i ended up winning that game fyi

SasuSaku Month; Prompt Eight

Title: High Stakes
Summary: “Whoever loses has to do whatever the winner wants them to.”
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: The Student Becomes the Teacher
Rating: K+

He was frustrated. Plain and simple.

When Sakura had asked him to teach her how to play chess, at first he was surprised at the fact that she’d never played it before, but he obliged nonetheless. Naruto wasn’t able to understand when he’d tried explaining it to him and Kakashi just didn’t care enough to pay attention to the game.

He hoped that maybe Sakura would take the game seriously and perhaps even present a challenge to him.

Now, three hours after teaching her the ins and outs of the game, he found himself wishing he hadn’t taught her at all.

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