i edited another one because i have no life :)

dating Jack Maynard would include:


·       Staying in bed until 2pm

·       Constantly stealing his hoodies, but he doesn’t mind because he loves it on you and it’s an excuse for him to buy more

·       Being snapchat whores together

·       Styling and playing with his hair

·       Accompanying each other to get tattoos. (but not getting matching tattoos)

·       Snapchatting you from his bed about how much he misses you when you’re not together

·       Constantly whining that he doesn’t feel well and needs your hugs

·       His eyes and smile would always light up around you

·       Showing off, but then getting embarrassed about it

·       He just needs your affection

·       Just being pretentious music whores together

·       Going to concerts and festivals together. His arm would be around you while he vlogs/snapchats

·       He would get really annoyed whenever you talked to other guys but he would never admit

·       He would make a conscious effort not to flirt with other girls

·       Getting incredibly drunk on nights’ out

·       Having drunk sex multiple times a night

·       You’d both be extremely hungover the next morning

·       Josh yelling at you to get out of bed

·       Jack never letting go off you when you wake up. Literally all he wants to do is cuddle

·       Being late to everything because you’re either too hungover or lazy

·       Getting caught in the middle of his prank wars with Josh

·       Joe taking care of the both of you #daddysugg

·       He’d find almost any excuse to include you in a video

·       Winking at you when you’re helping him film from behind the camera

·       Lots of editing because he’s constantly making jokes about your sex life

·       The other boys walking away when they film a collab if your around because they can’t handle the sexual tension and jokes

·       Netflix and chill all. the. fucking. time.

·       The buttercreams just love having you around

·       Jack getting upset that his friends steal you from him

·       Make up sex for literally anything and everything

·       He would always make sure you’re taken care of before himself when having sex

·       Lots and lots of cuddles 24/7

A/N: honestly I could go on forever, but I had to stop myself. I might do another one if you guys are interested. Requests still open :)



I am hooked with Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, so yeah…

I love them individually but I also love their partnership. They embody the kind of love and support you give to a person who has thought you a lot of things in life.

Diana and Steve are simply the most genuine couple I’ll ever ship because they have the purest and most sincere love for one another.


Mitjo Fic Omegaverse

I would not only want to apologize to God, but to Jesus.

Okay first of all, this is purely a fluff fic! It’s a whole bunch of sappy cuddling and kissing. I’ve been editing this for so long but now it’s finally here!! HOORAH!!

I promise I’ll get the second part of Back to the Future out soon but for now OMEGAVERSE.


The only summary I have is that these boys are cute, Jonas is an Omega, Mitch is an alpha, and they’re being cuddly and loving to one another because they are PURE.

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Drabble game request: Yoongi + “We should probably talk.” + from Undo series (read the original story here) | for anon

Character / Genre: Yoongi x reader / Yoongi’s POV | fluff, angst | 2,041 words

a/n: thanks for @ssconce for helping me proofread this when I didn’t have a chance to edit, since I only finished this about 15 minutes before going into class lmao | Sorry if this is lame^~^ this drabble has another part which I will post separately because the next part will be written from a different pov :’)

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simsmono  asked:

2, 7, 20?

♡ Have your ever – Simblr Edition ♡

2. Made one of your sims have an affair? 
- Of course! Daeil has at least more than just one  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7. Tried to make your simself? 
- Yep and I posted her (or me??)  xxx

20. Introduced Sims to another friend or family member? 
- Uuuum, in real life?  As a child I often showed them to my mum. I dunno why, because they looked like trash-cans.  (・・*)ノ

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ch-ronick  asked:

Hey Star! I love watching your weekly vlogs and have noticed you didn't post this week. Just wanted to say I'm hoping it's because you're busy with something wonderful in your life and that I look forward to catching up :) -from one worried person to another

It’s coming soon! My hard drive got full so I couldn’t edit it! I ordered a new one so I should be able to get the vlog up Friday or Saturday! :D 

No worries!

                         You’re the lucky boy, 
                            If you have me
                             Melt my body
                       with an ill-mannered touch,
                         so I can't open my eyes
                           so I can't breathe

BONUS Playlist: The SINNER/SAINT Playlist

  1. Bad Liar - Selena Gomez
  2. Fantasy - Fei 
  3. Come and Get Me - Sistar
  4. And July - Heize ft. Dean 
  5. Toothbrush - DNCE
  6. Cha Cha - Rainbow Blaxx 
  7. Full Moon - Sunmi 
  8. Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey 
  9. Strip That Down - Liam Payne 
  10. Pillowtalk - Zayn 
  11. Check - SNSD 
  12. Wet - Jooyoung
Picture Taking

Joe looks up from his computer at the sound of a click, shaking his head slightly as he watches Y/N lower her camera, a sheepish grin on her face.


“You looked handsome.”

“I’m sitting here editing…and I look like shit.”

“Oh shush. You look great.” She scolds him lightly, crossing the room to sit on the couch beside him, pulling up the picture on her camera quickly to show him the shot.

He raises his eyebrows as he looks at it, surprised to see that his girlfriend is right, he does look great. She’s managed to capture him in the midst of editing, a look of concentration on his face, and the light hitting him just right.

“Ha. You’re agree with me.” Y/N nudges his shoulder.

“Maybe.” Joe smiles, leaning over to peck her on the lips. “But I do need to finish editing this video…”

“Yes, yes. Do your YouTuber stuff.” She rolls her eyes, leaning back against the couch to flick through the pictures she’s taken that day.

He tries to focus on the video he’s editing, but his eyes keep drifting over to the small screen on her camera, the pictures flashing by, and he begins to notice his face showing up. Frequently.

“How many pictures do you have of me?” Joe laughs as yet another photo pops up.

“Probably too many.” Y/N shrugs, pausing on one she took yesterday. “You’re just too photogenic.” She wrinkles her nose at that, and he let’s out yet another laugh.

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No. Not for me.”

“So glad I’m able to be your model.”

“I love it,” She shifts in her seat so face him, the camera resting in her lap, “Because you never even notice. And I love those moments. Like when you’re laughing with the boys, or editing a video and have this intense look on your face. Moments where you’re talking to your mum or Zoe too. I love capturing them, because they show those little moments in your life, ones you never think about.” Her hands are waving in the air as she talks, and Joe can’t help the soft smile that appears on his face as he watches her talk passionately about her photography. Although he never knew before how much his girlfriend liked to capture him.

“And I know you get annoyed,” He raises an eyebrow at that, but remains silent. “Only because it distracts you. And I know you’re busy. But I just love it.” Y/N finishes, a faint blush on her cheeks.

“You are adorable.” Joe finally says, reaching over to slip his fingers through hers. “And I’m never really annoyed, just surprised because I’m usually concentrating.”


“Don’t apologize, love. You’re doing something your passionate about, and capturing moments when I’m doing something I’m passionate about. If I’m able to help you with that, I have no reason to complain.” The smile he receives in return warms his heart. “Now, why don’t you show me some of your favourites?”

“Are you sure?” Y/N bites her lip, glancing at the computer on his lap. “You have the video to finish editing…”

“It can wait until later.” Joe shrugs, closing it and moving it to the side. “I want to see some of the pictures you’ve taken.”

Grinning, she moves so he has an arm wrapped around her, holding the camera in front of them so they can both see the screen, and starts to scroll through the photos.

“Oh this one was good…” He relaxes as he listens to her explain why she likes the shots she shows him, smiling at the excitement in her voice.

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Out of curiosity, do you have any plans to do another wttm audio now that we have the full thing? I was wondering because your last one was life.

Do you mean I want to just go *Pew* again and have everyone loose their shit over it. Yes. I do!

My only problem is that, my editing system I use to deepen my voice is a pay to use monthly. (You can pay for a year but it’s expensive)

I forgot to pay it so I lost that license, now I have to get another one for it.

So if I do post audios, it will be with out that Otabek deepness that I love and I’m not sure if anyone would want to hear my Accent ass girl voice.

But I guess that’s really yo to you guys?


I got distracted by a really good book and didn’t updated Edit!tale, sorry, I just love reading *nervous laugh*


well uuuuh…

Have a cute Edit!tale Frisk :D

And another cute Edit!tale Frisk :D(these are class doodles)

(I feel like the design changed a little bit because of me, sorry if it’s that)

I need to practice drawing her(and for the new ones, Edit!tale Frisk is a girl :D)

Uhhhh, also I wanna say that now I’ll be sketching the pages on paper in one of my notebooks because I’ll be able to sketch the pages at school :D

and also because I HATE sketching the pages in Medibang f’kn Paint :’v I have better tools in real life >:V

Also, the teachers had been all day correcting exams of other classes and doing teacher stuff. Aparently they didn’t have time to do anything so we all spent all day doing nothing.

So, because of that, I have TWO Edit!tale pages sketched BOI BOOOII!!

I need a new f’kn eraser ._.

(lol hand reveal :V)

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love when people think we defend characters such as Nathan Prescott and Josh Washington because they're just "troubled white guys." bitCH NO WE DEFEND THEM BECAUSE THEY HAVE CLEARLY CANON MENTAL ILLNESSES AND WERE NOT ABLE TO RECIEVE RECOVERY. it would be the same thing with a character of color. people need to stop using this defense as an excuse to dehumanize Nathan and believe his abuser over his own word.

I agree. Racial (+ religious, gender- & sexuality-based) tensions are often brought up a lot just to try and gain sympathy in an argument. Bringing up the fact Nathan is white is even more vapid in this context, defending Chloe, because Chloe is also white. It doesn’t even make sense.

For me, this argument (racial issues aside) will also always be a thing of selfishness – being momentarily selfish and blinded by your own wants does not make you evil.

Nathan’s actions are evil, I will not deny that. But the motive behind them (wanting the love of a father figure) isn’t evil. If Nathan had theoretically grown up in a different environment, around different people, then he would have never done evil things in order to gain his goal. That’s why it’s so important to try and rehabilitate criminals like Nathan because then he will be helped to find a new, less criminal source of love.

You can apply this theory to the real world too, although it’s totally understandable and plausible for people to be less forgiving, myself included.

I don’t know whether this “good people who do bad things”-thing can be applied to Jefferson, because when we see him in-game in his final form, his motives are not pure like Nathan’s are. Nathan hurts to gain love from others, Jefferson hurts simply to cause pain.

In the final game, Jefferson is too far gone. Nathan can still be saved, and that’s why, as you’ve said, it’s so frustrating to see him pushed down a similar route to Jefferson (if he goes to jail that is – or if he just flat out dies), because then the potential to see a “good person who does bad things” turn into a “good person who does good things” is ruined.

That kind of story and character development is ruined too much:

Josh Washington (Until Dawn), Nathan Prescott (Life is Strange), Ben Paul & Nick & Arvo (The Walking Dead Game), Georgie Porgie (The Wolf Among Us), Handsome Jack (Borderlands), Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter), Jude McGregor (Noughts & Crosses),  – and that’s just the characters I’ve come across.

(I put a watermark on because it feels like I’m gonna have to reference the above again at some point, haha)

((( EDIT because I also forgot Gary Smith (Bully):


I can only think of 3 complete redemption arcs – Alvin (Tales of Xillia):

Luke (Tales of the Abyss):

And Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender):

Most of the dudes above freaking deserved a full redemption, man. Most of the dudes above freaking deserve it.

blackaquokat  asked:

No clue if you're still doing this but...ew?! :)

@blackaquokat: problematic fave edition

  • loves and adores Bodhi Rook more than anyone I have ever met in my life and it is AMAZING
  • is Riz Ahmed’s biggest fangirl
  • has rekindled the dying fire of my interest in iZombie meaning DRAT I HAVE YET ANOTHER SHOW TO WATCH
  • makes me want to give Elementary a chance because of her fangirling (and I am a loyal Sherlock fan here)
  • would 751455710% definitely die for the Rogue One crew
  • works in a library like LIVING THE DREAM
  • is an angel and we are thrilled she is here
  • has adopted the entire clone army
  • clearly loves her sister Wolf to death and it is BEAUTIFUL
  • 126/10 DON’T fight her, she is sweet and inoffensive and awesome and it would be like fighting Bodhi Rook, I mean if you even thought about it, you are probably Lord Voldemort and incapable of love and compassion and she might beat you, and me and you will be mortal enemies forever

The only thing that would get me more hype than KH3 would be either another. Hack game or a remake of the old ones with higher fidelity graphics (NOT HYPER REALISIM, but that sleek feel of newer mmos that can get detailed armor designs in) and the ability for a newer, much more streamlined hud that could mimic an mmo with ease.

Edit: or, yknow, .Hack// mmo (i know fragment was a thing, and i think a couple failed tries) because vr is a thing and having an mmo with vr compatibility would be pretty neat and it’s literally built into the games aesthetic.

I feel uncomfortable being famous. How long should I feel like that? Because if you’re going to keep making music, there’s a 50-50 chance you’re going to be famous for the next 20 years. So do you want to be uncomfortable for 20 years, or do you want to just settle into it? I don’t want to have plastic surgery. I’m going to look like this forever. Deal with it. Once you deal with it, you feel more calm about it.

Pop-pop music, it doesn’t move me. But I love it. I love it to be the soundtrack to my life, and it gets me excited for my day and stuff like that, so it still has a huge part in my life. But I don’t think I could pull off being like a pop-pop star. I have no desire to, either, and I feel like unless you’re willing to reinvent yourself all the time, like Madonna — and I think Taylor has been doing a great fucking job with that – unless you have the ability to do that, I think it’s just a dangerous world to step into because it’s very short-lived and I don’t have it in me to reinvent myself a lot, to flip in and out of genres and styles and trends. I just don’t have the ability to do that.

When we confront a life, we have to do it with our own lives. That’s the resolve we’ve aquired.

LeoJi Arranged Marriage AU

I have a thing for arranged marriage in royal aus for some reason, so I thought I’d make one for LeoJi. (My older sister @cartoongeek123 wanted a cute au for these two as well so). Also important friendships in this because brotps are my life.

(EDIT: There was a few things that were bothering me that are now fixed!)

Guang-Hong found out that once he was of age (18) he would be married off to another prince to an opposing kingdom. Since he was 17, Guang-Hong would meet his husband-to-be in a few months (beginning of spring-the end of summer). He didn’t want to marry and only wanted to possibly adopt a kid from the orphanage, not be told what he should do. However, he eventually calmed down because he knew this marriage would benefit the kingdom and make his mom proud. (Gets long under the cut)

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This literally took forever because I drew so many at once! Usually I only draw like a few here and there but drawing each one really took a lot of energy, hence took forever to finish as well. I also took a few breaks here and there (watching anime/reading manga …. hahaa) xDD

So what do you guys think? Do you love my #AllRi chibi fanart? I also finally got a watermark for the background just to annoy some people haha. But it’s cute isn’t it? 

These were all the moments during MADE that I adore the most where the hyungs interacted with Riri. Can you guys list them all? :) There were actually so many to choose from! But I think some really stood out more than others. I think MADE era has proven once again that Riri is special in BigBang and cannot be replaced ever. It’s just so adorable their interactions with one another and seriously, they’re all friendship/family goals in life. I was going to also make individual wallpapers for them but ~ I decided that will wait :) 

Anyways, last but not least, please DO NOT use my fanarts for commercial usage or edit in/out anything. You may share on other social media sites (not that I can even control it) but please please credit back properly to me because I will actually catch people who doesn’t in the end. I have all SNS there is out there, just lurking to catch people xD You guys make think I’ve overreacting but I can’t stress enough that crediting properly to artists is very important because each and every single one of use, especially fan-artists does this for non-profit purposes because we want to share our love for the group within the fandom. So, as members of the same fandom, please respect us and credit properly. 

Phil’s Livestream // 7.5.15

He’s wearing his black signs shirt

“I almost said hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a tornado of fun.”

“I’m not really sure what you do on the 4th of July. I think you watch fireworks and cook various meats on a grill and wear stars and stripes themed merch.”

Talked about bonfire night

As a child he used to line up all of the fireworks in size order

He’s been melting all week

Apparently his computer has an error message right on his nose

“And for all you fahrenheit nerds…”

He went shopping 

He might make a haul on his second channel

He talked about Amazon prime’s 2 hour shipping

“Frying pan biotch!” (he actually showed us his frying pan)

He bought a shirt just for the 4th of July

He thinks he pulled a muscle in his shoulder 

“Is bae over now? Are we seeing the end of bae?”


He loved the thunderstorm 

“I might’ve been a storm chaser in a past life.”

He turned off all of the lights and made everyone watch the lightning 


He was playing Akinator again today (apparently it found his cactus and Dil’s llama hedge)

“I don’t think they’re going to use Akinator in court.”

Planning on another Halloween baking video because he really enjoys them

Talked a bit about Formula 1

“I like Lewis Hamilton, but I like his dog more than him.”

“I saw a dog and it was amazing.”

“We should get a dog one day a week in this house.”

They don’t have a dog because they’re so busy and they couldn’t give it all of the love it should get

“Random Phil fact: I’m not wearing any socks.”

He wishes their apartment has a garden

“After we got in the last box, I stripped down to my boxers and did a starfish on the bathroom floor.” (about moving to London)

He got a haircut (it’s a little longer on the sides)

He talked about his haircut 

Apparently he has quite the hairdresser who kept saying “Does it feel fresh?”

“It’s a pretty intimate thing, a scalp massage.”

He proceeded to massage their own scalp

“I felt like I had an actual dog on my head, so I had to get a haircut.”

The next gaming video will probably be a Dil video

He might play Shelter 2

He’s probably going to watch pewdiepie’s video after the livestream 

He doesn’t think he suits denim jeans

He talked about how lovely Louise is

He talked about Janice from the shop

He told her how to make mexican food

He asked Siri what 0 divided 0 is

“I would not suit a beard. I have seen far too many edits.”

He hit himself in the nose

He can’t edit with anyone else in the room

He talked about running into Chris

They had a little bit of a catch up (he might be going to vidcon)

He’s excited to hang out with Cat at vidcon 

He talked about what would happen if Dil got married 

He talked about the firework burn video and his old video

“I would rather be a dragon so I could fly, but in this universe I would probably be shot down by the government.”

He thinks Belle is his favorite Disney princess

“If I have a tiger I wouldn’t be as sad as Jasmine.”

“Mulan is pretty badass.” (he’s never seen the end)

He talked about how some of his plants have gone brown on the ends and he’s scared for their health

Their next radio show is tomorrow night at 9pm (their time)

He gave some driving advice 

He failed his first driving test because he almost slammed into the side of a bus

He hasn’t seen Jurassic World yet

He made a ringtone for someone

“Hey Hope your phone is ringing. Answer it nnoooooooowwwww. Ooh.”

“In the future I see the number 7 and 8 dogs licking you.” (when someone said they wanted a psychic reading)

He’s excited for Lady Gaga in AHS

His fringe (pulled down) is past his nose

“Maybe for the tour I’ll just wear my fringe down in front of my face.”

He sang a bit of immortal 

“Spontaneous cat explosion.”

He left to go eat 

It wouldn’t let him leave

Mentions of Dan: ||||