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Oswald calling Ed by his last name gave me feelings.

“Ed” is safety an warmth, the first person who really cared about him since his parents died.  He’s warm embraces by the fireplace, silly riddles over breakfast, and laughter at the piano.  Ed believed in him, when he couldn’t believe in himself.  

“Nygma” is cold, and cruel, even to Oswald.  He’s silently plotting behind Oswald’s back.  He’s a gunshot ripping through his gut and stinking river water. Nygma is the icy sting of betrayal and the acrid burn of rejection.

And if Oswald thinks of them as the same person, he won’t be able to plot his revenge.  Just like when he sees him face to face, he won’t be able to pull the trigger.

He still loves him too much.

You know what keeps killing me?

Growing up watching Aaron, who he used to be and how difficult his life has been, it was difficult to think he’d want or enjoy being a husband and being married. He was always so dismissive of the idea and obviously we all knew why - his internalised homophobia, his lack of belief in love, the hurt he’d experienced before, seeing his family being terrible at love…

But when he found Robert, it was like that was it. Robert was his person despite all the crap they did to each other. He realised he could fall in love and pretty quickly too but I still didn’t really think he’d ever want to be someone’s husband

Then watching them properly and reasonably stably fall in love and gradually develop into sharing this insane connection and love for each other, making them both better people and so much happier than we’ve ever seen them… well, that changed him and I couldn’t believe that HE clearly was thinking about marriage before Robert!

Then we had the engagement and I still sometimes thought it’d be weird seeing Aaron Dingle as a husband until we started to see him talk about he wedding and his excitement over Vegas. He was clearly keen - they both were - but there was this part of him you could start to see that needed that clarity and commitment.

Then this week happened. At no point did Aaron saying the word “husband” feel weird and it was because the enormous smile is caused every single time, even today during what is possibly one of the hardest days of his life. You can see he cherishes that commitment and the promise they have with each other. It obviously brings him a lot of comfort and happiness and that’s why it hurts so badly.

Aaron never ever felt like someone who would wish for a husband or be into all of that but you can see how much of his actual desires he buried all these years. It took meeting the person he found that connection with to turn it all into something so significant, so comforting and so important to him that the mere presence of his wedding ring and the word ‘husband’ calms him and makes him so happy.

That’s why this all hurts so much because never has Aaron ever EVER seemed more settled and comfortable and at ease with himself.


“My dad’s a shop foreman at a textile mill in Massachusetts. He weaved wool fabric for the military – all our Marine greens, our blankets. It’s nice to think my father might have had something to do with the blankets we sleep in.”

Happy Birthday @nichtwing​!!

do you ever think about how robert and aaron literally wiped the floor with everyone at a couples quiz because they can basically read each other’s brains but emotionally they’re still the worst communicators I’ve ever flipping seen with my own two eyeballs

like why are they like this but also i love them??????

Theory Time

(I’ll make this brief.)

Angry Birb is angry. Who knows why, maybe they’re out of coffee. Literally anything sets this guy off and the pot is empty, I’m not gonna try to understand it.

Ah yes very angry.

What’s this? A potential source of anger, that’s for sure.

Time for drugs.

“Put your gun down.” “What the fuck, why?” “I dunno man I think I’m having an emotion.” “Ed, you assured us you had buried your gay feelings for Penguin.“ ”REPRESSION IS NOT EASY BUTCH, YOU IGNORANT SLUT.” 

“Ivy I was handling it.” “Yeah okay Pengy, you’re welcome.” “DON’T CALL ME PENGY!”

“It’s working… Finally, a brother-in-law to add to my family collection.”

Oh dear.


Barbara and Tabitha show up because they have a quota and they need Ed to be their straight friend. (Just kidding, they’re probably all trying to kill one another.) It may also be Barbara behind Ed in the image before last.

“Mama’s back, now go back to the gay staring you had going on before you were pointing guns at each other.”

We can also now see that Butch is behind Fish (the coat patterns match). Fish is probably going to unite all of them, however I find it interesting that the synopsis for episode 21 only mentions Fish, Penguin and Riddler as the ones working together. Perhaps Butch, Babs and Tabs are considered to be Riddler’s crew, or maybe they don’t want in on Fish’s game and make plans of their own while Riddler throws in with Fish and Penguin. This could explain why the three of them are chasing down Tetch like we saw in that one behind the scenes clip, unless of course they are doing that as a part of Fish’s plan.


Followers, plz munch on something and plz do not go to bed with your stomach growling because y'all deserve nourishment and comfort and health and all the good things the world has to offer n I’m gonna cry again I think. Please eat guys. It’s good, I promise. Goodnight, buddies.

Let’s talk about how emotional I get every time I watch the scene where Robert talks with Liv at Gordon’s funeral and opens up about his dad. That scene epitomizes what makes Ryan Hawley so amazing. His range is lovely and the way Robert softens in her presence. It was the first time I think he connected with her, understood her and related.

Just watch Ryan and Isobel in that scene. I cannot even describe what his face does. It’s like he is a teenager again, eyes full of emotion and sincerity and understanding. Then he is making a joke to make her feel better. Followed by throwing out his charm with a full grin.

It is hands down one of my most favorite scenes of Ryan’s of that year and when you look at it now, it is what plants the seed for his relationship with Liv.

I love it so much. 

(Oh dear)

:) next week’s promo makes me concerned that perhaps attempting to trick a genius like that isn’t too clever of an idea, Oswald.
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I would love to hear your personal headcanons for leckie and Hoosier!

Smol disclaimer that some of these have been worked on w/ @malarked so I can no longer remember who originally came up with the thing. Also, this is probably a mix of a lot of things, that’s like during the war and like post-war and stuff. Idk, I have written these two with Ed for too long and we have too many AUs and things.

  • Leckie never learnt how to drive before the war, since he grew up close to New York. He mainly didn’t really need to, but he also never really got the chance to learn. It wasn’t until post-war that he learnt how to, and that was mainly thanks to Hoosier teaching him (and being really patient about it and being so proud of when Leckie got his license. Basically, they’re cute af)
  • The first place Leckie drives them to after getting his license is their favourite spot in a forest of some sort, and they sleep in the back of the truck and watch the stars and are just… cute.
  • Hoosier is 100% the small spoon and Leckie the big spoon, but that might have already been established tbh.
  • Leckie wears glasses for no other reason than to look smarter, and Hoosier loves to tease him for it, because Leckie is just such a hipster. 
  • Hoosier is a great cook (credit to Ed for that one), and he cooks Leckie meals whenever he has a lot of work, and makes sure he gets his sleep and take breaks and stuff. 
  • They own a bathtub for the sole reason of soaking and washing together after sex, because it gives them an excuse to cuddle and still stay close
  • They love going on roadtrips together in Hoosier’s pickup truck and just stop in shitty motels to sleep, or sleep in the back of the truck if it’s warm enough. 
  • Leckie’s family doesn’t like Hoosier at all - not only because of the gay thing, but also because they think he’s too uneducated - and Leckie gladly cuts all ties with them, because it’s not like his parents have ever done much for him. 
  • Basically, get Leckie a better family 20kforever
  • Seriously, anyone who makes my boy look like this does not deserve him:
  • Hoosier thinks Leckie looks super hot in his dress blues, so that’s pretty much the only reason Leckie ever wear them. 
  • Hoosier fell in love with Leckie LONG before Leckie realised he wasn’t a Good Straight Boy™, and even after he realised he had feelings for Hoosier, he still struggled with them A LOT. Basically, I can talk about this for years, I have so many emotions about Leckie’s internal struggle with his sexuality. 
  • Hoosier totally didn’t think Leckie would fall for him, because, look, he’s not intellectual or educated or anything, but fuck, does Leckie fall HARD for that blond sweet boy. Yikes, okay, Leckie is so in love, but it takes him SO LONG to admit it. 
  • Basically my boys are sweet and good and OTP and I love them more than air.
  • Like, y’all, if this isn’t the face of a man madly in love, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. LOOK AT THAT FACE. THAT SMILE. THIS IS ALL AT LECKIE. 
  • I need to leave I’m just here with tears in my eyes mumbling about how much they love each other. Pls, I love them and I need to write them more, oh my god.