i edited them all

i inhale the entire cigarette whole and shake and cough and shake and i know
i know what you’re thinking
i’m not a good person, not really, i’m a puked-on mess with noseblood and paint all over his pants
or maybe i’m juststuck in a bad place adn it’s got me thinking all wrong i don’t know
but i know what you’re thinking i know what you’re
all those golden lion scouldn’t save me they couldn’t claw their way through the trees adn show me the ocean-waters
it was up to me in the end ot set things right, to take the metro home, to sail all the way across the world and see the stars
but  i failed nad can’t even own up to that but fuck this yes i can admit when i have done something wrong 
i failed to return, i failed to return, i failed to return
—  a tale of blue sarcasm, section one

Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.


I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*


This was my mother’s and - and I’d like to wear it when I go to the palace. It’s almost like taking her with me. I understand, but she wouldn’t mind if I gee it up a bit? Wouldn’t mind a nice blue? No. 

“..could you do a edit where EVERYONE (the voltron crew) is galra except Keith!?“

so keith is %100 done with this shit and alluras freaking out on the inside


Happy BokuAka Day! ( 4/5 )

“…I can only draw out a minute faction of Bokuto-san’s true power anyway… Besides… When Bokuto-san is in top form, he’s very satisfying to watch.”


SOPE & *opening the doors to the hwagae market*

BONUS: *Hobi closing the doors*