i enjoy your misery

The election is tomorrow

So, goodness help me, the general election.

First off, please let me get one thing out of the way.

In the event that we have anyone in the 18-24 age range reading this - yes, you do need to vote, and yes, it is important. It only takes a few minutes - you probably won’t even have to queue, given that over a third of the electorate doesn’t bother to turn up these days.

The election is tomorrow; please don’t forget and please don’t sit it out.
I can understand the “a plague on both your houses” feeling all too well, but it can lead you up the garden path. Yes, there’s plenty that’s wrong with the centre/left parties, but the fact remains that there’s much more that’s wrong with Mrs May and the Tories.

(Look at it this way - we’ve had over 7 years of Conservative rule now. In that time, can you think of any single thing that feels like a success? The only one I can think of is same-sex marriage act, and that only happened due to huge pressure from the Lib Dems and support from Labour - the Tories voted 134/126 against the first reading!)

TL;DR - please, please, please, remember to vote tomorrow!

As for the electoral campaign, it’s fair to say that it has surprised us all.

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You gotta love all this male angst and their totally over the top drama queen moments of ‘Woe is me, how shall I ever be able to look at this show?!’ ‘My love for this show is forever goneTM!’ because Jodie Whitaker has been announced as 13th Doctor. I am enjoying your drama filled misery.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can i ask you a suga scenario when he think you like v and get jealous :3 (you think of v like a good friend ) ?

Yay here it is anon ~ Finally got around to finishing this scenario ~ Apologies in advance for any grammatical errors, I’m horribly sick bleh >< I hope you all like this!

Mr. Jelly Belly

The bus seats creak as you sighed thankfully into the cheap cushion, you back easing into it’s crumpled contours.

Spreading out the campus map, you circled the stop where your dorm was suppose to be before slouching back onto the seat.

The first day of orientation didn’t go as well as you would like, perhaps you shouldn’t have allowed expectations to rule over the reality of things.

You couldn’t help it though, it was after all a dream of yours; to get into the best arts university in your country.

The slow rocking of the bus lures you into a drowsy blur, the disappointment of today gradually fading into the back of your mind.

The lulling of your head found its resting place after a few unsuccessful tries and you felt yourself falling towards your left, landing on a vague softness.

You could have sworn you chose a right window seat but the sleep monster’s already got to you and you fell into a nice slumber, the initial worry fading slowly to black.

A slight jerk wakes you from your land of swimming unconsciousness and a quick look around tells you that you’ve arrived at your stop.

Jumping up from your seat you realized that you were sleeping against a stranger’s shoulder.

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All Blue Skies ~ Ch6

Summary: 3-year-old Addy Queen has her father wrapped around her little finger. Oliver is happy as a single dad, but juggling a toddler, being CFO and keeping his parents in check doesn’t leave much time for dating. After a string of bad dates he doesn’t even have the time for, he is about ready to hang the towel – when a surprising meeting (in Blockbuster of all places) takes his breath away.

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Chapter 5 

“There you go.”

Addy covered the piece of fish with bread crumbs, a minimum flying into the breakfast island.  Dusty bits clung to her hands and shirt, but she had been excited to help him make lunch.

He hadn’t spent an entire day with just Thea and Addy in a while. Work had piled up and more often than not his lunch hours were spent with Felicity. He felt a little guilty about it, so now he was in the middle of cooking lunch for them. He loved Raisa.

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anonymous asked:

I think it's funny you wrote that Chandra rant on your blog when you happen to be on your way to becoming everything you are accusing her of doing. When Bethyl takes the throne and Caryl sinks I will enjoy your fall from grace and screenshot your misery for my collection.

Hi there friendly “Chandra” fan,

Your charming little message is dripping of malice and maybe just a touch of butthurt…?
I must have done something amazing in order to get this much HATE delivered to my askbox today! Or maybe you are just having a bad day and sending condescendingly evil anonymous messages makes you feel better?
If that’s the case then I am glad I could help 😊

I am not a perfect and I am definitely not always tactful when it comes to discussing things I am passionate about BUT while I think it’s rather odd to evaluate my own content and conduct, I am rather confident in saying that I don’t have many Chandra-like qualities. Sure I am a CARYL shipper and sure I do find a Beth and Daryl romance inappropriate on a lot of levels (something I don’t hide) BUT unlike Chandra I have never used my love for a character or a ship to ruthlessly insult, ridicule and hate something so much that I essentially became a mascot of the ANTI tag. I also have never targeted a section of the fandom with such commitment and dedication that pretty much the entire community essentially “warns” newbies about.
If you notice my Chandra post wasn’t personal in any way and I didn’t even need to name the person for everyone to know exactly who I was referring to. I don’t need to get personal in my opinion of her because HER opinions are enough to portray her maliciousness and offensive nature. She might “like” Carol now but the fact that she is now “forgetting” is that Carylers have ample material from her own posts to remind her of the negativity she herself has sown. My archive on the other hand is 100% hate free and I don’t have a tendency to have an identity crisis whenever character popularity happens to shift.
I loved Carol in Season 1 and I love her today - no matter how “relevant” she happens to be. I didn’t spend multiple seasons promoting character assassination only to change my mind when Carol love became unavoidable.
Therefore I have absolutely no idea why you would accuse me of having Chandra qualities - sadly you are gonna have to be more specific.
I will also need more info on this “falling from grace” concept you suggested (when B*thyl takes the “throne” and CARYL sinks) because from where I am sitting only one of those ships is still intact and it’s certainly not B*thyl.
But let’s pretend your scenario is correct and B*thyl indeed goes canon - How is that going to be my “fall from grace”?
Your ask has way way way to many holes to address!
Feel free to screenshot my work - it might be worth money some day!?!
I hope your day is less hateful tomorrow!!!
Say hi to Chandra for me!

bxdcubes  asked:

no but ro, can you imagine Peter being a snarky bastard (as per usual) and just leaning back in his chair and laughing at scott and derek training/figuring out the latest monster prowling the streets, and he of course knows what it is but it is so much funnier to give them hints that can hardly be called that and watch them struggle; and so he's laughing at their confusion, basking in it, and he is aware that stiles is somewhere behind him and stiles tells peter that he could help them instead

of being an asshole that has to be begged for every tiny bit of information. and peter leans back in the chair and is all about how he simply loves their misery. what he does not expect is for stiles to sweep his leg and nudge the chair sending peter to the floor with a crash. and peter is so damn shocked for a moment there that he can only stare up at stiles.

“you know, you were right. i do enjoy your misery” stiles tells him and the sashays off to help scott and derek


i am honestly just gonna roll around laughing my ass off while imagining peter flailing, arms waving around and panic written over his whole face, as soon as his chair tips back. just this sputtering of curses while peter reaches for balance and then the hard crash as he and the chair hit the floor.

oh god it’s like i’m having flashbacks to the moment that i decided that i was gonna ship arthur/eames.

this, scotty, is a kick.