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I’ve been tagged a few times to do this, so it’s about time I finally got around to it :)

Name/Nickname: Y’all can call me Neko :) (I’m still too shy to tell you my real name haha)

Where you’re from: Somewhere, Pennsylvania, USA :)

Favourite colour: Pastel purple, like a lilac color. Magenta and yellow are close seconds

Do you like spicy food: I like mildly spicy things. Just enough spice to make my tongue dance.

Biggest fear(s): Hurting others, failing, and the unknown

Top 3 hobbies: I enjoy drawing, writing, and singing way too much. They’re my only three hobbies haha!

How many siblings you have: One younger sister <3

iPhone or Android: Android

Somewhere you’d love to visit: Australia

One person you would love to meet: Anyone who follows me. I’d love to see the faces behind the numbers <3

Artist/band you’d love to see in concert: Frank Sinatra, but you know that’s not going to happen haha!

Concert(s) you’ve been to: I went to see the Blue Man Group with one of my friends. It was super fun!

Favourite YouTubers: Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Lordminion777, Dan and Phil, Game Grumps, Good Mythical Morning, SuperWoman, CinnamonToastKen, Cryatoic, RPG Minx, Pewdiepie, DrawingWiffWaffles… (oh gosh this could go on a while haha)

Favourite thing about yourself: My will to help others

Something you’re looking forward to: I can’t wait to go back to Disney in June. It’s my home away from home <3

And I tag:

@scribbly-of-the-scribbles, @trulymightypotato, @even-the-sparrow, @angstphilosophy, @thereal-queenk, @moreidcmlover, and anyone else who wishes to join <3

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But srsly the movie was great with good and touching moments it’s sad not a lot of people knows about it

Hot Chocolate - Mark

Requested: Can I have a Mark fluff please??
Requested: Ermm how about a kiss/make out (not too much u know) one with mark?

A/N: This is Mark Lee not Mark Tuan- but enjoy^^
Very first Mark scenario omg [pls don’t ask for Mark smut…]

Word Count: 388

Originally posted by ryuu

Frantically, Mark brought your hands to his lips.

“You’re too cold” he fretted, his warm breath making your frozen fingertips tingle.

You giggled childishly, poking his nose gently.
He wore a frown, pressing his lips to the smooth plane of your hand.

“I told you to bring gloves” he began, scolding you softly.

You ignored him, withdrawing your hands. You trembled as you made your way to the exit of the rink. A holler sounding before Mark tugged you aside, making way for the eccentric skater. Clumsily, you stumbled into Mark, gripping his soft coat ineptly. He smiled gently, glancing down at you.

“Let’s get hot chocolate” he suggested, intertwining his fingers with your own.

“My feet hurt” you whined.

He sat down in the booth, sliding a steaming cup of hot chocolate before you. He quickly removed the lid of his own before snatching the other, instead pushing the one with small marshmallows before you. You smiled at his thoughtfulness, scooting closer.

“I’ll give you a massage later then” he grinned.

Gingerly, he took a sip of the scalding drink, immediately hissing.

“It’s too hot, don’t drink it yet” he advised, frowning deeply.

“I love you.”

A light blush dusted his cheeks as his flustered expression morphed into a smile.

“I love you too.”

You leant in, melding your lips with his own, a sudden warmth flowing through your cold figure from the intimate contact. Your mind fluttered as his lips followed your own, a flurry of butterflies unleashed within your throbbing heart.

“No one can see us back here” he mused, glancing over his shoulder.

You suddenly became aware of the Christmas music, the chatter of the employees, the gentle clicks of the espresso machine.

You grew shy, shrinking away.

“Let’s go home” you murmured, tugging on his sleeve gently.

A muffled gasp left you as he leant in, capturing your lips. His agile hands drew you closer, his slender fingers threading through your hair. You whined quietly, unable to resist his spontaneous yet affectionate behavior.
His lips tasted of sweet chocolate, their enticing warmth making you melt.

“I want to watch a movie” he murmured, drawing back.

“At home.”

He smiled to himself, taking a sip of his drink; the thought of snuggling together on the sofa making him eager to head home.




Hey everyone! I’m nearing the final stretch of getting the last bit of money together for MFF, so I’m putting out more adoptables! I tried something new with these ones. Since I don’t USUALLY like horses, I tried making some horse-like unicorn/qilin critters in ways that I’d enjoy.

The tags indicate the price each design is going for. The first two are priced a little higher due to taking a little longer than the others. For another $15, I’ll throw in an icon for your design too if you want ($5 off regular price)!

Check my Adoptables page to see if the design you want is still available. My contact email and TOS are also listed there.  (The remaining Candy Chameleons are listed there too.)

Thanks so much for your help!

Only for tonight.- CH

A/N: Smut. Read at own risk. 

The tension was too much, your breath hitched in your throat as he made his way towards you. Weaving his way in and around the others in the room with just one thing on his mind. You. It was hard to think of a time when the sight of Calum Hood didn’t make your insides turn to mush and your brain lose the ability to form a coherent thought. This was your new normal.

His eyes glance to the floor as he stops in front of you and takes your hand in his and leans in to speak.

“Been waiting all night to get you, Pretty girl. I thought I said no teasing.” His voice is heavy down the back of your neck and your body curls in anticipation.

A lover on the left. A sinner on the right.

“I just have to feel you with my hands, I have to get my lips all over your body. I can’t be in the same room as you and do nothing.” His hands have gripped your hips and are snaking down to grab you. You know it’s not right, you are letting yourself be led into the lion’s den once again and this time you are more than happy to sacrifice yourself.

Only for tonight.

That is all it has ever been and is all it ever will be. A fleeting moment of weakness filled with lust and sometimes a hint of regret. Every single time. Every single time you feel yourself drifting away from his grasp his brown eyes meet yours from across the room and you are pulled back to shore once again. No matter how hard you try you can’t his escape his hold on you.

Before you know it he has you pinned against the bathroom wall in the club, your legs wrapped around his waist as he starts to kiss your neck, grinding his hips into yours making you shudder. You know you should stop before it goes any further.

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Steamy Apology. (m)

Jin x Reader

Genre: Smutty smut, fluff

Word count: 5,264 

Based off of this request ♡

Summary: It’s not unusual for Jin to leave on tour for long periods of time. But, it is unusual when you don’t hear from him at all while he’s gone this time. So when he comes home with a guilt stricken heart, he insists on making it up to you in more ways than one.

a/n: was this too much plot?? ;-; idk i got really into it and really enjoyed writing it, it’s probably my favorite so far, but i understand if you guys just skip to the smut lmao

Originally posted by syubbie

It was a gloomy, Sunday morning. The last morning with your boyfriend, Jin, for a month. 4 whole grueling weeks. It was almost like the sky was mourning with you. 

You thought you would grow used to Jin leaving for x amount of time to go on tour with his hugely successful music group called BTS. But, each time seemed to prove you wrong as it felt like your heart was being yanked out and taken with him every time he left. It’s not like you could tell him not to go or get mad at him for leaving, you just wish it didn’t hurt so bad watching him wave goodbye to you and blow one last kiss your way before being dragged into the car by his group members.

Of course you guys text and call when you can to lessen the loneliness. Occasionally skyping when his hotels have good enough service. But it doesn’t help with the tossing and turning all through the night, helplessly feeling for him through the empty sheets, or eating convenient store ramen alone in front of the tv. Even accompanied by the voices from the screen, your apartment is always deafeningly quite with him here.
You let out a deep sigh and pulled the covers over your head.

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a davekat comic thing

Twelve years postgame wherein Dave and Karkat have an overly-heartfelt conversation, and Dave makes a confession.

(Contains non-canon events.)

Posting this (kinda late) for davekat week day 7, which was a free choice. So, I decided to do this! :D I’ve been working on this quite a bit for the past few days, so I hope you enjoy! BD

KARKAT: Is something wrong?

DAVE:… yeah.

DAVE: i’ve just had a lot of things on my mind lately.

DAVE: little things, big things.

DAVE: …hey, I just wanted to ask. have I ever…told you how I feel about you? like, as a person?

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Softy - Negan x Reader (Smut + Fluff)

Request !! “Hi, I was wondering if I could request a story where Negan and a new girl at the sanctuary actually formed a bond. However she unknowingly breaks a rule and Negan spanks her as punishment thinking it will turn her on but instead she cries and becomes distant. Negan instantly regrets what he’s done and tries to make it up to her. Fluff and whatever else you want. Thank you” - @lokis-imaginary-friend

I really want to make this fluffy in some way.


You saw him swagger across the room in the stock cupboard, his leather jacket neatly hugging his frame you liked so much, his silhouette with its distinct movements comforting in your view. You had really come to love and appreciate his presence in your life. He was like the guy you would admire at a distance but personally feel too intimidated by to approach for a date. 

You were not meet, just not extroverted. You were not alone, just enjoyed the comfort of silence, you didn’t feel like you fit in very well… until he smiled at you all those weeks ago and your heart fluttered out of place. Since then you’d find reasons to speak with him and he would find reasons to swing by and chat with you as best as he could. You two were flirty and you had a definite chemistry, although he still terrified you in the best way.

He was stalking through the cans and tins, smirking and joking with his men as they took tallies of their amounts. You enjoyed watching him. He was captivating - his movements, the way he spoke -  You were captivated. 

Never really having any sexual relations, you weren’t sure where you stood with him. He never asked you to be his wife so you were sure that was proof he was not interested, but it frustrated you to sit through the teasing and flirting directed at you without knowing exactly what he thought of you.

“Hey ! (Y/N)” He shouts over to you with a smile, “Come look at what i just fucking discovered”

You froze a little, oh shit. Were you in trouble ?  Why would he want you to go ? Had you made a mistake ? You panicked a little, straightened your jacked and put on a smile before walking over to him casually (As casually as you could, knowing he remembered your name).

“Two whole tins of peaches ! Ain’t that a fucking peach !?” He grins, putting an arm around your waist. You let him and stand a little cautiously, nervous at his touch. He was actually touching you ! You blushed, a internal heat running to your cheeks, trying to translate what his touch actually meant.

“Yeah, super peachy “ You joked back with a smile, not sure of what he wanted you to say so making a pun instead. 

He noticed your blush. You could tell as his eyes lingered on your face too long, his tongue running over his bottom lip, his eyes widening into a raise of his eyebrow to signal a cocky understanding. “ You getting hot in here , (Y/N)?” He whispers into your ear, you could feel the amusement on his voice as he provoked you. “ Because you look as if you are getting damn hot”

Your words would not come out ! You were fumbling and trying so hard to create a witty response to his teasing, like some sortve reference to the peaches ? Ahh you could feel your internal dialogue screaming at you. He was really working you up, his touch on your waist, his breath in your neck, his provocative words in your ear. Unbearable. 

“So damn hot” He added, pecking you on the cheek before pulling away from your face altogether. You couldve squealed at his advances, okay so he liked you. And you were getting wet. Did he mean you were hot ? 

“Count stock for me (Y/N)?” He grins again, twisting the can of beaches around in his hand, faking interest in them. “You see, sweetheart, while we were talking, all my men have buggered off to shit. So i have no one whatso-fucking-ever to help me. All you have to do is count out loud how many of each fucking type of can there is. Easy peasy, lemon squeasy, right?” 

“Oh “ You mumble trying to act coolly, now the two of you were alone you felt more vunerable but also more under his trance. Just count the stock, thats all you had to do. “Yeah, sure ill help you”

“Swell” He winked, you watched him take a can into his hands and gaze over it for a while before he threw it to your hands. 

“One” You answered, catching it with ease. This was so easy. You placed it down on a shelf to your right, grapefruit segments.

He threw another one, faster this time, more careless. He was already turning to get the next can. You caught this one too. “Two, Three” You reply, stressing out at him going faster. “Four, Five , Six” All came too fast and you couldn’t put them down as quickly as he was throwing and you were catching.

“Negan !” You squealed as number seven hit your thigh with a thud before to falling to the floor, you were laughing, trying to balance the cans.

“UHHH !” he made the deep noise of a buzzer on a gameshow ,” Negan isn’t a damn number” He grinned.

Youd just finished struggling to put them all on the shelf, smirking at him flirtily, then he strolled over to you and pressed up against your back, his head in the curve of your neck, his arms around your waist. “Guess you couldnt do it, sweetheart, Counting is just too shitting hard” He grinned.

Your replies still weren’t coming, now it was obvious how much you needed him, you pressed hard back against him, your blush inescapable but you loved it, you were so hot under his touch.

“Well…” He growled huskily, “You’ve disobeyed what i asked. Did you seriously think you escape a good fucking punishment?”

“N-N. Negan” You blurted, your head pushing backwards and your eyes closing as you sank against him. His cold hands had trailed down over the front of your jeans, groping your sensitive wetness through the crotch of them. You moaned openly as he palmed you and his fingers caused a pressure to rub against you.

“Too fucking good, huh ?” He grinned again, causing your heart to shudder. That’s when his hands removed themselves from the pleasure and crawled around your hips to your ass, roughly griping and then releasing tat the tender flesh. “ Mmm Hmm for failing something so simple as fuck, you deserve this.” 

He tore down your jeans and underwear in one swift movement, leaving you defenseless. Your eyes grew wide at the shocking sudden advances of the situation. Its not that you dint want it, its just that… Right here ? Where anyone could walk in ? That scared you

You gasp at the new found cold air hitting you, hitting your wet pussy, making you freeze. You moan a little at the discomfort, sortve enjoying it but unsure if this is what you want. Negans gloved hand was rubbing your ass. 

“I want you to focus real fucking hard, doll. Count each time i hit you” He mumbles low and intoxicating you. “Yes sir” You choke out.

A hard hand strikes down, jolting you against the arm around your waist. It hurts so bad, you werent ready. Anyone could walk in. 

“One” You manage through gritted teeth, the soft leather comforting the stinging sensation.

“Good girl” He whimpers. You can feel his erection press into your thigh, and you grind back for the friction, the pleasure is cut short and answered with another slap. 

As the leather strikes your bare skin you hear the echoing crack. It burns like literal hell, you clench down your jaw to stop from crying at the force of it, practically feeling the growing red area and the resulting bruising.

“Two” You cry in pain, whining against the intensity. One again he smooths the trauma with his cold leather fingers, the other arm gripping your waist tighter and hi teeth tracing your ear. 

“Such a good fucking girl” He mewls. 

The third slap was too much and you yell out, “ Fuck ! Negan, stop please !” Tears have risen to your eyes and your blush was multiplying as you’d drawn attention to your face. It was too much, you felt like crying. You enjoyed it but it was too much too soon for you. He loosened his grip. 

“Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit (Y/N)! Are you okay.?  I’m so sorry !” He begs, seeing you shiver in the cold air of the stock room as you struggle to pull up your underwear and then your trousers, wincing as the drag over his reddening hand print. “Shit ! Are you cold ? Here!” He hastily takes off his jacket, forcing it over your shoulders, your arms easily slipping through the oversized sleeves. You were crying now, he was being so sweet. You sunk into his jacket. 

“ Its just shock that’s all. “ You plead trying not to upset him too, wiping tears from the inner corners of your eyes in, trying to look un-upset. He pulls you close against his warmth and strong, muscular chest. You wrap around him.

“Come on, i’m sorry, lets go and get you a warm drink” He takes you by the waist, your head on his chest, being led towards the exit. “My jacket suits you, (Y/N), you should wear it more often.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any non-shippy fic recommendations?

Oooo, that’s a hard one cause like… I read a lot of shippy stuff. I’m a humungous sucker for romance, especially the unrequited variety. You have made me realise that I haven’t kept a very comprehensive list of what I’ve read either… Anyway, here are some that I’m enjoying/have enjoyed! If any of my followers have other suggestions could you add them as well? I would be super interested in seeing them too~

A Breach of Trust, one of the most well known, for very good reasons.

Tomorrow isn’t always another day, I laughed a lot in this one, the tone is much more light hearted. This one makes me want to draw Reigen hahaha

And There Were Daffodils in Her Eyes, more angst, I’m finding this one interesting to read and I like Minori.

Temporary Accommodations, I only just started ready this one but so far I am enjoying it, I like the way they write Reigen

Tangled Roots, I actually read this while I was sick… the descriptions are very accurate lol

Hmmm, I really wish I had more to share, I need to diversify my reading. I’m having a lot of fun reading fanfiction, so many talented writers!

{ heavy eyes }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt: I was hoping to request hamilsquad x reader maybe the reader keeps falling asleep everywhere because they’re having trouble sleep at night but they don’t want to worry the boys

a/n: this is,,, so cute,, and very relatable bc i tend to do this at times. enjoy!

You were fighting to keep your eyes open. You were yawning way too much. You hated that this sleepy feeling always seemed to strike you when it was still daytime, yet at night, you couldn’t have felt more awake. 

This daytime sleepiness was making it harder for you to sleep at night. You were okay for a few days, until the lack of sleep started to catch up with you.

The first time you had been caught sleeping was when you went to Hercules’ studio. You had the day off and you promised Herc that you’d help him reorganize the place–-it was mostly little things like helping him carry in fabric and organizing it by color. You did it all without much trouble. It was kind of soothing.

He then asked you to model something for him. You were okay getting into the dress he had made for another client. It was really chance that you were about the same size. When you had to stand on the little pedestal, you started to zone out. You could hear Hercules talking to you and you mumbled half-hearted answers. 

You were up there for what felt like an eternity. The dress was really pretty, you wouldn’t deny that. You were glad to help, but you felt your own eyes closing ever so slightly, until they finally shut. 

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Part two of my stupid crossover voltron/haikyuu!! comic. That’s savage, Pidge. Hear me out thou, Pidge and Tsukki exchanging science puns. Lance is a Meme Lord. He lives for internet memes, he can’t help himself. Can you tell I enjoyed this way too much for something that is 10000% crack crossover material? I worked on each panel separately and it’s really nice seeing it all together.

2017 is The Year of Crossovers. At least for me lol 

Title: What a Ride
Summary: Sakura’s hurt her back and Sasuke is the only one that can take care of that stubborn medic.
A/N: Okay, this has nothing to do with the SS month themes, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass! I’ve already started the other one, so don’t worry XD I’m assuming the piggyback ride happened after the fight against Momoshiki, and even if it didn’t, this is the way I’m making it haha I hope you enjoy this one, and please, tell me your opinion!
“ Slow down, Sasuke-kun! It hurts too much.”

“ Just stop moving, Sakura!”

“Be careful! Be careful!”

“ I’m trying!”

Pain was spread all over her face as her right hand rested on her lower back. Her fingers massaged the sore area, as her husband carefully tried to place her on their bed. Slowly, Sasuke was doing his best to support her body with his only hand, trying not to let her down too fast in order to avoid the impact. His grip around her was strong, but her frightened, left fingers just refused to release his cape, making things even harder for him.

He was trying not to worsen his wife’s painful situation, but her childish-self wasn’t helping him at all. All her wincing and screaming was annoying the hell out of him, and for a second, the male Uchiha thought about dropping her on the mattress.

What a mature medical ninja, he thought. Seeing her whining like a baby certainly made him doubt all the things she has already gone through in her life.

“ Ouch! Ouch! Careful, Sasuke-kun!” Her body finally came in contact with the soft cotton of the sheets, and her pink head went to rest on the pillow. For she was on the right side of the bed- his side of the bed, the manly scent of his shampoo filled her nostrils, and carefully, the pinkette adjusted her position so her pain wouldn’t get any worse. Sasuke, then, removed her shoes, as she closed her emerald eyes and allowed her ears to capture the steps of her husband against the wooden floor. The sound was getting lower, as he directed himself to another room to grab her an anti-inflammatory.

Damn that stupid training, she thought.

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Modern!X-Kids Headcanons

i have way too much inspiration for these so im not even gonna apologize for how long this is…. i hope you enjoy!

  • Literally squad goals and they all have squad ROLES too.
    • The Mom Friend- Jean Grey. Always has anything everybody needs and is constantly reminding everyone to bring a coat (because later on when they complain they’re cold, she can say “I told you so!”)
    • The Joker- Peter Maximoff. He constantly cracks jokes and somehow manages to have a witty comeback to anything you say to him. He also finds a way to make anything a sexual innuendo.
    • The Gossip- Jubilation Lee. She knows anything and everything happening in the mansion. She never spreads rumors, she only tells the truth. Whenever someone in the squad needs to know something, Jubilee is the one you go to.
    • The Queen- Ororo Munroe. Hella respected by the rest of the squad. One of the few people that Peter does not joke about. She is loved by everyone and really close with all her friends. Always the first one to suggest a place for them to go.
    • The Heartthrob™- Scott Summers. All the girls at Xavier’s have the biggest crush on Scott, and everyone is super jealous of Jean. The truth is, Scott is a nerd and constantly gets roasted by the rest of the squad.
    • The Cute One- Kurt Wagner. Everyone adores him. If anyone says anything mean about him, the squad will be ready to fight™. Super innocent and nice to everyone in the squad. Always suggests the best movies (other than Jubilee).
    • The Rebel- Warren Worthington III. Super intimidating to literally everyone except the squad. They all know he’s not as tough as he looks. Gets roasted 24/7.
  • They’re all pretty much obsessed with social media.
    • Jean runs a Pinterest. It’s super organized and has tons of followers. She mostly pins clothing, organization tips, and DIYs.
    • Peter loves tumblr. He tries to come off as a super “deep” person on tumblr. He mainly reblogs aesthetic stuff and music (when he can get the damn audio posts to work).
    • Jubilee aka Queen™ of Twitter. Has at least 5k. She tweets the stupidest shit, but people love her type of humor.
    • Ororo has an awesome snapchat. She updates it a lot, mostly with videos of her and the squad lip-syncing to a song.
    • Scott runs a Youtube channel. He plays shooting games like COD and GTA. It’s not popular at all, but he just does it as a side hobby.
    • Kurt is technologically challenged to say the least. He sticks to Facebook because it’s easy. It doesn’t matter how many times the squad tells him Facebook is lame, he just loves it.
    • Warren uses Instagram and takes hella artsy pictures. His aesthetic is grunge and black and white. Peter and Warren bond over this and share photos with each other.
  • All the girls are hard-core feminists.
    • Ororo is very invested in the BLM movement. She goes to protests on the matter and helps raise awareness around the school.
    • Jean sometimes writes short articles for an online blog about feminism. She’s a strong believer that feminism is necessary and that people deserve to be educated about it.
    • Jubilee helps the guys out with learning about feminism. She isn’t afraid to call people out when they say something sexist, homophobic or racist. She also is a huge fan of breaking gender barriers. At one point, she convinced all the guys to let them paint their nails and do their makeup.
  • Music!!!
    • Jean and Ororo are more into alternative music. They’re both huge Halsey, Panic! At The Disco, Melanie Martinez, and Bastille fans. They’ll sometimes study together and just blast the music in the background.
    • Warren is into old rock music. He constantly rants that music is “all the same” and the music he listens to is “infinitely better” than pop music.
    • Peter and Kurt are into alternative music too, but older alternative music. Peter introduced Kurt to Rush and Pink Floyd, so the two boys love to listen to that music.
    • Scott has an okay taste in music. He likes a bit of everything. The one thing that drives everyone crazy is that Scott will find a song he likes and listen to is 10 million times before he finally gets sick of it.
    • Jubilee is obsessed with pop music. Especially ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s pop music. She will go from Fergalicious to Single Ladies to Toxic all in a short amount of time.
  • They all watch a ton of TV shows together.
    • Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a show Jubilee loves. Kurt won’t let her tell anyone, but he enjoys watching it with her.
    • Jean binges Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. She forced Scott to watch it so she had someone she could talk about it with.
    • Ororo and Warren watch Supernatural together. Warren loves that they have angels on the show and Ororo just loves the characters. (Warren totally went as Castiel for Halloween one year).
    • Peter is actually really into watching the Food Network and HGTV. The squad never understands it, but he can sit and watch those channels for hours on end.
    • Scott totally doesn’t watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise (he totally does).
    • Kurt is actually really into sports!! He doesn’t understand American football at all, but he watches hockey and baseball.
  • Memes. Oh my god, memes.
    • Jubilee constantly says ‘dicks out for harambe.’ No one knows why, she just does. She even bought a shirt with the gorilla on it that said “Do it for him.”
    • Scott dabs all the damn time. He is the whitest™ boy in the squad. He will dab to any song that has a beat. Ororo slaps him for it (which she should).
    • Peter constantly says ‘bust a nut.’ Jean can’t stand it for some reason, so it makes Peter want to say it even more.
    • Kurt, my sweet baby, doesn’t really understand memes. He really only likes Pepe and refers to him as ‘the meme frog.’
    • Warren hates memes. Or at least he says he does. But on more than one occasion, Jubilee caught him humming “why the fuck you lyin’.”
  • G R O U P   C H A T
    • Jean probably started it because she is the true mom friend.
    • It started off with just Jean, Scott, Kurt, and Jubilee. Then Ororo was added, then Peter, then Warren.
    • Warren and Ororo barely ever text in it. They’re the people who read and leave.
    • Jubilee will double, triple, even quadruple text. She doesn’t care what she has to do, she will get someone to pay attention.
    • Kurt will send pictures of memes and ask them to explain it to him. They all find it adorable.
  • Since the squad loves video games…
    • Scott, as I said before, plays shooting games like COD and GTA.
    • Peter often plays those with him, but Peter is a dork and plays minecraft. He somehow convinces Kurt to play with him and Kurt loves it because it’s a simple game.
    • Jubilee, Ororo and Warren all play Overwatch. Jubilee’s favorite characters are D.Va and Tracer, Ororo loves Widowmaker and Pharah, and Warren loves Reaper and Bastion.
  • What are their phones like??
    • Jean always has the newest iPhone. Her lockscreen and homescreen are the same; a picture of her and Scott. Her apps are all organized into folders and she knows exactly where to find everything.
    • Peter has an iPhone 6+ because he likes the bigger phones. His lockscreen and homescreen are bands he likes. His apps are all over the place; he has about five pages worth of apps.
    • Jubilee has an iPhone 5S because she likes smaller phones (they’re easier to fit in her hands). Her phone is rose gold and she uses a pink stylus. She always has the cutest phone cases. She doesn’t have a ton of apps and only had a few pages.
    • Ororo has an iPhone 6S in black. No one ever sees her on it; she just doesn’t use it a lot. Not many apps because she’s barely on her phone. She refuses to get a case for her phone, but she does have a screen protector.
    • Scott has a black iPhone 6 with a bright red phone case. He’s on it playing games like Clash of Clans a lot. Most of the apps on his phone are games.
    • Kurt has an iPhone 6+ in white. He has a lifeproof case because he’s a bit clumsy. Most of the apps are games and a few social media apps (Facebook and Snapchat).
    • Warren only has photography and social media apps on his phone. He constantly stops and takes pictures, so he always has the newest version of the iPhone so he can get nice pictures.
  • The squad still spends a ton of time at the mall.
    • Kurt loves Hot Topic because he can get clothes to match his emo™ hair.
    • Jubilee could spend hours in Claire’s and Delia’s.
    • Ororo is a fan of Wet Seal because of their metallic styles.
    • Warren also loves Hot Topic, but he likes Abercrombie even more. (RIPPED JEANS)
    • Peter mostly shops at Old Navy and Hot Topic.
    • Scott just goes for the basics, Old Navy and Macy’s.
    • Jean prefers places like Banana Republic and H&M.

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The War Boys call him “lucky,” to be favored by the Imperator.

The Sisters call him her “support/partner.”

Furiosa calls him “reliable.”

Max thinks the correct term they’re looking for is “furniture.”

But all things considered, he’s been used for worse before. He doesn’t mind being of use to Furiosa.

I said I wanted to draw a series of doodles of Furiosa using Max as various forms of furniture mostly to lean upon…and him making bemused grumpy faces.

The Throne is especially for bonehandledknife 

{Reaction} EXO meeting your bully.

Hello! Could you please do EXO reacting to meeting your childhood crush who used to bully you?

Note: Hello! I kind of altered your request slightly to make it so different members are meeting different kinds of bullies. Just because I thought it would make it more interesting doing it this way. I hope you don’t mind too much. Enjoy~ Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by kkaebsooquishy

Chanyeol could see how visibly uncomfortable you were as a girl approaches you while the two of you are out shopping. He can see your shoulders tense, your hands fumble and shake as your eyes barely move away from the floor. The other girl is smirking, clearly seeing her authority over you. Chanyeol finds himself finally understanding what’s going on, and who this girl is, your bully. He clears his throat, not wanting to cause a conflict, knowing you wouldn’t like that.

Chanyeol: “Come on {y/n}, I’d like to go and look at the gaming place, are you coming?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, let’s go.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by mongdo

The thought of anyone bullying you makes his blood boil. How could someone so beautiful minded and intelligent be under so much hatred? When he runs into your bully outside a changing room waiting for you, he finds himself glaring at the man, knowing how disgusting and horribly he treated you.

As you stepped out of the the dressing room in a stunning outfit, the two pairs of eyes landed on you. Both were in awe at your beauty, but only one man truly had your heart. The man that used to bully you was no longer significant, and you couldn’t have feelings for him again even if you tried.

Kyungsoo: “You look beautiful Jagi.” *Glares at the bully* “You’re still here?”

Bully: “I was just-”

Kyungsoo: “Leaving? Yeah, I thought so…” *Watches him leaving with piercing eyes.*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by my-luhaen

Baekhyun likes to try and stay clear of conflict and find the best in ever situation, so when you run into your childhood bully in the street one day and awkward greetings are made, Baekhyun tries to make conversation. When really he’s not particularly helping the situation.

Baekhyun: “But you were only children, so it’s not like it’s serious or-”

{y/n}: “Baekhyun, please be quiet.”

Baekhyun: “Yes, {y/n}.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Sehun feels your hand curl tighter around his, and when he looks down, he can see how much closer you’re standing to him, how your eyes are barely inching away from your shoes. At first, he’s confused, but then he sees the girl that basically destroyed your life in high school. The girl that crushed your self esteem, made your then boyfriend cheat on you with her, and spread any nasty lie she could to break any relationships you had with friends. Sehun felt his anger building as she had the cheek to walk over and say “hello.”

Sehun: “Can’t you see we’re busy? We don’t want to be disturbed, we’re on a date.”

Bully: “Shopping date, huh? Look honey, whatever you buy {y/n} isn’t going to improve her looks.”

Sehun: “You’re right. She’s already stunning, makes you think there’s no way she could look any better when she’s already at utter perfection. But trust me, she’ll prove you wrong every time. Each morning when I wake up and see her, she looks even more amazing than the day before.”

Bully: *Stunned silence*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by laygion

When Yixing hears that you’re under verbal abuse in your education setting, he finds himself full of anger and confusion. How could anyone do such a thing to you? He leaves the house immediately to find you at school, but when he finally arrives, you’re already at the gate, talking to someone. It wasn’t until he got closer that he realised how uncomfortable you looked.

Yixing: “Yah, stop talking to my baobei like that.” *Pulls you into a hug as the bully leaves.* “I’m never going to let you get hurt Baobei, I promise.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by chenc-17

Jongdae doesn’t appreciate you getting bullied thank you very much. But since he doesn’t want to cause a lot of confrontation, he will simply stay with you for support, and interfere when you want him to. He doesn’t want you to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable, so he would simply be there for you, and would always have a shoulder at the ready for you to cry on.

Jongdae: “Are you sure you don’t want me to talk to them?”

{y/n}: “No, I don’t”

Jongdae: “Okay Jagi, let me know if you change your mind.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by mercuryica

Like the others, Minseok doesn’t like to fight or cause a massive conflict. But he’s not going to let you bully get away with it either. When you tell him that there’s a guy at your workplace who constantly harasses you, Minseok isn’t going to let it slide quite so easily.

Minseok: *picking you up from work, walks up to  he front desk where he sees a man talking to you while you’re looking completely uncomfortable.*

Bully: “So where’s this ‘boyfriend’ of yours? I can see-”

Minseok: “Right here. Come on {y/n}”

Bully: *Looks taken aback by Minseok’s muscles and strong demeanor. Seems to take a step back as you rush to leave with Minseok by your side.*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Even though Tao can be a baby panda, he can also be a martial artist expert. And with a talent as lethal as his, no one in their right mind is going to try and hurt you. He knows that you used to be bullied as a child by your crush, but he had never met this man until he had run into him with you.

Bully: “{y/n}, long time no see.”

Tao: *Clicks his knuckles*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by suhomysuho

Junmyeon has no sympathy to the man that you once loved, but treated you like nothing. When he found himself with a run in during one Sunday afternoon, he could feel his insides boiling. The man clearly realised his mistake. You looked stunning now, and were more confident after high school since Suho had treated you well enough to help you become more confident and outgoing. But that didn’t matter, even if you had changed, you were still far too good for that scumbag, and Suho wasn’t prepared to give him a single inch of forgiveness.

Bully: “So uh… how’s {y/n} doing now?”

Suho: “Yeah, she’s well… amazing, actually.”

Bully: “Do you think she’d accept an apology after all this time? I realised how shit I’d been to her. But we were just kids, right? Nothing serious. Maybe give good word for me? I’d like to take her out-”

Suho: “Thanks but no thanks, I’m dating {y/n}, and we’re pretty serious. I think you’d be doing her a favour by keeping your distance.” *salty af*

Lu Han

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Luhan saw your shoulders tense up as a waitress approached, her eyes arrogant and her lips smirking as she finally stopped before the table. She said hello, asked {y/n} how she was and then continued to take the order. Luhan noticed how friendly the waitress was being with him, and it wasn’t until she placed a hand on his cheek that he realised who this girl was.

Luhan: “Aish, don’t do that. Can’t you see I’m here with my girlfriend? I’m not interested”

Bully: “Can’t I tempt you?” *smirking*

Luhan: “what part of ‘I’m not interested’ don’t you understand?”

Bully: *speechless at the rejection*

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by datkaidoe

Jongin would be so frustrated when he finally found out that someone was bullying you at work. At first, he wouldn’t know what to do about it, and would probably spend a lot of time dancing and going to the gym to relieve his stress and anger. But one day, when he comes to pick you up from work, he sees the bully talking to you, and can’t stop himself as he gets out of the car to give the bully a piece of his mind.

Kai: “Yah! That’s my girlfriend you’re talking to, not a pile of shit!”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by toffeelad

Your bully is either very brave, or very stupid. Because really, who would want to get on the wrong side of Kris? As soon as he found out about this, he took matters into his own hands - no one is going to get away with hurting you.

Kris: *Towering over your bully* “Funny you think you can get away with this. {y/n} is smart and amazing, and if you dare to make any move to hurt her again, then it might just be the last thing you do.” *His threats are very intimidating - he won’t let the bully off lightly.*


(Requested by Anon) (Part 1 of this imagine here) (Part 2 of this imagine here)


You stepped out of your room, looking back and forth from one end of the hall to the other to make sure the coast was clear. You wanted to walk around the castle, explore a little.

Without Felix.

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