i enjoy making myself miserable


Someone asked for Frisk & Asriel hugging, and i enjoy making myself miserable, so i figured why not lmao

I truly feel for asriel, the poor kid really got the short end of the stick in all this. The crap that happened wasn’t entirely his fault, it was only because he chose the wrong person to trust. and the whole “reborn as a malevolent flower” dealio was bad enough, before it was inadvertently made worse thanks to Alphys.

idk man i just want my little goat son to be happy, is that so much to ask ;___;

Im self Destructive

if things are going to well for too long its like i turn on myself, and then i try to make my friends and family turn on me too because then it feel justified

idk why the heck i do this crap,its like i enjoy seeing just how stressed out and miserable i can make myself by attempting to screw my life up in as many ways as possible.

luckily i pulled myself outta this stupid rut ,and i cut out the demon that keeps bringing me down . [if my mom walks by , middle fingers to the sky]