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After college, once you get the first job, start looking for a better job after a year or two. Don't stay out of loyalty.

Because trust me, no company is loyal to their employees. Be respectful and professional, but loyalty in a company is rarely noticed and appreciated - unless maybe if its your dad’s company.

As a person who has worked for a same company for 6 years after graduating, i found out i didn’t get a single raise within it unless i ask for it every fucking year, never got much other benefit than initially signed while studying at school.

So i started applying for 5 months and finally got a job, it pays me almost 5 (edit: 4 is more accurate+ benefits such as health care, lunch, gym etc…) times as much as i used to. My friend from same school, with same seniority was getting 4 times my salary for the last 2 years already.

My mistake was thinking that being loyal to this company was gonna in return make the company loyal to me, the company only wants lower costs, loyalty has no place here.

Edit: wow, didn’t expect this response, also apparently this is very common in IT sector (but applies to pretty much all industry), and i am in the IT sector :/ - still feels so unfair.

Edit 2 : as some pointed out, try not to be a “job hopper”, this depends heavily on the industry you are working in though.

Edit 3: this is not a golden a rule, use your own brain, only you know your situation best - just don’t let loyalty for a company ever be the biggest priority, your career should be your priority.

Master List of Soulmate AUs

Edit: Updated 13/Aug/2017

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I’ve been posting Soulmate AU Lists. Since I’ll get tired of linking every list individually on each and every post I make, and because it’s pretty disorganized, I decided to compile them all into one big list. So that means this post will constantly be edited and whatnot. (Yet somehow it’s still disorganized.)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [More TBA]
(Full list below, these are just the posts the lists are from) 


–Something Written/Drawn–

-Each others’ names on their wrist/palm/etc

-Names on both wrist, one soulmate other enemy, can’t tell which one is which

-Each other’s initials on their wrist/palm/etc

-Each others’ first words to one another

-Each others’ last words (to one another)

-Same marking on each other’s skin

- Each soulmate has one half of a quote that is important to their relationship.

-A timer for when they shall first meet

-A timer for when the other dies

-Timer counting up and stops when you’ll meet your soulmate

-Timer starts counting the moment you meet your soulmate

-Writing that says how old your soulmate will be when you meet

- Everyone is born with a unique number only they and their soulmates have. 

-Writing that says what your soulmate is most passionate about

-Your soulmate’s feelings about you is written on your body

-Your soulmates first impression/thoughts about you is written on your body

-Written on your palm is what your soulmate is thinking

- Each year imprinted on your arm, whispered in a dream, sent in a mail or whatever, is a hint to who/where is your soulmate. 

- Each day on your arm is a particular event your soulmate will face today. (Examples: Promotion, family death, new pet, meeting soulmate…)

-Every night you receive a message about a random sentence your soulmate has said that day. 

-You have a watch that says the timezone your soulmate is in

-The first drawing you see from your soulmate is tattoo-ed on your skin

-Meter of how dangerous your soulmate is

-Meter of how in danger your soulmate is

- A touch from your soulmate will leave an imprint there (like a different coloured area on your skin, or a symbol, or name)

- Ink marks (similar to tattoos) are on your body. When your soulmate is in the vicinity, it’ll slowly move, as if reaching out. When you two touch, the tattoos will connect with each other.

-Counter (maybe on your palm) that depicts how many times you pass your soulmate

-Timer of how much time you spent with your soulmate

-Timer of how much time you don’t spend with your soulmate (maybe only in effect after you meet them)

-You only get the first letter of your soulmate’s name

- The first (or last) words your soulmate speaks every day is written on your arm.

- The first sentence you say to your soulmate is written on yourself (after you say it, maybe).  

- The most important thing your soulmate says to you is written on you.

- The most important thing your soulmate says (to you?) that day will be written on you.

- The most frequent thing your soulmate says to you is written on you.

- There’s a symbol (or written words) of what weather your soulmate is experiencing right now (or going to experience later in the day).

–Changed Vision–

-See colour for the first time when you meet, fades away when they die

-Will only see shades of your soulmate’s eye colour until you meet

-Can only see colour to places your soulmate’s been/touched

- Human beings themselves and everything they touch is monochrome, until they meet their soulmate. Then everything they touch is in colour (except for human beings who aren’t your soulmate).

-Everyone is technically “blind”. You can only see what your soulmate sees (until you meet them maybe)

–Different Abilities–

-See/hear/speak/etc for the first time when you meet 

-Being next to soulmate heals injuries

- You stop aging at a certain age, until you meet your soulmate and grow old together.

- Everyone has super powers, but when soulmates are together their powers are nullified by each other.

- Everyone has weak powers, but when soulmates are together their powers are amplified

-Have the same super power

-Soulmates have opposite powers from each other (fire and water, invisibility and high noticeability, etc)

- Teleport to each others side

- Everyone has the ability to manipulate the force of wind to an extent. The wind blows in the direction of where their soulmate is. (Maybe the wind is stronger depending on your bond)

- Everyone has powers, and when you meet your soul mate you swap powers. (Probably have to hang out with them to get pointers on your new powers)

- You can cast one portal anywhere and so does your soulmate. Your portal leads to your soulmate’s portal and vice versa.


-Get the same emotions as your soulmate does (They’re sad, you’re suddenly sad) 

- Get the same injuries as your soulmate does

-When you get sick, so does your soulmate

-Soulmates share the same handwriting

-Soulmates share the same fingerprints

-You share your knowledge with your soulmate

-You share your temperature with your soulmate

- Songs sung by your soulmate is stuck in your head.

- Whatever music that is stuck in your soulmate’s head is stuck in yours too.

-There’s a radio in everyone’s heads that they share with their soulmates, the two(?) of you can change the tunes

-Unique song imprinted in your mind that only you and your soulmate knows

-Have the same tics at the same time (verbal tics, drumming fingers, humming, etc)

-Cellphones between soulmates are in the same condition (cracked screens are in the same places)

-If you’re having a good/bad day, your soulmate will have the same amount of good/bad day. (Or alternatively, the opposite)

- There’s a small screen only visible to you that allows you to see what your soulmate is seeing (think kind of like those video games with splits screens)

- Soulmates share the same afterlife   

-Have the same heart beat

-Heartbeat morse code for soulmates name

-Soulmate’s heart beat on your wrist

-Everyone has life points/years left in their life, and people can give their soulmates their own life points/years if they’re lacking

-Whenever you lose an item (like a sock), it ends up in your soulmates’ possession somehow

-Everyone has a different sky that is shared with their soulmate (except clouds/sun/moon stay in the same position for everybody, so weather is not affected). Everyone has the ability to draw on the sky, making splash of colours or little notes for only them and their soulmate to see.

- Everyone receives a special accessory (hat, watch, necklace, bracelet, etc) that is exactly alike with their soulmate. Many people, when they meet their soulmate, like to swap theirs with the other.

- Taste the things your soulmate is eating/drinking.

- You share talents with your soulmate.

- Everything you record is sent to your soulmate.

- Everybody has some type of tablet thing that’s a shared space you and your soulmate can draw on.

- Wake up and sleep at the same time.


- Telepathic link with your soulmate.

-Write something on your own skin, appears on the other’s skin as well

-Meet soulmate in dreams every night (with the ability to interact)

-Can meet soulmate any time in a shared mind space

-Before you die, you get to send one last message to your soulmate

-You can send one item to your soulmate every year (or whenever)

-You have this limited stack of sticky notes. Write whatever you want on it, and that note would magically appear somewhere in your soulmate’s line of sight during that day. 

- Soulmates can communicate with each other in a language only they understand.

–Changed Physical Features–

-Your eyes are your soulmate’s hair colour, changes when they dye it

-Everyone has heterochromia, one eye is your natural colour the other is your soulmate’s natural colour. Once you meet all eyes return to natural colour. 

-Your hair colour is your soulmate’s sexuality flag (remember that there can be platonic soulmates, and that sometimes you can be soulmates with someone but they’re not soulmates with you)

- Once you meet your soulmate, you grow wings like an angel. You gain one new feather each time something special happens between you two. When your soulmate dies, you lose all your feathers and can no longer fly.


- It is impossible to lie to your destined soulmate.

- Under a curse until you meet your soulmate 

- They have to say each other’s name to figure out they’re soulmates.

- Only your soulmate can kill you.

-The only voice in the world you can/can’t hear is your soulmate’s

-If you don’t find your soulmate by your #th birthday, you die

-Everyone wears a mask. You get to finally take it off when you meet the one with your identical mask, your soulmate.

-You’re stuck in a room filled with clones (with maybe slight differences) of your soulmate. You need to kill all except your soulmate or else you won’t get out/be together.

- On top of everybody’s head is the name of their soulmate. You can’t see your own. If you tell somebody their soulmate’s name, something unfortunate/death will happen to them/yourself/a soulmate.

-Your soulmate is invisible to you until you figure out a certain trigger.

- If anyone except for your soulmate says your name, you die

- Opposite of the above, if your soulmate says your name you die

-The only words you can say is your soulmates name until you meet them.

-You can’t harm your soulmate

-You can only harm your soulmate

-You have a limited number of words, and you can only recharge when you’re with your soulmate (when you use up your word count, you die)


- When you meet your soulmate, time stops for a month for everyone besides you two.

-For a month, you and your soulmates have to go through different soulmate AUs each day (ooh you can use my lists for ideas *cough cough*)

-Each year at a certain age, soulmates are paired together into some sort of battle royal thing, best OTP wins

-At the corner of your eye, you can see a blurry vision of whatever your soulmate is doing (like sitting down drinking coffee in your living room, even though they’re doing this in another area)

-Soulmates can switch lives whenever they feel like it

-When you meet your soulmate for the first time, you get a flashback/relive their entire lives

-Similar to above, except you get glimpses of their future

-Before you die, you flash through your soulmate’s entire life (what they were doing before they met you, if they’ve ever lied to you, etc

-Hidden in dreams, but never interacting, is your soulmate

-A certain time frame began to loop, and the only way for it to stop is to find your soulmate

- You will keep looping your life until you meet your soulmate.

- Legend says that if you fold 1000 paper (Cranes? Planes? Rabbits? Anything really) You can meet your soulmate.

- Everyday, you have the chance to spin a wheel that will determine an event your soul mate will face. (Some people may avoid it for bad luck, others may spin it for the slim chance of your soulmate getting a cure for their illness or something)

-There’s this special video game where your partner is your soulmate. You only get to meet if the two of you finish the game.

-At the age of sixteen, everyone goes into another world for two years, hanging out with their soulmate. Time is warped to make sure the two of you are sixteen in this world. When the two years are up, you’re sent back into the real world, with fractured memories of what happened. These foggy memories make it hard to find them again. (Numbers can be changed.) 

- The first time you touch your soulmate, you’re forced to relive their best day and/or worst day of their lives (past or future).

- Human beings die on their 25th birthday (or any number). To prevent this, they have to meet their soulmate. But only one of them can survive.

- If you haven’t met your soulmate but have been in the same vicinity of each other (like passing each other on a street or in the same building), that day will keep repeating until you find each other.

- Once you meet your soulmate you’re literally stuck to each other for the rest of the day.


- A red string tied around your pinky is connected to your soulmate’s pinky (when the two of you are in a certain distance)

- You can only see the string of fate when you close your eyes.

-Temperature gets hotter the nearer they are, colder when they are further away

-Each person has a spirit animal that can lead you to your soulmate

-If you send off a paper airplane, it shall reach (or move in the direction of) your soulmate.

- Counter of how many footsteps away you are from your soulmate

- Your soulmate leaves coloured footprints only visible to you

- Throwing something you love on the full moon will land on your soul mate

-You can feel a tug from wherever your soulmate is. These may either be automatic, or have stronger tugs whenever your soulmate is in distress.

- Each soulmate pair has a constellation, and the constellation that you perceive to be the brightest is pointing towards where your soulmate is.


-You get a photograph of your soulmate and vice versa, somehow (Could be yearly, could be at a certain age, could be a photo of when you first met, etc)

-The voice in your head (example: your conscious) is your soulmate’s voice (by that I meant that they have the same voice, not that’s it’s your soulmate’s personality in your head– y’know, take it as you will)

- Every year, you receive a puzzle piece. The whole picture is your soulmate’s name/appearance/location/etc.

-Mysterious letter detailing to one person when they’ll meet, and another letter detailing where they’ll meet to their soulmate, but not both (Person A gets when they’ll meet, Person B gets where they’ll meet)

-Letter about details of how the meeting between soulmates go (example: “you get pushed into a lake by a guy in a duck suit and your soulmate helps you”, etc)

-Bubbles gives you a blurry glimpse into your soulmate’s world (visions of possessions, friends, family, laughter, crying, etc)

- Everyone holds a locket with their soulmate’s picture, but it can only open when certain conditions are met

- Instead of removing flower petals for “loves me, loves me not” the flower petals dictate whether you’ll meet in this lifetime (“meet me, meet me not”) and it’s forever accurate.

- Everyone has memories of their soulmate in their past life.

- Everyone receives a picture of their soulmate (at a certain age) taken the year they met. 

- There’s a point system in life. You can purchase clues as to who your soulmate is for 50 (or any number) points.

- You get to meet the parents of your children’s soulmates.

- You dream of the place of where you’ll meet your soulmate.

- The first picture you and your soulmate are in will be sent to you on a birthday (which can be tricky if it was, for example, a class photo. Or a newspaper picture of a crowd).

–Your Soulmate–

-If you and your soulmate possess the same item, it’ll glow

-Everyone has a special pen/marker/drawing utensil. Using it, the lines are thicker when their soulmates feel strong emotions, thinner when they’re feeling weak, run out of ink when they die, etc.

-There’s this special block of clay that represents your soulmate. It has a special colour and changes forms depending on how your soulmate is feeling.

- There’s an object that changes colour depending on what mood your soulmate is in

-Reflecting in the mirrors is the appearance of your soulmate

-Plant that represents the soulmate

-Receive piece of cloth with soulmate’s scent

-You get a notification whenever your soulmate is asleep or awake (like a real life friends list)

-Everyone gets a list of their soulmate’ worst qualities

-Everyone is born knowing their soulmate’s (future) biggest secret

-List detailing the differences between you and your soulmate

- You can sense when your soulmate is in distress

-Whenever you have a question, your soul mate has the answer.

-Once you’re an adult, you get kicked out of the house until you find your soulmate.

-Everyone gets little books of what people think about their soulmate (but never said out loud)

- Everyone has a device to check if the other person is their soulmate (like a light that’s red when it’s not and green when it is). It gets brighter when they’re full of life, dimmer when they get sick, and out of batteries when they’re dead.

- Literal sparks fly when you’re near your soulmate, soothing for the two of you but static shock for others.

- Your level of talent at a hobby is determined by how close you are with your soulmate.

- The outline of your shadow is your soulmate.

- You meet your soulmate the day after the worst event of your life.

- Everyone somehow owns a creature who possesses the same (general) personality as your soulmate.


Okay yeah my organization skills kinda stink, but I did my best. And hey, categories! You can ask me for more of a specific category if you’d like and if I can, I’ll think up some more for that specific category. (I also know that some AUs fit in multiple categories but blergh…)

Enjoy! You can use any of these without permission, half of these aren’t mine anyway (but if you do tell me you’ll use one I’ll be giddy that you read this and it’ll make my day, I swear). Happy writing! :D

Voltrans Girls Week 2017 July25-August3

Each day has 2 prompts to choose from, you are in no way obligated to do these all if you want to participate! feel free to pick and choose what days you do! feel free to join in late or even early it wont be a problem

please reblog!

July25-August 3rd



July 25: Expression/ Lioness
July 26: Dreams/ Supernatural
July 27: Freeday
July 28: Girl power/ Orbit
July 29: Pride/ The future
July 30: Domesticity/ Mythology
August 1: Pidge
August 2: Alien/Human
Agust 3: Friendship/ WLW

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to send me a message and ill do my best the answer or accommodate you!
(for example you are uncomfortable with both prompts on a day I’ll happily provide a 3rd alternative prompt or if this is the case feel free to take it as a second free day!)

Rules and FAQ under the

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Hello, Voltron Fandom! JusKla here from @justklance​ and I have an exciting announcement! In honor of my main blog hitting 1,100 followers (SCREAMS 1.1K WAT?! thank u forever!!), I am hosting my first ever ship week!! Pidge the Green Paladin + Luki the Unilu kiosk girl = Pidgeki!! Huge shout out to tumblr user @omgwtfneo for letting me use their art for the banner above, which is the picture that made me start shipping this in the first place! If you’re curious on the choice for the Unilu girl’s name, HERE explains the origins of me calling Unilu Kiosk Girl, Luki! Get HYPED for Pidgeki Week 2017!! :D


Most days have two prompts, one more cute, one more adventurous!
*NOTE: anytime it says OR you can also do AND if you can make it work. (for example, if for day 3 you wanted to do a post where they had a sleepover party AND luki was a paladin, you can do that too!)

  • DAY 1 (July 16th): 
    First Time Meeting
  • DAY 2 (July 17th): 
    Punk Rock & Techno or Fighting the Galra
  • DAY 3 (July 18th): 
    Sleepover Party or Paladin Luki
  • DAY 4 (July 19th): 
    Video Game/Movie Date or Lost on an Unknown Planet
  • DAY 5 (July 20th): 
    Confession/First Kiss or Exploring Gender
  • DAY 6 (July 21st): 
    University!AU or Hogwarts!AU
  • DAY 7 (July 22nd): 
    I Love You or I Hate You
  • DAY 8 (July 23rd):
    Bonus Day! Anything you like!


  • Must be following both this account (pidgekiweek) AND me, @justklance
  • Tag it as #pidgekiweek AND #pidgekiweek2017 both in the first 5 tags!
  • If you did tag it, but you think I didn’t see it, you can send it to me on IM!
  • You can do art, fics, gifsets, poems, drabbles, videos, edits, cosplays, ANYTHING as long as you made it either all on your own or only from your work AND official art (ie: a screencap edit, an AMV, etc)
  • Any stolen fan art/fic etc from other voltron fans will be reported.
  • You can submit for any amount of the 8 days, and you can submit for the same day more than once if you make multiple works!
  • This is a pretty new ship, so try to spread this around as much as you can and I encourage all skill levels to participate!
  • THIS IS AN ALL-AGES EVENT, so keep entries PG-13, please!
  • Finally, HAVE FUN!! I hope everyone enjoys the first Pidgeki Week! :D


Is this your first shipweek? No problem! Here is the quick run down! You upload your posts on the proper day above, tagged as instructed and it will be reblogged to this ship week account to be shared with everyone else who shares a love for pidgeki or wants to be a part of the event! Entries can be romantic or platonic, as long as they fit the prompt and again, all skill levels and post types are welcome!


That’s fine! I will be accepting late entries as well! Please try your best to get them in on time, but if you can’t, a late entry is just as good!

…And I think that’s everything :D I can’t wait to see everybody’s stuff :)!!


“I was like, 4 arms? No way! Then I fell for her, simple as that” -Pidge, probably

anonymous asked:

If you wanted to make edits as a beginner, how would you start?

i. get familiar with the program you’re using. whether it’s photoshop, gimp, pixlr (I used this before I got ps, and it’s pretty good), or any other program. make a canvas, then, one by one, use the tools that are in it. paint, smudge, the different shapes of brushes, etc. I know photoshop has a lot of tools, so it can get overwhelming not knowing exactly what can be done.

ii. look at tutorials. @yeahps and @itsphotoshop are blogs that provide/reblog resources. here is a page that lists a bunch of tutorials + there’s more on their blogs. 
I’ve made three tutorials: character posters. checkbox. applying a doodle gif
moodboard tutorial by @lilyevane
here are some more tutorials. 

iii. have the correct dimensions for the canvas. that’s really, really important because if it’s too small, tumblr will make your image blurry. here is a link that can help you out. also (idk if anyone else does this oops) I sometimes save someone else’s photo from their edit to see what dimensions they’ve used - bc when you’ve saved it, your computer will tell you details of the image. but!! delete the edit afterwards ofc!! you can always do that on my edits btw if you intend on only look at the dimensions!

iv. if you’re looking for movie screencaps, you can google “______ hd screencaps” and a link should come up! 

if you’re looking for aesthetic photos, use pinterest. if you’re not familiar with it, you have to make an account (it’s free) and you can scroll through pictures and add similar photos to groups (called ‘boards’). an example would be finding a bunch of pics that fit hermione, and calling the board ‘hermione granger’ or whatever. here is my pinterest for your reference! tip: add the word “aesthetic” with whatever you’re seaching, like “hermione granger aesthetic”. this will help quality photos to come up for your use! 

a note: looking for good pictures is probably the most time consuming part. don’t worry if you’ve already spent an hour looking around, because it’s normal. to help out, listen to music! time passes by easier that way, and it’s not as frustrating!

v. have an idea of what you want to make. it doesn’t have to be super fancy. but knowing what you’re planning on making helps a lot! you can also look at other people’s edit and get inspiration from them! but, please, credit them! you’ve probably seen “insp” in captions that are linked, right? people do it all the time, so it’s fine, but please give credit!! 

vi. tag your post! all fandoms (except the ones that are barely known) have edit tags, like #hp/edit, #soc/edit, #mcu/edit (without the /). also tag any people you follow/mutuals. I track #meraudurs if you’d like to tag me! have these tags before any comments you’re making in the tags! if you’re talking in the tags and it gets long, your edit might not appear in the edit tags bc they’ll be too far down.

vii. not all your creations will get lots of notes. it’s like that for everyone, even me. some will flop, some will blow up your activity. I know notes do play a big factor in wanting to make another edit or not, but keep making stuff. you’ll get practice and improve. make the edit because of your love for the topic, not for the notes.

I really hoped this helped you out!! if you’d like any specific info on anything, let me know!! x 

2,500 followers celebration/ Ana’s Crack Challenge #2 TWSS edition!!

Do you ever take a look around to all the new challenges you signed up for and think I’ve got room for one more…

That’s why as a celebration for my new milestone I decided to come up ANA?S CRACK CHALLENGE #2 TWSS EDITION!!

*Variation: That’s what HE said 

So, you up?

Originally posted by dailydwight

Le Rules: 

  1. You have to be following me. Follower celebration so yeah. 
  2. Pick a SPN character (yes, character, NO RPF for this one) and a prompt from the list bellow (with a second choice as backup) and send me and ASK! ASK ONLY- replies will be ignored and reblogs just for signal boost (pretty please).
  3. Please make it reader insert (female, male, gender neutral, sister/brother, etc) or maybe OC (just gimme a heads up). NO SHIPS PLEASE! 
  4. Size doesn’t matter! Do add the “keep reading” feature if your fic is 300 words or more. Or else I won’t reblog it.
  5. The main genre is CRACk, it can be paired up with fluff, smut or angst BUT, I wanna have a good time! Make me laugh!!
  6. No limit for signs up, once the prompts are gone that’s it. DUE DATE for posting your fics August 16. Need an extension or tap out for some reason, send me an ASK or IM me, I WON’T SAY NO!
  7. TAG ME @notnaturalanahi and make sure to add somewhere on the fic description that is an entry for ANA’S CRACK CHALLENGE #2 TWSS EDITION.  And also, use the tags #ANA’S CRACK CHALLENGE 2 TWSS  EDITION (I know it’s too long) among the first 5 so I can keep track.

If I haven’t liked your fic in the following… let’s say 48hs after you post your story is because I haven’t seen it, in that case please IM.

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I hit 2.2k earlier today and thought I’d do a celebration!! I’m going to do a few different things so you just have to be following me, reblog this post and send me (one or more I don’t mind):

  • ⭐️ for a detailed blog rate (format below cut)
  • 🌻for a url moodboard
  • ⚡️ + two (or more) characters/ships/movies/shows etc for a make me choose moodboard (this might just be an edit such as posters or gifs, depends on what I am inspired to do)
  • 🍂 + a request for any edit (find my fandoms here)

please be patient as some of these may take a long time but I will do them!

blacklist ‘james celebrates’

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          hi babes i’m back !! and so i decided to make some selena gomez gif icons with a twist. in all of these, she’s either ANGRY, ANNOYED, BITCHY etc. pretty much negative. there are #53 gif icons, but i will be adding more. enjoy && please leave a like or reblog if it was helpful !! ps. none of these are mine, i only cropped && resized + edited. credit goes to owners !!

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Nonbinary Voltron Week 2017

September 24-Septmber 30th!


NB voltron week won over voltrans enby week, thank you all those you gave your input on the name/tag!

Each day has 2 prompts for you to choose from! You are in no way obligated to do these all if you want to participate! feel free to pick and choose what days you do! feel free to join in late or even early it wont be a problem

  • September 24 : Altean/ Galra
  • September 25 : Oceans/ Space
  • September 26 : Alternate realities/ Road trip
  • September 27 : Acceptance/ Identity 
  • September 28 : Free day!
  • September 29 : Fashion/ Compliments
  • September 30 : Oracle/ Bonding

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to send me a message and ill do my best the answer or accommodate you!
(for example you are uncomfortable with both prompts on a day I’ll happily provide a 3rd alternative prompt or if this is the case feel free to take it as a second free day!)

Rules and FAQ under the read more!

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anonymous asked:

can you recommend any great marvel related blogs? my dash is getting real sad and dull lol

ooo okay.
so you have your normal fandom blogs: marvelheroes, marvelsdefenders, marvelgifs, netflixdefenders, dailyavengers, comicbookfilms (which includes all comic book films, fyi) daily<yourfavouritehero> etc etc

and as such i don’t follow any blog that post only marvel, but these guys make pretty marvel gifs/edits:
@stevenrogers, @ridleydaisy, @jason-todds, @thepunisher, @margots-robbie, @hawkwoman, @richard-grayson@elektranatchios, @kylos, @downeyjrs, @thelastjedi, @chrispratt,  @ledgerheath, @matthew-daddario, @stanseb, @buckys, @mjwatson, @jessicahenwicks, @steven-rogers, @captainevans, @soldler, @taron-egertonn, @gamora, @scarletswitch, @stansebastian, @davis-viola, @colleenwing, @quicksiluers 

Im sorry if Im forgetting anyone! but these are the ones i can remember off the top of my head!

✨ day five: vintage ✨

will you still love me when i got nothing but my aching soul?


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so it’s been a minute since i last worked on this challenge, i was feeling pretty uninspired by this theme because i had this idea that i wanted to make perfect but i had such a hard time coming up with the sim i wanted. anyway, since i’m basic af i took most of my inspiration from the great gatsby, she’s very loosely based off of daisy buchanan (makeup etc), and i think she’s gorgeous and she’s going to be one of the models imma use more often!

from citrontart’s ts4 edit challenge

anonymous asked:

hi hello i was just wondering what you use to blur/focus on specific parts of photos in the sims?? thanks in advance b y e

I use two methods! The first one is the Blur Tool. It’s a brush you can find in the sidebar where all your tools are, it’s this one:

I usually use the Blur Tool for my gameplay screenshots, because it’s quick to use and gives you a soft blur for the background to give the photo a little bit more depth.

For edits I generally use Gaussian Blur. What I do is copy the layer I want to blur, and blur that layer completely using Gaussian Blur. Settings you should set to your liking. After that, I press Layer Mask and start to colour the parts I don’t want blurred with black.

When you press Layer Mask, a little white box appears next to your picture. Make sure you have that selected, because then your brush changes to two options: Black and white. Black means it removes the effect, white means it adds back the effect. You colour the parts you don’t want blurred (important bits such as faces, or objects etc) with black and leave the rest white. Make sure to use different opacities of brushes (for example, colour the face with 80% black, but the further you get away from the face, the lower you should make your opacity so it’s a smooth blur). After I’m done I merge my layers and if I see I missed a spot I manually blur it a bit more with the Blur Tool. So yeaaah that’s it I think!

So, I managed to reach 1k followers earlier this week which is crazy. I feel overwhelmed, incredibly thankful and grateful to all of you. It’s incredible and I love you all so much even if we might not talk. Since I’ve never celebrated any followers goal, I’d thought I’d go big and do a bunch of things because why not. Also, big thanks to Ty @softpatil for the blograte template. 


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icon - could be better | don’t recognise it | poor quality | pretty cute! | omg awesome | tempted to steal it


desktop theme - basic tumblr theme | not my style | could be better | kinda pretty | gorgeous | i wanna steal

colour scheme - not my taste | pretty | gorgeous | my fav colours!

updates tab - don’t have one | i think something’s not right | bit basic | lovely | absolutely perfect

nav page - don’t have one | i think something’s not right | incomplete | bit basic | lovely | absolutely perfect

about page - don’t have one | i think something’s not right | incomplete | bit basic | lovely | absolutely perfect

mobile header - nonexistent | i don’t get it | not my fandom | bit blurry | alright | lovely | absolutely gorgeous

mobile colours - kills my eyes | don’t match | looks nice | urgh aes af


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aesthetic - inconsistent | eye pleasing | absolutely perfect

original edits - you don’t have any | not my fandom | great start | not bad | lovely | so original | gorgeous | omg i’m jelly af of your skills


overall - meh | pretty nice | lovely | incredible

following - no sorry | not my fandoms | now | how was i not before?! | yes ofc | you’re one of my fav blogs

Voltrans boy week May 24-30

Due to popular vote Trans boy week comes first
Like before each day has 2 prompts to choose from, You are in no way obligated to do these all if you want to participate! feel free to pick and choose what does you do! feel free to join in late or even early it wont be a problem! (im not missing out on the opportunity to use Voltrans this time ;3 )


May 24:Presentation/ Colors
May 25:Formal/ casual
May 26:Adventure/Heroes
May 27:Sun/Moon
May 28:Free day
May 29:Nap time/ Astral
May 30:Blast to the past/ A look to the future

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to send me a message and ill do my best the answer or accommodate you!
(for example you are uncomfortable with both prompts on a day I’ll happily provide a 3rd alternative prompt or if this is the case feel free to take it as a second free day!)

Rules and FAQ under the

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Here’s part 2 of my 1.6k followers celebration!

Editing dark scenes can be difficult, especially when working with PoC, as you don’t want to wash them out. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to brighten/lighten scenes without making them look out of place

Make your gif, sharpen it and crop it to how you like - the hardest part is over! Mine is of Storm from X-Men

Make a new group (this is just my preference, I like to see how much the gif has changed from my starting point)

Make a levels layer - don’t change any of the settings

Change the blend mode for the levels layer to screen

my gif has already brightened up pretty well while retaining colour

This still may not be enough so duplicate the layer and mess around with the opacity, I duplicated mine and set it to 60% opacity

Now make a vibrance layer (or don’t if you’re going for a more desaturated look)

I prefer not to use curves that much but I do when it comes to darker scenes

Make a brightness/contrast layer, I put my settings to +10 brightness and -20 contrast

I’m pretty happy with how my gif looks now, but you may want to make your own changes: adding a photo filter, changing colour balance, making a gradient map, etc.

*this also works for editing screencaps or photoshoots too

Fun Celebration!

OKAY okay, so!

I’ve been thinking of tiny ways to celebrate you guys and one thing I’ve seen going around (specifically over on @reidbyers blog) where people are making cover photos/aesthetics for stories or other writers. I love doing little edits, so to celebrate my followers, that’s what I want to do!

Here’s what you need to do if you want one:

  • Reblog this post (this is my personal preference, it’ll be easier to keep track of who I’ve done). 
  • Tag me or send me a fic/one-shot you’d like a cover/aesthetic for. 
  • Give me examples of what you want (a specific color pallet, a certain phrase, whether or not you want the title on there somewhere, etc. I can give more examples if you need it).

That’s pretty much it! This is just something fun I want to do since I reached my next milestone. Think of this as a thank you!

To give you a taste of what you’ll get should you decide you want one, here is a couple of mine for my own stories:

These are just examples, I can make it however you’d like!  If you think mine are just total shit and rather see someone else do it, head over to Jen’s blog and look at this post for a probably much better option than mine, but I have fun making these and would really like to help anyone who wants it out!

xx Ashley

efilefil  asked:

can u recommend some great DIA blogs that post gifs/graphics? i need more of yebin on my dash omg

hi hi i will do my best we r all in need

dia only blogs i follow:
@diahq (fantakens/news/updates)
@dia365 (more general reblogs of everything dia incl gifs/edits)
@mbkdia (another more general dia only blog w updates and reblogs)
@dia-id (fantakens etc)
@chaeyeonnie (everything dia n makes pretty gifs of them being the cutest)
@jcceun (everything dia n makes the PRETTIEST jooeun gifs)
@fy-somyi (for everyone’s secret bias somyi idk of any active member specific update blogs except this one)

these are all multifandom but i know they stan/gif/post a lot of dia:

pls like or reply to this post if u stan dia or know a blog i’ve forgotten/dk about i’ve been trying to follow all the dia stans as well lol their international fanbase kind of sucks BUT it’s growing a lot bc of this comeback they r rly crushing us all 

We're Unstoppable [Anime AMV]
this song is now my jam and I shall listen to it on repeat for days. also thank you so much for watching :D! anime used: Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Beyond the...


hey guys so as a lot of you know I make youtube videos however they don’t really get anywhere which I’m pretty okay with as it’s more of a hobby and I literally make no money through editing on any platform I have however it would be nice to get feedback on how to improve etc as this really is something I’d like to go into. Also this is the first video which isn’t available on mobile and I’m super worried that means no ones gonna see it and honestly I believe this could be the best one yet. thank you all so much for following my blog and watching my videos it genuinely means the world to me.


This is like my first time making Dangan Ronpa sprite edits so skldjdfgjh
Soo yeah- Death Note characters! Oh and belated happy birthday to Matt! I also made him another version where his hair is red even though i honestly don’t know where the redhead Matt came from,,


Sapphire-Shores’s Commissions are open!
These commissions will be completed via me drawing on my phone. I hope to earn a bit of money for this holiday season, so that I may buy gifts for my loved ones and maybe even donate a few to those less fortunate!

Full body ponies are $10, and adoptable ponies are $5.

Info on adoptables under cut:

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