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the clinton circle have elephant memories, they're not gonna let gillibrand's slight go come 2020. philippe reines has already said as much

Lol, ok bud. Their “elephant memories” somehow made them campaign for Obama and hire their former enemy David Brock. I’m willing to bet Washington is brimming with mediocrities who all agree their failures are due to the omnipotent evil of the Clintons. The Clintons also have a weird way of attracting these sad hangers-on, and I get the sense Philippe Reines is one of them.

Edit: I saw his tweet, he said, after a dumb tirade, “interesting strategy for 2020. Good luck.” If you want to read a passive-aggressive little hissy fit as a promise that the Clintons will send the zombified Vince Foster they keep in their basement out to get you, that’s on you.

Bad Reputation (split audio)
Shawn Mendes
Bad Reputation (split audio)

left ear: live version

right ear: studio version


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“It was weird, because singing for a while was something that I felt was like secret, my secret thing. When I was little, at school, I just felt quite mundane. But I remember singing in the school hallways when everyone else was in class, because of the echoes, and the resonance was so wonderful, and I can remember that feeling of: ‘Whoa, what is this? This is something.’” – Florence Welch


“A) We met at a high school football game, and Zac introduced us, he’d been wanting us to meet. But she was like, y’know she’s a trendsetter, right? She’s very fashionable, we love the way she looks, we love it! But, at the time she was doing DIY stuff. […] She took fishnet pantyhose and had it draped around her. […] That’s maybe not that weird now, but in our little Christian private school realm, I was really confused. But, she was awesome.” - Taylor York on meeting Hayley Williams 15 years ago.


OK, SO NOT CANON IN THE SLIGHTEST, but this weird little au thing wouldn’t leave my head while I was mowing sooo…yeah. I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff XP

I really know zilch about these guys, but I DO know that BlackHat would be a terrible care taker, no matter the intentions. (EDIT: is it Flug or Flurg??)



Welcome, welcome back folks! With this post, my blog is finally ushered into the “modern age” (aka I’m finally posting a family I’ve played within the past few weeks instead of… eight months ago). 

This is the new house of the Thompson family. In an effort to get back into playing/posting since moving into my new apartment (which happened back in May lmao), I figured it’d be a good idea to start fresh and move them into a new house (well, new for them - this one’s been pre-built and landscaped and sitting in the hood for months). Not only that, but with Luna being a teen now (and Poe nearing teenagerdom… teenhood?), it seemed like a good idea to give them their own rooms instead of sharing the 3x3 spare bedroom in the duplex. :P