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I just wanted to say that I'm really digging your siblings au! It's really sweet and interesting, I'm really enjoying it a lot. I think your art is just really good in general, haha. I hope you have a nice day!

They’re adorable

Thoughts on the m/m content situation in ME:A

Now I’m a pretty positive person and my blog is positive about the game. I am also known here on tumblr as a blogger that enjoys a lot of m/m content in games, so I wanted to jot down my thoughts on the matter.


A friend alerted me to these twitter comments and I’m hoping this is the beginning for better representation in future. It’s pretty obvious certain other romances sell more units and they thought they could just throw m/m players a few scraps to tick the ‘we’re inclusive’ box.

We’d best get some fine ass male booty in Dragon Age 4 as a result of the developers wanting to ‘learn from this’. I am hoping that maybe we’ll get a m/m romanceable DLC squadmate out of this to use in future playthroughs (hey I’m a huge optimist)

Or if not that, I would like to see the Jaal content put back in, be it by the devs in a future patch, or by modders. This content was again taken the time to be produced yet cut out for the final product. I was kind of set on just trying out the Reyes and Gil content but all of this has made me actually want to try the Jaal m/m content as well, probably mostly just because it was taken from us. Having it there would have made things more balanced. Only 2 human minor romances would have been helped by a male bi alien squadmate.

I really enjoyed the Kaidan m/m romance modders put back into ME1 and am still forever baffled that it was cut in the first place given Bioware’s record for LGBT inclusion. ‘Out of time’ is a thinly veiled excuse for being worried that gay male content will hurt sales and make homophobes stomp their feet over it. The Kaidan mod wasn’t perfect as they didn’t even finish it in development and he called me ma’am a few times (which was I admit kinda funny), but it helped with the immersion since he was suddenly bi in the 3rd game.

So I want to say thanks to the people who expressed their disappointment directly to the developers which seems to have brought this into a recent meeting agenda. I know they’re only doing this as a knee-jerk reaction and would have done nothing had people not spoken up but it’s nice to see twitter used in this way to pave the way for better results so quickly. However I hope no one outright attacked people over this because the people on the social media platforms most of the time aren’t the ones making these decisions.

Cancelling your order to speak with your wallet is not the best way to bring about change. It doesn’t tell developers anything about why they lost a sale and if the game had other things players would have enjoyed, it only hurts those players in the end. However this does not take away that people who do this wanted to make a difference and that is still admirable, there’s just better ways of doing it.


BTS Reactions to Clingy/Touchy Lovers

Hey hey hey ! Relevant Post number one here we are :)) As someone who’s personally really into innocent human contact (ie. cuddles, hugs, hand holding, etc.) I found this to be a really simple and easy way to start off and show my “skills” as a reaction creator. I hope you guys enjoy, because I plan to write quite a lot :’)

Kim Seokjin

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Ahh, starting it off with the one that saddens me :( I personally feel like Jin isn’t the biggest fan of continuous contact. He may be very lovable and enjoy the kisses and actions that showcase how he feels towards the person he loves, but someone who constantly craves his everything may annoy him after some time. Though, being the big softie he is, he may not tell them of this fact just because he loves seeing how happy they get when wrapped around him. As long as certain boundaries are respected at certain times, he’ll tolerate anything to keep that beautiful smile on their face.

Kim Namjoon

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This oversized dork would take so much pride in having a clingy s/o. To him, it would only be reassurance that they truly love him! Due to his self  image issues (which are apparently getting better !! yay joonie !!!) he may even crave their clingy tendencies at times just as a reminder that he, indeed, is loved. Even if he thinks he isn’t loved widely, which he is, he knows he is loved deeply and that’s a lot more than enough for him. His favorite moments are when they both have a day off and just snuggle up on the couch, talking about anything and everything that they love about one another.

Min Yoongi

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Some may not agree with me on this, but I feel like Mr. Agust D here is the number one tsundere when it comes to someone clinging to him. If you were to randomly sit on his lap while he works, he would call you a total burden and annoyance whilst puling you closer to him in a tight embrace. This attitude of his has caused him to get teased by his members and s/o alike, but he doesn’t care and continues his actions nonetheless. There are some times were he really doesn’t want the contact, though. Whenever his key phrase of “I’d rather be alone at the moment,” is heard, it’s a sign that he REALLY is just not in the mood. He may be a bit mood swingish at times, but you know, that’s probably why we all love him.

Jung Hoseok

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We all know that this fluffy ball of sunshine would be clingy as hell right back at his s/o in all scenarios, almost becoming the annoying one himself. Despite every kiss, cuddle, hug, etc. tending to be at the worst times (i.e. when he’s trying to focus on that level of his game that he just cannot beat), he would love every action and reciprocate it ten times over, maybe even creating a competition of who can be more disgustingly cute. Note: he would win every time by jokingly creating sexual tension.

Park Jimin

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This boy. Is the king. Of sexual tension. Wait, no. He becomes the king of sexual tension. Jimin is the type to be very shy at first when it comes to clingyness. He would push it away in public, laugh light-heartedly at the idea when at home, and become red faced when its actually acted upon. But no fear! He warms up super quickly and when he does he becomes the cutest puppy around. he’ll cuddle the hell out of his s/o, show off his love in multiple different ways, and even show off his newfound confidence in front of the other members. After even more warming up though, he would be the type to start getting riskier, and riskier, and riskier. It would be a compete joke at first, laughing at the shy and cute responses he would receive and then returning to his usual fluffy attitude. Then he would start getting a bit serious, and this would progress until every member thought of it being too gross to even be in the same house as the two. Basically - I’ve been reading too many CEO Jimin fanfics :))

Kim Taehyung

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Playfully soft puppy cuddles all day everyday. That is all.

Jung Jungkook

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I feel that Jungkook would be so absent minded about the clingyness (from trying not to die of shyness/embarrassment) that he would unknowingly reciprocate and it would be the cUTEST SHIT EVER LIKE-  just think: His s/o leaning into him and him silently leaning back, them hugging his waist and him easily wrapping an arm around their shoulders, whining at him for attention and only receiving a soft head pat in return (but they both know that’s his way of showing he cares). Surely he would warm up over time, but at first it’s only him and his slight gestures that keep his s/o satisfied and happy.

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your art style made me start drawing in a way i actually enjoyed rather than strictly photorealism - i feel like that's what a lot of people assume art is supposed to look like or evolve into all the time, and that's why you get a lot of unfair comments. keep doing what you love artistically and don't feel pressured to evolve your art unless it seems natural for YOU. just this year your style made STRIDES and it didn't have to do with realism at all - just depth and color. you are AMAZING ida

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can you rec your fav evak recs? :)

hey!! sorry this took so long i just wanted to be able to link you to some really good ones :) these are all one shots because i dont have much time to read so i tend to stay away from long chaptered fics but these are all really good !!!

true or false - a very cute childhood au where isak and even grow up together and honestly it is so cute and well written !!! probably one of the best i have ever read !!!!

love me harder - isak gets added in a group chat and from there meets even !!! it is enjoyable and it is written so well 

that time with the body paint - isak lets even paint on him and its super cute 

Alice: Madness Returns

So I was playing some old games that I haven’t played in a while, and Alice: Madness Returns was one of those games. I forgot how much I loved it. Even the creepy doll area. I seriously hate dolls with a burning passion, but then again I love it. They are a huge fear of mine yet I enjoy it. I’ve been playing a lot of This game this week. Still haven’t found all the collectibles yet. ಠ╭╮ಠ


“Is anyone dead?”
“Does tired count?”

“Noct another one out~”

I’m done with these stickers!!! :3 So that’s a total of four stickers I have

So yeah. Two FFXV stickers and Two BOTW stickers. I’m glad how they turned out. 

I’m still in a bit of trouble with money so if anyone wants to purchase these, I would be more than happy to give them to you. PM me and we can work something out since I never really done something like this before. and thanks in advance to the ppl who reblog this or like. It means a lot to me having people enjoy what I draw.

I’m 17, turning 18 July 10. I live in Willowbrook, Illinois. Yet I’ll be going off to UW-Milwaukee for college soon!! I’m bisexual, and female. I’ve been more accepting of my sexuality and been feeling alittle lonely… so I would really love to date a girl. Yet I don’t mind meeting New people and making good friends with you all!!

About me: I’m a bit of a geek, I love anime, and video games. Disney is life. I’m pretty good in school, but I have a lot of laziness. I enjoy eating food like waffles, macaroni, salmon, and etc … watching movies. I love animals, and cuddling. I enjoy traveling! So maybe if anyone wants to travel with me soon! I don’t mind!^^ I love love shopping, and hanging out ~ and I love animals.

Sc: elmcarrecandy
Insta: elmcandyluv

Ps. If you wanna know more just message me here at everybodylovesmetruly or my other social accounts


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Honestly, my favorite book to movie adaptation was The Princess Bride!! I don't think anyone can truly find a fault in either the book or the movie. It's still a beloved classic :)

THE ULTIMATE MOVIE! I love the Princess Bride too, but who doesn’t? xD It’s just so much fun. I did enjoy the book a lot, but I personally like the movie a bit more because it’s so fun and lively on screen. Plus the casting was perfection! <3

What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

The power of a good nights sleep is incredible.
I felt so poorly last night, Matt came over & we watched Arrival, though I slept through most & he was a trooper as always & looked after me, expected to feel awful today & was already fretting how to call in sick for worse, is it just me that is terrified of making that call?!

Anyway I had a good sleep & woke up feeling so much better! Still have a ‘kind of’ cold, but it was the headache I couldn’t bare!
I’ve had so much to get on with this morning but I really enjoy having a lot to do!
Looking forward to dinner with Matt after work.

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Hmm so the Musical Crossover didn't break any rating records ?? 👀👀👀 I guess 2 things to take from this: 1- The comic books fans are not here for any musical, 2- The Glee viewers have move on with their lives, don't try to recruit them. I hope that Berlanti got the message. At least the regular Flash viewers showed up. Oh well, as a CP/WA I enjoyed it a lot ☺☺☺

I wasn’t expecting it to break records, but it did get a 1.0, which was an increase in ratings, that’s a W in my book. 

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I'm a fan of ACOTAR (I've never really been a fan of TOG) and I found your account on a whim, but I really enjoy it. I know the books have a lot wrong with them even though I enjoy reading them and it kind of feels like a breath of fresh air to know that there are people who recognize SJM's literary fuck ups when all of the fandom blogs tout the stories as free of problems. I feel like they know that there's stuff wrong with SJM's novels... they're just too scared/proud/obsessed to admit it.

It’s literally impossible to talk to them, they take everything as a personal attack. Stans don’t seem to understand a lot of the antis are poc and/or part of the lgbt community, what SJ/M portrays is hurtful to a lot of us. SJ/M isn’t the only author that writes problematic things, but she is a really big author and loved by many people. How many people call those problematic things out? Not many, at least compared to the fans. Big booktubers ADORE T0G and AC0TAR, but they never mention racism, homophobia, toxic masculinity, etc.  I don’t even find the series feminist, I think the treatment of women is terrible and it makes me sick. Also, it’s not like most antis didn’t give SJ/M a chance, but they got tired.
No one is saying those stans can’t enjoy the books if they want to, but they should be critical readers. She isn’t a perfect writer at all and her fans should know that, because what the series has aren’t “minor flaws” in my opinion. Sure, SJ/M didn’t write The Black Witch, but that’s the highest level of shitty. Other books being shittier than T0G and AC0TAR doesn’t mean that what both series portray is okay. Some things like the toxic masculinity are scary.
But hey, we’re just blind haters after all, what do we know? The only thing we do is send anon hate to the fans :) ohwait

I’d love to hear your opinion on this!

I’ve been thinking about doing a monthly reblog thingy.Basically every month I’ll reblog one post that I consider to be my favourite post of the blog +of the month.It could be because It was creative,or because I enjoyed doing it or because lots of people enjoyed it.(Every month they’ll be only one reblog and it will change from a month to another)

You can just like this post if you want to and if it gets more than 10 likes then I’ll do it!!

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your saint seiya posting made me remember how much i enjoyed it the first time i saw it, thanks a lot! it always makes me giggle ~ (also, your fusions fajkfnasjkfn). by the way, do you plan to see any spinoffs/sequels after you finish the originals? sorry if it's a little bit soon to ask! i would recommend to you omega! it has a poor reputation in the fandom, but i i think it's pretty good (at least sesaon1) also, i think that if you enjoy voltron and su you will like it :3

aaaaa thank you!! <3333 mmm well, i wanna finish watching the original and get onto the hades arc after–i havent really planned to watch the others but i’ll check it out!

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What got you into nyx/noct?

Originally it was @bierausgalahd’s amazing art/comics, and then @jasperraven’s amazing fics, and then @goddamnminyard’s fics/headcanons and then @aithilin’s fic and there are others but idk if they have tumblrs and basically there is just a lot of quality content that tends toward tropes that I really enjoy *coughhurtnoctiscough*. 

Also I gotta be real there is a lot of draw in that I find it in character for Nyx to use petnames with Noct and I am all over that. Noct would try but he can’t pull it off. He’s like “um, babe-uh, um, muffin? *stomach growls bc mmm muffins*” but Nyx. That kind of confidence? He’s all “What was that, shmootzie-poo?” and Noct’s pants burst into flame. 

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I'm not attacking you here bc I love your blog but how the heck can you call Emma tinkerbelle when she's literally a murderer?? It's just a lil weird

haha well tinkerbelle is known for being very feisty and sulky and one day this scene happened and i could never look at emma without thinking of tink again

she’s tiny and feisty (and a murderer) and i really like her. i know she’s not a good person (she tries tho lol) but she’s a good character, and i enjoy her a LOT