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  • Strix: We have a body with us. We have a dead body with us!
  • Just letting you guys know. Our good friend is dead.
  • Paultin: Uh, where were the uh, scents of wine coming from?
  • Strix: No! You- No! No, no, no, no, no!
  • Paultin: Just like, I mean, I'm pretty dry right now so...
  • Strix: Our friend is dead Paultin!
  • Paultin: Yeah, but, I am sober. So we're all losing right now. Good lord.
  • From time frame 1: 25.00-1:30.00 of 'dice camera action' pt. 8

Link and his cute Zora bf!

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[SEVENTEEN] - kings of Performance;


I have faith in Kubo’s writing: Communication between Victuuri is lacking

We the audience know what Victor and Yuri are thinking with relation to their skating careers- Yuri feels this is his last season and Victor knows he’s retired for good. But here’s the problem: They haven’t communicated this to the other person. Victor hasn’t stated out loud to Yuri that he’s done his time on the ice and he’s slowly come to terms with that revelation while he’s been Yuri’s coach. (This thought is solidified in episode 10 when Victor tells us how he got the two L words from Yuri. You think he’d give that up so easily?) Likewise, Yuri hasn’t told Victor that he’s been thinking that this is his last season. 
So evidence under the cut

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