if she wants you, she’s going to have you
  • Which is why car sex probably happens often
  • Lowkey mommy kink
  • Biting/scratching kink
  • I feel like she’d really enjoy make up sex
  • Would be into sensory deprivation
  • Hair pulling
  • Loves hearing you say her name
  • Also lowkey into dirty talk
  • Wants to keep eye contact
  • Idk man Mina seems really easy to please
  • If you are able to meet her needs
  • After thought that Mina would like to record you sometimes
  • Camgirl!Mina though

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Seeing as Beta designs have come up, I have a fun story from a beta RP that I think you'd enjoy. So, I was RPing Kork, and he was a bit less composed than regular ol canon Kork. The short version is that he got stuck in the play tubes of a McDonalds playground when he tried to watch some baby fights. He was only able to be unstuck when Gonta threw Ouma down the slide like a bowling ball. It was a fun time for everyone involved except Kork himself.

HAHAHAHA i love this!! let kork observe the activity of human children fighting!! BOWLING BALL OUMA. bowling except there are 10 kork bowling pins and you bowl using an ouma 

  • *Sammy enters Joey's office, carrying his banjo*
  • Joey: Hey, Sammy, take a seat! What's up?
  • Sammy, seriously: Listen, Joey... I know we've had our share of conflicts, but I think it's time I show you how much I appreciate you for a change, and how much I actually enjoy working here.
  • Sammy: I wrote a song for you, and I'd like you to hear it.
  • Joey: Well, go on, then!
  • Sammy: *smiles slyly and strums banjo*
  • Sammy: It's called "I Swear I'm Quitting If Another Goddamn Pipe Bursts In My Department".
  • Joey: ...
  • Joey: Get out.


So instead on working on the stuff I had planned on working on today, I instead decided to replay @nighttimepixels game “Soul Redacted"​ so that I could get a hold of the dialogue from this scene of Berry declaring that he and Q, belongs to @jolie-in-the-underground,​ are now best friends, which frikking killed me the first time I played it as this was immediately what I thought of, Berry putting his finger against Q’s screen shushing him with Q just looking slightly shocked and stuff <:

This actually didn’t turn out all that bad, just Berry’s anatomy which looks a bit meh and my attempt at drawing the machine did not go so well either though I didn’t really try, Berry’s face on the other hand in the first panel turned out pretty damn good if I may say so myself :D

Anyhow, hope ya two enjoy this!

Bonus close up of Q:


I’d rather do something I enjoy by myself than hang out with people I’ll get annoyed at and regret wasting my energy on

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Kaz... it's been a while since i enter your blog, and i just can't get enough of the ficlets you are posting.... they are gorgeously written and beautifully wrapped and my heart is always on the line... thanks for your writting, and hope you are doing ok

I’m so happy I’m posting things that you’re enjoying now that you’re back :D I’m having so much fun with the ficlets and it’s so encouraging to know other people are enjoying them too! 

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I love your in-depth criticism of GOT, but which other shows do you watch/enjoy the most. and what do you love about them?

I don’t actually watch huge amounts of TV (or read a lot of fiction). In fact, I’m not currently watching anything, though a few anons have messaged me to say they think I’d enjoy The Wire. (It’s on my to-watch list now, anons, thanks!) But yeah, there are a few other series over the years I’ve watched and enjoyed very much.

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Today’s Walking Photos: Hey, I promised you photos from beautiful Central Oregon, and I’m delivering photos from beautiful Central Oregon. Today my wife Liz and I walked around Black Butte Ranch at a point when the day was a really nice mix of lingering snowfall and bright sunshine. Cold and windy, yes, but still very pleasant. What a gorgeous place.

Click the photos to see larger versions and enjoy the captions I added for each one.

And if you’d like to see what Black Butte looks like when it’s not covered with snow, and get a much closer view of that fire lookout tower, just click here to enjoy previous Walking Photos from this area.

one time I was driving my grandpa to a doctors appointment and I asked him what kind of music he likes so I can put the radio on something he’d enjoy and he just sat quietly for about five seconds in deep thought before saying without an inch of irony “Froggy Went A Courtin’ “

Hell yeah! You go girl! *throws confetti into your face ~☆☆☆* Congrats! :D

Enjoy this….. uh. Thing that I made for you. *blushes*

*smashes the submit button before I die of embarrassment*


I am literally screaming right now this is absolutely amazing!

I seriously owe you the world, honey! I love this so, so, so much and it’s making me laugh so hard watching it over and over again XDD thank you so much for it, and the lovely words! I adore it so much and it’s just making me smile so hard, I’m sat here grinning like an idiot because I’m so chuffed!

And darling, don’t you dare be embarrassed. It’s beautiful and I can’t stop looking at it and I love you for this so much <3