i enjoyed the last castle

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Nicknames: Don’t really have any rn since I’m in the process of changing my name, but I guess Crow.

Gender: Non-binary, somewhere in the middle of it all.

Star sign: Cancer.


Height: 1.66m

Nationsality: Swedish

Time: 13:06

Birthday: July 5th

Fav bands: Skillet, Twenty One Pilots, Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons, Starset, Set it Off, The Dear Hunter(there are more I just can’t remember them)

Fav Solo artists: Hayley Kiyoko, Woodkid, Susumu Hirasawa

Song stuck in my head: Freeze Your Brain(Heathers The Musical)

Last Movie I watched: Howl’s Moving Castle. I really enjoyed it.

Last Show watched: The Gay and Wonderous Life of Caled Gallo

When did I create my blog: End of 2013

What do I post about: anime, manga, videogames(primarily Overwatch atm), things I like, things I find important.

Last thing I googled: Chill outfit, Ann Takamaki reference

Do you have any other blogs: An artblog. @dead-eyes-and-rotting-soul

Why did you choose your URL: I like crows, but just “crow” was taken so I added night because I like the night.

Following: 236

Followers: 805

Fav color: Red. I also like pale purple.

Average hours of sleep: 10, minus the times I wake up from nightmares and can’t fall back asleep.

Lucky number: Idk

Instruments: Don’t play any, but I’d love to learn something with strings.

What I’m wearing: Gray tanktop, gray shorts, black sweater.

How many blankets do I sleep with: One, but two in the winter.

Dream Job: I don’t have one, but I guess working with comics wouldn’t be too bad. Concept artist for videogames sounds managable as well.

Dream Trip: R’lyeh. My dad lives there

Fav food: Sushi and thai food. 

I don’t have the brain power to tag anybody right now.

anonymous asked:

I really wish that would hire someone else as castle cause Nathan doesn't care about the tv show. He can't move on and let go of firefly. His acting is good but in my I don't like watching tv shows were the actors don't enjoy working on it.

I think for the last season of Castle, they should definitely fire Nathan, and bring in Nicholas Cage to play Castle, I think he would enjoy the job a lot more