i edited them slightly though


These are a little old now, but I was commissioned by my good friend who runs Spare Time Entertainment to draw a front cover and three back cover pictures for a printed version of his absolutely amazing fic, Hail the Marquess!! I cannot recommend it enough!!

The darned pictures I think corrupted though. I needed to edit them slightly for upload but SAI didn’t want to open them. Fiiiiiiiinally found a workaround with a mix of Photoshop and uhh… Paint… and here they are finally!!!


That moment when you knew Oliver’s heart thudded and he went off to dreamland for a few seconds. XD »—> 

under the cut, you’ll find #185 gif icons of CHONNASORN SAJAKUL as requested by anonymous, made by LEDA. she’s most well known as CLC’s lead vocalist, Sorn. none of the gifs used are mine but i did recolor/resize and add a texture to these, so please DO NOT repost or claim as your own. please note that all of these gif icons have been posted on my other blogs, though I have slightly edited all of them since then. please like/reblog this if using or if you found it helpful!

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