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The Night Manager: Secrets of Le Carre revealed at TV Festival

The BFI Radio Times Festival hosted key members of The Night Manager’s cast and crew last month, with Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier, executive producer Simon Cornwell and cast members Alistair Petrie and Tom Hiddleston sharing backstage secrets on this magnificent edge-of-the-seat spy thriller.

There will be some paraphrasing – you try deciphering my notes a month later! And apologies to any of the speakers if I attribute a quote wrongly or misquote.

Radio 4’s Front Row presenter Samira Ahmed was on hand to chivvy the info out of them.

What made you want to do it?

AP: The scale – even though it was the BBC – the settings, the budget to make it happen. Thanks to Tom and Hugh’s involvement, AMC and others got on board. The budget worked without being gratuitous.

SB: I come from low budget film, so I’m used to expanding small into something worth looking at.

SC: The budget was bigger than many films, we were free to do stuff we wouldn’t normally do.

SB: The story is about being drawn into the world of lavishness. You can’t do that without it being rich. Crucial was Roper’s location. That would set the bar for everything else.

A lavish location was key for The Night Manager

TH: The crew make it look more expensive than it was. The interior of the Alps hotel was inside tents! It’s a testament to an impeccable crew.

SC: When we found the Majorca location – originally Greece in the script – we had to rewrite.

AP: The private jet was a cardboard loo roll.

SB: It was a private jet!

AP: There was a guy with a light pretending to be the shining sun. Secrets revealed!

(At this point, Susanne’s reactions made it unclear whether AP was making this up!)

We revisited the clip of Danny’s attempted abduction, closing in on Pine’s eye through the hole in the door. Remembering how the tenseness set in almost immediately, you could almost taste the IMAX audience relive the original moment. The panel discussed how that frantic scene came together.

SB: Whenever you direct a scene you have one single idea. We had this leisurely, relaxed scene completely turned over.

AP: Susanne’s method is to go straight into rehearsal, thrust straight onto set. The crew can get nervous when cameras aren’t turning and you’ve nothing in the can.  There are so many elements of the story to fit in but endless rehearsal means everyone knows where they should be. Being in the middle of it is a privilege.

The panel discuss the intricacies of a busy scene

SB: You have an idea, you collect material. You know this particular moment is going to be there. There needs to be real emotion. You don’t see the actors acting, you’re in the emotion. And child actors are just as ambitious as adults.

TH: The casting of Hugh Laurie was genius. His presence, his casting presented a conflict, so affable and likeable (in comparison with evil Roper) he (Roper) is charming, funny, loves his family but is responsible for awful things – all the stuff is paid for by arms.

SC: That scene was a Masterclass in acting and directing. A brilliant piece of construction. It’s in the book but came alive on screen.

AP: The nanny was the director’s daughter, Alice, just 19. I felt like a creepy old man but she put me at my ease: no, we’ll have a dance, no worries.

They moved onto the fire alarm test scene, where Pine breaks into Roper’s office looking for evidence.

SB: This shows why Tom is so brilliant. What he does, he thinks, “Who is Roper? Where would he put stuff?” Not many actors can do things just with their face like Tom.

TH: It’s my favourite scene in the book and a testament to Le Carre. You read it with a propulsive momentum. The internal compulsion within Pine is active even when he’s still. It’s classic suspense, a ticking clock time window. The props were chosen carefully: Churchillian. Boxing. Stalingrad. Roper’s fantasy of powerful statesmen yet rough enough for a boxing ring.

We took a moment to appreciate the glory of Tom Hollander in the restaurant scene where Corky loses it.

Corky tries to warn Roper about Pine

TH (jokingly): The manhandling was improvised. He didn’t ask permission. I’m scarred for life.

SC: John le Carre loved the whole experience on set. The scene is in the book but not so bold and exciting.

SB: Tom Hollander went way more extreme than we’d all anticipated.

TH: It was such a pivotal scene and so exciting. The moment of Corky’s demise and Pine’s elevation to the top rank. JLC was magnificent in that scene. Pine settles him quite quickly in the book but JLC refused to be settled – like any great actor, he forced me to achieve more.

SB: I had to direct him to accept the apologies! He was: “What about her? What about him? (being brought their correct food). Well, I think this is very shoddy.”

AP: We’re on the coffee and mints by now on the next table.

“I must apologise for my friend’s behaviour” “I think you bloody well should!”

Pine v Roper

TH: The whole character was an exploration of the malleability of identity. There is something broken and unique about Pine. All his grief curled up inside. It’s why he’s a night manager, he hides behind darkness. Burr identifies that Pine is able to slide between characters. He had to embrace the side of himself that is quite like Roper. They’re looking in a mirror divided by a moral red line.

AP: My dad was an RAF pilot who came across interesting people. One guy became a good family friend. Great company – but he was a legit arms dealer. There was a disconnect between the job he did and what it led to, and the human being. You start with the human being, before the ‘what do you do?’ They do normal things and you layer in everything else.

We’re reminded how Roper likes to show off his arsenal – and then Pine blowing it all skyward.

SB: You need the scale and the drama of the explosions but it was a metaphor of the shoot out between two men. Roper doesn’t know how powerful Pine is until then.

AP: Looks bloody good on IMAX!

TH: There could only be one attempt at the explosion, everything after that had to be shot very fast while we had the smoke and flames. Hugh is magnificent. He realises he may have lost and loses his cool.

Capturing lightning in a bottle

AP: Dr. House, put the gun down! Sometimes, when you’re pressed for time, magical things can happen. Tempers can get frayed. Then it crackles and Hugh grabs the gun, unscripted. An extraordinary thing captured under time pressure. We were blessed with catching lighting in a bottle moments.

SB: In a way, limitations can be advantageous. It forces you to be accurate and push the boundaries.

Twitter got a bit shirty over Pine having sex with the women he rescued after they were tortured – apparently, even Bond doesn’t do that.

SB: That’s not true – Jed is rescued by Olivia Colman. I don’t think they had sex.

TH: He’s in love with Sophie. She awakens his moral duty and he’s motivated partly by guilt.

Any scenes that took you to the brink?

SB: Every day! There’s always an element of not knowing what’ll happen, it’s part of the creative process.

TH: Fight scenes always look violent but have to be very safe. I love shooting action, it’s choreographic, like dance.

The will is there for Series 2!

How do you feel, watching it now?

SB: It was a heart in mouth process but now I can sit down and enjoy! It was so much fun to do – none of us anticipated the impact . We showed it at the Berlin Film Festival and everyone loved it. So rewarding.

AP: If you’re really lucky as an actor you get something that strikes a chord. I’m genuinely bonded to the people involved. You share something very special. A special little gang. You’ve no idea the emails I’ve been sending with ideas for Series 2.

SB: It’s a privilege. I’m also sending emails. JLC doesn’t respond – I’m joking – I’m really scared of saying anything!

TH: I’m really proud of the team effort. The commitment and detail of every department adds up to more than the sum of its parts. It’s like a 1000 piece jigsaw landed intact. I couldn’t possibly comment on my email correspondence.

Having raised the bar for TV drama, is there a green light for Series 2?

SC: We are working on a story for Series 2. There’s no book and no Le Carre adaptation without a book. We’d love to see it happen. There’s an unspoken contract with each other but we have to come up with something really great.

It’s the greatest export in British cinema! (Audience member)

AP: Aw, shucks!

We need to see more of the Petrie Dish

If you think Hiddleston a bit of a charmer (yes, yes, me too) it has to be noted I did leave the room with a bit of a crush on the very funny Alistair Petrie. You might say he’s now my … Petrie Dish. #sorrynotsorry

Good Girl Ch 33: Having Her and Missing Her

Jiyong’s POV

I stare at the ceiling for what feels like hours. We had gotten back three hours ago and it’s now four in the morning but still nothing. I know she took a shower and got in bed and spent forever on the phone speaking to each of her daddies, the monitor I secretly installed let me know that much. But since I felt like would be too creepy to put in an actual camera I’m only given so much information from audio alone. After my own shower and getting into bed I can’t get over the fact that my Jooyoung is here, in my house. I have her all to myself for the next two days and as much as I wish I could keep her forever, a weekend will do.

Suho had told me when I picked her up that she hasn’t slept alone for over three months and might get scared in the middle of the night. He gave me permission to hold her if she gets scared, even said she could share a bed with me as long as I don’t try any thing sneaky. I scoff at him, he gave me permission. I don’t need his fucking permission to touch her, to take her, to sleep with her. If I wanted to, I would take her and there would nothing they could do about it but lucky for them my beloved seems to think she’s in love with them, so I’ll let it pass until she realizes how much she loves me.

My mind is still reeling from the amazing night we had, from talking over dinner to riding all of those roller coasters a dozen times, hell, just being able to wrap my arm around her as we walked made this night amazing. The fucking detective though. How dare he bust in on my weekend with my beloved Jooyoung. Remembering the dirty things he said to her makes my blood boil, I could rip his head off. He’s been following me for years trying to find something to use against me in court but after coming up empty so many times he started getting bitter and a bit obsessive. I should have killed him a long time ago, maybe now is the time.

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of shuffling sheets over the monitor. I hear a gasp for air as she moves around more and more, I’m about to jump out of bed to see what’s wrong before she lets out a little whimper, “Oppa.” I’ve never been so turned on and concerned in my life at the sound of that one word. There is more shuffling followed by the soft click of a door being opened in closed. Quickly, I turn off the monitor and grab the book that I placed on my nightstand earlier. There is a soft knock on my door followed by opening a crack at first then opening a bit more to reveal her frightened little face.

“Oppa,” She whimpers once again. I set the book down and sit up straight in bed.

“Yes my love?” I let my secret nickname for her slip but I want nothing more than to comfort her right now.

She frowns at me, “Oppa, don’t say that, you’re crossing a line.” Her scolding is so cute and harmless, though I try to pretend that she’s scary.

“You come into my room at four in the morning in nothing but an over sized shirt and I’m crossing a line?” I raise my brow at her as my eyes scan her bare legs. She blushes before glancing down at the black t-shirt that could pass for a dress on her, it must belong to one of them.

“Daddy Luhan packed it for me, his smell always makes me feel better when I’m scared,” She admits meekly. I feel so disarmed by her cute shyness, I’ve only seen her this meek the one time she cried, on our first night out. She looks so small and scared, the need to protect her floods thru me more than usual. I understand now why those bastards always try to keep her like this.

“You’re scared?”

She nods, “I’m not used to sleeping alone.”

I nibble on my lip for a minute before patting the spot next to me on my massive bed that I’m laying in the middle of, “Come sleep with Oppa.”

She peeks at me threw her lashes before looking back down at her feet slightly shaking, “My daddies will get mad. I just need to stop being such a baby. I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“No, Jooyoung, get over here,” I demand, letting my gangster side peek out, but I’m not letting her go back to bed alone and scared. She obediently sat on the edge of my bed but continued to stare down at her hands nervously. I reach out and drag her closer so she’s less than a foot away, when I have her where I want her I gently push her down. “We have a fun day tomorrow, you need your rest, my love.”

“Can you stop calling me that?” She mumbles softly.

Even though hes words break my heart I give her a teasing smile, “It’s one of the more tame nicknames I have for you. Trust me, it’s the best option.”

“What are my other options?” She stares up at me.

“My princess, my angel, my lover.” Anything with my in it usually works, my world, my air, my sunshine, my everything. Mine.

“I guess my love will do. So possessive though,” She giggles.

“You have no idea,” I mumble under my breath as I sink deeper into bed.

She hesitantly climbs under the covers next to me and rolls over so her back is to me. I watch as she sneaks to the far side of the bed only to drag her back to the same spot as before.

“What is the point of sleeping here if you aren’t even laying close to me? You tell me all the time that I remind you of Jihyo, just imagine that I’m Jihyo.”

“Imagine that you’re Jihyo?” She echos.

I nod, “I can’t imagine that I could be much of a perv than her.”

Her perfect giggle rings out again, “I guess so.”

I switch off the light, plunging us into darkness, and lay down on my side so I’m still facing her. Even in the darkness I can feel her hesitance to relax next to me, so against my better judgment I reach out and wrap my arms around her and pull her into a tight hug. She is stiff in my embrace at first, but as I whisper in her ear she relaxes. “Just imagine I’m Jihyo or whoever you want me to be, whoever would comfort you best right now.”

“You are doing a good job of it right now, I don’t have to imagine it’s anyone else,” She mumbles against my chest.

I chuckle, “You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that.”


The clock on my bedside table tells me it’s noon. Even though I had stuff planned for today I don’t want to do any of it right now, I want nothing more than to lay in bed with my beautiful Jooyoung all day. But my phone has been lighting up for the last hour, messages from the boys asking me when I would be ready from them to come over t see their Jooyoung. They ended up coming over twenty minutes ago anyway, annoyed by my lack of response. Thankfully they haven’t tried barging in yet, I would kill them if they did and they know that. But my love has a habit of turning normally smart men into blind idiots who start a war for her.

Staring down at the angel in my arms I sigh, I brush her tangle of blond colored curls out of her face and pepper soft kisses all over her face. She doesn’t even stir, she’s such a deep sleeper. I decide to gently shake her, my hand pats softly on her cheek to wake her up sweetly.

“Come on my love, time to wake up. Those nasty boys will come and break down the door soon if I don’t get you out there,” I tease her.

“Five more minutes Oppa,” She whines cutely before burrowing herself deeper into my embrace. How the hell can I say no to her?

After twenty more minutes I shake her once again, “My love,” I call.

“I still think you need to change your nickname for me,” She mumbles into my side.

I hum in response, “I was thinking about that, how about my little lion?”

“Little lion?” She looks up at me with those perfect kitten like eyes.

“You are my brave little lion.”

She chuckles, “Good enough, though I didn’t mind being called Beautiful every time.”

“Hyung!” A blond man whines threw the door as he cracks it open.

“Out!” I growl.

“We should probably get up,” She sits up and rubs her eyes like a child.

“You should find some pants,” I tease as I climb out of bed and pull on the pair of sweat pants I left near the bed. She grumbles about not wanting to wear any before looking up at me with those eyes of hers’. I laugh at myself as I walking to my closet to find some for her. Though I tease her when I return with one of the pairs of sweat pants I have for her in my closet, I’m deeply satisfied knowing she will be wearing something of mine. I lead her out of my bedroom and down the hall to the three men waiting for us in the kitchen. They of course made themselves at home and were eating some kind of take out on my counter.

“That smells so good,” My Joo rushes to join them at the counter. The three men are sitting on the bar stools, now apparently completely focused on the food in front of them. I grab two more plates from one of the cabinets before placing both hands on my love’s hips and placing her on the counter. She stares at me for a moment, I hand her a plate filled with food from the Chinese take out boxes on the other counter. With a soft thank you she accepts it and I begin to get my own plate.

“So how was your first night away from your oppas?” Youngbae asks her, his curiosity and concern obvious in his voice. I get annoyed by the way her looks at her, like he should have reason to be concerned about her, I would never hurt her.

“It was fine, fun even. But I was a chicken last night so Oppa let me sleep next to him,” She answers in a small voice as she eats her food slowly.

“Wow Hyung, you didn’t try anything?” Seungri clicks his tongue at me. I know he’s only being this disobedient and mouthy because Jooyoung is here, he knows that I wouldn’t punish him with her near by. But the moment she is gone, that boy is dead.

“I would never make her do anything she wouldn’t want to do,” I glare at him.

“You really have tamed a mighty beast,” Daesung chuckles.

“Our Joo is a mighty girl,” Seungri and Daesung laugh. Out of the corner of his eye Youngbae watches me clench my fist. Our Joo. She’s mine.


Luhan’s POV

Friday night

“I call the phone first!” Kai says firmly when we decide to cave and call our baby. I want nothing more then to rip my bronze brother’s head off but I know my sweet baby would be upset with me for doing so. I just have to wait a little while, then it will be my turn.

Kai snatches the phone out of Suho’s hand before scrambling into the kitchen to talk to her. We sit there and wait, Chen has the stop watch in his hand, he’s glaring at it, willing it to go faster with no luck. Two minutes each. Only two minutes to tell her how much I already miss her. The house is so dark without her wandering around. I don’t even remember what my reason for living was before she came into my life like a ray of sunshine.

“How mad would she be if we killed him?” Xiumin wonders out loud.

“She’d be really upset,” Kris pouts from where he lays spread out on the living room floor.

“Do you think she’d leave us?” Baek asks.

“Her and Jihyo would run away to Paris,” Chen answers us.

I groan, “I want nothing more than to kill that girl. Who does she think she is? She can’t just run away with our baby.”

Suho chuckles, “She can afford it. Though it wouldn’t be hard to track them down, getting our baby to love us again after we slaughter her best friend won’t be. We will not be killing their of those two. They are two of the nine people we are not allowed to kill according to her.” The other seven are of course our dongseangs who we weren’t planning on killing anyway. That is unless they feel the need to touch our baby.

“I wonder if she had something good for dinner,” Soo wonders mindlessly.

“I’m worried she might get scared at night,” I voice my concern.

“I can’t believe you gave that bastard permission to touch her,” Baek grumbles with a glare in Suho’s direction.

The older returned the glare, “Would you rather have her laying in bed afraid all night?”

Baek huffs, “I would rather have her in my bed or at least in our home.”

“We all do,” Tao chimes in. “But we can’t do much when he’s more powerful and she wants to go.”

“More like she wants to run away,” Kai grumbles as he tosses the phone at Xiumin. Xiu is gone in a flash to figure out what Kai meant. We all look at him expectantly, “He gave her a room and a stuffed lion.”

“That makes you think she’s going to leave us for him?” Sehun is annoyed with the tan boy for making him worry.

“Not just that, you should have heard her on the phone. She sounds so happy. He took her to an amusement park and she bonded with his higher ups in a single night.”

I sigh, “I expect nothing less form our baby. She has a way with dangerous men.” We grumble in silence as the phone is passed around from person to person until we reach the last person, me. I quickly run into the kitchen and hold the phone to my ear, desperate to hear her sweet voice. “My baby,” I coo into the phone.

“Hi daddy Lu,” She mumble sleepily into the phone.

“My poor baby sounds so sleepy,” My heart aches for her.

“I’m almost ready for bed, I just need to brush my teeth than it’s off to dream land.”

“I hear you had quiet the day,” I feel the need to force a smile.

“It was really fun, but what about you daddy? What did you do today?”

“I worked, ate, and now I miss you, I’m worried I won’t be able to sleep without you here.”

She mumbles a soft apology, “I’m so sorry daddy, one more night and I will be jumping into your arms again.”

“I can’t wait.”

“How has work been?”

“Good, things have been good.”

“How about your other work?” She kind of whispers over the line and even though I should shut her down, I smile at her cuteness.

“That’s been pretty peaceful,” I kind of lie.

“I’m happy to hear that. I worry about you guys so much,” Her soft voice warms my soul.

“There is no reason to worry, we are figuring everything out. There was one little issue that we are solving with the help or your favorite oppa.”

“Don’t over work yourself or I’ll tell everyone that we have to skip your night because you need more rest,” She warns me.

I laugh at her threat, “Yes, yes, I will get some sleep, I think my time is up anyway. You have a good night. Are you wearing my shirt?”

“Yea,” She responds shyly.

“Good, know that I will be protecting you in your dreams.”

“So cheesy daddy.”

We laugh together, “I love you baby.”

“I love you too Daddy.”

I end the call with a broken heart. I’m going to kill that bastard for taking her away from us, for touching her heart, for making it so we can’t kill him without some sort of backlash. That bastard. I can’t believe we agreed to work with him and his minions. But we need to figure some stuff about this informant out still and we need each other to do it, we have not other options.

Chen was able to intercept one of the emails this new informant was sending out and it made all of our blood run cold. The whole email was about our precious baby. Her full name, birthday, family details, even a few things about Jihyo. As much as we hate sending her to Jiyong’s it needed to be done to give us time to kill whoever the fuck is sending this information and to figure out ways to protect Jihyo. Regardless of how we feel about that girl she is important to Joo so we don’t have an option.

“Hyung,” Chen calls to me. I join them back in the living room.

“We are going out tonight,” Kris announces.

We all look at him confused, “Out?”

The tall blonde nods, “Out. We haven’t been out in months and I know it won’t be as amazing as a night with our Joo is but we need to blow off some steam.” We all share a look, a silent debate on what kind of outing he could mean. He gives a dead stare, “Suits on gentlemen. We’re going to look for a rat.”

The One With the Bad Day

Hi friends, I’m taking a break from my baby fever series to write this fluffy Shane McMahon imagine that an anon requested. I should have the next part of Baby Fever posted sometime next week. Possibly. Maybe. 

Shane McMahon x Unnamed OC

Y/N has had shitty day and she just wants to cuddle with her boyfriend.

Tag List: @sammy1dlwt

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Anniversary (Victor Zsasz x Reader) - Fluff Drabble

Originally posted by jellomo

Summary: It’s yours and Victor’s first anniversary together and he has planned something special for you.

A/N: This is one of my older stories that I’ve posted on my previous blog and on AO3. Hope you’ll enjoy it even if you’ve read it before.

Contains; OOC Victor, Loving Victor, pure fluff.

Tags: @aya-fay @taintedmarker @socktrollqueen @amandajuly81 @ellayf-of-ravenclaw @cnygma @theamazing-bouncingferret

~ ~ ~

Excitement filled your heart as you walked the short way home after work. It was your one year anniversary with Victor and you wondered what he’d planned for you. Since you’d been working a late shift at the diner, Victor had promised to arrange something special for the two of you. The time was already past 22.00 when you opened the door to the apartment you shared with your boyfriend and instantly the lavished smell of roses hit your nostrils.

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One Sided Affair

We danced together,

you seeking oxygen

me seeking a light

and because you make

all of the darkness


I must be close to you.

We were so intimate,

I knew your curves

and swirling hair

and you knew my outstretched 

arms that embraced you

and could not wait to find


from your single star,



all who fell in your circle

of radiance.

And now I look up,

I see the cold moon

trying to pull my soul

from a black infinity

of my failure

as I lie here,


no longer able to dance.

You left with the first East wind,

leaving a trail of grey perfume.

It lingers on me,

and now I will 

wait for the sun,

my wings vanished

waiting for Death to find me

and carry me away in

its mouth.

I See You (Oswald Cobblepot x Reader) - Angst/Fluff Drabble

@oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction asked for something sweet. You are very dear to me honey and deserves all the love ♥ I hope you like it sweetheart.

Summary: You wake up with a sadness in your heart and Oswald comforts you.

Warnings: Angst, Sadness, Fluff

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Joe smilling because of Ryan (inside Ryan’s mind version)

Work Date

Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex/Maggie
Prompt: “You are going to owe me big time, and I plan to collect.”
Notes: Pre-relationship, set after 2x04. Unbeta’ed, cuz it was just supposed to be a quick ficlet prompt that turned into more.
For @coop-writes! Thanks for the prompt and the impetus to write something so fast and for being a writing buddy. Sorry it took me into this afternoon to finish.

“Really? Again?”

“You had fun last time.”

Alex didn’t mention that it had been fun, before she found out Maggie had a girlfriend and that she wasn’t sure how she felt about it, except as confused as hell. The hand-holding, the disappointment at not going out and getting drinks, and the weird feeling in the pit of her stomach were all confusing. And now, another ‘wear something nice’ cryptic invitation from Maggie that made her heart beat faster and her stomach feel fluttery.

Maggie must have sensed her reluctance, because, instead of assuming Alex would be there, she stayed on the line to convince her. “Come on, it’s for a big case. I need you, Danvers.”

“You are going to owe me big time, and I plan to collect.”

There was a pause on the other end of the phone before Maggie continued in an oddly subdued voice, “Okay. I’ll text you the address.”

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EXO Theory Pt. 3 - MAMA 2016

Part 1 - Kyungsoo as Omnipresent | Part 2 - It’s all a dream.. | Part 4 - Baekhyun

I know, I take a long ass time to update these, but tbh I’ve been very busy. However, watching the new MV and the VCR for MAMA 2016 has been making me think a lot more about this stupid overarching plot that EXO seem to be showing through their MVs. I hate them tbh… =/

Anyway, the order of the MVs with new things included (imo) go as such:

MAMA/History/What Is Love - Miracles in December - Romantic Universe - MAMA 2016 VCR - Lucky One - Overdose - Love Me Right - Wolf/Growl - Lotto - Coming Over  -  Pathcodes/Call Me Baby - Monster  - Sing For You - MAMA 2016 Performance.

(Note: I moved Pathcodes/Call Me Baby from after Love Me Right to before Monster because I slightly changed my mind over something I haven’t actually covered in these theory posts yet. It also fits better here with revisions concerning the new stuff!)

So, I’m sure a lot of people have theories about the MAMA stuff because it was confusing and definitely story oriented. I’ve split the VCR and performance stuff (collars and ending lights going out) up as I think they’re separate. I’ll explain why!

Anyway, let’s start with the VCR. For me, the VCR is set very early on in the story. The reason I think this is because of the setting and what happens. First thing I noticed watching the VCR were the chess pieces and trees in the background:

The chess pieces have 2 possible interpretations imo. Either 1) they represent that the members are mere pieces in a larger game or 2) because the chess pieces are white and the people (inc. EXO) are in black, that they are in opposition to the forces at play. Personally, I would suggest it’s a bit of both. The trees, I’m not entirely sure what they exactly represent, but trees are a significant piece in EXO’s storyline so I would think they have some link to the Tree of Life perhaps - or at least are a visual representation of something linking the two.

Next, the guy with the red eye goes through the thing and doesn’t get a collar. The red eye I would think is very obviously eluding to the Red Forces, so it seems like they don’t need a collar. The next person to go through is deemed human and does get a red collar. And the checker writes a character under the ‘Human’ tab: 正 which (if Google translate is correct) means ‘positive’. 

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Never Let You Down: Ed x Reader


*I was requested to write an Ed one shot inspired by the songs “Never let you down” and “I will follow you into the dark.” Hopefully I did an okay job!*

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So I guess they've both given up on ever "standing in the sun" again?

For now, I’d say yes. Standing in the sun was a metaphor that they both latched onto to help find their way out of the darkness of their circumstances. They needed it as a touchstone to remember who they wanted to be individually and then eventually together. Since they are fully embracing their dark sides now, the phrase doesn’t work because it’s no longer dark forces working against them; they’re the dark forces; they’re the things that go bump in the night. So, the phrase may evolve into something else in s7 or it may be deadened to make room for another powerful reminder of who they are and who they want to be together. 

Now don’t even try to tell me that Hannibal corrupted Will. He always had it in him, that dark side. Hannibal simply helped him see it and embrace it. And if you guys really think that S1 Will was better than S3 Will that’s fine by me, but srsly Will changed completely - he became stronger, and nobody can convince me that’s a bad thing. 

Make a Nort out of You
SoraingSky (cover)
Make a Nort out of You


We are gathered here to open Kingdom Hearts
I know you’re all ready to play aaaaall your parts!
Free will, at best, is hindering. And unnecessary too.
So just place my own will inside you.

Darkness destroys the weak! So be vigilant.
Once you’ve rejected light, you’ll be proficient!
The tyranny of light will end. And to make all this go through,
I’ll just place my own heart inside you! 

Xigbar: Old coot’s yakkin’ me to death.
Saix: Never should have listened to Lea.
Terra: Boy was I fool for not heeding their words.
Ansem: Your hearts will sink to darkness!
Xemnas: We will make Kingdom Hearts!
Y!Xeha: Why are my future selves all crazy?

You must embrace the darkness in your heart!
Our goals will be within our grasp soon!
I mean for Heart’s sake we had like, twelve plans!  
For now we’ll worship this mysterious mooooon! 

TIME is now on our side! I made sure of it!
Gather all the pieces! Every little bit!
Prepare for the Great Keyblade War!
And forge the X-blade too.
Now that I’ve… made a Nort… out of YOOOOU!

You must embrace the darkness in your heart!
Our goals will be within our grasp soon!
I mean for Heart’s sake we had like, twelve plans!  
For now we’ll worship this mysterious mooooon!

You must embrace the darkness in your heart!
Our goals will be within our grasp soon!
I mean for Heart’s sake we had like, twelve plans!  
And now we can summon the mystery moon!


Lost in Thought

 Title: Lost in Thought

Phan Status: Together

Contains: Angst, Fluff, ADHD

POV: Dan

Word Count: 1,317

Based on this prompt from phanfic:

A/N: I have combined (inattentive and hyperactive) ADHD, so I wrote from my experience. This is not what ADHD is like for everyone, but this is what it is like for me. I added some explanation for the jumps in train of thought in parenthesis, but in reality, the explanations are often, but not always, subconscious and simply make sense in my mind. I hope this makes sense. I wrote this without taking my medication so it would be more realistic. Thank you phangirlingforphan for being an awesome (and super quick) beta! Enjoy!

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8x06 “Southern Comfort”
“Mistakes… Well then let’s go through some of Sammy’s greatest hits. Drinking demon blood? Check. Being in cahoots with Ruby? Not telling me that you lost your soul or how about running around with Samuel for a whole year letting me think you were dead while doing all kinds of crazy.”

Earlier this week I wrote about how the element of betrayal of trust and love has been set up as an integral part of Amara’s story and how we saw that also play a role when Dean was a demon, but moreover also how the experiences of betrayal Dean has had over the years, are what may have made him the perfect fit for Amara. So since I personally am of the mind that this arc surrounding the MoC has been one of the most cleverly planned ones in quite some time on SPN, I was very excited when during a random re-watch of an episode from S8 that very element of betrayal popped up too.

S8 in many ways brilliantly foreshadowed and set up Dean’s dark side arc with purgatory and embracing his id, to the purgatory blade resembling the first blade right down to Dean carrying Benny’s soul as a glowing mark on his arm when he returned to Earth and resurrected him. The parallels have been huge. Therefore I am really not surprised how the pattern of betrayal, choices and mistakes that has been a heavy focus for a couple of seasons now was addressed in 8x06 “Southern Comfort”.

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Shadows claimed one of your own. Now you initiate another to fight an intangible darkness. Classic fire-with-fire, love it.

At last, my death wizard has embraced the shadows… at level 99. Too many side quests, so over-leveled! But I can finally use those Khrulhu TCs I’ve been amassing for ages.