i enjoyed making these gifs way too much

Imagine finding a really embarrassing photo of yourself as Jeff’s lock screen and he refuses to change it when you ask.

I gotta give credit where it’s due and thank @tapes-at-monets for creating ‘Dating Jeff Atkins’ headcanons which spawned this idea :)

I Do Not Own The GIF. All Credit Goes to Owner Wherever He/She Is.


Monet’s was everyone’s go-to cafe whether it be in the mornings before school, afternoons after school, or someplace to grab a quick bite to eat for dinner. So, of course, this is where Clay finds you and your boyfriend Jeff grabbing a bite to eat.

“Hey, guys, I’m really sorry to interrupt, but I need a favor.”

Jeff immediately glances up, on edge, and you smile sheepishly at Clay since he had walked up right when you had taken an enormous bite of your sandwich. “What happened? What’s wrong?” Jeff asks and you roll your eyes in good humor at the protectiveness your boyfriend feels over the Jensen boy. 

“Uh, nothing..?” Clay frowns. “I just- my phone died. I was looking for Tony, but I can’t find him anywhere. Can I use one of your phones?”

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The X-Files MSR Analysis Series: Season 1 Episode 6


Previous episode analysis - 1x05 Jersey Devil.

In the world of the X-Files and the MSR, some episodes are greater than others.  This episode shows that when the story focuses on the case at hand, what shines through on the MSR front, is how well these two work together.  

Not just in how their diametrically opposed viewpoints compliment one another, but in how they excite one another.  They get each other’s minds working; bouncing ideas off each other; seeking each others approval - often peppered with good humour.  

Simply, they enjoy it.  And we enjoy watching them enjoy it.  

Yes I do, Gibson.  Yes I do.

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It’s been almost two months since I started film school. I’ve been struggling with the atmosphere in the group a lot. In comparison to others I often feel like I love a lot of silly & nerdy things and don’t have a pretentious enough taste to become a real film director. So, I’ve tried to “reinvent” myself, tame down my obsessions & try to enjoy some more “serious” stuff. 

It made me absolutely miserable, I lost all my passion and drive and became very very sad.
Until one day I came across Dirk Gently on Netflix and decided to watch it. I loved it so much I devoured the entire season in a day & went over to YT to hopefully discover some more related media.
I saw Max Landis in the 2016 Comic Con video for the first time & instantly felt connected to him. His enthusiasm for things he loves is contagious. I love how his brain goes 100 miles a second and he has all these dialogues in his head at all times (because I do too).  I love his colorful hair and the fact that he wrote 150 page long analysis of Carly Rae Jepsen’s songs (because I would too). Seeing Max so animated, talk about nerdy stuff with so much passion made me realize that truly loving and enjoying something is one of the greatest gifts and that being obsessed with books & movies doesn’t mean you can’t make a movie yourself.  Most people in the film industry don’t seem like they really care about what they are doing but not Max Landis. Max Landis loves the heck out of stuff and rides his obsessions all the way to producing amazing scripts & shows and seeing him where he is right now is SO AWESOME.

So thanks, Max, for embracing your nerdy side & inspiring me to be me & keep going.

hi there,
hope you guys had a spooky halloween and an awesome inktober! it has been a busy month. here are the top 3 things that robbed my energy:

got a full-time job
moved to a new place
broken scanner~ it died just before inktober started so i wasn’t able to scan the pieces and get them nice and clean. still,it was a fun challenge and i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did! really looking forward to next year ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

thx for hanging around and see you soon!

btw: this is a small animation of one of my inktober pieces. you can have a look at the original here. i’ve spent way too much time on ed~ but seeing him come to life -at least a little bit- is making me so damn happy<3 i plan to do a few more inktober-animations and maybe there’ll be some colorations too so stay tuned!

Be glad there is no sound!

Also loooooong post. TLDR; Nel screams. I’m going to try to get him to stop. May not be many updates.

So I may not have much in the way of Nel updates for a while. Nel’s one vice, his only real behavioral issue, is screaming. And it’s driving me up the walls.

I’m getting to the point where I can’t even stand to be around him anymore. I’ve considered selling him, but he is so perfect otherwise (and my little buddy) that it would probably break my heart. Not to mention my season would be completely blown because the project red tail is not getting with the program.

Nel is otherwise pretty perfect. He is hunting, chasing birds hard, and catching grasshoppers. He doesn’t mantle, doesn’t carry, will eat nicely on the glove, etc. He is a bit more of an imprint brat at home because he’s comfortable but I take that in stride knowing his field behavior is better than I could have dreamed of.

Why not ignore the screaming? The screaming is loud, repetitive, and high pitched. I can hear it outside the apartment and he barely stops to breathe when we are in the same room as him. We have to keep him in a separate room all the time now which makes it worse because instead of just screaming for food/hunting he screams for attention.

I’ve tried to say, tidbit him but he screams at the sight of food, meaning it’s impossible to reward him for being quiet. For anyone who has dealt with raptor screaming you understand the mindlessness of the behavior and how it appears to be self rewarding. I’ve heard of one person occasionally have success with with putting the scream on a cue and not asking for it, but even that seems to be rarely successful in raptors.

There are some theories as to why this behavior occurs (it’s very common in imprints). Most babies scream at their parents but stop once they leave the nest and have to fend for themselves. So sometimes isolation and live meals can work. However in social birds like aplos this rarely works because they scream for attention as well. Switching falconers for a few months to break up the routine seems to rarely work with aplos as well (where it did work with Tyr). I’ve heard of them often screaming as soon as they go back to the original falconer.

I’m Nel’s case, I think the screamed stemmed from a couple of things. It started first the night of the first backpack installation, when he got stuck and I thought he might die. That night I was up constantly checking on him, and overslept the next day. He missed his morning meal, lost more weight than he should have, and his blood sugar was low. He started screaming the next morning.

The screaming got worse as I allowed myself to be pressured into dropping his weight more. Honestly Nel didn’t give me a lot of choice in the matter, he refused to give a good lure or glove response.

What I should have done: dropped him down to what I needed, and brought his weight right back up.

What I did: dropped his weight, dropped it a bit lower thinking he wasn’t hunting because he wasn’t there yet, kept him in that low range for a week or two.

It’s a learning process. I’m learning a lot more about how aplos work and I think with everything I’ve learned this season if I did this all again I could do it a lot better from the start. I have a better notion of raising imprints now, how to prevent this sort of screaming, and I’m learning from my mistakes. I could have free flown way earlier than I did, and I should have brought his weight back up sooner. I didn’t and the screaming is my punishment. I also could have dropped weight way slower. I was aiming for 1-2g per every other day day and could have done 1-2 grams every 3-4 days to give his metabolism time to adjust.

In the end the best I can hope for now is to try to fix this so I can actually enjoy Nel, or sell him and try again later. Falconry is a weird place where birds are bought and sold or trapped and released frequently. So there isn’t the stigma around ‘giving him up’ that there is in the pet keeping world. Still I want to do right by the little dude and make sure I’ve done everything I can first.

For starters I’m bringing his weight ALL the way back up. As much as he will eat. Hopefully this will stop the screaming. Once he is there I’ll go back to the creance and if I have too, I’ll start slowly dropping his weight. Very slowly. I’ll test him as much as I can to make sure his response is where it needs to be before we free fly again. I believe because he is so imprinty that I will find a weight where he still does what he needs to in the field, but the screaming is minimal if not gone. If I cannot get this to work, I may try an isolation chamber with live food and/or automatic feeders for a month or two and ‘reset’ him. I’ll likely lose some imprinty behaviors (and my chances of getting him to donate) so that’s a last resort).

I may try other things along with these methods. If none of this works (and he still screams hog fat) I’ll likely have to sell him. Possibly if he still screams but not when fat, I’ll just keep doing what I can with him, and see about getting my propagation permit early (I had intended to use Nel for a breeding project after two falconry seasons anyway).

Anyway that’s all I’ve got. Let’s hope it works!

Late Happy birthday, Ally Brooke!!

Don’t forget that, when someone has that much positivity, it only means this person’s hiding at least as much dignity. 

We’re always talking about positivity when it come to Ally, to the point where it seem like we’re too lazy to look for other qualities. 

But remember this: this is the best compliment we can ever give to anyone. And the best gift anyone can have. It means that when Ally enter a room, she makes everyone enjoying everything on another level.

She’s not only unproblematic but also show you that there’s always a lighter way to look at the world. We should give her 10x more recognition that she already have.

Ally, If I can have anything, it would be your view of the things around you.

Thanks and, again, happy birthday!

Not entirely sure how I feel about this one. My knowledge of Thor’s character is limited - I have watched the Thor films but I wasn’t actually paying attention (not that I’ll complain about re-watching them I’m sure). This request was made by @hawkmarta and @connor-say-what who I hope will enjoy it, not to mention the sick!reader one that is scheduled to be written soon. Until then, enjoy my darlings!

Prompt: Heey,i wanted to know,if it’s too much if i ask a x reader about Thor?Please? 

“A New Beginning”

Being Nick Fury’s niece was no picnic. When your parents had died in a car crash, you were 16 – but even then the shock had hit you hard. Your uncle adopted you hesitantly, not believing himself to have the most suitable of lives for a family, but you made it work. At first you wanted to be independent, shutting Fury out and throwing yourself into your schoolwork. He was only too happy to oblige this as it meant you were in less danger.

However the occurrence of the Christmas holidays forced you to spend time with each other and quickly you began to come out of your shell. Together you were able to begin a healing process, he for you and vice versa. The problem it presented was duly forgotten.

Until at the age of 21, you were taken hostage and it was only through Thor’s interference that you escaped the ordeal. Unfortunately it destroyed your newly found confidence and sent you reeling back. Your books once again became your coping mechanism and you would spend many nights lying awake and reading for fear of the nightmares that plagued your slumber.

As a result, you were also an early riser. The clock flashed 4:31 when you woke up panting. After staring at the ceiling for another hour, you gave up and slipped out of bed. You showered and made your way to the kitchen of your apartment where you made your breakfast in blissful silence, watching the sun come up.

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On a related note, I also love how they’re posing in the extended intro. Like, to me, its not like they’re posing in the incidental way characters do in intros and stuff (like, where the characters aren’t themselves trying to pose, they’re just ‘naturally’ in that pose) but rather that they are actively posing like this because they think it makes them look cool. Like, they’re all smiling and happy about it, they’re clearly enjoying themselves and think they look cool and its really adorable to me.


here are some Infinite Soul gifs from episode 35, because this is tumblr and so a gifset is the best way to express how much I love this sparkly rainbow man 🌟🦄🌟

just to be clear, I’m not a professional ‘gif maker’ – I did my best but I am inexperienced when it comes to these things, and I do not know the magic tricks to create beautiful optimized high-quality gifs that are also under 1MB. :( forgive me, I cannot do the sparkles proper justice.