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I'll Be Here

Steve X Reader

Summary: You’ve always had a thing for Steve, since the beginning and like every perfect cliche story everyone but him knows it. From a questionable background with unusual gifts who could blame him for not noticing. Set during CA:CW, with a few changed details.

Warnings: ANGST,

A/N: I seem to have written quite a bit the last 2 weeks but I’ve loved all the responses I have gotten!!!! Thank you so much. Warning to you all this is not happy and ends in a cliffhanger, you have been warned! This is an edited version because I learned not to post when one is really tired and trying to rush things!

Supposedly this meeting was about setting boundaries and rules when it came being the Avengers. Not that that worked ever, waiting for someone to give a say on whether or not the situation was dire enough by a group of pompous and pretentious people was just stupid. This was going to bite them in the butt one day. Hopefully it was before a whole lot of someones got killed.

You were relatively new to the group having been found by Clint, of course always picking up strays, while on a mission, you brought the destructive aspect to the group.

Having been sold and trained for a little known but dangerous mercenary group, you were eager to get out. Your time with the Devil’s Luck had been torturous. Each day they seemed to have a new way to scare you into submission. The only reason you lasted as long as you had was, you listened. Each week they had taught you a different bomb how to assemble and disarm it. They taught you all the components and at the end of the week you had to perform perfectly or death was the answer.

Clint had been sent in to disassemble the Devil’s. You were lucky to have Clint notice that you weren’t there willingly. It also helped your case that they would chain you every day in the room where they kept their poisons and other volatile explosives. They said it helped remind you of which components were which.

Focusing back to the meeting a new man has entered the room, Secretary Ross, gah even his name made you want to throw up, (he no longer gets a name shall only be known as he) he is staring down each and every one of them.

That is until he comes to you. You meet his glare head on with one of your own. He shifts a little before looking away, you had won this round. It’s not surprising, due to the exposure of the different compounds, while being locked in your closet, your eyes had shifted from their usual (Y/E/C) to a murky purple, not exactly pretty or pleasant to look at.

He starts to blab on about how the group has “helped” so many people, but then he shifts and starts to blame them for everything ignore the lives saved in every incident.

You begin to feel your temper rising up, you shift in your chair. Looking around you can see everyone just taking it. You had been brought here years ago but had been too dangerous to be around others as Fury had told you. When you started training you had gotten to see them in action and vowed to be part of them.

Now that you were, they had quickly taken you in and treated you like family. You would not stand by while this prick tore into them. They were heroes that risked their lives and save millions more. They didn’t need all these rules or whatever crap this man wanted.

A hand on your thigh stops your internal thoughts and quells you anger a bit. Shooting your gaze over to see Steve; he was shaking his head slightly. Pretty much telling you to chill, then his thumb begins to rub circles in your thigh. Great now you can’t stay mad because you’re focusing on the feeling he is giving you, the butterflies erupt in your stomach.

It is a well known fact to all the you have a big thing for Mr. Steve Rogers. It’s also known that you will never make a move because you feel you are not good enough for him. Instead you had chosen to become friends, you would take him however you could get him. You don’t often regret that decision mostly being that Steve was the greatest friend you could ask for.

You’re so in the moment that you don’t move until you hear Steve back firing on Tony, his hand still rests on you but it is tense.

You focus back on the conversation. But don’t last long as you realize that this man had come in here and was now tearing the team apart. He is sranding off to the side a bit as they argue, a small smile appearing in his face. He turns and leaves the room, the door gently closing.

You jerk up, making the chair roll hard into the wall startling everyone, you are seething, a low growl building its way up your throat. You heads towards the door. “Where are you going?” Tony asks.

“I’m going to kill that man, I’m going to make him feel so much pain he’s going to wish he never even set foot in this building let alone mess with my family.” Still growling you turn back towards the door only to have a couple pair of arms hold you still.

“This won’t help anything if you kill him or threaten him.” Sam says while he and Clint attempt to pull you back into your chair. You were standing firm until another chair sputtered back. All eyes shifted to Steve.

“I have to go.” He quickly leaves. You know something is wrong you can tell just from his words. The men release you and you take the moment to following Steve out. It wasn’t often that Steve didn’t jump into help you or defend you so the simple fact that he didn’t proved that he just received the worse kind of news. You hoped it didn’t have to deal with Bucky, he had searched for so long now. Spending months with him and you digging for even the slightest mention of him.

You searched for him for a couple moments till a faint sniffling reached your ears. Opening the door to the stairwell you peak over the edge to Steve in the middle of the flight. You rush down, his shoulders are shaking while he holds his phone out. You glimpse on, ‘She’s gone, in her sleep.’ You gasp taking it in, Peggy was gone no wonder he was in pieces. It was worse than Bucky, not Peggy he had gotten her back.

You both often visited her in the care home. Spending hours talking, you getting all the really good stories to blackmail Steve with. Now she was gone, you wrap your arms around him and he takes advantage by leaning in cause you both to slip to the steps.

A few minutes later he looks up at you, those gorgeous blue eyes are rimmed in red and have a dark shadow in them as his world comes crashing down around him. “I have to go, I need to get packed and go to her. I… I didn’t get to say goodbye. I’ve lost her, again. Why did I lose her again?”

You nod your head, you had no idea why things were working out this way, fate was cruel. “Come on let’s get you home to pack.“ Taking his hand you get him up and lead him up to his room. You sit him down on the bed and pull out his small carry on bag. He glance up, “I can do it, thank you for taking care of me. Maybe you can come with me. I could the support and you were close with her as well.”

“I’ll be here.” You reply quietly to him.

At the funeral Steve is one of the paul bearers for Peggy. You can see how upset he is even when he sits next to you on the pew. He grabs hold of your thigh again holding on tightly as the service begins. It was a lovely service, even when it came time for family to speak. You were expecting a lot of tears, what you didn’t expect was the blonde woman, especially Steve’s neighbor to get up to speak. She was introduced as Sharon Carter. You feel Steve straighten and his hand leaves your thigh. You glance up to find his eyes zeroed in on Sharon as she shares about her aunt. Another Carter. He hangs off her words eyes meeting until the end and even still follows her with his eyes after she’s done showing great interest in what she was doing.

Your heart putters at the scene, Sam glanced over at your sharp inhale, checking to see what happened. Steve remained focused on Sharon missing your distress.

You had know he had been through to much to just try to jump into a relationship with. Then you had found out about Peggy and knew that nothing was going to happen for a very long time. You wouldn’t compete with someone you had no chance if winning against. From all the stories you didn’t mind either. Now here comes fate with another interesting Carter at Steve’s feet.

He excuses himself from you and Sam to go talk to her. “You shouldn’t let him go like that.” Sam comments to you.

“He is free to talk to anyone he wants to I’m not going to stop him.” You reply getting uncomfortable with the situation at hand. You wait for Steve to come back glancing over at them while they talk flinching every time he smiles at something she said.

“Yup, your jealous.”

“Never said I wasn’t; just not going to let it effect my relationship with him.”

“Uh huh whatever you say.”

Sharon walks away only to have Nat walk up and talk to Steve. He gets a little tense talking to her, but soon heads over sending you a small smile. “She’s headed to Vienna for the talks. Things are going to get dangerous now.”

“I know. I’ll be here.” You give him a small smile, while you give his hand a quick squeeze.

Steve and yourself had split up after the funeral, you had things that needed to get done in New York. Unfortunately, you should have stayed with him. You knew as soon as you saw the news and heard Bucky’s name you were ready to head right back in the quinjet only to be surrounded by men in black tactical gear. Their weapons were pointed straight at you no chance of escape. Then he came sauntering up an evil grin on his face. “Bring her with us, she’s a good bargining chip for him”. They cuffed her and forced her onto the jet but strapped her down tightly.

Upon landing you are carted into a foreign building and kept under lock and key. Constant eyes watching you. Its rather boring just waiting around waiting for something to happen. Lucky for you they didn’t have a full understanding of your powers. While you were stuck in your prison with the Devil’s Luck, not only had your eyes changed but so had your very DNA. The strange combination of compounds mixed further and mutated your blood enabling you to use any poison or other toxins at will.

It was one of the reasons you never told Steve your true feelings. There was a lot you still didn’t know about your powers making you almost a ticking time bomb, when your emotions got high enough you would leak fumes around you. This included the meeting before this whole mess. Steve was one of the few people able to calm you down almost instantly, dissipating anything in the air.

The other reason was Steve had been dealt a sad hand of cards in life, he deserved something normal including a normal love interest. It was why you weren’t exactly angry when he showed interest in someone. Of couse, he could never truely have a normal life, house, kids, and dogs, but it would be better than the “toxic” relationship you would provide. You would never be able to let go fully always worried that you would hurt him. Heck right now you were in a jail cell waiting to be used as bait against him.

As the guard passes by on his round a perfect opportunity to escape. You start to emit a gas known for bending the will. Perfect for your plan with the lack of appropriate ventilation, your cell was soon open and you walked out. You had the guard escort you all the way to the glass office which now held Steve, Sam, Tony, and Nat. There was another man with regal posture but you paid little head to him as you zeroed in on the man that continued to drive your family apart.

The door slide open and all eyes turned to you. You wave the guard off and stare at the man in front of you. Everyone is slowly rising. They can see the wisps of smoke radiating from you. Your eyes have now crystallized to a royal purple instead. Steve approached you arms raised slightly with his palms open toward a you. You let him approach slowly trying to get your breathing and rage under control.

“Calm down, (Y/N). It alright. I promise, we are just seeing things differently.”

“No! He is tearing my family apart and will not let him continue to do this.” You are screaming at this point. “He is the one that brought this on why can’t anyone see this. Turning us against each other. Making Wanada feel like everything is wrong with her when its not. Making Tony take all the blame for the actions if others. I won’t allow it any more!” The waves pulse out again darker and reaching out toward the man in question. He shirks back, finally grasping just how dangerous you are and what you could do, specifically to him at the moment.

He dares to speak, “Rogers, get the monster under control or I will.”

This made all heads turn towards him. “Excuse me,” the rage and venom could be heard clearly in Steve’s voice.

You heard me. Do something before I have to.”

With that he takes his chance and leaves the room. They all continue to stare after him. You on the other hand were shocked at what he said that everything vanished. He had said the one thing you knew to be true but no one had ever said to you. Hearing it was worse and cut you deep; looking around you saw the angry expressions on their faces you’re not sure if it’s for you or the man that just walked out. Steve let’s out a sign before turning back to you.

“I told you to calm down. You might have just made things worse. Now why don’t you sit down and maybe don’t move.” He sounds slightly exasperated as he says this. You feel your heart clench at the tone. You merely nod your head.

“Well great, that fixes nothing,” Tony says glancing now between the two of you. At this point Sharon comes in letting them know that the interrogation was about to begin. She walks up to Steve and you can see him relax, sending her a small smile. Well another nail in that coffin. They look good together you notice, almost a perfect match; at least he doesn’t have to worry about her killing anyone. You sink lower in your chair but even with the small movement you see people tense around you making you go even smaller.

Suddenly the lights flicker and everyone panics, Sharon tells Steve Bucky’s floor and with a quick turn he tells you to follow him closely, this is your escape. You decide to split up Sam and you are on modes of transportation out. Steve would grab Bucky and meet you outside the building.

You hijack a civilian car and go on your way. From your spot you witness the chopper crash and finally see the guys surface. You hoist them in the car and head out of town to an abandoned warehouse district.

Placing Bucky into a giant vice you wait for him to wake up. You have sat yourself as far away from them as you could with still being able to be seen. Steve eventually comes over and sits next to you.

“You could have killed someone today.” You nod, not trusting yourself to speak and know that nothing can help you now. You pray for a miracle. “It was stupid and reckless. You need to get this under control, you were doing so well, before all this happened.” You can tell he is concerned but you fear it is more for others than yourself. You pull your knees to your chest wrapping your arms around them. “Secretary Ross has power, unfortunately he’s using it against us. But, we will get through it, you can’t get involved though. I can’t trust you at this point, you will only make things worse.”

“I’m sorry.” your voice breaks failing to hold back any tears.

“That’s not going to fix anything,” he huffs frustrated. “If that was enough none of us would be in this situation.”

By this time tears are falling down you face silently. He’s confirmed everything you’ve feared the most. Your losing control and nothing more than a monster that was going to hurt others. Worse yet, you knew he wasn’t ever going to feel the same way you did. He couldn’t trust you why would he ever think to love you.

Sam approaches, “He’s awake.” You wipe your tears unsuccessfully masking that you had been crying. Sam probably heard it all. Steve rises to his feet going to Bucky’s side. You look out the window searching for suspicious activity. Not daring to turn around and meet anyone’s eyes.

A while later you notice movement on the roof a few blocks down. “We’ve got movement, couple blocks down. We need to move.”

You continue to watch until Steve walks up, pointing out all the boogies to him, you both come to the same conclusion. Your going to need a diversion, and a pretty big one. Its then that you come to understand your it. The rest needed to continue; this was the end of your story.

You turn to Steve, “Go, I’ll hold them off. You take Sam and Bucky with you do what you need to do.”

“We can’t just leave you here, who knows what they’ll do.”

“I’ll be fine, I’m stronger than I look. I won’t kill any of them I promise. I can hold off being a monster long enough to get you guys out.“ You tell him firmly, hoping he can trust you just enough not to screw this up.

"You’re not…”

“Stop. Please. Just go.” You don’t need to hear any more lies. You shoo him away, not bothering to say goodbye.

Steve nods once before turning to debrief Bucky. Sam walks up to you, “This is stupid and you know it. They won’t let you go.”

“Maybe that’s what I want.” You glance back at Steve talking quietly with Bucky, “Sam, don’t let him come after me alright? No one can, forget I was ever here. Monsters are meant to be locked up so that’s where I’ll go.”

“You’re not a monster, not even close.”

“Please just promise me Sam.” you urge, they need to get out and soon.

“Fine, but promise me you won’t just give yourself up. You get out of here and come back to us.”

“Alright, now go. I can give you guys about 20 minutes head start.”

Steve looks back at you sadness written on his face, “I’ll see you later, alright?”

“I’ll be here.” You whisper with a small smile.

Steve turns and jogs out with the guys close behind him. Turning back toward the front you prepare yourself with each thump of men trying to get in. For the first time you feel like you lied to Steve, you knew you wouldn’t be here.

Imagine Negan separating you from your boyfriend

Part One

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As your screams died down, Carl feared the worst… Either Negan was done, and he would let you back out to the group, you were dead, or best case, you killed him. However as the time kept slipping by the last option seemed less and less likely, and then he came out, and you were no where to be seen.

“Damn, you got a good woman right there. Just took me threatin’ the little one here to make her shut the fuck up. Now I am going go, got more shit to collect, however I will be seeing ya at the end of the week, and I expect my shit, less you wanna hear me do that to another one of your women.” He smiled as he turned back towards the RV.

“Where’s [Y/N]?” Carl screamed after him, causing him to stop and turn towards him, a smile on his face as he did.

“Oh didn’t I make it clear ‘fore I fucked her, she is now mine.” He emphasized the mine as he leaned forward slightly and then bounced back up, “Plus that one is mine too, so get ‘im in the van.” He snapped pointing Lucille at Daryl as the men manhandled him into the van, while everyone watched, “And if you don’t get me my shit, or you try to save ‘em, I promise you this,” He gestured at the bodies on the ground, “will happen again to one of them.” He smiled as Carl glared at him, “and I promise ya boy, it ain’t gonna be the one in the van.” 

He turned on his heels and walked into the RV, slamming the door before he drove away, leaving the group to stand there to care for their dead and watch both you and Daryl drive away.

When they finally got back to Alexandria they were all silent, each going to their own corners of the town, Carl found himself walking into the house, and walking up to the bedroom he once shared with you. upon opening the door he was greeted with a dark emptiness, his feet guiding him straight to the dresser you both shared. His hands ringed around the soft cotton fabric of one of your shirts, as he lifted it to his nose, inhaling the smell he had grown so accustom too. It reminded him of a spring day. As he inhaled he thought of Negan smelling the same thing Carl was, and it made him sick to his stomach. As he opened his eyes, his hand found its way to the small charm hidden under his shirt.

“Hey Carl.” You smiled as you jogged up to him, he couldn’t help but smile as he watched your hair wave and bounce with your movements. 

“Hey.” He breathed out as you stopped in front of him

“Look what I found on today’s run.” You announced to him as you held up a necklace, it was a simple metal disk on a chain, the first letter of your name craved into it.

“Cool.” He replied as you smiled

“I also got you this.” You replied putting something cold into his hand, when he looked down he saw a similar necklace in his hand, “I know it is kinda girly but I thought you might like it.”

“It’s cool.” He replied as you smiled again, and started walking beside him, talking.

The next time he saw that necklace, was the night he planned on asking you out, you both sat on the guard tower watching the town grow dark, the stars sparkled above you as you did.

“[Y/N].” He whispered as your head turned towards him, your eyes sparkling, and your hair falling to the side as you answered, “Carl.”

“So I was wondering…. ummmmm do you have a thing for Ron?” He mentally started hitting himself as your eyebrow arched, “Ummmmm like as a friend or…”


“I don’t trust him, I will act nice to him, just to keep the peace, by I would never put a gun in his hand, less someone in this group wanted to lose an eye, or a foot.” 

“So do you gotta crush on anyone?”

“Someone however I am pretty sure they are dating another girl in this camp.” You answered as he thought of who that could mean, and then she asked sadly, “So you have a thing with Enid?”

“No, I mean she is nice but I don’t think I could ever see myself with her, when I like someone so much better then her.” 

“Hmmmm.” She hummed in reply as Carl dug in his pocket and found the necklace, “So [Y/N] I know you got me this, but I was hoping you would take it.” He swallowed as he placed the necklace on her lap.

“What too girly?” you smiled, causing his heart pace to quicken

“No I was hoping you would wear it, you know as a sign that you and me…”

“Wait, are you asking me out?” You asked as he blushed

“Ummm, well I’m trying.” 

“Well Carl Grimes I would love to wear it, if you wear mine.” You reached behind your neck and undid the clasp on the necklace you wore, and handed it to Carl before replacing the one you once wore with the C one. 

He had found his way to the bed, flopping down on the covers, the shirt still in hand, as the other fumbled with the charm. And as he shut his eye his thoughts were flooded with your screams, and the knowing that he couldn’t help you.

Part 3

Part 4


Imagine #45 || Request #40

I don’t know how to distinguish your past self and present self so maybe I’ll do a name change? Just so you, the reader, is still both the past and present person here. I think it’s like a reincarnation of you but you don’t know who you were in the past (hope I’m making sense huhu)Also, I somehow changed the timeline from being a month to a few/several months because I feel like a month is too quick. And this is somewhat more on Brett’s POV, I guess? if errors occur so sorry O:)

Y/N- Your Name (Past (you)-Banshee)

Y/N/N - You Nickname (Present (still you)-Human)

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


“How is he?” Scott asked Lori once he saw her seated on the bleachers supporting his brother before the game started, her face saddens the slightest at the mention of his brother and what happened only a few months ago.

“He’s trying,” Lori answered, knowing full well the effort his brother was making in trying to move on with himself knowing that Y/N wouldn’t like it if he’d hold up himself in the past and sulk. “Still has his episodes though, you probably know how it is to lose an anchor.”

That caught Scott off guard but he did know what it felt like, but now it didn’t bother him as much as before because now his pack was his anchor. And seeing how Brett was yesterday, he seemed like he was slowly getting better-kept himself distracted with lacrosse.

“Yeah, it does take time.” The Alpha only gave a comforting smile towards Lori before telling her that he needed to go back to the locker rooms to get ready.

“How was it?” Liam and Stiles caught up with Scott once they saw him enter the locker room, curious what was now happening with the werewolf of the other pack.

“Lori said that he’s still having his episodes, but he’s trying.” Scott answered, not really elaborating on the ‘episodes’ Lori mentioned but he knew that they knew what it meant since they were there to experience it first-hand.

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Fight or Flight (Laf x Reader) Chapter 4: Closer

A/N: I promise that requests are being written, I’ve just had some personal things come up that have slowed my progress. But for now enjoy this little treat :)

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Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3

Word Count: 2,047

The sun shone brightly as Martha, Lafayette, and Y/N made their way into town. There was a new shop that had just opened up a few blocks from where Martha had first met Y/N, which she insisted on going into. As Y/N followed her into the shop, she tried to keep her eyes from going too wide as she looked around at the clothing and jewellery which were clearly far pricier than anything that she had ever even hoped to own. Even in one of Martha’s loaned dresses, Y/N felt extremely out of place. As she strayed from Martha and Lafayette, she began eyeing a small necklace, whose only decoration was a small Y/F/C gem dangling from the thin silver chain.

“It’s gorgeous,” Y/N muttered to herself as she eyed it longingly. It shined in the light, but was not overwhelming. In a way, it reminded her of her mother. After all, she supposed, they had once shared the same favourite colour.

Y/N eventually tore herself away, knowing that it was just one more thing that she could not have. She really needed to remember that forming attachments — even to trivial things such as jewellery — was dangerous.

She found Martha looking at some of the dresses near the back and joined her, humming in appreciation at the fine materials of the dresses.

“This one matches your eyes, Y/N,” Martha commented.

“I see what you’re doing Martha, and you’re not getting me to agree that I like a dress just so you can buy it for me when my back is turned,” Y/N smiled.

“My my, beauty and brains, you are the whole package, now aren’t you?”

Y/N laughed, shaking her head.

“I’m sure Lafayette thinks so,” Martha grinned as your head snapped up to look at her.

“I-you- he,” you stuttered, knowing that your cheeks were going slightly pink. “I am sure I don’t know what you mean.”

“Oh I’m sure you do, but in case you don’t, I would pay more attention to him. That is, more than you already are.”

“I do not! I mean yes I have noticed him, that is he attractive — I mean in regards to other men especially — I mean… oh okay fine…” Martha simply laughed at how flustered you were becoming at merely mentioning him.

“There you are, mon ange,” you heard Lafayette say as he approached. He really had excellent timing, didn’t he?

“Afraid to lose me, Monsieur Lafayette?” Y/N said cheekily with a smile as you turned to face him.

“You have no idea,” he responded genuinely without missing a beat. Y/N’s cheeks reddened slightly, and you looked away so as to hide your growing smile. Because of this, you missed the fond look that Lafayette gave you. You looked up as he took your hand and kissed it. You let your smile grow slowly and watched his do the same.

You left the store arm in arm, ignoring Martha’s knowing smile that was directed at the two of you.

The next few days went on in this fashion. Every morning you would have breakfast with Martha and Lafayette, George Washington usually being absent because of his commitment to the war. Due to the fact that Lafayette also played a key role, he would occasionally excuse himself for long periods at a time as well, doing heaven knows what, but Y/N knew it was for a greater cause.

One thing that remained constant, however busy he may be, were your daily outings with the General’s wife and your favourite Frenchman. These small adventures into town were your favourite part of the day. Usually you would have lunch in town with both Lafayette and Martha at some point into your venture. The three of you were always back at the Washington Estate for dinner, where George Washington was usually more likely to be in attendance than not.

Finally, at the end of every night, Lafayette would walk the extra five steps to your room with you. You were always unsure what the looks he would give you at this time meant, but it made you feel warm inside, and so you simply returned these gazes with ones of adoration. He would never leave without kissing your hand, and every night these kisses seemed to linger slightly longer each time. If you were being honest with yourself, you had an inkling that he shared your rapidly growing feelings, but you could never bring yourself to ask him, or do something about it. After all, facing your feelings head on had never really worked for you in the past. There was one thing, however, that you simply had to share with him, if only to let him in just a little bit more.

“Lafayette?” Y/N asked quietly one night.

“Oui, mon ange?”

“I… You mustn’t say anything to Martha, or General Washington for that matter, but… I was originally planning to leave in the morning after your arrival, and I just wanted to say… I wanted you to know… that I am very grateful that I stayed.” Lafayette’s smile widened slowly, and he leaned in slightly, whispering.

“I am very grateful you stayed as well, mon ange. I cannot imagine that I would be half as happy as I am now should you have left so soon after our first meeting.” By this point his forehead was leaning against yours, and you shut your eyes, not wanting to open them, for fear that this, that he was just a dream.

Oh, but your favourite Frenchman was a dream in and of himself. Every day Lafayette took every opportunity to compliment Y/N, and you truly weren’t sure what to do in response to it at first. In the past few years of your life you had not been paid such attention, and if so, never in such a positive, and dare you say it, caring manner. At first you would simply become flustered and giggle, looking away to hopefully hide the effect of his words on you. However, it wasn’t long before you had begun to flirt back almost just as often, which absolutely delighted Lafayette. You had never felt so free in your life, and you were enjoying every moment of it. However, in the very back of Y/N’s mind there was the ever looming expiry date of this life that you had allowed yourself to get lost in. He would have to leave to fight in the war, and you did not think that he would want to pursue this when he did. After all, it was simply a fantasy, a vacation from the reality that threatened to burst your bubble of happiness.

On the seventh day after the arrival of Lafayette to the Washington Estate, Martha was invited to tea with one of her friends. As she was getting ready to leave, Y/N snuck by her and had almost made it out when-

“Where do you think you’re going, young lady?” Y/N sighed as she turned around to face Martha.

“It’s been a week, I’m certain it will be fine if I go out alone-” Martha’s chuckle made Y/N pause.

“While I am still worried about what happened, that wasn’t what I was referring to.”


“Have you forgotten about a certain gentleman who always accompanies you into town?” Y/N could not help the blush that crept on her cheeks.

“I- well- he accompanies you too!” Martha laughed.

“But I am not the reason he has accompanied us every day,” she smirked. Y/N’s cheeks continued to redden.

“He is simply being a gentleman!”

“So the gentlemen type is your type. I’ll be sure to let him know to keep it up then.”

“Marthaaaaa. Stop it!” Y/N couldn’t help but allow a smile to creep up onto your face.

“Oh come now, Y/N, you have to admit that there is something more than friendship between you two. You do not have to come clean about your undying love for him but at the very least admit that.”

“You’re impossible.”

“I also happen to be right.” Y/N sighed in mild defeat.

“Okay… maybe he is quite handsome… And extremely sweet to me… And gives me these looks and smiles that make my heart melt… But that does not mean that I-”

“Mon ange, Madame Washington, are we ready for a journey into town?” You both turned to see the subject of the conversation approaching, a huge smile on his face. Although he had addressed both of you, he was only looking at Y/N. Martha looked pointedly at Y/N before responding.

“I unfortunately have another commitment, but Y/N would be absolutely delighted if you would still accompany her into town.”

“It would be my honour, mon ange,” he said with a big grin, kissing your hand.

You matched the size of his smile. “Very well then, my good monsieur, let us go.”

“Have fun. And stay out of trouble!” Martha’s smile was evident in her tone, even though the two of them were already halfway out the door.

Y/N and Lafayette decided on going to a marketplace near the outskirts of town because it would most likely be less crowded than the other marketplaces that the town had to offer. On their way there they encountered a small band playing a song. Surrounding them were a few couples dancing. Y/N grinned as she admired all of the women being twirled around the square.

“May I have this dance, mademoiselle?” Y/N turned to Lafayette and saw his hand offered to hers, a hopeful smile on his face.

“I would love to, monsieur. Although I must warn you, I am not that good of a dancer.” Lafayette chuckled as you took his hand.

“Do not worry, mon ange, neither am I.”

You giggled as he led you closer to the centre of the square. The two of you began dancing with the rest, although slightly fumbling, but you could not care less. Every time you tripped, Lafayette would hold you closer, and you became surrounded by him, his arms around you, his scent intoxicating. The thought alone was dizzying, and combined with the spinning and dancing, you held onto him tighter for fear of tripping horribly. He held your gaze for the entirety of the dance, and Y/N allowed herself to be swept away in the moment. Alas, the song ended too soon, but you remained very close for many moments after the music had stopped.

“Laf…” Y/N whispered.

“Laf?” He questioned softly with a smile.

“Yeah… It’s a nickname I suppose,” Y/N smiled back.

“I like it. Almost as much as I like you,” he grinned.

“And how much is that?” You challenged.

Lafayette paused for a moment before kissing your forehead.

“More than you know, mon ange,” he mumbled against your skin. “More than I might be able to admit to myself.”

He let his lips linger on your forehead for a few more moments, during which you closed your eyes, willing your heart beat to slow down. Eventually you both pulled away, but Lafayette offered you his arm, which you gladly took. You continued walking to their original destination, both of you grinning like idiots.

“Oh my goodness look, Laf, they have flowers! Oh and they’re so beautiful!” Lafayette chuckled at Y/N’s excitement as she led him to the small flower cart.

“Mon ange, you are, how you say, adorable?” Y/N rolled her eyes fondly.

“I suppose that would be a word you can use.”

Lafayette smiled and paid the woman, grabbing a red rose from the cart. “A beautiful flower for an even more beautiful lady,” he said as he handed you the rose. Y/N looked up at him with a wide grin.

“You are certainly something else, Monsieur Lafayette.”

“I suppose that would be a word you can use,” he grinned and kissed your free hand.

“Technically that’s two words.”

“Oh come now, mon ange, I thought it was my turn to be witty.”

“What can I say? Sometimes these things just come naturally. But perhaps next time I’ll allow it. Only because I happen to be extremely fond of you.” Y/N winked at Lafayette as he grinned at you. You had both completely forgotten that you were still standing in front of the flower cart until the owner spoke up.

“If you don’t mind my saying, you two make a lovely couple,” the flower lady smiled.

“Oh we’re not-”

“I agree,” Lafayette winked at you as he offered you his arm. You rolled your eyes fondly as you looped your arm with his and kindly thanked the lady as Lafayette led you away.

“Did you really mean that?”

“Mean what, mon ange?”

“About us being a lovely couple.”

“But of course. I believe, that no matter the circumstance of our true relationship, I believe wholeheartedly that we would make, we can make… we are an excellent couple.” His voice was firm, and he was giving you that look again. The one that you were not quite sure of the meaning behind, but made butterflies erupt in your stomach nonetheless.

Before you could even begin to form a response, however, you heard a voice say your name, a voice that you had not heard in years. Though it sounded much different now, you would know that voice anywhere. Your blood went cold.

“Y/N? Y/N, is that you?”

Your entire body panicked and you quickened your pace.

“Just walk, keep walking, don’t look back, just go,” you whisper forcefully to Lafayette as you quickly lead him through the marketplace, your arms still linked.

“Mon ange, what is wrong?” Lafayette looked at you with a worried expression but kept up with your quick pace, lest you go off without him. When you didn’t answer his question he stopped abruptly, causing you to stop with him and almost trip.

“You are worrying me, mon ange, what is happening?”

“I’ll explain later, just-” Y/N halted her speech as her arm was grabbed, and before she knew it, she was being pulled from Lafayette’s side as she was turned around. Y/N then found herself face to face with someone who she had not seen in eleven years.

Her brother, John Laurens.

Tears Of an Angel.

Warning: Death, tears, wounds, chains and hell.

Request:  Hello! I was wondering if you could write a reader x Castiel x brothers imagines based off of the song “Tears of an Angel” by Ryan Dan. Thank you!!

A/N- I know I’ve been inactive and I’m sorry but i promise you’ll see more of me until you get sick of me heheh ILY and thank you for not giving up on me.

Cover my eyes,
Cover my ears,

“DEAN! GET Y/N” Sam swung his head around as he fired his gun in every possible direction. Ghouls, demons, Vampires as many as you can name surrounded the boys as well as you. You weren’t suppose to be here, you were suppose to be in bed with Cas not lying on the cold ground withering as you warm blood pooled around you.


You pulled the warm and soft being closer to you as you nestled in his neck. You felt Cas’s warm steady breath on the top of your head as he traced circles on your bare stomach.

“Staring is rude, baby” You mumbled quietly yet audibly. Cas gruffed as he circled his arms around your waist, pulling you as close as he could.

“Considering I don’t sleep and you make me lay in bed… i really have nothing to do but stare at the most beautiful person in the world” you chuckled and turned around so your bare back was flat against his chest.

“Dean should’ve never taught you how to flirt, it’s cheesy” He smirked against your shoulder and hovered on top of you which was quite startling. He lifted both your arms up and held them together as your lps met.

“He did teach me a few other things” You giggled, excited for what your dear bestfriend could have taught this not so innocent angel.

-Flashback Over-

“SAMMY MOVE IT” You were choking on your own blood and you noticed Dean was drenched in it as he carried you. You started to see dark spots cover most of your vision but Dean’s commanding voice brought you back.

“YOU KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, YOU HEAR ME?” you nodded slightly and dropped your head back. You looked behind Dean seeing Sam exit the warehouse that was bursting up in flames. You felt things move in slow motion ever since that werewolf stuck his claws deep into your stomach. You remembered seeing Dean’s panicked face as yours was pale.

Tell me these words are a lie,
It cant be true,
That I’m losing you,
The sun cannot fall from the sky,

“DEAN HOW IS SHE?” Sam frantically called to his elder brother in hopes you were okay. Your vision focused on your best friend running towards the two of you. You admired how Sam’s hair flew around him so elegantly that if you weren’t possibly dying you’d want to braid it.

“It’s bad Sammy, it’s really bad” Dean set you in the back of the impala and Sam jumped in from the other side as Dean began to drive. You felt your wound throb and sting as you inhaled deep breaths.

“I m-maybe d-d-dying but i c-” you erupted into a fit of bloody coughs. “but i c-can still hear y-ou” You swallowed the rustic taste in your mouth and all you could think about how right Cas was.


“REALLY CAS? WE’RE GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS RIGHT AFTER WE HAD SEX?” you hastily moved around the room picking up your clothes scattered everywhere while cas had his head in his hands.

“i’m just saying Y/N. The boys they’re….. they’re gonna get you killed. I am the last person who should say that but it’s the truth. People die around them” You slipped on your pants and shirt, not caring for your bra or undies.

“People don’t die around them Cas. They pick situations that get them killed. Charlie shouldn’t have left and Kevin? That blood is on Gadreel’s hands, not theirs.” Cas knew how much the brothers meant to you. Cas only knew them for 7 years max, you grew up with the two. Mary use to put you and Dean in the same bathtub together when you were 3. 

You and Dean would take turns in holding Sam and when the fire happened your dad and John became hunting partners so wherever the boys went, you went. You weren’t family but then again family doesn’t end in blood and to them, you were their little sister.

“Y/N if you go on that hunt and get hurt don’t bother calling me” You felt a sharp pang in your heart when the words rolled off his tongue so effortlessly. Trusting Castiel, a soldier from Heaven, god’s favourite angel was your number one priority and now you felt cupid rip that arrow right out your heart.


-End of Flashback-

Can you hear heaven cry,
Tears of an angel,
Tears of an angel,
Tears of an angel,

“Dean we need to call Cas” Your head was on Sam’s lap and you felt something wet on your forehead. You looked up to see your baby brother crying as he looked up to his older brother for guidance. Dean’s grip on his wheel became tighter as his knuckles became white. His concentration was no longer on the road but on your violently shaking pale body.

“You heard what the son of a bitch said, we’ll take her to a hospital okay?” you nodded against Sam’s lap and he subconsciously reached for your right hand that was flat against your bloody stomach, a trait he picked up when you were 8 and Sam was 4.

You remembered how the thunder frightened your 8 year old body and a 4 year old Sam climbed onto your bed and held your hand in comfort. Ever since then whenever you were scared or whenever he was scared, your hands always seemed to meet.

“Sam, Dean i barely say thi-is b-but. B-but i love y-ou two s-o da-amn much. “ Your throat tightened around your words and Dean shook his head while Sam sobbed into his arms.

“Don’t you dare begin with that goodbye speech crap, Y/N. You’re gonna be fine” Dean blurted out with no confidence whatsoever.

“Not on my watch, CAS? WE NEED YOU, WE’RE ON HIGHWAY 47 PASS THE WAREHOUSE” You patiently waited for the familiar flutter of wings that never came. Sam screamed until his throat deemed raw, creating various reasons to why they need him until he finally gave up.

“P-please. Y/N’s dying, Cas” He never came. You felt the darkness overwhelming you as the pain seemed to fade away.

“Is this what it feels like? No white light? No pain? No regrets? Just darkness?” You thought as you saw your two brothers stare at the road hoping it would make them go faster. Your eyes trailed out the window and you saw the beautiful night contrasting with your situation. The shimmering stars spread out on the pitch black clear night, with the wide bright moon made you smile.

“D-dean pull over” You whispered but they heard you.

“DEAN” Dean swerved the car and pulled over at your sudden loud command. The boys moved their attention to you hoping you could hold on.

“Y/N we’re almost there” Dean’s hands were on the seat and he was about to turn around until you gently touched them.

“D-ean. I have seconds left.” You saw his glassy eyes beginning to leak and Sam’s grip on your hand became tighter. You held both of the boys hands as you stared into their eyes.

“Y-ou think Mary w-would still remember me?” Sam let out the rack of sobs he was desperately trying to keep in. Dean turned his entire body towards you as he came to terms with what was going to happen, it always happens to them. He let the tears flow since he’s always been open with you.

“Definetly, who can forget such a beautiful face.” Dean cupped your cheek and you bursted into tears.

“death doesn’t mean g-ood-bye. O-kay?” The brothers nodded.

“A-nd q-quit f-f-fighting so much! S-sammy I love you with all my h-heart. O-pen up to Dean and Dean? T-take it easy o-n him” Sam bent down and kissed your forehead. You felt his lips quiver on your skin and Dean stared up at the sky cursing Castiel.

“Don’t go, Y/N. Please don’t go” Sam mumbled and you realised you couldn’t feel anything from the neck down, including the claw marks deep inside you.

“I don’t want to.I’m s-sorry. I l-love you guys” You didn’t expect a reply from Dean knowing he’s never spoken those three words in his entire life.

“I love you too, so much” Sam’s arms moved around you so he could hug you one last time.

Stop every clock,
Stars are in shock,
The river will flow to the sea,

“I love you too” Dean whispered and you felt your heart sing knowing the last thing you heard was also the first time you heard it. Sam moved away and saw your peaceful face holding a smile that faded too quickly. You released your last breath and suddenly the car became so quiet you could hear the ticks on Sam’s watch.

“Y/N?” Dean whispered hoping he’d wake up from a cruel nightmare.

“Y/N!” Sam shook you lightly and all that could be heard was the cars driving by. Sam felt his heart about to explode and Dean’s blood ran cold. Your lifeless body shook in Sam’s hands as he whimpered and balled violently.

“I-it’s okay… sleep. It’s it’s okay” Dean turned around and held his shaking hands together. He moved them towards the steering wheel and felt the pins and needles take over his entire body. Suddenly Dean felt the entire car move around him and close in, keeping him from breathing. He opened the door and fell out into the empty street and stared at the trees in front of him.

 Dean got up and ran to the grass as he emptied the contents of his stomach everywhere. He didn’t feel like throwing up, he felt nauseous and sickeningly alone. He looked at the car that contained his dead best friend and his distraught younger brother. He stood up, ignored the honking cars around him and sat in the car.

“What do we do?” Sam whispered with a dead straight face.

“We go home and bring her back”

“Dean we can’t. She made us promise to never bring her back if she died”

“We were young Sammy, we didn’t know that we could”

“Doesnt matter, we’re sticking to her wishes, Dean. We both loved her but we’re respecting her wishes” Dean ignited his car once more and drove off towards the bunker.

Cas heard Sam’s cries and prayers yet he ignored them knowing it was typical. Whenever you and Cas would get into a fight the brothers would find some crazy reason for him to come running and all of the time, you’d be fine. Cas sat on the bed you two shared and he heard the bunker door open and close yet he only heard two pairs of footsteps.

“Ready to stop acting like a drama queen, Y/N?” Cas walked out the hallway to see Dean holding an angel blade with bloodshot red eyes. Sam stood behind him as he stared at your body in his arms. Cas burrowed his eyebrows in confusion until he saw you in Sam’s arms with your head flopped with no support and your hands hungs. As the realisation dawned upon him Sam broke the silence.

“I prayed to you” Cas fell to his knees and his eyes were still on your lifeless body. He wished you were playing some cruel joke on them and the tears in the boy’s eyes were fake.

“You son of a bitch, YOU COULD’VE SAVED HER” Dean roared and his face shook with his wide bloodshot eyes. He lost a member of his family and they could’ve avoided it.

I wont let you fly,
I won’t say goodbye,
I wont let you slip away from me,

“I thought you were joking” Cas got up with the tears streaming down his cheeks and he wiped them away furiously. He was about to move to you until Dean stood in front of you. Cas was surprised at his actions and he tried to get to you but Dean held the blade up high.

“You don’t get to say goodbye. We owe you but after this be lucky I’m not stabbing you in the neck” Cas nodded understanding how much you meant to them and he realised he lost his soulmate as well as his own brothers. Cas flew to heaven immediately searching for your innocent soul knowing this wasn’t goodbye.

Can you hear heaven cry,
Tears of an angel,

Cas wiped his tears as he roamed heaven’s halls searching for your heaven, your door. Y/N Y/L/N, your name kept repeating in his head as he looked around the various doors. He even tried Mary Winchester who was hurting at the news by your passing. She knew the boys were co dependant on you, you looked after them and she loved you with all her heart. Cas panicked feeling worthless since he couldn’t find a trace of you so he began asking angels who stared at him like he was a maniac.

He shouldn’t have brought it up, he shouldn’t have let you go. If only you prayed to him he would’ve came, he knew you never lied about being in danger.

Tears of an angel,
Tears of an angel,

Nowhere, you were nowhere to be found. Cas searched every corner, crook, river, ocean, garden and more though you were no where. Cas didn’t want to believe it but if you weren’t in heaven then you were either stuck in the veil or in hell.

So hold on,

Cas stood outside the bunker but still afar seeing a blaze behind the bunker.

Be strong,

A hunter’s funeral, it’s what you’ve always wanted.

Everyday on we’ll go,

Dean walked out with Sam who seemed like he was about to pass out in seconds. Dean held his baby brother upright and Cas could see the torture within Dean’s body.

I’m here, don’t you fear, 
Little one don’t let go,

Cas scoured the veil and you where no where to be seen. The last shred of hope he held onto slipped out of his grip and he had no choice but to tell the brothers. Without you, Cas is just an angel of the lord. With you he’s Castiel, a caring boyfriend that loves you with his entire grace and more.

Dont let go,
Dont let go,

Cas popped into the bunker seeing the boys drown themselves in liquor, typical Winchester solution. Dean saw the angel and drew the blade one more.

“I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT” Cas raised his arms in surrender and he showed a side of him no one but you saw. His vulnerable side.

“I need your help” Sam scoffed as he stood up and threw his glass at cas which he ducked.

“Help you? Y/N is dead and we asked you to help us. SORRY IF I’M NOT IN THE HELPING MOOD” Sam moved his lanky legs towards Cas as he slurred in a drunken manner. Dean held his brother backwards as he was about to attack Cas barehanded.

Cover my eyes,
Cover my ears,

“I need your help to find Y/N… she’s in hell” Hearing those three words caused the boys to go wide eyed as their blood ran cold. Dean grimaced at the thought of someone so innocent like you stuck in a place like that.

“Out of everyone in this entire fucking planet she is that last one that deserves to be down there… get her out now” Sam held his head in his hands feeling the alcohol run through his veins making him lightheaded.

“That’s why I need your help” Dean placed the blade on the table and sunk into his chair. Sam ran to the bathroom and threw up as the alcohol began to work against him. This was life without you, dull, meaningless and a drag. Though meanwhile you struggled against the chains you were bound to while Crowley strode back and forth with a grin plastered on his face.

“Crowley let me go, I don’t belong here” You noticed the lack of clothes on your body except for you undergarments.

“You belong here if I say so, My Queen.”

Tell me these words are a lie

Another Alpha (Derek Hale x Reader) Part IV


The older werewolf silently groaned, sitting on the still intact staircase of the remains of his former house. Two sets of footsteps quickly approaching him. He could sense their anticipation and anxiety, for what reason was beyond him.

“We have something important to tell you!” Scott called out, waiting in the area in front of the Hale house. “I know we’re not on same terms, but this might involve us all.”

“We saw two werewolves today on the back field,” Stiles exclaimed. “One was a boy and the other was a girl, with glowing red eyes. There’s another alpha in town, Derek. We think she might be the one who’s brought the creature into Beacon Hills.”

Stepping out of the shelter of his home, Derek crossed his arms as he walked up to Scott and Stiles. Watching their nervous expressions, he gave them a curt shake of his head.


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Fiction Versus Reality

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, Mark
Words: 1209
Requested by Anoymous
Summary: The reader, Jensen, and Jared go get some drinks where the reader meets a guy who is convinced she is her character from the show. He ends up drugging her drink and hurting her before Jensen tears him a new one. And then fluffy feelings and such.

Originally posted by winchestears

           “I love you! Why can’t you see that!” you watched yourself scream. You couldn’t help but laugh at yourself on the screen. When you were acting, you were so into it. In real life, you were not that dramatic. You were actually pretty reserved.

           “Because . . . because it’s not … it’s not fair to you!” Dean, Jensen’s character yelled back at you. Jensen was actually a lot like you. Both of you could be crazy and fun, but you were fairly shy when it came to certain things. He was one of your best friends. You didn’t know how you would be able to get along without him.

           You looked over at Jensen and you both were trying not to crack up. You remembered filming the episode and to look back on it now while watching it with Jensen and Jared at Jensen’s house was hilarious. All of you always cracked up on set and you loved that it still turned out so well when the show aired.

           “Fine!” you yelled, “Whatever! I’m done! I’m gone!” you stormed out of the room, leaving Dean looking hurt and confused on how to handle his feelings.

           Once the episode ended, you were giggling, “What is so funny?” Jensen asked, looking over at you.

           “Do you remember how we ended that scene?” you asked, “After they yelled cut and it was technically over?”

           “Yeah,” Jensen laughed, “I went running after you, screaming how sorry I was and that I loved you and please don’t leave me and all that.”

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