i effing ship it so much

I can respect different ships and their fandoms.
There are ships, crackships, fandoms crackfandoms and the whole multi shipping universe.

Then there’s people who want to label a character’s sexual orientation when there’s absolutely zero evidence to support said orientation. And then there’s using that label as an end all be all argument just to shoehorn a ship into the narrative. AND THEN there’s using that label as an argument to aggressively attack actors, writers and other fandoms who don’t support that ship.


Claim that the actors and characters have chemistry. Claim that the ship makes sense *to* you. Claim that they look *hot* together. Claim that sexuality can be fluid. Claim whatever you want, ship whatever you want – BUT DON’T try to label a character’s sexual orientation when it doesn’t exist in the show.

Betty Cooper is NOT a lesbian and I am so tired of hearing that diatribe all around social media, and you know what fandom I’m talking about.

She can be bisexual, hell even pansexual (although there’s zero evidence for this either). But don’t slap a label on her that EXCLUDES the sexual and romantic attraction she has towards men. Because, guess what? It doesn’t validate her sexual identity. It invalidates it. And I will fight everyone on this til the day I die.

My Top 5 Fairy Tail Ships

Friendly Reminder: Just to avoid confusion, this list is from least to greatest, which means it will start from 5 and end in 1. 

So as proof that I will honestly do what I said in my previous post, here are my Top 5 Fairy Tail Ships:

5) Zeref Dragneel x Mavis Vermilion (Zervis)

I have been shipping this ship ever since it’s crack ship days and I was so elated when Mashima made it a real thing. I really love the fact that it was because of the two of them, that Fairy Tail was formed. Although this ship is heavy on angst, it does have it’s cute and fluffy moments. It’s truly a classic black and white/good and evil ship with great dynamics. I’m also glad that Mashima gave them a happy ending where the two of them can be together, even though they died, but hey that’s what they wanted right? The only reason why this ship is in the bottom of my Top 5 list is because there is a major plot hole on how they had August. 

4) Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden (Gajevy)

This ship is the ship that nobody can argue with in Fairy Tail. This ship has a healthy development not only for Gajeel and Levy as a couple, but also on the both of them individually. This ship also has a good share of it’s fluffy, angsty, and even smutty moments, but the moment that really got me shipping them was their moment in the Battle of Fairy Tail Arc where Gajeel was really awe struck on Levy trying her best to make Freed’s runes disappear. This ship’s relationship was even further expanded on Fairy Tail’s spin-off: Fairy Tail Gaiden - Road Knight, which I recommend every Gajevy fan to read. AND HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR ADORABLE FUTURE TWINS?!!! Now as for the reason why this ship is a bit lower in my list, it is because they are pretty much already confirmed canon, so I highly doubt that they’ll get anymore major moments aside from a wedding scene of course. ;) 

3) Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser (Gruvia)

Ah this ship took a lot of time for me to accept and see it’s true value, but once I saw it, I really couldn’t help but love this ship. At first, it might seem as though Juvia is just a pesky stalker of Gray, but as the series progressed you’ll see that she does truly love him. Gray is just a big effing tsundere, but he does truly value Juvia from the bottom of his heart. I love how they stayed together after Fairy Tail disbanded and even trained and lived together for six months. Their bond has really grown ever since the Phantom Lord Arc. This ship was even highlighted in Fairy Tail’s other spin-off: Tale of Fairy Ice Trail - Koori no Kiseki which any Gruvia fan should give a try. The reason why this ship ranked third place for me is because I find Juvia’s imagination too intense, but still cute. (BUT SERIOUSLY GIRL SLOW DOWN!!! NOBODY’S GONNA STEAL YOUR MAN!) ;)

2) Jellal Fernandez x Erza Scarlet (Jerza)

Okay I know that this ship has the least interaction between all of the ships that will be mentioned in this post, but that is just because someone, yes I’m looking at you Jellal, is too bent on their repentance journey or whatever. Aside from that, when they do have a moment, it’s big and meaningful which is really impacts both Jellal and Erza’s characters. I’m also so in love with the fact that Jellal gave Erza her last name during their childhood and she kept it all these years. To be honest, Erza’s the most memorable character in Fairy Tail to me because of her last name so props to you Jellal! This ship has a special place in my heart because it’s the ship that got me watching, reading, and dedicating my life to Fairy Tail. The only reason why it’s only second to the first ship is because, as I said before, they lack moments.

1) Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia (Nalu)

I. EFFING. LOVE. THIS. SHIP. To be honest, my feelings for this ship needs a separate post, but I’ll save that for another time. Seriously, I can’t even remember what my life was before this ship. Let’s just say that Mashima really gave it his all in developing this ship from friends to best friends and to maybe even more. To be honest, Mashima just loves to spoil the NaLu fandom so much. From fluff to angst and even mild smut, you name it, Mashima has got this ship covered. My favorite moment was when Natsu caught Lucy from falling in the Phantom Lord Arc and when he reassured her after that she is Lucy of Fairy Tail, that Fairy Tail is her home. Although what really got me shipping these two is the amount of trust and faith they have in each other. In all honesty, I’m not a fan of love at first sight and I do not also believe that they just fell in love with each other at the beginning of the series, but I do believe that they trusted each other so much that their trust eventually grew to love. Natsu and Lucy’s relationship wasn’t just pulled out of nowhere, it took time to grow and that’s realistically beautiful. Sure, they are not a perfect couple, they fight and misunderstand each other from time to time, but that’s okay because love isn’t perfect. Love is real. It has it’s ups and downs, but it still persists and this ship is a very excellent example of that. That is why I’ll actually be surprised if Natsu and Lucy don’t end up together by the end of the series.



I just finished watching the new YGO: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie.

Not only was it effing spectacular and breathtaking and nostalgic and so much bittersweet sadness of our original gang growing up. All I can say to summarize what I discovered as I watched it is this…

I am sorry I never shipped Puzzleshipping during the good ol'days of YGO.

I only ever shipped Puppyshipping or Polarshipping because Joey/Jounouchi was my favorite character…and yet…

After seeing the movie and seeing the bond between Yugi and Atem after all these years…I realized how effing amazing their love is for each other.

Like not even Seto-fucking-Kaiba could out match that bond–and he definitely thinks he did. Ha. He can’t even grasp the concept of how far Atem would go for Yugi or how strong Yugi has become because of our favorite Pharaoh.

Holy crap I am literally 16 years late into this ship but I ship them hardcore. The best OTP of my childhood now.

Puzzleshipping for effing life man because it’s freaking canon how even in Atem’s afterlife Yugi will =always= be his (coughKoibitocough) Aibou. Forever.

Not even time and space and the damn afterlife–and the universe–can separate these two.

So so sorry for not shipping them sooner. Imma start changing that now.

It was a great movie. Even better than Bonds Beyond Time (I still love that movie tho’ because Yusei ofc)

Ya’ll need to go see this new movie holy Kuriboh can’t wait for the abridged!

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Anonymous said: Can you do some boyfriend kris snaps (i really need it 😂) ((((add some smutty ones pls))))) I love you’re blog so much

A/N: Hey anon! Thank you so much for the love, I tried my best and I felt good receiving Galaxy Fan Fan requests , I can’t wait to watch his movie that is premiering here and I freaked out when I saw his face at the movies screen like OMG so effing proud! Anyways, hope you like it and thanks again :D

Well, it appears that once again we have endured another drama and angst riddled weekend thanks to our dreary duo…..and yep…I meant to say that….no typos!! There is nothing dreamy or dynamic about it at the moment, but that is not all bad, and here is why I feel that way.

January was absolutely perfect! The “epiphany”, ECCC, PCA’S, Facebook Q&A, T2 premier, BTS cuddling and fan pics, women’s March, WCC fist-bump (in the sheets I might add)…..it is equivalent to taking a dream vacation where you eat and drink all you want, only to find yourself deliriously happy, but feeling bloated, and eventually a little sick. And the mother of all hangovers sets in and you swear you will never do it again, only to do just that because you are having so much fun, you want that feeling again! That is what it feels like right now…or at least to me.

Why you might ask??? Have you noticed how quiet it has been since the rugby game? I firmly believe Cait was there, but I was surprised that we did not get a pic of the “jersey” bet, nor did we get anything regarding the wrap party, when we know how much that crew meant to S&C. Fast forward, and Cait surfaces in London, and Sam is awol (my guess is he is there too, or at least in the UK based on the time chart)!

Contrary to my wish that S&C appear at all events together, I also understand their need to do certain things independent of each other since they have their own careers. And, since Cait was a Bafta Scotland winner this year, I understand her attendance this weekend as part of her networking duties for her career. I am not disappointed that Sam wasn’t with her ( well maybe just a tad, because they are quite the shining couple on any RC), but I understand her need ( and Sam’s when neccessary) to network and solidify their independent career needs. And, Tony’s appearance did not cause any real angst for me because that guy always shows up like a bad penny. Yet, once again, not one ounce of togetherness, so I remain on the friend/assistant bandwagon…for now.

Where I have a problem is with Sam’s silence. Where were the “Ka-BOOM ” tweets, why no “looking good Balfe”, etc.? Cait slayed the RC in that Chanel ensemble, and was beautiful at the Bafta’s, even though the dress would not have been my choice. However, I do understand high fashion, and Cait takes those risks, even when they make me side-eye and shake my head at them. At 5.3….I would have looked like I wore the tablecloth after the food was gone from the buffet!! But, back to Sam and the silence.

My gut feeling is maybe he is grumpy because there was no reason for him to attend these events, but wanted to. And, why go to all of the trouble of basically shouting “we are together” over these past few weeks if you aren’t? As an observing fan, my “irritation” is that it “feels” like the same old shit on a different day….but I don’t think it is. Since there has been no inuendo ( thank goodness) from Swiss Miss, I have ZERO worries on that front. And, S&C have a boatload of travel and appearances over the next few weeks before they settle down in SA. And, maybe they are trying to figure out how to handle this while keeping their work separate as well. I have always thought that Cait was more worried about how she would be perceived as an actress if she fell for her costar , and has been the more conservative one in the fuckery. And, it is harder for women in the effed up industry called Hollywood. I think that I may have expected too much that they are not yet ready to show, and must also remember they need their breaks from everything too.

So, I am going to chill on this for now, and see how they emerge over this “break”. And just maybe, we will cease the hangover, and just settle in to a more relaxed atmosphere of fanning with our two faves. Time has a funny way of revealing things, so we will see what happens next. One thing is for certain…it is never boring!

Shipping on sweet shipsters, but I am staying away from the buffet. Too much gut bloat, and not enough Milk of Magnesia!! Maybe I need Cait’s dress to cover it up?!?😜😄😂

Problems with Hayden Romero

- She’s a Mary Sue/Damsel In Distress who CONSTANTLY needs to be rescued by the males like every fucking episode
- She goes from extreme hatred to extreme love towards Liam in the span of 2 effing episodes like marrish had more development than that and i dont even ship that ish
- She looks like Selena fucking Gomez
- and why does every female character on this show have to be so god damn perfect?
- we’re supposed to care about whether she lives or dies
- they continue to shove layden in our faces when we’re literally dying over sciles/stydia/whatever-you-ship 
- she’s a useless character with hardly any development or much of a personality
- I REPEAT she is SIDE-LINING the main female protagonists 

the-corsair-and-her-quill  asked:

That kitten fic was sooo adorable! Can I request CS! Established relationship and #70? Maybe a hint of angst, because I'm a glutton for it 🙈

thankyou so much! and also thankyou for adorably specific prompt, it gave my brain a little break. also requested by @ahsagitarius – here’s a lil ef au <3

70. “I didn’t realize I needed your permission.”

The fact is, the war is coming. Emma knew it well beforehand, which meant she had had enough time to make up her mind about it. Her father is set to lead the knights, and she knows that their best decision is for her to lead the wielders of magic.

She’s been in battles before, she’s never been the kind of Princess to watch from the sidelines while the things and people she loves are in danger. But she’s never been part of a war, and never against the Dark One and all the allies he’s managed to gather.

When she tells her parents, it’s more of a decision than to ask for their permission. She’s the daughter of Snow White, they’ve learnt to anticipate her stubbornness.

When she tells Killian, though, well, maybe she should learn by now to anticipate his stubbornness.

“You’re going to what?” He’s still half grinning from the kiss she’d given him when he’d climbed through her bedroom window. He could use the door, like a sane person, but he always tells her he likes scaling up the castle wall to her window; he likes remembering their beginnings.

“I’m going to go to war,” she repeats, sitting down at the foot of her bed.

Killian furrows his brows. “To the war against the Dark One? Why would you do that?”

“What does that supposed to mean? I’m the Princess of Misthaven, it’s my duty to fight for my people.” She stands back up, tries her hardest to keep her frustration from taking over. Elsa once called her prickly, and she’s been all too conscious of her trait since then.

“Love, I am very well aware. But there’s no reason to put yourself in the direct line of fire when you know the bloody crocodile is aiming to get to you.” There’s a sneer in his voice that Emma associates with Captain Hook, the moniker, not the man in front of her. She imagines this is how he spent his years commanding crews and making a name for himself across the high seas. Back before he fell in love with her and made port at Misthaven to be closer to her.

“It’s my decision what I do,” she steels her voice, raises her chin like she’s been taught to do in the face of adversity. She knows her voice is getting louder, and no doubt he’ll raise his to counter it.

“And you didn’t think it wise to discuss it with me at least once?”

“I didn’t realize I needed your permission.”

“Bloody hell, love, of course you don’t, I just–”

“You just what?”

“I just worry, alright?” He looks tired now, and he must feel it, too, by the way he runs a hand over his face. “I worry for you.”

“I can take care of myself, Killian,” she spits out. She’s so tired of people not thinking her capable; she’s spent years training her magic and studying politics so her people and rulers of other kingdoms would accept her when she becomes Queen. She should’ve known it was just a matter of time before Killian started doubting her too.

When he reaches for her, she recoils. Killian’s face falls and Emma instantly feels a pang in her chest. She should be done running from him, and yet here she is.

Killian runs a hand through his hair, and suddenly she wishes for their screaming voices instead of the quiet that surrounds her bedchamber.

He doesn’t look at her when he speaks next, he keeps his eyes on his hook, hand fiddling with the brace. “The Dark One took everything I ever cared about, and then some. I couldn’t take it if he took you, too.”

By their own accord, her fingers find his cheek, nudging his head up to look at her. She finds a tortured memory in his eyes that dims only slightly when he leans against her warmth. Emma’s anger and annoyance dissipates into cold air as she watches Killian run his eyes over her face.

“He isn’t getting this kingdom, and he definitely isn’t getting to me,” she says softly, yet with a fierceness that she knows only those who grew up in courts are capable of balancing.

“He plays dirty, Emma. He isn’t noble and good like you. If you stay out of his way, at least–”

“I’ll only blame myself for not getting involved. I have to do this. I have to fight for what’s right.”

Killian squeezes his eyes shut for what feels like an eternity and then finally covers her hand with his own. In the flicker of candlelight, the shadows cast on his face make him look as though the worlds are weighing down on him.

He sighs heavily and finally looks at her, blue eyes resigned. “I can’t stop you, you know this. But at least let me be by your side. Lead your army from my ship, it’ll be a good vantage point,” he says. “If anyone can take down that vile beast, it’s you.”

Emma nods slowly, and brings her forehead against his. “We’ll bring him down together,” she corrects him, reminding him of how good of a team they make, and kisses him for good measure.

  • what they say: i’m fine

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Heyyoo! Do you have like a list of your favourite aokise fics? Also I recently read one with aomine as kise's bodyguard and OH SHIT i need more of that sort ;-; Like SO MANY more ;AAA; Damn this ship is ruining my life D<

Well, I haven’t read a lot of fics recently but I certainly have favourites because the AoKi fandom is blessed with so many good writers I can’t even aaAAHH 

First thing first, I’d recommend basically everything written by moustachiopenguin (fanfictions, drabbles) though because I can’t begin to describe how much I adore Mo-chan’s writing the most (And Mo-chan in general) ;3; My top favourites will be, ‘Just Breathe’, ‘One Day, He says’, ‘Half a Heart Without You’, also ‘It Hurts; Make it Go Away’ if you can handle all of the effing angst and omg actually I can’t choose favourites anymore because I really love everything written by Mo-chan OTL.

Also to make Anon-chan’s life busier, I will also recommend everything AoKise from inkandwords just because their writing is A++ too, and it makes you dokis in the best way ever and just laksjdalks Just go and browse around, you’ll find that every single one is gold uvu

If you’re looking for something so sweet and fluffy and just simply amazing, then you should try Sweet on You by pyrodynamo because Idk, there’s something about pyrodynamo’s writing that is so unique like every words are linked perfectly with one another and just hhHH Actually, you should really read everything AoKi from her too! You won’t regret anything ;3;

And if you’re in for medieval!AU like me, then I definitely recommend Conquered Hearts because the plot is so brilliant and ta-daa it’s complete!

I also really love Where My Heart Resides, and it’s co-authors work thingy, so while you’re at it you should check their other works too because these two have got interesting things going on in their minds and their AoKi fics in general are A++!

And laksjdas there are many other fics written by all kind of different authors like please check out Sunshine Within Grasp because it’s one of my all time favourites too! Very sweet and fluffy and angsty and sexy and just a little bit of everything!

Also Boyfriend Bluff is really funny and brilliant so you should read that one too omg And if you’re in for something really smutty and just simply lemony goodness, then you should read One Night, and also Good Boy, Bad Boy (very good smutty bed time stories tbh). 

OH AND Leave me Your Stardust by Tomo bby hHHH If you’re in for something dokis, you should read that one and just, other works by Tomo because it melts straight away into your kokoro.

And I don’t know which bodyguard AoKi story that you read, but if it’s bodyguard AU then I really like Take Me Back Again for all of the effing angst and beautiful plot in there! 

Oh and ehehe If you haven’t read ‘Yellow’ then you really should because it’s known as the fic that creates a river of tears from the majority of the AoKi fandom so ; v ; Oh and it has sequel one and two. And if you have extra tissues to spare, this is the way to Coco’s recommendation of angsty fics ehe 

OH OH And A Stranger’s Heart Without a Home is a really good fic too, I find myself sobbing from time to time because it’s angsty but really nice ending!

AAhh I’m pretty sure there are a lot of good ones that I missed out but I’m kind of rushing so if any of you have anything to recommend, please do add in the comment or something! And I read fics from time to time and recommend them in fic rec tag, so Anon-chan should check those fics in there too! 


Captain Boomerang is lowkey literally me.
Katana is a legend.AND DESERVED BETTER
Will Smith played Will Smith.
Jared Leto’s Joker wasn’t “dark”. Like, it was a good Joker, but Leto wasn’t nearly as effed up as I figured.
Harley Quinn is such a bae. At all times. Margot Robbie was a brilliant choice.
Slipknot was alright for a couple minutes, I guess.
Can Killer Croc stop being so gosh darn adorable?
Rick Flag deserves so much love and happiness tbh.
Amanda Waller is worse than all of the bad guys, but also a total queen.
Harley Quinn x Joker ship wasn’t as problematic as I was expecting.
Cara Delevigne totally killed it.
I’m gay… I’m so gay…
Everyone’s acting was beautiful. You could feel their pain.

Re-watching Season 2....

and I just can’t get over how much Killian hates himself. Rumple had enough time to move himself and Belle out of the way when Greg’s car hit, but Killian just stands there. He just doesn’t even seem to care anymore, at that point. If he dies, he dies, at least he dies getting a really good shot at Belle. That’s basically his line of thought. He’s has 0.000000 fucks to give, and his attitude with Charming and Snow when they find Tiny screams of it. He is basically pushing everyone’s buttons in the hope that someone will just turn around and hit him, and maybe that hit will make a cracked ribbed puncture his heart or something. That’s how little he cares. He keeps ribbing David about Snow, making all these remarks in the absolute hope that Charming will manhandle him. It’s like pain and anger are the only thing he knows.

And I just cannot freaking deal with how bad a villain Hook really is. It absolutely boggles the mind, but given that Killian has demonstrated a pretty huge EQ, I think he perpetuated the persona of fearsome pirate Captain Hook because his actual plots of villainy are actually kind of laughable.

I mean, think about it. After getting owned by Rumple and losing Milah, he spends 3 centuries in Neverland being Pan’s little dog, and then not long after returning to the EF he becomes Regina’s assassin, which fails miserably because he’s a horrible assassin and it’s motherfucking Cora he was trying to take down, and thus gets blackmailed into being HER little dog, and basically gets screwed over so much that it actually makes it a joke when he says “I can count the people who’ve bested me on one hand” because it’s basically his whole life, and it’s true because that’s (in recent order) Rumple, Pan, Regina, Cora and then Emma. Then he gets to Storybrooke and it’s a mother Cora-daughter Regina duo that reintroduces our favorite ship of Captain Floor, because seriously, and then not only does he fail at killing Rumple (though mad props on finding them in NYC, which begs a whole new set of questions and might answer things from 3x11) but he gets hit over the head over a fire extinguisher, is chained to a basement, gets kidnapped by motherfucking Tamara and is then bitchslapped around and used by them. I mean, it’s a never ending fail. At this point, even Pongo would have made a better villain.

He probably got his reputation from sword fights and more physical shows of violence rather than plotting at sea, because all his plots fail pretty spectacularly. In a way, I think Cora is absolutely right when she snuffs him at the beanstalk when she says “Your pretty face buys you much…” because he clearly knows how to use his sexual appeal and charm. 

I think this version of Captain Hook is actually its closest portrayal to Barrie’s, in the sense that he’s a real gentleman, the worse kind of every day villian because he’ll charm you up and be polite and dashing, and then when he has you, he’ll slip a sword through your ribs into your heart and you won’t even realize you’re dead until he tips his head politely and walks away.

Colin O'Donoghue’s portrayal and emotional expressions really drive this home in every scene. It’s just so brilliant. Killian loathes himself so much, that after so much failing at villainy, it’s no wonder he’s so desperate to to jump at Emma’s offer to ‘be a part of something’ and do the right thing. Considering his past, doing the right thing is working out a hell of a lot better for him than anything else. Maybe that’s part of why he does it (partly also because Killian is truly good at heart), and throws himself into it by Season 3.


CS + Thank you

Requested by Anonymous.

When I went through the times they said thank you (and by they I mean mostly Emma) I realized that in the beginning Emma’s “thank you” were accompanied with surprise. She felt the need to thank Killian because she wanted to show him she appreciate his good behavior. That was in 3A. But in 3B you see a different behavior from her, she is no longer surprised by his good behavior, she is mostly touched by it. Truth be told that she didn’t thanked Killian a lot during this time because she was too obsessed with running away again, and thanking him properly would have meant admitting he was right.  But she could appreciate him taking care of Henry.

Nevertheless, in the season finale her “thank you” was for all the things he did during 3B: bringing her back from NY, letting her see where she belongs, going after her to the EF past, helping her complete the mission of bringing her parents back together and being all supportive during that task. In that scene outside Granny’s, she thanked him for all of that and after she learned he traded his ship for her she thanked him once again in the same way he asked her to thank him in Neverland.

I have to say that I do like the fact that they don’t thank each other as much as they should have. I mean, they did so much for one another and yet there are not many times they actually said “thank you”. I actually see it as a positive thing because when two people love each other there is no need to say “thank you” to show appreciation. With CS “thank you” a lot of times is expressed with actions and not words, if it’s a smile, a touch, or a kiss. 

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.     

Full “CS + word” list made so far      

Fic: We Own Tonight (2/?) (M)

Author’s note: I HAVE A BANNER! For the very first time, one of my fics has a banner! This pretty creation was made by on-the-nightshift​. Thank you so much, my dear! Everyone go send her love. Also, I am blown away by the response to this little LD fic! It didn’t expect to have this much fun with it, but I am. I love writing in the EF. I hope you enjoy this update!

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter Two

“With all due respect, highness,” Liam said, looking both calm and exasperated, “I can’t allow you to put yourself in harm’s way. It is our duty to protect you.”

Killian looked out at the oncoming ship; its mast was taller against the horizon. The crew of the Jewel was working feverishly to increase their speed, scurrying hither and yon to unfurl the few remaining sails. The Jewel was the fastest ship Killian had ever been on; he was confident they could eventually outrun the pirates. But at what cost?

The princess followed his gaze and her face hardened. “I appreciate that, Captain, but I’m not about to cower in my cabin while this crew risks life and limb. Not when I can help.”

“And just what do you think you can do, your highness?” Liam snapped, the harshness of his tone the only indication that he was under stress. Liam was calm under fire; it was one of the things that made him a great captain.

“Would avoiding these pirates be better if they can’t see us?”

“Aye, but that’s impossible.”

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