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LQ Persicope Footage of Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe being adorable on the black carpet at the Outlander NYC Premiere/Tartan Affair.

What kind of selca would BTS send if you asked them for one?

This is not going to be a gif reaction but instead I’ll go through the 6000 kpop pictures I have saved on my laptop and search for suitable selcas for you :*


Please enjoy this reaction well! I’ll write two normal gif reactions next week again :* Lots and lots of love to BTS and A.R.M.Y. sends Al eonni! <333

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Jin: Jin is such an angel, he’d send you a really really pretty one where he puckered his lips as in a kiss and where he’d hold up the food he’d be eating right now, captioning it “I wish you were here right now so we could share this meal~” Each of his selcas is such a masterpiece ahhh~~~ You’d probably ask for another one right after receiving this one because you just couldn’t get enough of seeing him. And maybe a third one? There is never enough Jin

Suga: Suga was even more difficult than Jungkook tbh because I have no idea how Yoongi would interact with people on a very very intimate level. He has this “I’m-swag-but-I’d-also-die-for-you-Jimin” personality and that makes it so difficult to imagine. After a lot of thinking I came up with this: I think the sexy selcas that we have of him are really for the public. To a girl-/boyfriend, I think Yoongi would send a cute one where he maybe shows his gummy smile, but most importantly, where you can really see that he is earnest and focused on pleasing you. He’d send you one that is very intimate but still Yoongi, captioning it something along those line: “I was just about to nap, you made me get up. I’m doing that only for you, so you better save it and look at it often

Rap Monster: I couldn’t decide at first if Namjoon would maybe send a sexy one? But I sometimes think tumblr over-sexualizes him a bit and he’s more the person to dirty talk than to actually act it out. I think he’s really awkward and just cute most of the time. So I think his selca would be one of his adorable grimaces, the whole thing looking a bit shy. But he’d write something along the lines of, “Show me your face, baby girl, it’s so much more pretty than mine~

J-Hope: I don’t know about you but to me, all of Hobi’s selcas have such an intimate air about them? Whenever I look at his selcas, it really feels like they were especially made for just one person to see. There’s something very familiar and boyfriend-like about him. Hobi’s selca would be so cute omg, not just a hint of a kiss like Jin’s, but an actual kiss. And he’d beg for you to send one, too~ “Send me one too, ________! *Insert extreme aegyo*

Jimin: I have some weird notion that another person would be in Jimin’s selca. And it wouldn’t be one of the sexy selcas that I lose my shit over regularly. I think to a girl-/boyfriend, Jimin would send a cute one that just speaks of friendship and all the lovely things in the world. A selca that you’d just go “awwwww” over. He’d caption it with “V wanted to be in the picture too :) He misses you too (but I miss you more). Only go ‘awwww’ over me though, alright?” because I think Jimin can be really jealous (in a non-hurtful way) and he’d take his role as your boyfriend really serious. 

V: I don’t think Taehyung would send you a sexy selca out of the blue. It would just be playful and cute. Much like Jimin, it would be designed to make you feel good. Some people are just bringing instant sunshine to your world, you know? Maybe he’d aim to get a certain reaction from you, teasing you into replying something like “Pabo! Send me a serious one~” or a “After seeing this, I think I’m dating an elementary school kid~”. Also maybe he wouldn’t ask for a selca of you in return? Not because he wouldn’t care to see you, but maybe because teasing you, making you laugh etc. is a much more valuable response for him~

Jungkook: I thought about this for ages like??? Would Jungkook send you a sexy one, or just one that screams smol baby maknae, or one that’s absolutely memekook? But when I looked through all the ones that I have saved, I came up with the most recent one. I think Jungkook is enough of a brat that he’d tease you thirsty much hoe and although he’s still very young, even I knew how to make a sexy pose at 18 although I’m like the Holy Virgin Mary. So it would be sexy in a really really subtle way. It would not be memekook (except when he’d have maknae line with him in the picture, then, oh man holy shit). It would be a selca where he would try to be really good-looking for you, maybe a bit serious like a kdrama boyfriend, you know what I mean? Practically like in the one below. And he’d also not ask for a selca of you in return. He’d just caption it in a sober way “I’m going to school today, see you later!” and that’d be it. 

This is all Dina’s fault…

Author’s note: This is in an AU where there was no murder and so Connor’s car doesn’t contain any evidence or body parts or anything. (Sorry I forgot to add this note in the first time around…)

“Explain to me again why I have to help you clean your car?” Oliver asks as he maneuvers a vacuum wand over the backseat of Connor’s car.

“’Cuz we’re boyfriends now,” Connor answers as he cleans out his armrest, tossing receipts and gum wrappers in an old fast food bag. “This is one of the perks.”

Oliver rolls his eyes and mutters to himself. “Still don’t understand why we had to do this on the first nice Saturday of the year.” And then louder and over his shoulder to Connor, “You know another thing boyfriends do? The dishes.”

“What? I can’t hear you over the vacuum,” Connor calls out.

“You’re an asshole,” Oliver calls back.

“Yeah but you love me anyway,” Connor says. He looks up with a knowing smirk, and dammit if he isn’t right.

Oliver smiles, in spite of himself, and turns back to the task at hand. “How does a grown man with no children get so many crumbs on the backseat of his car?”

“I watched my sister’s kids over Christmas,” Connor answers as he moves on to cleaning out his glove box.

“Taking them for the day only explains about half of these. And you haven’t cleaned your car since before Christmas?”

“It wasn’t for the day. It was for the week.” Connor’s response is absentminded as he digs through old paperwork. Which is his newest insurance card and which can get tossed? “They were off school and I was home. Seemed silly to have her take off work or get daycare or something.”

“You watched your sister’s kids for a week?”

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