i enjoy the chemistry and dynamic between them

I think I just find Rosaline and Benvolio’s dynamic so refreshing and likable because it’s built on this sense of shared purpose and growing mutual respect. They challenge each other constantly, but they also refine each other’s ideas and worldview. Their chemistry is also organic because they read each other so well and as much as they may state otherwise, they do actually enjoy playing off of the tension between them and the sparks it creates. Their shared humor and understanding is all hints of smiles and eye glints and glances and it’s a slow burn in the truest sense, and every step forward feels earned with these two because they are well-drawn characters with intelligence and a desire to do right. They have more in common than they initially believed, and enough different to keep things interesting as they keep working together.

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this isn't hate, I genuinely want to know why people ship Jesus with Daryl?

I think all of us were first enamored by the chemistry they shared throughout 610. The entire episode (which was the first lighthearted one in a long time) felt very reminiscent of a meet-cute, and their antagonistic yet playful dynamic was so electric and entertaining it felt as if it could have been stripped from the script of a rom-com. We literally watched gruff, irritable Daryl chase a smooth, cheeky guy named ‘Jesus’ through a field, and then later cozy up in the back seat of a car as the guy kept falling and resting his head on his shoulder. 

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I mean come on, ships have been built on much less. This is OTP material right here, my friends. 

In all seriousness, I think the chemistry between them was palpable the entire episode, but it wasn’t necessarily romantic the entire time. I knew Jesus was a gay character going into the episode, so I was already watching with that knowledge informing their interactions. For me, the first moment the lightbulb went off in my head that romantic seeds were possibly being planted was when Jesus shot the walker to save Daryl when they were fighting in the Sorghum truck. By the time Jesus was falling on Daryl’s shoulder in the car, I was a goner. 

I remember thinking ‘I have no idea if they’ll go anywhere with that, but people are going to start shipping them, mark my words’ as the episode aired. Then, on TTD after 610, Tom was asked if Jesus was really awake in the car scene. Tom agreed that he was probably conscious by that time. Of his own volition, he then said “maybe Jesus was falling onto Daryl on purpose” and that “he was enjoying it on the inside” and I knew the fandom was going to explode.

After that, I made this blog and gained 1000+ followers in a matter of like 3 days haha, so I wasn’t the only fan who felt that way so quickly. It’s only grown since then.

611 solidified the tangible chemistry between them for me. That scene where wide-eyed, well-spoken Jesus apologizes to suspicious, narrow-eyed Daryl at the table was rife with that same electric dynamic. The tension between them was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Basically, none of us are saying that Daryl and Jesus are “in love” after those two episodes. We’re just noticing an awesome chemistry between the two and the potential for something to happen between their characters down the line. Knowing what the audience knows about both characters at this point, I think they could absolutely fall in love with each other. Only time will tell. 

Even more importantly, Daryl having romantic and/or sexual interest in men would be incredibly important for the LGBT+ community. While that man doesn’t have to be Jesus, he already has amazing chemistry with him. Jesus is gay in canon (and before anyone tries to argue that he might not like men on the show, trust me, he will) and may or may not have other love interests this season and beyond, but Daryl being a part of that would be even more groundbreaking and revolutionary for LGBT+ representation throughout television. The “badass” redneck adored by dudebros, ladies, and kids alike being romantically interested in a man and that being depicted as healthy and loving? That would be far more significant and meaningful on a global sociological scale than Daryl hooking up with any of his other popular love interests.

There’s a lot more I could say but I feel like I’m rambling so I’ll end it here. I can’t speak for everyone, so other Desus fans are welcome to reblog and share their thoughts as well. 

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You wouldn't'think it weird if I'm a straight male but I ship widowtracer. Cause I just have this fear that everyone thinks I would like it because it's two nice looking girls making out with each other when I actually like the chemistry the two have and the possible story potential it has. Just needed to vent about it cause I can't really tell anybody else.

You can enjoy a dynamic between any ship without fetishising it. I think the clincher is if you’re not respectful to the characters or the real people who see themselves in the ship (ie, queer chicks) - that’s when the problems arise! Treating minority characters like imaginary fuck toys when you’re a majority member is very different than loving a ship for the characters and the dynamics between them, despite any systemic oppression that is operating between you and the ship :3 

Snape Appreciation Month - #15

Topic: Favourite Ship

I’m afraid I’m an incorrigible multishipper, who can ship almost anyone with Snape, although sometimes only with the use of Time-Turners, magical de-aging, AUs, etc.

Snape is a character that evolves a lot through the course of his life, and a character so open to interpretation, that you have many varieties of Snape that can be shipped with many different characters, especially when you consider AUs where he survives the Battle of Hogwarts.

When I don’t view Snape as an aromantic asexual, I tend to prefer him in unconventional sexual and/or romantic relationships – co-workers with benefits, summer-break casual romance, or in brief, reoccurring sexual encounters with people he can’t stand, but has great chemistry with, etc.

But my favourite ship is probably Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy, where Snape is a friend they occasionally take to bed - because they trust him not to tell anyone and because they’re both horrible people who enjoy being worshipped way too much. It’s a pairing where there is a lot of potential for the dynamics between them to change over time, as the characters grow and as their circumstances change. It also has a lot of potential for exploring Snape’s internal struggle as his alliance changes, and he finds himself struggling with caring for people whose cause and views he starts to despise, the guilt of betrayal and deception, and the fear that his actions will lead to their demise.

I have a beloved little AU in my head where Snape survives and for a time resumes his relationship with the Malfoys, only to eventually find their differing views putting an increasing strain on their relationship, until he feels compelled to cut ties with them entirely. He finally understands what Lily must have felt about him, and it helps him finally heal from that old break.

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when you have finished watching the htgawm winter finale i need you to tell me if you peep the chemistry between isaac and annalise too (since you got a keen eye for this kind of thing). the scene in this episode especially is very intimate for a "therapist-patient" relationship. got me lowkey shipping them lol

Well i mentioned in a few posts last week that I find their relationship the most intriguing this season and I wanted to figure out their tension because of how certain dialogue was phrased like, “Is that why you left me” and not, “Is that why you quit our sessions” and this episode Isaac calls her attractive, powerful and intelligent and instead of going to Nate, Annalise goes to Isaac and there’s a deep intimacy between them that does not feel professional and they’re very angsty and I enjoy it and it feels off kilter like this will have a devastating result and their dynamic is charged with all these things unsaid and I really like watching it. In terms of chemistry though it’s not mind blowing chemistry between Jimmy and Viola, like they certainly have more than she ever had with Sam but their acting is what is getting the dynamic going if it was acting plus chemistry I wouldn’t have been able to shut up about them and there would be vids, lol.

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I'm I the only one who thinks Candice doesn't like Klaroline, but she is just too nice say that straight to the Klaroline shippers? She's always very nice and give answers like the one she gave at the ComicCon: "I don't know if Caroline really wants him back in Mystic Falls." She is just too nice to say: "No, I don't want that to happen." And I think Paul doesn't like either. It's just that his way to say it is making fun about it as he does with Stelena. I think Paul and Candice undoubtedly...

ship Steroline. As always Paul show he ships them making fun about it and he’s said that he liked thier chemestry and dynamic; and so does Candice. At the ComicCon the were asked about their OTP. Then when Michael said “Denzo” and then Candice said “Oh, I was gonna’ say Steroline, but now I have to say Kai and Damon.” So Paul also disregared the romantic connotation of the question and said “Stelijah”. Julie did it as well. What do you think? Do you think Paul and Candice ship Steroline?

Hahahaaa you are most definitely NOT the only one who thinks Candice hates Klaroline because she absolutely does, she has never spoken about the ship in a good light and that’s been the case since day one. She’s actually nicer at cons about it than she tends to be in interviews but she’s always been against it, she was even asked to list pros & cons for SC vs. KC and she listed nothing but cons for KC. I think Paul likes Steroline and therefore he’s against anything that interferes with his ship but I also think he’s just willing to deflect the attention off Candice in terms of KC because he knows she’s tired of being asked about it. He’s made a couple of jobs at recent cons about KC as well even when Candice wasn’t there so it’s probably his “Captain Steroline” coming out.

I don’t remember Paul being this enthusiastic about Stelena but I think he used to speak about them being in love but I think he hated that it sidelined the Stefan character and made him mopey in S4 & S5. He also said (like 80 times lol) he likes working with Candice and they have fun together so I’m sure that helps, but he did make some sincere comments about enjoying the history between them, the dynamic and the chemistry and saying he really like Steroline. Yeah I think the OTP question for the most part no one wanted to go with one of the big ships and just stick with crack!ships (and Paul always talks about Stelijah.) So I think Paul and Candice ship Steroline in the sense that they enjoy it from their character’s standpoint and they like working together.

Also just to add a lot of people say they do this stuff because they’re asked to promote it and I think that’s complete bullshit. Paul and Candice have always spoken out against things they don’t like and Paul doesn’t even know the storyline outside of Stefan being “very in love” with Caroline so the promoting thing doesn’t make any sense to me. The two things Paul was actually enthusiastic about were directing and Steroline so I genuinely think that’s what he likes. He also made it his mission to shade every other ship on the show and I thought it was so funny how defensive he got when Ian said they should change the name, best captain ever.

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If you could choose between an SE or SC endgame what would you choose?

I would choose SE for endgame. I have to say that I really do enjoy SC and I think that that pairing has a lot of potential. I love that SC is a relationship based primarily in platonic affection, that their friendship means so much to them but that romantic love sort of spirals out from that fundamental friendship. I love  that there’s a great scale to their dynamic, that there’s this pure appreciation for each other as people, that at their simplest they’re sort of each other’s breath of fresh air, and at their most complex there’s this stormy chemistry between them, and they’re unpredictable in that way, you never know if they’re going to scream at each other or kiss one another or hug or cry; they’re kind of chaotic but they’re also incredibly stubborn and to see the tension of that is great. They’re equals in a way we haven’t seen on the show and I want Steroline to be explored truly. I want them to be in love and be in a relationship and have their ups and their downs, I want them to commit to each other because they both deserve one another.


There’s an inherent soulfulness between Stefan and Elena; no matter where they are in their lives, there’s a profound intimacy between them, a connection that can’t be broken. What was beautiful about their relationship was that their love wasn’t selfish, which seems like a simple thing to say but it was bigger than them and it influenced every aspect of their lives; being with Elena reawakened Stefan’s love for Damon because loving Elena and Elena loving him reminded him of compassion, of taking leaps of faith while Stefan’s love and Elena’s happiness being with Stefan gave her the strength to be a role model for Jeremy, to at least try and be the strength for her friends when they were in need. And that type of bond never went away throughout the seasons. Stefan looked to Elena to bring his humanity back in season 6 and in season 5 Elena looked to Stefan for guidance about her life. And while Stefan and Elena have taken different paths and gone through different developments, I don’t believe they’ve ever outgrown their connection to each other or their love for one another no matter how much the show tries to say otherwise (in fact the more the show tried to pry them apart, the more – in my opinion – they reinforced the connection they have for each other). Even when Elena had no humanity in season 4, at prom when Elena explained to Rebekah that she was a terrible person she said, “Remember when you locked us all in a room and ruined my relationship with Stefan?” in season 5, the mere thought of Stefan was enough to make Elena break through Silas’ compulsion while the idea of him being in trouble was how her compulsed rage was triggered and it was so strong she nearly killed herself and Damon. In season 6, their goodbye, “I love you so much” “You changed everything for me” — I’m sorry, I just don’t feel like these are the types of things that happen when you’re just really good friends with someone. No matter where she is in her life, Elena absolutely must be on good terms with Stefan.

I always said it wouldn’t be at all out of the blue if on the series finale of the show, neither Stefan nor Elena were in relationships and they sat down and had a discussion about how they grew apart and fell in love with different people but how no matter what their feelings for each other never changed but simply was pushed to the background for other experiences. I rarely say things like ‘belong’ but I do believe that Stefan and Elena belong together, they’re a pair, like a set, they just fall naturally in place.

Kevin Williamson: Is she single right now? Elena is always, no matter how single she is, she’s still standing there with Stefan. 

Just my opinion :)