i eat when im on coke

waiting to see the psych team before going home today. the thing about being suicidal when you have bpd is no one takes you seriously. they’ll see how serious it is when it happens. anyhoo I’m on day 3.5 of eating nothing and just drinking Diet Coke, I feel fine. but that could be all the pain meds. I’ve definitely started ketosis though. the terrifying thing is that I’ll have to eat when my boyfriend comes over Friday and I really don’t want to but if I don’t then he’ll worry more. so surely I can still lose enough weight if i eat only on the days im with him which is usually 2-3 and then the rest of the week eat nothing. surely that’d work? idk I’m not in a good place right now. kinda feels like I keep reaching out and keep getting ignored yet other people who are struggling get so much support. just reinforces that my life is worthless and my existence is pointless.

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I grabbed some coca colas from the unrefrigerated stash to refrigerate and i also wanted to drink a coke, and i was ready to drink a room temperatured coke like an animal, BUT when i opened the fridge there was miraculously one cold coke sittin in there waitin to be drinked. That made me really happy and im currently drinking a cold coke. [Oh also it's Bammie's birthday so that also made me happy today]

This sounds so refreshing ohhoho 😍 you know what kind of cola is best? EST COLA! I want to try it lol. You know what goes best with cola in general? Chicken. Which reminds me that I should eat dinner 😂 Yas! It’s Bambams birthday! Technically tomorrow me ( maybe you?) lolol my favorite snek 💖 enjoy that coke! 🍹

Ok but
I’m sorry but
I have to share this with people

Ok so i was thinking about people saying that Ivor is kind of a father figure to Jesse, and IF
(This is a pretty big IF)
But IF ivor and harper ever got together (im v sorry if you don’t like this ship but heck ye i do-), Harper would start acting like a mother figure to Jesse?
I’m sorry i can’t get the thought out of my head it would be so cute.

These are the things i make up when eating Wendy’s chicken nuggets with fries and a coke mixed with dr pepper.

MUNDay Facts

I got tagged by @stephicness :U

Name: Just call me whatever you want, it doesnt matter. Most people know me as Kaz though.

Favorite drink: The horrible monstrosity when you combine Coffee, Coke, and Rum.
Favorite Snack: One time I ate an entire 1.5kg strawberry cake by myself and got super sick and I said I’d never eat cake again but right now im eating cake anyways  because??? Cake.
Favorite meal: Beans and rice, or lentils and rice, and if it has pork on it UNF. Alternatively: fried rice. with pork. I love pork.
Favourite memory: Finishing school man. Just. Finishing school.
Favorite tv show: I’ll always be Friends trash.
Favourite tumblr blog: I like all the blogs.

One random fact about you: I’m double jointed and very flexible in general. It’s not as fun as it sounds but at least it has a Wow factor
One random fact about your day: Every day, without fail, I get extremely hungry at 11am. it doesn’t matter if i already ate, I will get hungry.
One random fact about your job/school: I haven’t done either in years but if you must know I have a completely useless science degree. Been thinking of honouring the family tradition of starting graphic design and then dropping out mid-semester.
One random fact about your favorite tv show: Ross and Rachel were on a break ok? And in this one instance I side with Ross, because Rachel was the one who wanted the break on their anniversary and sure Ross was a bit clingy but she was always always always at work and never made time for him, and ross was insecure because her co-worker was a)hot and b)always around her and. Anyways I could write an essay on why Rachel was wrong in this instance.

What is one thing you would sell your soul for: OVERTHROWING THE GOVERNMENT.
If you could only have one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be: Literally what I’m wearing right now, shitty grey plaid shirt, ripped skinnies, my trashy beanie that probably needs a wash already, and the same pair of chucks ive been wearing for the past 9 years.
What was the last song that got stuck in your head: Right now I have two: Proud by Heirsound and Mr. Doctor Man by Palaye Royale
Zombie Apocalypse. What is your weapon of choice: Listen. I’m never unnarmed ok? I always have a knife of sorts with me. but personally I’d rather have something  with a bit more range in a zombie apocalypse, I have a mean swing since i was really into baseball so probably a bat of sorts. Or a crowbar, Double Functionality.
Did you have a baby blanket? Do you still have it: Yeah actually, dad still has it around there somewhere. I also have a nice fleece blanket since I was 6 that I still keep on my room and when I’m upsetti I burrito myself on it.
What is your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn: We don’t celebrate halloween over here but we celebrate carnival/mardi gras and I made grandma sew me a pikachu costume when i was like 4. it was neato. I don’t like dressing up much I think that was one of the only times.

Beach or Water Park: I’m not too fond of either but ive never gotten an ear infection at the beach so…
What do you think is your spirit animal: I think I’m basically a weird dog by this point so yeah
What is the most played song on your MP3/MP4: 

Tag six people: shit idk uh @worry666 @fightitigniteit @mackrockatansky @messertod thats six right? thats totally not six

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Any tips on how to suppress hunger when fasting?

When Im fasting I chew 10gums, drink one zero energy drink or coke and smoke cigarettes. I watch a lot of thinspo photos or quotes. I play games on my phone, do my exercise or I go for a walk with my boyfriend. Sometimes I do my homework or study. When its early, I mean when its day and Im in school it isn’t hard for me to starve but when I get to home at night it happens hard for me so I keep telling to myself that I made through the day and it isnt worth it to eat now. So im just going out without money and yeah…this is my plan. I just think about it before eating and I know that I have much motherfuckers to prove wrong. :)

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yo dave im feelin a lil anxious right now and i can't sleep. could you maybe please tell me a story or somethin?

this one time when i was around 15, bro me and a friend went out to eat some sweets in town and when we sat down i decided it was a good idea to pour sugar into my bottle of coke because i wanted to see if it would have any reaction since it was brown sugar

this resulted in the coke getting pretty much the same effect as mentos+diet coke only a lot slower so i had to sit there covering the opening of the glass bottle with my hand 

our friend went to grab some paper towels for me to clean up the mess when bro decided it would be a great idea to do the exact same thing and poured as much sugar as he could into his coke but when he was going to cover it up he forgot to remove his straw so the coke fucking sprayed out of it all over the place

so our friend had to rush for even more paper towels as soon as she came back and the moral of this story is that bro is a fucking idiot


this one time in school when i was 18, bro was playing around after class and i have no idea how but he managed to grab this table while his legs spread apart because he had no shoes on and he couldnt get back up and when he asked me to help him i put my hands on top of his, looked him straight in the eyes and whispered “long live the king” before i pried his hands off the table and he fell

it was hilarious


this one time when i was around 16, bro and i decided to work together and fool our friend on april 1st, so we were going to tell her there had been a water damage at this place we used to go to after school and make her think it was closed

so we fooled her and had our laughs and bro was texting asking me when to meet up at said place but what he didnt know was that i had double crossed him and lied to him because the place was actually closed that day due to a meeting and he went there alone and got super pissed at me

moral of the story: bro is always going to be a fucking idiot