i edited and combined some photos


Tourism Philippines kindly asked me to show off their country’s assets, particularly the islands of Palawan and Cebu. I’d heard rumours of the Philippines’ natural beauty, so I couldn’t refuse the offer. What followed was 7 days of island hopping in some of the most stunning natural surroundings I have ever experienced (and I’ve been to some beautiful places). I’ve been snorkelling, kayaking and swimming before, but I can assure you it’s more fun in the Philippines. Mother nature turned it on, up, and went all out. In that one unforgettable week I shot 10800 photos and videos (608GB of data) to make this edit, which combines slow motion, timelapse and aerials to capture the jaw-dropping beauty and unique sense of escapism on offer in the Philippines. Thanks so much for watching!

The Periodic Table of NWSL 

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*NOTE: Sorry if there are some discrepancies with the election of the line-ups, I’m not an expert of all NWSL teams but I’ve tried to make it with all rosters updated. I’ve tried to combine the players with most minutes played last season and the new incorporations.