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Someday. Someday. When they have found their way through hell again. Robert will put his back out bring a spontaneous daft idiot trying to carry Aaron over the threshold of their new home. And Liv will laugh as Aaron has to pick himself up off the floor and guide his 'old man' of a husband to the sofa which he can't move from for a bit but it's ok cos Aaron and Liv cuddle up round him. Robert knows his family is safe. Roblivion will be happy again. We'll all get there.

omg anon

you can’t send me messages like this and not expect me to cry??? this is such a nice image and u just KNOW it’ll happen because they’re such soft idiots and one day soon, when all the kasim stuff is over and aaron’s out of prison they’re going to move into the mill and be happy together forever

i can’t cope

(Oh dear)

:) next week’s promo makes me concerned that perhaps attempting to trick a genius like that isn’t too clever of an idea, Oswald.
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i honestly don’t think i’ll ever get over one direction. i’m sentimental like that. they’re always going to be this like…. piece of my heart and i’m always going to laugh and smile when i think about them because like… they’ve literally grown up with me and we’ve all shared life together in like this really weird authentic way and i just like. i don’t think i’m one of those people to just say “huh well that was fun” and grow out of it

do you ever think about how robert and aaron literally wiped the floor with everyone at a couples quiz because they can basically read each other’s brains but emotionally they’re still the worst communicators I’ve ever flipping seen with my own two eyeballs

like why are they like this but also i love them??????

I hate phoning the clinic to make appts. vs. just having my shrink make them, because I hate phone calls, but also because he tries to book me in more regularly, whereas they just go with, “yeah you can see him in several weeks.” Okay… I just generally see him weekly if at all possible and I’ll run outta meds before then… and there’s literally no support this week (like I don’t see my dietitian and RO DBT is ending and support group is cancelled…) so that’s great. I feel selfish and I shouldn’t be whining, it’s just frustrating. He typically always does the booking, but that sometimes means (because of their computer system I guess) that people get double-booked which is what happened last week though he still made time to see both of us. He books people past the closing time of the clinic and sometimes comes in early and those are the slots I generally get, but they don’t exist to the receptionists because it’s him designing his own schedule.

So yeah… see you in March.

its literally not up to r*bert whether or not paddy’s involved??? like r*bert saying “im not after your blessing”…..sorry dude but its aaron’s decision whether or not paddy’s opinion matters not yours…..bc paddy is aaron’s dad and r*bert tried to kill both of them…..so like….shut up


“I didn’t realize that being in love with your life can be just as wonderful as being in love with another person. Every relationship takes work and effort, and when I put that work and effort into my friends, family, and fans… my life changed completely. I started making choices based on what I wanted, and didn’t feel like I needed to justify them.“ - taylorswift

I’m writing a thing for @malarked and it’s getting way angstier than it’s supposed to and I’m just here at myself like “Roe-not-on-meds please chill”