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half and half soriel junk aka when ur pal is super goofy and showy when u dance and u realize hes damn cute


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Plotting face

For @snowbaz-feda​ day 22.


Every now and then Baz will look at me with this expression that I’ve come to know as his plotting face. His eyes will narrow just slightly, and his chin will tilt up just a little, and there’ll be a tiny crease between his eyebrows, and this cloudy look in his eyes, like he’s deep in thought even while he looks straight at me.

Like I said. Plotting face.

Sometimes I catch him watching me in class with the plotting face. On those days he usually ends up picking a fight with me up in our room. Probably to throw me off my guard. I’ve seen him give me the plotting face while I’m carelessly shoving down food in the dining hall, as though he’ll find some way to use my awful table manners against me. (Maybe poison.) That day that he forged the note from Agatha and I came back in the early morning shivering, cheeks red from the cold and hair dusted with snow, he blatantly stared across the room with his plotting face. 

‘Maybe that’s just his face,’ Penny says. ‘He has resting plotting face.’ 

‘If he has resting plotting face, it’s because he’s always plotting,’ I say.

I’ve learned to recognise the plotting face. I never know what he’s up to, so he’s always a few steps ahead, but at least this way I can know when he’s up to something. (Which is pretty much always.)

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That world, and the people inhabiting it, was a reflection of your own desires. What might have been if Komaeda Nagito lacked his good fortune and led a quiet, uneventful life.


If chap 117 was a bit more shoujo manga.

(This was partly inspired by that Mattsun x Mari scene in Nijiiro Days, one of my favorite shoujo manga.)


IG: DropDeadShy — First real photos I’ve taken in probably a year and half. There will be more to come. I’m excited for what I’ve got in store.

throw helen into a river, please

my family when they see me wearing my mabel sweater: hahah, you look like a rainbow sprite/brite

my family when they see me wearing my steven universe shirt: hahAH, that shirt makes you looks like you work at hardy’s/carl’s jr (the star is similar to the fast food symbol)


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KakaYama Week
Day 7 - 5/20
Date Night

There’s never a verbal agreement, but they both get each other gifts when they get to share some time together.
Kakashi likes to give Yamato flowers because his boyfriend suits them so well.
Yamato likes to buy nice sake they can enjoy while they chat and share small kisses.
Kakashi loves it because Yamato is cute and more honest when he’s tipsy. *quq*

Gai totally approves his friends having full bloom of youth sharing their love!
The teens want to follow but stop eventually, their teachers deserve their private time.
But it never stop them teasing them later.