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#When they had it all for one day *sobs*


cut to: the realization that transitions are now frowned upon in scripts, and even’s come to realize this throughout his years in film school, but pull back to reveal: even knowing isak’s worth the notoriety of a mediocre script, because all that matters is that even loves the movie of isak, every scene, every transition, every line.

fade to: isak suddenly leaving, and even’s favorite thing isn’t to watch him go — his favorite thing is knowing he’s going to come back. fade out. (x)


1.6 : 5.2

Mattie: “You need to be very nice to her.”
Lucien: “Yes.”

They’re Okay

A/N: Sigh, well here I am again with another drabble. After I’m done with Feudal World, I plan on working on a “Kaede having to deal with the InuKag family” project. I don’t know if I can capture her well enough but I’m going to try.

1579 words

The kids were tormented by the pregnancy, and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to watch since losing my eye and sister in the same week.

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I LOVE nihuang’s smug face. I loved every shot of her during the scene where prince yu was trying to take credit for saving her and she had this perfect look of disgust on her face. there is no way the emperor missed it. I love her.

five times they left (and one time they didn’t)

(my dear friend amy (swallowedsong) is stuck in an airport, so here’s a travel shenanigans piece for her.) 

(the title says it all - captain swan. au.) 


“Are you serious right now?” 


Emma sighs heavily and the clerk glares even harder, if that’s possible. She knows it’s not helping, her attitude - is sure the clerk is overworked and tired and truly unable to offer anything other than another flight in twelve hours, but - 

“Mom, can I get a hot chocolate?” 

“We’ll be back,” she tells the lady behind the counter - who barely grants her another glance before calling “Next!” as Emma ushers Henry away. 

“So, what are we gonna do?” 

“I’m still figuring it out.”

“Isn’t Storybrooke only, like, four hours away?” 


They settle into the Starbucks line, Henry’s brow furrowed in concentration. Emma wraps her arm around him and tucks him into her side. 

“We can always just stay here until the next flight.” 

“Couldn’t we drive?” 

Emma had been weighing the idea in her head. On the one hand, it would probably, definitely be faster. On the other, she hasn’t driven in winter conditions on this coast in years - since before Henry was born. And at night? She’s not sure she wants to risk it. 

She’s just not sure she wants to camp out in the terminal, either. 

“We’ll see.” 

Henry nods, and quicker than she’d expected they’re at the counter, a hot chocolate for Henry and a trenta coffee for Emma (she’s either driving all night or staying awake in the airport all night; either one calls for the largest coffee Starbucks will sell her). 

Henry rushes off to pour cinnamon in his drink, and as Emma’s watching him and taking a blissful first sip, she feels a tap on her shoulder.

“Excuse me, lass, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with the lad,” begins the stranger, a smiling man with bright blue eyes. Emma immediately goes on the defensive. 


His smile turns sheepish. 

“Just - I’m headed to Storybrooke as well. I’d been debating just driving, but alone at night, in these conditions? However, if you’d be up for it, perhaps we could carpool?” 

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Again, another one of my very best friends on here. I adore Alexis so much and I feel like her and I have gotten super close in the small amount of time we’ve been talking. She’s a really cool person and she’s hilarious and we like/hate the same things which is always a big win for me 😂 her writing is also something I enjoy reading and I love everything about it♥️ @surpeme-bean

If you’re happy, I’m happy too! 

The fact that I saw her very bright and active as time passes makes me so happy. We all know how calm and quiet she is before but now, I guess doing things that you really like makes you shine and happy. Her energy is really bright  and I can see how much she’s enjoying herself. Being in TWICE makes her really happy. Keep this up my precious Mina, you’re doing your best and I am very proud of how much you’ve grown as a person. Keep up the good work! I love you so much! 

First off, lemme preface this by saying that I drew this around Christmas/New Years so anything revealed for the stories plot since then I obviously couldn’t include in this picture. Why am I just now uploading it? Because our scanner conveniently decided to break around then and we just recently got a new one. What lovely timing, right?

ANYWAY! @loverofpiggies is one of my favorite artists I follow, so I thought I would add to her mountain of fanart with…well…my version of what a lot of people have already drawn for her. What can I say, I’m not very original. X3 But that aside, in honor of the Crayon Queen I thought I would dust of my own set of crayons and actually do some traditional art. Gotta say, it was weird not being able to simply undo a stroke I didn’t like or resize certain aspects that seemed out-of-scale after drawing digitally for so long. (That being said I DID take the liberty to rearrange a few things when I digitally edited in the black background. I wasn’t quite satisfied with how I originally laid down parts of the image X3)

I gotta say though, Aftertale is a GREAT story and I love it. It’s how I found our lovely CQ, but I quickly found that I quite enjoy everything I’ve seen from her. I love your creative mind and it’s a joy to see what all you come up with! Even IF that includes breaking our hearts and sending us for a ride on the feels train. XD And not only are you a very creative person, you’ve also shown to be a very very kind and funny one too. I love seeing you interact with everyone! It truly is a joy. ^^ I just hope you’re finding the time you need to have a bit of you time away from the internet. You really do overwork yourself sometimes, hun, and I hope are taking the time you need to rest. We all love you and want you to not be overworked and stressed. :)

Well, I think I’ve rambled on long enough now. XD Hope you like my addition to the fanart pile, CQ, and good luck in your future endevours! Ya nerd~ ;D


                                             Feliz cumpleaños, Pam! [10/16] ♥

my mom isn’t my best friend

i was raised that your mom is your mom and your friends are your friends

i have my crew of girls that i love

but there’s nothing like just having my mommy

i talk to her about everything, i enjoy being around her,i love putting a smile on her face

that seems to be everything that would make a person your best friend

but there’s a love my mom has for me and i have for my mom that goes beyond being besties

i have enough best friends

i love that my mama is my mama

SO! I wanted to do something for hitting 2000. Key criteria: that it be something I can do and finish today, because last time I hit a milestone I tried to do TA, and I still owe a lot of you promos from that…..ugh. Spectacular fail, self. (I’m still going to do them - imminently, since this has brought it back to my mind - but I’m incredibly sorry for dropping the ball so bad.) 

Anyway, what I’ve decided to do is a ff for my top 20 blogs. Picking a top 20 was obviously hard, not least because it’s such a generic category - what does ‘top’ signify? The 20 people I talk to most? The ones whose writing I like best? The ones who are friendliest or post the best edits?

In the end I’ve picked blogs that bring the happy to my dash. They’re all positive, friendly, lovely people, and I’ve picked ones that I think will make any of your dashes better. x


  • themegalosaurus ☆ Jess’ tumblr identity was the first one i kind of got to recognise when i first joined (i.e. ‘oh that’s the Sam’s hands girl’) and NOW WE ARE RL BOOZEY FRIENDS so basically we’re Anne Shirley and Diana Barry ok. She’s the giffing queen, I fucking love her writing, and she’s responsible for Hot Professor Sam. NEED I SAY MORE.
  • winchestersandwordprocessors ☆ I don’t totally get the concept of tumblr wives, but if i have one, it’s probably Chris. great writer and just a great fucking person w/ an eye-crossingly smutty mind. i LOVE her. 
  • lipglosskaz ☆ one of my original tumblr crushes and i’m still in the middle of a love affair tbh. her blog is like a glass of orange juice when you’re dying of thirst and need a sugar kick. If you follow anyone, follow kaz!!
  • marrieddorks ☆ our friendship is kind of counter-intuitive b/c I don’t really ship j2 and she really really does. but i looove her. WE’RE LIKE THE ROMEO AND JULIET OF TUMBLR, Kirsten. :)
  • baronsamediswife ☆ rarely have I witnessed, in any context, the level of devotion that Myri holds for Dean/Jensen. :) visiting her blog is like worshipping at a funny, friendly, porny altar of Dean/Jensen feels. she’s incredibly genuine and a goddess of fic - check out her fic rec blog too. 
  • buttheyrebrothers ☆ Sandy’s writing will wreck you five ways to Friday AND she might be an android b/c she is inhuman levels of nice. she’s also my porn-wife: someday we will marry and our relationship will consist largely of exchanging porny fic over breakfast.


  • hidingfrommychildren ☆the Deangirl that I’m working on bringing over to the Sam side of life (it’ll happen, Erin, gaaaaze into the rabbit hole). NICEsT PERSON and ultimate cheerleader. I live for her tags on my stuff.
  • mamapeterson ☆ kind and awesome and lots of quality posting! You will not find a friendlier person on here.
  • deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ☆ ultimate Deangirl! check out her masterlist of reader insert smut (most of it Dean, though almost our first interaction was when I won a fic from her and requested Sam smut :D AH MEMORIES)


  • allsamallthetime ☆ Samgirl extraordinaire and the creator and primary of 70s Vice Cop Sam (visit his digs at sextigersam). 
  • sunshinesamwinchester ☆ Feona is UNFAILINGLY kind and positive, just thinking of her makes me smile. She also makes lovely edits!
  • yaelstiel ☆ AH YAEL. where to start? beautiful gifs that range from episode meta to scientific (OBVS) studies of Sam’s face and hair; kind and open and intelligent and my much younger (ha!) little tumblr-sister. 


  • tipsysam ☆ Hanna is LITERALLY the friendliest person I have ever met. She is one of the first people I very nervously messaged on here and she responded so warmly that I stopped feeling shy at all. Also her tags are the best on tumblr. Really. And…memorable.
  • wellcometothedarkside ☆ Aeren’s edits will knock your socks off and she also does tons of great fic recs.
  • whoaeasytiger ☆ achingly lovely writing and the legit coolest tattoo i’ve ever seen
  • sammichgirl☆ Heather is my real-life goldilocks and basically a literal sun - she glows and casts light and warmth wherever she goes. I’M SERIOUS.
  • zest-wincest ☆ haven’t been following long but stellar posts always and edits that i love!


(couldn’t figure out where to put these, but they’re too great to leave out)

  • canoncanoff ☆ multifandom madness & my smut-writing idol - check out her 100 kinks masterlist. it will change your life. As I’ve said to Sam on more than one occasion, her writing could give me a kink for eggplants or telephone books if she wanted it to. she’s that good.
  • anotherwinchesterfangirl ☆ I don’t even know how to categorise Liz (plus i haven’t known her all that long) but I enjoy literally everything she posts. her tags are gold and i love her writing!
  • fingersinsamshair ☆ uggghhh just read her tags and wallow in her gratuitous and oh-so-bang-on appreciation of the boys. ;) she has some great s1 screencapping going on right now too.