i enjoy my new glasses

It was really windy and beautiful on campus today, and I got to enjoy it all even more because of my new glasses!😄

Happy trans day of visibility to all the closeted kids like me. Happy trans day of visibility for all the brown kids like me. Happy trans day of visibility to all the fat kids like me. I know we don’t see people that look like us very often in the media, but we’re important, we’re beautiful, and we’re out here. Go through this year uplifting and protecting each other. We need to be united now more than ever.

¡Solidaridad, siempre!


Gentle Reminders

I needed a self indulgent Jekyll and Hyde fic, so I figured I’d write a small one before I continued my next one. Anxiety and depression have hit me hard today, so I figured Jekyll would need this reminder too~

I hope you all enjoy, and sorry if the format is weird, I’m posting this from the mobile app (I also can’t put it under a cut, sorry!!).

Henry Jekyll trudged over to the wine cabinet, shoulders tensed and head hanging low. He had started overanalyzing everything that had been said between him and Lanyon the moment Lanyon slammed the door to Jekyll’s office behind him. Henry ran his hands through his hair and poured himself the first of many drinks to come.
It was only a little over an hour since their fight, but Jekyll had managed to consume an entire bottle of wine and, had it not been for his body’s unwillingness to move, he would’ve been on his second. He sat on the floor, slumped against the front of his chair, as he couldn’t even muster the strength to pull himself into it.
Hyde, after disappearing hours earlier into the deeper regions of his “mirror realm” to rest, finally emerged silently. He watched Jekyll carefully before deciding to make himself known.
“Look at you, a heap of misery. You know, this almost suits you, being alone. It’s always been that way for you, hasn’t it? Never had anyone, not really. They never understood you.”
Hyde sneered as he said this, waiting for Henry to bite back and defend his friend. But for a while, Jekyll said nothing, didn’t move, didn’t even glance up. Hyde’s smug attitude was slipping with every passing moment, before Jekyll spoke at last, a broken murmur escaping through barely parted lips.
“You’re right,” he was quiet and defeated, and Hyde’s mood fell completely flat. Henry continued, “You’re completely right. No one has understood my science, or supported it. Not without hesitation, and not after even one minuscule mistake.”
Henry paused again, and Hyde almost spoke. Jekyll moved on before Hyde could, softly saying, “I have always been alone.”
Hyde wanted to lash out at him, pour more salt in his wounds as Jekyll always claimed was his reason for being.
But he couldn’t.
Edward Hyde, the creature made to be evil itself, looked at his loathsome, desolate creator and felt only sympathy.
The foreign feeling swelled in his chest and he slowly drifted towards Jekyll. Draping himself gently across the doctor’s shoulders, he spoke as soothingly as he could.
“Henry,” he said. “You were always alone, yes. But you’re not now, not really. At the end of the day, I am always here. I know you better than anyone, I understand you and support you. Now get out all your sad, repulsive emotions, and keep going forward.”
Jekyll lost a bit of tension in his shoulders. He was silent, and remained that way for the rest of the night, save for quiet hiccups and gentle cries. But Hyde knew he was grateful, and knew that Henry understood the underlying meaning to Hyde’s words. Jekyll forced himself into the chair, and Hyde moved to float across his lap.
And in the morning, Jekyll smiled, small but genuine, and stepped out of his office to face the day.


tagged to do the selfie thingie by my lov @somestudy who makes a damn cute peach if I do say so myself pls give her some well deserved love on her level of Adorable + her first day of senior year wow!!!

posting some selfies because I have nothing else to post right now because I’m watching the olympics (luv gymnastics) and I’ve been at work from like 8-6 everyday and I’m too tired to take pictures of normal things LOOOOL

left = me with my long hair and left bottom = what I had hoped my short hair could look like
right = me and my short hair that I regret on some days and enjoy on others hAhHah

also I was trying on glasses for my new pair but I don’t think I’m going with that one because it is LOWKEY too dramatic for me heh happy almost Wednesday tho

I tag literally every single person who sees this legit if you see this pls post your face (if you’re comfortable with it) bc lbr everyone’s beautiful and I wanna appreciate people tonight uwu

also I tag @bactoprenol @tbhstudying @terhangus @nehrdist because we’re either buds or have recently talked or ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯ u guys are just chill people LOL

Hello friends. As you know, Dr Jonathan Crane is a real Facebook addict. I always share my favourite life moments with my friends’ list, and so when they added their ‘Year in Review’ feature, I just knew it was something I had to share with everyone.

Without further ado, please enjoy my summary of Johnny’s Year of 2014.


My first court appearance for the year. Sadly, it was not to provide expert opinion, but to defend against a charge of public urination. Thankfully I got off due to insufficient evidence and the fact that all the witnesses were mysteriously decapitated the night before.


Finally got to meet my hero Rachel McAdams and told her how much I love Mean Girls. As you can see, she really appreciated it.


Here I am enjoying my brand new pair of Google Glasses. There really is no better way to learn such quick facts about people like their name, how many pints of blood are within them, and how likely they are to follow a creepy-looking doctor to a quiet location.


Ran afoul of Batman. That man throws a mean punch.


Too cold to go outside, so I just hung around in my Snuggie all month.


Stood up by yet another Tinder date, where I was told to wait for the girl on London Bridge, but no one ever showed up. I went on the show Catfish several weeks later and learned she was actually the Riddler. Again. Why do I never learn?


Ran afoul of Batgirl. That girl throws a mean punch.


Alright, so, I honestly thought The Human Torch was just a myth. So what you see here isn’t me running from him in fear, but making a strategic retreat so I can reassess the situation from afar.


Eh….I don’t really want to talk about how I spent September.


Ran afoul of Bat-cow. That cow throws a mean punch.


Realised that no matter how many times I see it, I can never not cry at the end of Air Bud. Beautiful movie. Beautiful dog. 


Ended the year on a low as I mixed up my jpeg files and accidentally sent the above photo out as my Christmas card. I received many angry responses, although the letter I received in response from Harley Quinn was….well, we certainly know each other extremely well now.

So that was my 2014. I hope your year was as good as mine, and that the next year can be even better.

See you in 2015!