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Lily, do you have a Grace in your own life?
“A Grace? I always think I’m gonna say my partner Jane [Wagner] at first, but then I think back and she’s so much more like Frankie. I mean… I think in some ways she’s ALL things to me. So I think she’s Grace on one hand and in the other end I realise she’s relly Frankie - and I’m HER Grace. It’s a little mixed up.” - Lily Tomlin

So I was actually at the taping of the finale.

Let me tell you how hard it was not to consistently blog about Sasha Velour’s epic, and I mean EPIC, lip sync performance to So Emotional. Seeing it in person was like on a whole other level. When I tell you the audience ROARED, I mean they ROARED. I think they actually toned down the amount of cheering that actually happened. I got chills after Sasha removed her wig. It was such a beautiful and unexpected reveal that had me cheering like a heterosexual at a football game. I sincerely did not expect Peppermint and Sasha to be the top two but these lip syncs definitely solidified their right to be there. 

Say what you will about the finale being “unfair” but I truly think Sasha deserved the crown, and let’s also not forget that it’s just a tv show. The runner up’s careers won’t end and they all have incredible and exciting things lined up!

Some somewhat notable behind the scenes moments:

The season 9 girl’s runway took forever, especially Cynthia who seemed to have a hard time moving in her dress. There was a moment of awkward dead audience silence as she wiggled her way down the runway.

Anytime Valentina was on screen the audience just lost their minds, even going so far as to chant her name repeatedly, which slowed filming.

The poor people in the balcony (me and my friends) were blinded by the spotlights on the stage, they were practically burning our corneas making it hard to see the stage.

There was an asshole near us in the balcony who kept being incredibly obnoxious and would yell things while filming. There was even a point where Ru asked Shea who she would want to lip sync against and the asshole yelled “SASHAAAAAA” And Shea responded “I believe Ru asked ME the question” similar to her “Do I look upset to you?” response. The audience erupted with laughter and security even had to tel the guy to pipe down.

There was a hilarious moment that unfortunately didn’t air where Ru said that the theater was packed, so much so that she would have to ask one of the people in the audience to leave. She called out India Ferrah’s seat number and asked if security could please escort her out of the building. So who comes walking down the aisle but miss Mimi Imfurst, and hilariously recreates her iconic season 3 LSFYL moment and proceeds to pick up India and walks her out of the theater. Porkchop filled the seat.

Trinity actually got a message from Amanda Lepore as well, not sure why it wasn’t aired.

Yes, Katy Perry’s message to Sasha was just as baffling in person as it was on TV, in fact it was even worse. They actually added a lot more applause than actually happened. Confused looks were everywhere.

Raven and Delta working on Ru’s makeup confirmed, they would come in (out of drag) during commercial breaks and fix Ru’s makeup.

That’s all I can remember for now!

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I'm new to tumblr and I've been in the phandom for like a year and I was wondering if you have any advice for making friends on the Internet and in the phandom and stuff? Is this a weird stupid question? sorry if it is :/

No its not weird at all!!! I think the thing that i see the most is becoming friends through asks! If you like someone a lot, start sending them asks about how their day is going etc. i met a few of my friends like that! Actually the majority of my friends ive made are ones who commented on my stories all the time and then eventually started messaging me! @whalefairyfandom12 and i became friends bc i liked one of her stories and she was excited i liked it and we ended up talking about politics and @snowbunnylester and i became friends bc i commented on her stories all the time and she ended up messaging me! I really recommend the ask box bc its a wonderful thing. Although dont message people asking if you can be their friends bc friendship is gradual and cant be forced! You gotta find common interests and form a friendship like that :D i hope this helps a little bit!

Do you ever have those friends where it’s like, if one completely random thing hadn’t happened you wouldn’t even be friends? Do you ever think about how wild that is??? And then you just become really thankful that you accidentally spilt coffee on a random stranger that one time or that you got a nice ask from someone who ended up being one of your best friends one day

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For a prompt: I really want to see Lance worrying and thinking about his family on earth? Hopefully, there's a bit of fluff at the end. (Because I can't deal with bad ends...) A little off-topic though, I'm also a writer but I'm scared of writing fanfics. Like, I'm scared I will write them OOC or screw up the characters (idk) so I end up not writing at all. Do you have any tips for this because I really want to write but I never have the courage. Thank you so much!!! 💕

The thing is that with writing, it’s strictly your writing. There are not rules really when writing fanfics, you just have to do what makes you happy! Although I also struggle with trying to keep characters in character but something that’s helped me is reading popular fanfic writers, you can even re-watch and take note of the focus character’s personality and diction. 

The team took note of Lance’s groggy appearance immediately as they all gathered for breakfast. He was slouched over with sunken in eyes that seemed to broadcast a quiet inner turmoil. He absently nibbled at his food goo.

Lance couldn’t get out of his head, the others chattered around him but he paid no attention. He couldn’t, he was trapped in the deep recesses of his mind. Helpless thoughts clenching his heart in anxiety.

As he tried to reel back the thoughts they always steered back towards the one topic he didn’t want to dwell upon. Earth. 

His mama and her soft hugs, papa and their manly bonding, the twins and their mischievous pranks, his oldest brother and sister, both gone to live their lives. He wondered helplessly if they were fine, how they were coping.

Lance hated the fact that he would be another reason for their distraught, left wondering if he was dead. Usually he would be able to pull himself from these thoughts, but today was not one of them. It all started with one dream, it was a fairly innocent dream that shouldn’t have fazed Lance. But it did.

This one stuck. It had been of one particular day on earth, the day before Lance had gone off to garrison. They had had a large picnic on the beach, it was lovely. The breeze in his hair as he swam with his siblings and cousins, laughing the whole time. Then teasing the younger ones. But, the whole day there was an overcast sadness around the family. They were loosing their boy. 

Not knowing when he’d be back. 

And now, they probably think he’d never be back, that he was dead. They’re probably overridden with sadness, wishing he’d never gone to that god forsaken school.

“-nce!” Lance shook himself and looked up at the team. They were all staring at him in worry and Lance smiled. Everyone could tell it was strained, no one commented.

“Yeah?” Lance said and coughed to clear his throat. 

“Are you alright?” Shiro asked and Hunk laid his hand on Lances shoulder.

“You’ve been out of it all morning,” Hunk said and squeeze his shoulder. Lance hated the attention, he knew he was feeling down. The others didn’t need to know as well.

“I’m fine. Uh- Can I go? I… need some time alone.” Lance stuttered out, he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. He didn’t want them to see him upset.

“Sure, just…. training starts in an hour.” Shiro excused him and Lance practically bolted out of the room.

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I think I’d be pretty fine with Yousana’s story finishing that way, if the clip had been packed with girl squad things, or something else related to Sana like her family, Elias, Jamilla, SOMETHING.

But they used up a good 5 minutes on the love square nonsense and that’s what made me feel so furious. Those five minutes could have been spent on Sana bonding with her mom and dad, or maybe her bonding with Vilde, who finally celebrated Sana’s culture for once, instead of judging it.

I know that this episode had to tie all the loose ends, but adding scenes that could have easily been replaced with crucial or heartwarming moments between Sana and some person of colour makes my heater ache.

It shouldn’t be this hard to make a women of colour the centre of a story dammit.

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i'm starting to think i might be autistic (like closer to the aspergers end of things but i've heard that term isn't medically used anymore), and i tried to talk to my friend about it for advice but she ended up telling me that she thinks self dx is bullshit and that it's not """my place""" to figure out whether or not i'm autistic, it's my therapist's. as if i, the possibly autistic person, have nothing to do with my own diagnosis


Day 5 without Day ⏳.

One thing I can say about my man, HE IS NOT LAZY. You know how you play sports in HighSchool & you good or whatever but you just stop after HighSchool ? yeah, that’s me 🤷🏽‍♀️ but not Day. lol. Well from what I hear & what I’ve seen he was beyond just being good (in football mostly). He was #1 in the state of Nevada for football 😱🏈. He has like 5 boxes full of letters from colleges that wanted him but when you think you have a plan, God has another. He ended up going to 2 JC’s for football & after that, playing arena ball. Now that he’s in Vegas he’s playing on a Semi-Pro team with his brother. I hate sitting in the heat but I love watching him play & also just being there for him because i know he would be there suppose me.. that’s my bby 😌. Whenever he’s not playing football he plays basketball (he actually loves basketball more, weird right?). lol. I always tell him he’s gonna be a coach cause he’s soo good with kids. Mark my words.

Btw, he ain’t #1 for no reason 😏.

Patience & Love 💛

after highschool I did a grand total of one semester of post secondary, including an intro to drawing class where I drew this (followed by like. 6 years of not drawing at all. rip)

but I’m just thinking about… how unhelpful it was to spend hours of class time on a study like this without first addressing the fundamentals. like, okay, the shading looks nice? but you can tell that I didn’t plan well, so the legs ended up too short but it was too late to fix it akfjadf;

whereas the skeleton studies we did in anatomy class last semester have been so helpful. our teacher breaks things down into structure and explains how the skeleton works in action, in ways that easy to understand and to apply to drawing. what the rules are and then how to break them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how there’s a difference between practicing by just… aimlessly drawing a lot, vs practicing by studying and working to understand how and why things work. you can draw a thousand shoulders up portraits of your fave without improving nearly as much as if you try to draw things outside of your comfort zone.

idk. obviously I still have a long ways to go in terms of improvement, but this past year of school has helped so much in terms of teaching me how to get there, and I’m super thankful for that.

I think I might write a Nyx/Reader/Gladio multi-chaptered fic. The story is basically the story I have for my FFXV OC, but I would be writing it in 2nd POV like my usual reader inserts.

The story is essentially Reader originating from a parallel world that is Versus XIII and then dying and waking up in the world that is XV. It would mostly be a story of Reader trying to adapt into this strange new world and then easing into the basic story of Kingsglaive and XV.
In terms of romance, it would essentially be Gladio developing feelings for Reader but Reader having feelings and entering a relationship with Nyx. But then Kingsglaive happens, and then Reader joins the party and slowly moves on and develops feelings for Gladio as the story progresses as it would in-game. (It would be really slow burn :P)

OK, I… think I’m writing this thing? I have an idea of how to start it off and I put a few lines of dialogue on paper, which is no absolute guarantee I’ll end up finishing it but it’s a good sign! Now it’s going to come down to not cutting out or downplaying any of the scenes that I really want (which I always, always do in the end 😓)

(I’m also thinking of involving Diane in this because, well, Diane, obviously!!! But also Dale calling Diane because Albert got his drink spiked on Dale’s watch and this isn’t his field of expertise and he feels very responsible but he doesn’t know what to do, and Diane going “so you’re calling *me* about this because you figured I got experience with party drugs or what? Fuck it, you’re not even wrong. Bring him over, we’ll sort him out.”)

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I hope they show Jonah reacting/working through knowing about Cyrus's crush, like it takes multiple episodes. Literally every gay boy has fallen in love with a straight friend at some point in their lives, it is such a real experience. (Side note: It would be really fascinating if Jonah responds something like "I'm with Andi, sorry," like it would be a possibility if he weren't interested in her. #Jyrus4Life)

Yeah its a complex issue because they have an established friendship but if Jonah doesn’t like him back that could affect the friendship at least temporarily. Again I’ll say I don’t think Jonah wouldn’t accept Cyrus for who he is but relationships are complicated especially when there are romantic feelings involved. One of the many good things about this show is we don’t have to wrap everything up in a pretty bow by the end of every episode.  Any of these topics could carry over multiple episodes before they are resolved. As for your side note that would be a great response and a great way to leave the possibilities open. 

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How can I turn my Saturn square venus aspect around and learn from it? Instead of living in its detriment 💌

Way back when(like back in the early part of 2016) I used to talk about a Gemini guy. We split because of distance but he also had this aspect. I think you guys have to stop beating yourself up so much. You deserve love and you shouldn’t sabotage yourself in it. You should see how much of a great person you are, even without me constantly telling you. It gets tiring for your lover to have to constantly build you up if you are doing nothing to internalize what they are saying. It is also not our job to help you with your pity party in love. You guys are so scared to trust people and it makes me sad because I don’t want you to miss out on love which is one of the grandest adventures you can take in this lifetime. You are more deserving of it than anybody. You really have to start by falling in love with yourself.


me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—

Nicest thing I saw in retail

I remember one time a lady came through with a bunch of things obviously for a baby (essentials like diapers, food, etc.) I gave her her total and her face just fell, and she quietly said, “It can’t be that much, can it?” My heart just broke for this poor lady when I told her unfortunately it is, and she just sort of looked at the stuff with all her anxiety showing. 

The lady behind her kind of starts craning her head to see what was holding up the line, and I start watching her, fully prepared to speak up if she started getting snippy. But she tapped the lady on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me for asking, but do you not have enough to buy this for your child?” No judgement, no snippy tone, just a soft spoken question.

The lady looked at her with her eyes tearing up and just shook her head, obviously embarrassed but trying not to show it, and without another word the second lady turns to me and says, “It’ll be debit, please.” And proceeds to pay for the first lady’s things. (Keep in mind the total was well over a hundred; this was no small amount.)

The first lady stared at her open-mouthed for a minute before saying, “God bless you, God bless you,” over and over to this other lady, who was acting like it was no big deal and even helped the lady pack up her cart while I rang through her things. After the first lady left I said to her, “I’ve worked retail for two years and that was the nicest thing I’ve ever seen, ma'am.”

The lady just shrugged and said, “I’ve been lucky enough to be well off in my life. Not everyone is. Why shouldn’t I help them?”

I think of her whenever the opportunity to be kind to someone pops up. If only we had more people in the world like that angel. 

daichi just wants to watch the movie in peace


so i uh…. i made a voltron shrek au…

(part 2 here)

  • keith is galra and he lives alone in his galra habitat, everyone stays away from him bc they think he’ll eat them or whatever
  • meanwhile varkon (not zarkon, i’ll explain later) sends all the alteans/arusians to keith’s land
  • and keith is like what gives
  • so varkon is like if u can bring me this goreous prince lance from the highest room in the tallest tower ill give u ur swamp land back
  • and so keith and red (i honestly couldn’t think of anyone else to be donkey) go to rescue lance but guarding him is *gasp* the blue lion
  • anywho they end up getting lance out of there while keith is still like yeah yeah whatever im just trying to get my place back
  • and lance is like nono u must be my true love
  • and keith is still like noooononono i am a GALRA arent you scared of me??
  • blah blah blah keith crashes the wedding everyone’s friends, the red and blue lions get married and all is well
  • this whole thing basically came from one night at 2am when i was like…huh….. keith is a lot like shrek..

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