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That world, and the people inhabiting it, was a reflection of your own desires. What might have been if Komaeda Nagito lacked his good fortune and led a quiet, uneventful life.




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Theme: Andy Hurley | Prompt: Pre-hiatus

I present to you Andy Hurley in some pre-hiatus music videos. Click the gif (on desktop) for the name of the video!

i really truly wished that i was a multi-shipper, that i could appreciate both rey and kylo together witch each-other as well as with others but i can’t?? i’ve realized that i am fiercely devoted to reylo only, like anything else regarding them in others ships just kind of makes me irked (not in a ‘you can’t ship that’ way but more personally for me) and its such a shame cus i really want to appreciate all the other ship-art and fics (ky/lux, rey/lux, rey/ux, finn/rey, dam/rey etc.) but i just can’t…

Context: Unable to play game due to a key player having issues with someone over the phone. I’m a new player, so I was hoping to get to playing once I rolled stats.

DM: Ugh, so we just gonna go home?
Player 1: Heh, roll to see how fucked she is for keeping us.
Me: I’ll do it. *grabs DM’s d20*
(First time rolling a d20, so I’m just enjoying whatever comes up… and I roll a natural 20)
Me: …
Player 1: …
DM: …Well, guess that means she’s überfucked.

i. I was five years old with big brown eyes and dark skin to match, with a wild mane of curls more sporadic than my catch-me-now mind. on my first day of school I met a blonde girl who had already lost her first tooth and she gave me a piece of candy every time I let her tie my shoes.
ii. seven years old, I knew what wasn’t considered normal but I knew that I didn’t want a boy holding my hand, I didn’t want a boy chasing me around on the playground, I didn’t want a boy pulling my hair and teasing me and calling me names. to this day I wasn’t sure if I didn’t like the boys or I didn’t like the abuse.
iii. sixth grade wasn’t a good time for anyone but everyone wasn’t twelve years old and sitting at a crossroad. one road was paved and prepped with flashing lights and directions; my entire life I’d learned how to navigate it in the darkness, through snow and storms and tears. the other avenue was scary and I knew I’d never return if I chose to stroll down that street.
iv. fifteen tally marks and fourteen names on the back of my journal. I was counting my age and I was listing the girls who had ever made me feel something. it’s not a feeling you learn about in schools. I became my own teacher and I corrected my own mistakes, my brain and my heart covered in a red ink pen for errors.
v. is there any right way to explain a love story? written words or whispers, the possibilities are endless. I’ll pack my pockets full of symbolism and begin to speak, metaphors littering my language like love notes that missed the garbage can. i started adding an s to the beginning of the character’s name and I never cared about the genre as long as I could tell the tale.
vi. she told me she wanted a setting sun and falling flower petals and dates that meant nothing engraved into her skin. I told her that whether she was a blank canvas or hanging in an art gallery, she would always be a masterpiece.
vii. I tie my own shoes now, and I don’t tend to frequent playgrounds but when I do, I climb to the top of the monkey bars all on my own and no one can reach me. I’ve learned how to make my own maps and I’m out of space on the back cover of my journal but I have empty novels waiting for what I have to say. I have allowed myself to grow and there is not one thing that I would shrink myself for.
viii. I love watching the sunset.
—  an eight part love story

Tobi, a real sweetheart of an eyesore/chimera who has great jokes and even better fashion sense - neon floral print lederhosen have never looked so stylish! Throws a mean tea party and laughs like a bike horn. Definitely a dude you want on your squad.

I highly recommend reaching back into your childhood and pulling out what gems you find there!