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OK, SO NOT CANON IN THE SLIGHTEST, but this weird little au thing wouldn’t leave my head while I was mowing sooo…yeah. I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff XP

I really know zilch about these guys, but I DO know that BlackHat would be a terrible care taker, no matter the intentions. (EDIT: is it Flug or Flurg??)



“A) We met at a high school football game, and Zac introduced us, he’d been wanting us to meet. But she was like, y’know she’s a trendsetter, right? She’s very fashionable, we love the way she looks, we love it! But, at the time she was doing DIY stuff. […] She took fishnet pantyhose and had it draped around her. […] That’s maybe not that weird now, but in our little Christian private school realm, I was really confused. But, she was awesome.” - Taylor York on meeting Hayley Williams 15 years ago.


“It was weird, because singing for a while was something that I felt was like secret, my secret thing. When I was little, at school, I just felt quite mundane. But I remember singing in the school hallways when everyone else was in class, because of the echoes, and the resonance was so wonderful, and I can remember that feeling of: ‘Whoa, what is this? This is something.’” – Florence Welch


okay so I was going through the Voltron wiki, and I ended up looking at the characters for DOTU. So I went on Lance’s page, and everything was going fine.

Ok cool… wait…

does… does that say what I think it says?


(Edit: Yeah, original Voltron is weird. Keith wears red and is the leader, and he pilots the black lion. Lance wears blue, but pilots the red lion. Shiro is a Scandinavian man named Sven who wears black but pilots the blue lion for a bit (Allura takes over as the blue paladin). Pidge and Hunk are normal, except Pidge is a male, and also has a weird voice.)

Sebastian Stan 

“I think why my mom named me Sebastian was after Sebastian Bach…she was a pianist, and then she was like, “I don’t know what else could go with Stan,” which is such a funny name to me: Stan. It just makes me think of, um, like Newman from Seinfeld. … Stan was a very awkward name for me in high school. …I still get a little, like when I get to a hotel and someone’s like, “Mr. Stan,” and I’m like, I dunno, that sounds weird. … I would not change my name, I’m happy with it.”


Yoongi gets jealous of you hanging out with “Yugy" 

Hey anon! So this is a little different because I added the social media aspect (I’m not sure if I’ll use it often though) and I’m not too happy with the texts… I feel it could’ve used more angst but I’m in a weird mood today.. hope you still enjoyed! 

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