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“Think you can keep up with me?”

d.va phone wallpapers! feel free to use!

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yuri on ice aesthetics: yuuri katsuki

“They can laugh at me all they want. They can say that it’s not like me. But everyone really wants to know the new me, don’t they?”

@ozonecologne tagged me to post some wips i’m writing thnx maddie u know i love talkin about my writing

i’m not tagging anyone bc maddie tagged like all the writers i know lmao

1. obviously the big one. the big project. the two-year-long ordeal. when will it end.

2. got a draft right now in the editing process it’s called “Rutnam Shore” and that’s all i’m allowed to tell u about it.

3. still tryna finish a part three to the NTASB ‘verse so dean and cas can get married already.

4. oh and remember that age gap fic i mentioned 17 years ago? i’m still writing that. one day i’ll get around to it i swear. 

5. i have a rough manuscript, an original work, where a guy gets two girls pregnant in the same week and doesn’t tell either girl about the other but one of the girls is the other girl’s pediatrician so like they find out that they have the same baby daddy and the guy slowly fades out of the narrative as the girls fall in love with each other and raise their kids together. the baby daddy is the only white guy in the book and every single other character at some point in the story tells him to go fuck himself.

6. another rough, incomplete manuscript that’s technically a cockles au but with original characters roughly based on jensen and misha’s personalities. two married dudes meet while on a construction contract in dubai, end up as roommates for the duration of the contract, and one of them explains polyamory to the other and it freaks the guy out especially bc he has feelings for the other guy. don’t know if i’ll ever finish that one.


Transformation Tuesday:Camille edition :)

The top left and right pictures are from 2005, when I first brought Camille home, but she was just a bit tinier than even these pictures show when I very first got her-not by much but just a bit. The bottom left picture was I think 2 years ago-right after she got her castle for Christmas (it’s for all the cats-but Memmy thinks it’s hers and has a hard time sharing lol) and the bottom right is from just a few days ago. :)

And a quick update: she’s been on her meds for almost 2 complete weeks now and will be going to the doctor on Wednesday (March 22) for more bloodwork to check her liver enzymes (to see if the meds have helped) and to check something else (I can’t remember)

Her appetite has always been good throughout this but she’s been consistently losing weight but since she’s been on her meds-I think her coat looks fuller so I am hopeful for positive news/finding after our vet trip. :)


Robron Polaroids: Soap Awards Edition 

Doppelganger Part 5

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Summary: You decide that Mystic Falls may not really be your home.

Requested? Yup by a few people who wanted me to continue the series!

A/N: Here is the last part! Hope you enjoyed the series! I am sorry that this took forever to post but as you may or may not know, I don’t write for TVD anymore. I decided to finish this series off since tomorrow is the series finale (insert tears). Also I went back and edited/made minor changes to the other parts.

Y/N’s Perspective

One week ago I was in the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. Sure I had lost but it was fun. Okay maybe a big reason as to why it was fun was because of Stefan Salvatore. Something about him peaked my interest.

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maui revisited (#2) by Danielle Nelson
Via Flickr:
I’ve got about 70 images of Maui that I finally finished editing just a week ago (I visited the island last summer). In honor of that, here’s a Maui Postapalooza. Image made with my Hasselblad 500 C/M, during the very start of my hike in Haleakala National Park.

All On You - MomoMoon115 - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

So every now and again I’ll read some of my old fic and have this urge to edit them and add to them. I edited this one today and ended up adding a whole extra thousand words to it, so for those of you that liked it when I posted it for coldflash week like 2 years ago. Here you go!  

Summary: Barry’s been Michael’s nanny for the past 8 months. He’s helped Len get back on his feet after the hardest time in his life. Lisa visits with a message. His mother expects Len to bring a date to their family dinner, so he asks Barry.