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A quick drabble (mostly dialogue) of how Milo and Melissa met Zack on the Hogwarts Express, on their first year at the School. The actual stories I have take place when they’re all 13, but I’ll have some one-shots about Milo’s life leading up to his first day of school. This AU will have some inaccuracies with JK Rowling’s universe from her books, but that’s what AUs and parodies are for ;) 


Most of the booths on the train were either filled or contained children who were familiar with Milo’s condition. He was used to doors closing moments before he arrived, so he never took any heed and would continue onwards.

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Sometimes I fall into what I like to call “internet rabbit holes.” This is when you want to research something and you think the answer will be obvious. You figure it will be the top result of a simple google search. Easy peezy! But then you find yourself 10 hours later watching your 400th youtube video with 40 other tabs all containing conflicting information. You are no closer to the answer you’ve been seeking and everyone is yelling at everyone else saying their answer is the best.

This happened to me when I simply wanted to know what the best “martial art” was. What discipline is most likely to help you win a fight?

A common answer kept popping up and I thought maybe my quest for knowledge was complete. Many people believed that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was the best. I almost stopped there. But then I noticed a youtube comment that ruined everything. What if you are facing multiple attackers? BJJ is wonderful if you are fighting one person, but if that person has a friend and you are laying on the ground trying to armbar someone… they are going to kick your head in super quick.

So I looked elsewhere for the most complete self defense package. Many people touted Krav Maga. A fighting style developed by Israeli special forces. It is a mashup of many disciplines with a brutal philosophy. Basically you fight to maim or kill as quickly as possible. Kick'em in the nuts. Rip their throat out. Gouge the eyes. Hit them on the head with a bottle. Nothing is off limits. Sounds good to me. Question resolved.

Wellll… not really. It turns out that Krav Maga is advertised as “too dangerous to spar.” Which in the martial arts world usually means it is a “giant scam.” If you can’t practice the moves and gain experience fighting, there is a good chance you will be useless in a real fight. Since there aren’t a lot of volunteers willing to get their throat punched or genitals bashed in, you are stuck “pretending” a lot of these moves. And it just isn’t the same as actually doing them. It turns out that even in the actual Israeli special forces, 999 times out of 1000, they are going to use a gun or knife in battle. It’s unclear if even their military hand to hand training works in real life. Most people agree that if you train hard in Krav Maga you can probably beat the crap out of inexperienced fighters. But it gets super iffy when you face an opponent with fighting experience.

So I moved on. Shaolin Kung Fu looked super cool. But most places that teach it don’t train you the way the actual monks learn. They do crazy endurance trials. They will punch a hard surface for weeks in order to harden their fists. Your local dojo will probably not require these kinds of physical tests. And the real monks that do the absolutely brutal training are pacifists. They are usually not willing to fight in any kind of competition. It is hard to say how they would prevail in an actual fight. If a true-blue Shaolin monk tried to fight you, he could theoretically kick your ass, but he might end up inviting you for a calming cup of tea instead. Like Uncle Iroh.  

Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do. He studied all of his favorite fighting styles and created a new discipline. It looks very badass. And if he was personally facing you, you’d probably get your ass kicked. He was very special. A top tier athlete with incredible reflexes and speed. They say the cameras were not fast enough to capture some of his movements. But Jeet Kune Do hasn’t really been tested in real life. Bruce never got in any actual fights and it’s hard to say if his style would be effective for anyone but him. It’s probably best to keep it in the movies. It has more entertainment value than anything else.

I think I did finally find an answer, but like many things in life, it wasn’t as definitive as I had hoped. I ended up watching a video by a former Navy Seal where he answered the question “What is the best form of self defense?” While there are definitely certain martial arts that work better than others, the thing that matters most is how hard you train and how much experience you accumulate. Meaning whatever discipline you go with, it needs to have a sparring component. You have to be able to practice in real fights. And you have to train super hard for it to be effective. He also suggested that you learn at least two martial arts. One that focuses on ground fighting and grappling. Whether it be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or even classic wrestling. And one that focuses on fighting standing up. Muay Thai seemed popular, but he said even being well trained in standard boxing would be sufficient. He also said your best strategy is to fight standing up as long as possible, especially when facing multiple attackers.

I guess I was hoping the answer to be something like Super Ninja Karate. Ultra Kung Fu! Maximum Boxing! Death Jitsu! I was underwhelmed with “practice super hard with any reputable fighting discipline that isn’t "too dangerous to spar.”“

Or just use a gun like Indiana Jones.  

Maybe This Will Show You...(Billy Hargrove prompt)

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Request: Can I have an imagine with Billy with #74 #88 #150 and #146. Billy doesn’t think that anyone can love someone like him so you show up at his house late at night to prove to him that you love him, because earlier you and him had a fight in school about it.

74) “make me”
88) “why are you here?”
146) “are you too blind to see that I care?”
150) “I don’t care what you did, everyone deserves a happy ending, including you”

Warning(s): bad words, sad, fluff

Billy Hargrove. That was the name (Y/N) couldn’t stop thinking about. Sure, she shouldn’t even be associated with a guy like him because of his actions, but she couldn’t help it.

(Y/N) was Billy’s girlfriend, they had been dating only for a few months. Whenever she was with him, she knew how to calm him down and he never dared to get angry or lash out at her.

It was simple. Billy loves (Y/N). He didn’t think he would love anyone, only because he doesn’t think it was possible for someone to truly love a person like him.

His simple thought, is what caused him and (Y/N) to fight at school as of right now.

“(Y/N), we are done” Billy simply stated as he watched the girl put her things in her locker. She froze, “Done? Why? Did I do something?” She interrogated.

Billy shook his head, “That’s exactly the thing, you didn’t do anything. It’s all on me, alright?”.

Billy turned to leave but (Y/N) wasn’t going to let that happen. He felt her pull on his arm and he looked at her.

“You’re not going anywhere till you explain. Don’t lie, I know when you lie. Don’t give me bullshit answers either” (Y/N) spoke.

Billy clenched his jaw knowing he can’t get out of this situation, “Fine! You wanna know? I love you, but I don’t know why you are with me. I don’t understand how anyone would be okay with being with me. For fucks sake (Y/N), no one will ever love me. Not even you. I’m not worthy of being loved and if I am, I definitely don’t deserve it. Couple months ago, I fucking tried to run Max’s friends over, I beat Harrington to a pulp. Why? Because I’m a grade A asshole and that’s just who I am, therefore no one can love me for those things”.

(Y/N)’s face softened, “Billy, don’t say that. I love you! I really do”.

“See, it’s hard to believe a girl like you, can love a guy like me” Billy argued. His eyes averted towards Max, who was walking out the building towards the car.

“I gotta go” was all Billy said and he walked away leaving (Y/N) to think of what she could possibly do to make him believe that she truly does love him.

Later that day at 7, (Y/N) left her house and drove over to Billy’s. She got out the car and rang the doorbell, waiting for someone to open the door.

The door opened and revealed Max. “(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” The little red headed girl asked.

“Hey Max. Can I talk to Billy?” She questioned.

“Max! Who the fuck are you talking to? Tell them to go away and-” A voice demanded but was cut off.

(Y/N) looked up to see Billy. “Max, go do whatever you were doing” He told the girl and she rolled her eyes and walked away.

Billy stepped out of the house and onto the porch. “Why are you here?” He asked while taking out a cigarette from the pack and lighting it.

“I’m here because I want to talk to you” (Y/N) answered.

“Yeah, well don’t waste your time, you should go” Billy responded, blowing out a puff of smoke.

(Y/N) put her hands on her hips, “Make me” She challenged.

“I’m not gonna make you do shit. You wanna talk to me? Talk” He spoke, acting like he didn’t care one bit but he did.

Are you too blind to see that I care? That’s why I really am here, because I care. That whole number you said to me, made my heart break. You may be an asshole, but you’re my asshole. Don’t you dare think for one minute that no one can ever love you. I love you! God dammit Billy! I fucking love you with all my heart. And you know what? I don’t care what you did, everyone deserves a happy ending, including you”. (Y/N) ranted, tears filling her eyes.

“If that didn’t show you that someone can love you, then maybe this will show you” She added.

Billy was confused up until (Y/N) reached over and cupped his face and smashed her lips against his. Billy kissed her back immediately.

The kiss was very different from the typical yet many ones that they have shared before. This kiss was passionate and gentle, yet it was needy. (Y/N) kept kissing Billy like her life depended on it, because it truly did. She didn’t want to lose him. 

Just from the kiss, Billy knew that he was worth being loved by someone. Not just by someone, more specifically by (Y/N) (L/N). The one girl that he has told himself many times, that he loved her and now he truly knew that she loved him and made him believe that others can love him too.

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How do you think Ruby and Oscar first date would go? What would they do?

I think the first date would come after a few years of growing up. After battles and development and growth in maturity (and after Ozpin leaves his head OTL).

Maybe around the time Ruby is 19 and Oscar is 17.

I can imagine the first date starting out friggin awkward.

Being in life-or-death situations really puts people together. So I can imagine the two of them end up knowing each other really well; they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, know how to play off one another to survive, to know what happens when the other is faced with life or death.

But then throw them into a mundane setting like a date? These two wouldn’t have a clue how to act.

They would be so awkward at first, because they’ll both think they’re supposed to be doing something they’re not. Oscar might try to be overly chivalrous, ending up dropping things or tripping himself up in the process. Yang might have given Ruby a pep-talk before the date, telling her to act lady-like and woo him, flirting with him or playing hard to get. (Ruby’s brain would short-circuit with all the conflicting information and do absolutely nothing)

So they sit awkwardly at the table for a bit, overthinking every little thing they’re doing, feeling totally uncomfortable. Their brains are too loud and their words are too fumbly to make any sense of.

And then Ruby, at a loss for what to talk about, just goes “So… did you enjoy the comic I let you borrow?”

And that just opens the gate, and all awkwardness just goes out the window while they chat and talk about the comic, digging into the story, characters, everything about it. They become completely relaxed, leaning back with the pressure completely gone.

And then that steers the conversation into other things about their families, friends, childhood stories, and so on. With the never-ending battle as huntsmen always hanging over their heads, there wasn’t a lot of time to just chat about their lives, and they were ecstatic to swap stories and get to know the other person better. The meal goes by too fast, and Oscar and Ruby feel a pang of sadness that it’s over so quickly, wanting to spend more time with each other.

On the way out of the restaurant, Oscar, full of a confidence he didn’t have a few years ago, leans forward and gives Ruby a kiss on the cheek as if they’d been close all their lives. Ruby just smiles and leans into it. The date had started out uncomfortable, but now they both leave with warm chests, as if everything was right with the world.

I never see people talk about this, and I’m afraid teens are going to feel isolated and end up hurting themselves, so I’m going to say it:

It’s absolutely okay if you are a minor, and you already know you’re kinky. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about this and you probably aren’t too young to know.

Being kinky is just a part of your sexuality, like being gay, bi, straight, ace etc. and there’s nothing wrong about discovering your sexuality. I started to realise I am kinky when I was 16, way before I knew I was bi. I didn’t know much of the terminology or the dynamics and I didn’t end up researching those in depth until I was 20ish, but I knew this sort of thing turned me on and I had a pretty good idea that I was a submissive.

But! And this is a very important “but.”

Even if you know, please don’t try to experiment with it!

Don’t get involved in tumblr kink spaces or anywhere on the internet really, especially sites like FetLife; don’t do kinky role plays over the internet; and certainly do not get involved with it in real life. I guarantee you that you don’t have the maturity level to handle it. This isn’t an insult, although it may seem like that.

I know it’s hard for you to believe me, because this is the most mature you’ve ever been and you can’t imagine being any more mature than that, but you will be and you’ll see how acting this way has harmed you.

First of all, if you are a minor in kink spaces, you’re putting the adults there in danger. It’ll be our fault if you get harmed and our responsibility to keep you away from those spaces, because it’s illegal for you to be there.

Second of all, as a minor you are very susceptible to predators. They will look for you, and you likely won’t have a good support system to deal with them.

Third of all, even if you and your partner come from the best intentions and follow all the safety tips etc, it will most likely result in traumatic cocsa. That’s what has happened to pretty much everyone who’s gotten involved with kink as a minor.

If you are a teen, do independent research, I support you in that. Read fiction. Fantasize. None of these things can hurt you and it’s much better to fantasize even if it feels unfulfilling than go out and do it and actually get harmed. Once you turn 18, kinky communities will welcome you with open arms, but before that? Just don’t do it, please save yourself the trouble

And speaking of, those cgl-re blogs? They’re lying to you!

The reason you shouldn’t be doing any kind of cgl as a teenager, is not because it has sex. Teenagers can consent to vanilla sex with each other. It’s because it involves a power dynamic that you’re simply not emotionally and mentally mature enough to handle. Don’t trust them. They aren’t on your side.

ETA: When I say “kink” in this post, I’m referring to possibly dangerous kinks like power exchange dynamics, impact play, edge play and bondage; not harmless things like sucking on toes. If that’s your thing, you do you, lol. :D

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Iiaat to be extremely angry in the morning?? As soon as I wake up whenever people try to talk to me I feel like I can't answer. And if they keep pushing I end up screaming at them cuz they're just too loud?? My parents are really confused with me so itd be nice to know lolol

!!!! Same! Like, so hard. 

Growing up, I would do so badly during the mornings that my family made it a policy not to talk to me until I had talked to them. 

As I’ve learned about autism and myself, I’ve tried to figure out why I would get so angry at people for talking to me in the mornings. I think I’ve figure out a couple things: 

  • I wake up semiverbal most of the time and the pressure to verbalize when it’s so difficult for me is incredibly frustrating. 
  • When I wake up, my sensory sensitivities are more intense than normal so sounds are louder and lights are brighter and everything hurts and it sucks. So when people try to talk to me in the midst of this it is painful and makes me angry
  • Basically, I start my mornings right on the edge of meltdown/shutdown and one of those will follow unless I am able to care for myself and take my time adjusting to the world. 

I hope this helps you! 



If you have yet to hear about/know of A Court of Hearts and Darkness, an ACOTAR sequel fic by @sarah-bae-maas this is me blasting from the rooftops that THIS FUCKING STORY HAS HAD ME HOOKED FROM THE FIRST DAY I FOUND IT (i think it was up to like chapter 15 or 16? Maybe? I can’t remember) AND READ LITERALLY ALL OF WHAT WAS THERE THAT DAY. COULDNT PUT IT DOWN. it is so well planned and beautifully written and Zoe, you are a master of pulling those heartstrings. at this point, chapter 26 is one of the most emotional/heartbreaking things I’ve read. The kind of emotion it brought out of me is probably only rivaled by the Harry Potter deaths, the Vampire Diaries in general, the ending of EoS and Rhys’ little stunt in acowar. Like I’m an emotional person and i cry quite a lot, but wow to make me sob like a baby, albeit quietly because I read chapter 26 at 2 am and my roommate is sleeping three feet away from me, is an accomplishment. So, everyone, go. read. it. it’s a committment (i think it’s surpassed heir of fire length now, but i could be wrong) but it’s so worth it. Also, the sequel-to-the-sequel A Court of Ice and Deceit is going to be amazing, I’m already in love with the first chapter. Basically: Zoe, you’re amazing and everyone ever who likes ACOTAR or even just fabulous story-writing in general needs to read ACOHAD.

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Hey, so I tried packing with a sock, and it ended up just looking like I had a boner. Any tips for packing so that I don't walk around looking like a perv? Thanks!

Kii says:

We have a packing page in our transmasculine resource page.

Also, a note: Just because someone with a penis has a boner in public doesn’t mean that anyone should call them a pervert. It’s a normal part of how the body functions, and random boners are common especially during puberty and they don’t indicate whether someone is thinking about sexual things or not.

Sun’s Witch Academy Introduction

Welcome! My name is Sun and I am a witch and spirit worker. I’m going to be working on a series of posts that should eventually serve as a database for any curious witchlings and newcomers!

This is just an introductory post, but I’d like to set up my plans for this resource. Underneath the read more, I’m putting a list of all the topics I intend to cover. If you think of anything you’d like to learn about that isn’t on the list, please reply to this post or send me an ask, and let me know! Keep in mind that some things you think of may end up falling under one of the categories or topics I have up there.

This list isn’t exact, and will probably change. It’s also probably not complete; I know I’m forgetting at least one thing because that’s just who I am. Nevertheless, let me know about more topics you’re interested in learning about!

If you have more specific questions as well, don’t be afraid to message me or send me an ask <33

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Sooo when it was first announced that we'd be getting a yoi movie I always joked about flying to Japan just to see it. But the more that I think about it the more I actually wanna do it. So thoughts? Advice? Anyone else wanna join me lmao? Since I would be going alone as nobody else in my life has the interest or the money. I think it would be fun to go as a group :)

COUNT ME IN, ANON! i joked about it at first too, and now i’m seriously considering doing it! if we end up doing this, we def should form a group and all go together! it’d be amazing ahhh ♥ the only “big” thing i have coming up atm is going to milan for worlds, so i prob could save up enough money to go see the movie…….. actually, i think the hardest part will be getting the tickets ahaha :’D but honestly, if the movie doesn’t get released outside japan within like….. weeks or month after the original premiere, there’s just now way i’m going to wait. so unless i manage to completely screw up my finances, i’m coming with you anon!

Like I said before, I never watch any show for ships… why? cause we always get hurt at the end and stop ourselves from really enjoying the show as a whole. I am like that with everything I watch. I need to like the story.

I LOVE Superman lore, and also Supergirl… since Smallville days, I research, read, watch everything I can. I’m not stuck only with a character.

I liked Karamel, I shipped. I also understand he went to the future like in comics, met the Legion and lived there thinking he would never ever see Kara again, since he was in the 31st century. I’m not mad at him. In comics they have a brief thing but she ends up with Brainiac… (she used to have a crush on Nightwing but we won’t see him in the Arrowverse anytime soon I’m sure hahaha)

I feel bad for Kara right now, and I know she will recover. I know she will heal. She just needs time. 

The Legion stuff on Supergirl will be awesome, and Brainiac 5 is coming. All the Justice League Unlimited feelings are coming back and I’m excited for it.

So no, I won’t drop Supergirl or any other DCTV show. I like ships but they are not my focus. 

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SUPERCORP PROMPT! Lena decides to hold a carnival to raise money for the sick children at her hospital and you know how theres tons of booths at carnivals and Lena is set up at the kissing booth so kara gets jelly at the amount of ppl kissing lena and karas just fumming and being all cute and she ends up confessing to lena that she likes her?? Its up to you but something like that please! Thanks!!

Here you go anon!  I hope it’s okay. Let me know what you think please.

Lena extends her an invite, one afternoon, to drop by L-Corp the coming weekend. L-Corp—mostly Lena—is holding a carnival at the parking lot to raise money for Luthor’s Children Hospital. It’s an annual thing, the CEO says, and there would be a lot of fun booths, rides, and food, most if not all Kara’s favorites.

The last part is what had Kara coming that weekend. Also because Lena invited her herself. She arrives with the Superfriends in tow—Alex, Maggie, Winn, Lucy, and James—and she’s in awe at how Lena—well, L-Corp—had managed to dress up the parking lot into a full-blown carnival. The noise is what she first notices: Laughter, screams, the sound of sizzling and popping, and the whirring of machines. Classic striped booths with colorful signages line the space, offering various games and food. There’s a man walking around carrying several sticks of cotton candy and when he passes by Kara, the blonde snatches one and throws him her payment. Over at the back are various rides; there’s a ferris wheel, a carousel, a small caterpillar roller coaster, and a mechanical bull.

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I think that sheith and allurance will be canon, but do you think pidge will have any canon or at least implying ship with anyone? I know that some people ship her with hunk and I see where they're coming from but I really think he's more canon leaning with shay. What are you're thoughts about this?

At this moment no, I don’t think so? Maybe a one-sided thing for Lance that goes unresolved like what Toph felt for Sokka, but other than that, I just don’t see anything happening right now? And I don’t see any romantic interest between her and Hunk either, especially not when Hunk has all that deliberate romantic buildup with Shay. Sorry for the pun but like, I’m pretty sure that’s a couple already set in stone. It could be if Pidge ends up with someone it’s a character we haven’t met yet, but I think she just might not be in a place right now where she’d care for a relationship. 

Not going to lie -seeing some of the images surfacing from the upcoming Infinity War films that are sans Loki makes me anxious. I really, really, really do not want Loki to be a villain in Infinity War. I’m okay with the first film starting out with him being ambiguously villainous, perhaps trying to save his own ass by smoothing things over with Thanos, as long as things wrap up with him being redeemed or at least fighting on the side of good. 

I will be very, very disappointed if they end Loki’s story with him being a one-dimensional villain, like he was in the first Avengers film. Otherwise what was the point of all the character development in Ragnarok? I have my fingers crossed that they have a redemption arc planned and are just trying to keep it on the down low by keeping Loki out of IW related marketing. 

The only reason why I think that is a possibility is because there was barely any Loki in the Ragnarok promotions and then the movie ended up having more Loki content than any other film up until now. So anything is possible, right?

If you don’t agree with my take on Loki, please do NOT reblog

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I'm corny and bugging you because why can't we just go back to the Richonne panel and just live in that moment? How glorious it was and awesome it all was. like, I think I've just been floating through life. lol. I got all my artwork and photo op pics together, framed and hanging them is just making me reminisce. I said I wouldn't do it again. LIES! Tickets already bought (MESS. ATL got me). But really I'm bugging you because YOU SAW ANDY!!! Was he being his hot Hip Southern Suburban Dad self?

I know! It was all good three weeks ago. That’s one thing I hate about going to events that end up being awesome – having to come back from them and go back to reality is always depressing as fuck. 😩 (Like I legit get sad looking at my pictures, so they’re still sitting in the plastic, lmao.) And then telling yourself you have to do it again, because how can you not. It’s a vicious cycle tbh.

Anyway, yes! I did. I was running errands and went to Aurora on a whim, just on the off chance he might could be there, and I felt like angels started singing when I saw him, lmao. He was definitely in Hot Dad™ mode in his cap and his jacket with his coffee. I wish I could’ve said something, but my heart was racing so fast, I’m not even sure I could’ve gotten anything out. It kinda made me realize it’s hella weird to see famous people in public and I do not want that experience as much as I thought. 😄 Like whenever I see them at restaurants or whatever, I don’t say anything, so I don’t know why I’d think this would be different. But it was just nice to be in the same room with him for like 5 minutes.

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I ship finnrey but I think the brother and sister was deliberate and that rey will end up with Poe or alone. I think the romance Rian wanted to try but said wouldnt fit was between finn and rose. I’m disappointed but I know reylo,s aren’t going to get what they want either so they can laugh it up until dec 15.

I don’t think Poe’s an option at all, romance can’t just be shoved in. Poe and Rey have no scenes, and will probably have like 2 or 3 scenes at most in TLJ. That’s not enough to build up a romance for episode 9. 

I do think that it is possible, White Feminist Kathleen Kennedy will chicken out of making Finnrey canon. She originally wanted a white guy to play Finn and disagree with John Boyega casting, which tells you a lot. She might end up insisting Rey have no romance at all, cause White Feminists really love to believe romance is always a negative thing for a female character. 

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when kpop wasnt all that big and BTS werent well known ie.. 2014 ish i was bullied in school for liking them (it wasn't as bad before that because i was a 'kid' and it was understanable) but as i was 16 i was bullied for it and the funny thing is all who bullied me are BTS stans now lmao

Omg seriously? Some people omg… bullies make me sick 🤢 I think I was like 14? Because it was near the end of 2013 when I started to properly get into them and my friends kinda just got into them too because I didn’t shut up about Tae

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Hc where you're Harrison's little sister and the Holland brothers are into you?

-Harrison would always ask you fi you have a think for one of them
-“me pshhhh nooo”
-Harrison would be so protective over you when it came to you dating but the thought of you dating his best friend or his brothers
-haz has died r.i.p
-all the Holland’s sam,tom,and harry have a thing for you
-and they would totally do little things to make you like them better
-tbh you like them all but you can’t see which one you love more (I’ll let you decide that)
-the brothers would make a pact to never hate each other no matter who you choose
-they would fight for you the second you open your mouth to choose
-in the end they thought they would pick (holland name) but you end up choosing none saying you need time to think
-“oh ,,,,I was not expecting that”
-“but I’m the cute one!”
-I’ll let you choose who you want to pick