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MY SOUL TO TAKE Chapter Update

Chapter 1: INSANITY

“It might surprise you to hear me say that guilt is a good thing.” Ms. Morrell smiled warmly at everyone in the circle. Most of the patients who were present were stable enough to concentrate on the topics that were put up for discussion. Adeline was trying to focus on the words that tumbled from the counselor’s mouth, but the Voices were constantly vying for her attention. She bit into her lip when the screaming in her head died down suddenly and two distinct whispers filled the void.

“Guilt is nothing more than a figment of your imagination…”

“We carry all of your guilt…”

“Not all of it,” Adeline muttered a little louder than she meant to.

“What was that, Adeline?” Ms. Morrell tuned to Adeline, curiosity crossing over her soft facial features. Several other pairs of eyes landed on the teenager, but she ignored the unwelcomed attention and cleared her throat.

“I said that not all guilt is good,” she answered, twisting the meaning of her statement to make it relevant to their discussion.


Week 4: Sunday, September 17th to Sunday, September 24th, 2017 

Welcome to Week 4 of “Aileen´s Reading List”. As always, I read tons of stories, but picked out the once i loved the most which I am going to recommend down here. I chose 30 fics this week which I thought were amazing and i reread them a lot. i though loved all stories i read. if you want your story to be put on this beautiful list, message me or tag me in it :) i love to spread happiness plus i am happy if you guys are. 


xx-aileen <3 

1. “Clean”  by @reids-corner 

i really enjoyed reading your writing. it was cute and so good. it´s a serious topic, but i really liked the way you handled it <3 

2. Wake Me Up - Spencer Reid by @playlist-reid

this was cute and good as hell <3 i really enjoyed reading it. well done! 

3. Good to Know by @traceyaudette

this was one of the funniest writings i read this week :D i can really imagine hotch in such a conversation like that :) well done! 

4. Te echo de menos by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

hi, i love you for writing perfect luke stories <3 this one was perfection, can we be friends so you can teach me how to write like this? 

5. In Your Footsteps: Part 5 by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

bring on the angst <3 i already gave you feedback on your new part of this serie, but i am willing to repeat myself. it was so so good and not what i expected at all. i need them together again. she can not handle this alone. 

6. S5E21 - Exit Wounds by @cm-drabbles

this was so good and funny and idk i just can always imagine this being part of a real episode <3 

7. Moments Series (2): ´Stay`  by @reidimagines

i really loved the second part of your serie :) i think it will turn out really good and i am so excited for what is about to come. <3

8. Loss by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

i am still hurting from reading this writing. it was so heartbreaking. my poor baby. (but i really enjoyed reading it because angst <3)

9. His Infinity by @dontshootmespence

this was so cute awww. i loved it. can i have a boyfriend like spencer thanks.

10. Paw Prints by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars 

ROXY OMG. i love her. okay besides adding roxy, the story itself was good af. <3 

11. Canine Comfort by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

same with this one. i love reading stories about luke´s time with the rangers. <3 

12. I´ve Got Your Back by @consulttheoracle

this was literally so good. i am a sucker for emily x sister!reader fics and this one is def one of my favs <3 well done! 

13. Washington´s Payoff by @dontshootmespence

i literally died bc this was the funniest thing ever. it was such a masterpiec. i really liked it <3 

14. A Friendly Face by @omg-imagine

AWWW HOTCH <3 i just reread it bc i love it so much :) really good writing! 

15. Caged - Part 12 by @dontshootmespence

i just can´t help myself anymore. i deeply fell in love with this serie. seriously, every time i get a notification of you updating caged i literally freak it. it´s perfect and i love reading it. <3 (btw is there a masterlist for caged?)

16. two sporks in love // s.r. // by @thefandomsmultiverse

this was so cute and good and very well written! i love it <3 

17. Love Songs - 2 by @traceyaudette 

the chapters are short, but i still love it! i can feel that this serie will rock! 

18. You´re Special  by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww….like yes, thanks. idk, i´m at loss for words bc i deeply wished and imagined that would be me! 

19. The One After Her: A Relationship in Pieces (Part 10) by @stunudo

i just discovered this serie so i still need to check out all of the previous chapters but i love it! it´s perfect <3 and angst <3 

20. Criminal Minds AU Episode 14: Due Date (Part 5) by @remember-me-forever-silent-angel

omg i love ally so much <3 i really enjoyed reading this part. it was really good. you are such a talented writer. i wish i would be as good as you. it was perfect <3 

21. Office Secret, Ch.9 by @teeswritingescape

let me tell you that this story is confusing the hell out of me. but i am so in love with it <3 

22. Shifting Narratived - Part Five  by @illegalcerebral

you are such a talented and gifted writer :) it´s perfect. i really love this serie and i need to know more about Y/N. <3

23. Heartbreak (Spencer Reid x reader) by @spxcxrrxid

this story made its name all honor like it literally broke my heart reading this but spencer was so good and i loved reading it! well done <3

24. S6E2 - JJ  by @cm-drabbles

idk what´s going on but you guys were killing me this week with your angsty stuff. this one was part of the “squad”. like seriously my poor heart. it broke in a million pieces. idk what i would have done if it would havebeen like this in the show…i think i would have died…a million times…over again.

25. Light at the End of the Tunnel by @dontshootmespence

this was amazing and so well written. it´s such an important topic (which i tend to struggle with too), but you handled it so well. very good writing! <3 

26. Penelope & Derek´s Matchmaking Service by @huh-imagine-that

i just discovered your writing yesterday evening and let me tell you it felt pretty real. like i can totally imagine penelope and derek doing things like this. it was very well written <3 

27. We All Fall Down - Nineteen by @criminal-minds-fanfiction

i really enjoyed reading this part of your writing <3 i am always looking forward to it bc i love this serie. things are starting to get very interesting and i can not wait for the next part.

28. Take It Away by @not-moose-one-shots

a very well written story <3 anxitey is a serious topic and you handled it pretty well! i really really enjoyed reading it. (btw people it´s not cool to steal other people writings. it´s not that hard to actually credit them for their work.)

29. Promises, Pledges and Vows by @dontshootmespence 

i sobbed. this was perfect and pure and overall goals. <3 

30. S6E4 - Compromising Positions by @cm-drabbles​

your drabbles are life. i love them! <3 

A/N: this was this week´s reading list. i hope you enjoyed and i could spread some happiness. have a great week! 

xx, aileen 

Best Of Me - Series

Best Of Me is a series which will include all 7 members and their individual stories on how they realize that you are the best of them (Best Of Me). Yes, I got inspiration from their song ‘Best Of Me’, if you have any problems with that song (very touchy subject) don’t bring hate to the stories that will be posted! 

I hope you guys will enjoy, and I’m hoping story 1 will be posted tonight!

Whose story are you excited about reading? Send in requests/asks and tell me what you think! 

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@dronevariations tagged me in the the 10 songs i’ve been enjoying recently thing!

1. Merle Haggard - I Die Ten Thousand Times a Day

2. Waylon Jennings - Outlaw Shit

3. Antwon - KLF ELF (feat. Heems & Lakutis)

4. Corbin - Revenge Song

5. Remo Drive - I’m My Own Doctor (great video too)

6. Bruce Springsteen - Stolen Car

7. bedwetter - Man Wearing a Helmet

8. Jackson Browne - Late for the Sky

9. this live version of Willie Nelson and his children performing Can I Sleep in Your Arms

10. Bukka White - Fixin’ to Die Blues

that about does it for now! its pretty late and i cant thing of anybody to tag right now so i tag anybody who wants to do this!

anonymous asked:

How are you liking Shannara? I heard some bad things about it (about bad lgbt rep) and decided not to watch it. But i saw some gifs and it looks really cool and i really need a good tv show cause i have nothing that i really enjoy watching anymore (besides b99 cause b99 is perfect).

1.) you’re right. b99 is one of the only good, pure-hearted shows out there.
2.) i’m not seeing any bad lgbt rep? there’s one bi character as far as i know (unless amberle isn’t straight) and some wild things happen to her but wild things happen to every character on this show… she’s even gonna be getting a female love interest in season 2. it’s only ten episodes tbh i’d at least give it a shot!


“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡

nobody ships sasusaku more than sarada 


The Many Faces of Yuuri Katsuki - Episode 7

And so we make it to the episode that changed everything. There’s a lot I could say but I’ll keep it short by only pointing out a couple things. The first is that even though this is a Yuuri-centric gifset, there ended up being a fairly large Victor presence in this one (the man just creeps into your life and is a permanent fixture before you even notice!). The second is that you’ll notice both times Yuuri charges off the ice to meet Victor, he’s met with a surprise. The natures of both surprises are a bit different though. ;)

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

Bonus because how can we leave out the 4F that changed everything:


Team Talon needs more attention, so I decided to start a little comic! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 

☼summertime plots for all ur shipping needs☼

muse a’s puppy has a major problem with behaving while on a leash. while out on a walk, the dog takes off after a squirrel or something. enter muse b, who manages to intercept the beast and now the dog likes them better.

muse a is the rich trust fund kid who’s golfing with daddy and his associates one afternoon and muse b is the idiot at the driving range trying to learn how to golf because they bet their friend they could beat them at any sport. turns out muse b sucks more at golf than they thought because they just nailed muse a in the leg with one of their terrible hits

muse a is on a rollercoaster with some friends and loses their hat on a loop-de-loop. muse b happens to be the really cute stranger at the end of the ride looking for this hat’s owner.

muse a and muse b went to the same high school. they never talked much because they were on opposite ends of the social spectrum - muse a was the popular athlete while muse b was the smart one who preferred to keep to their friend group. after their first year at college, muse b is talked into going to this huge summer bash and ends up talking to muse a and wow, it turns out they have a lot more in common than they thought

muse a and muse b are stuck dead in holiday traffic and the highway isn’t supposed to start moving for another three hours and hey, you’re pretty cute

muse a is a waitress and muse b is the cute customer grabbing lunch with some friends. $5 is at stake when a coworker bets muse a they won’t leave their number on muse b’s check. muse a is definitely not going to lose an easy 5 bucks.

muse a is stuck at grandma’s beach house for the summer and doesn’t know anyone in town. when grandma leaves to run errands for a couple hours, muse a opts to stay home & go tanning. the only problem is, grandma didn’t tell them about muse b, who stops by a few times a week to help her out around the house. optional: when muse a gets the shit scared out of them by b, they could accidentally knock out b and have to deal with that mess


Aaand it’s done!! Thank you to everyone followed the update on twitter. you made the experience x100 better!! I came up with the story hour by hour, so I’m glad I could make a sense of this mess of strips :D It was a nice experience, but really tiring, time to sleep for me :D

1/5 back to school 2017 masterposts

school is starting soon (or has already started) and i also wanted to somehow thank you guys for 7k in a way other than the usual blog rate or blog awards. keep a look out for the other 4!

this is a collab with @studyruels. his masterpost is on making an aftetschool routine which you can check out here!

now, i’m naturally a morning person. i just am, and i always have been. no matter how late i go to bed my body thinks it’s a great idea to noT sleep in and wake up at 6 am every day (’: here are a few things i do to make it a little easier and enjoy my mornings!

1. GO TO BED EARLY. this is honestly a no brainer but STOP SPENDING HOURS ON YOUR PHONE WTH like it’s so harmful for your eyes and your mind and your brain and your body will thank you in the morning when your eyes aren’t burning with exhaustion. 

1.a. when i decided to stop being an irresponsible smol child who tried to stay up every night, i started setting alarms for going to sleep. so like at 9:00 (ok ik thats pretty early but thats usually when i go to bed), or maybe that’ll be like 10:00 or 10:30 for you so that you can go to bed around 11. but anyways, when you hear this alarm, it’s time to get off of your phone or laptop (-: send your gn streaks and texts, close insta (log out if u have to), and shut it all down. soon after, you will start to notice how tired you actually are without all that blue light distracting you !!!

2. read! this is a personal favorite just because i’m a huge nerd but reading right before bed is just killing 2 birds with one stone: you’re exercising your mind and subconsciously improving your writing skills (vocabulary and grammar) while making yourself very tired!! if you think reading, especially at night, is boring, you aren’t reading the right books for you.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. prepare yourself for the morning so it seems less dreadful. OPEN YOUR BLINDS BEFORE BED JUST DO IT OMG you will wake up with the sun. do a little miniclean of your room before bed so you’re not waking up to yesterday’s disaster. make your coffee the night before and leave it in the fridge if you like it iced in the morning. plan out what you’re going to wear tomorrow, as well as your lunch. shower (so u sleep better and/or dont have to do it in the morning) and brush your teeth. pamper yourself. set up fairy lights. just do anything that will cause you to wake up and go “jeez glad i did that last night; now i have more time and peace of mind”. 

4. find something to look forward to in the morning. this might be going to get coffee or tea with a friend in the morning, getting to wear the cute outfit and eat the delicious lunch that you prepped last night, or remembering that you’re going to see a movie after school. whatever it may be, let it motivate you to get up and start your day as soon as possible. 

5. turn off/disable snooze. do it. if your alarm app can’t do this, install an app that can. i also like to set up my alarm so that i have to do some challenging mental math to turn it off. 

5.a. make your alarm something that will cause you to get up. it doesn’t necessarily have to be something really annoying. it can be something upbeat and light that puts you in a good mood for the day. however, if you’re a really heavy sleeper then you might want to make it some obnoxious and loud sound so that you will be motivated just to get out of bed and turn it off. 

6. put your phone across the room. we’ve all heard of this one but most of us are too lazy to do it. at night, when you whip out that book, log off all your social media and then put your phone somewhere so far that you’ll have to physically get out of bed and turn off the alarm.

7. make your bed suit your aesthetic. this derives from the basic “make your bed” tip. sure, you can make your bed, and sure, it might motivate you to not get back in. but if you really struggle with this, buy one of those prepackaged bed sets that has a nice color scheme. once you make your bed, you’re not going to want to ruin that aesthetic tbh

8. keep a consistent sleep schedule, even on the weekends!! i’m not saying you have to wake up at 6 am even on saturdays, but don’t go from waking up at 6 to waking up at 12. maybe push your wake up time to 8:30 or 9 latest on the weekends. as you get used to waking early (and sleeping early, too!) you can slowly push back your weekend wake up time earlier and earlier until it’s almost identical to the time you wake up when you have school.

i hope this helps! good luck with this school year, everyone!